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What's Your Favorite Photoshop Trick?

LifeHacker Posts -

God I love content-aware fill. At Lifehacker I frequently want to illustrate a post with an image that’s not wide enough (like above). So I throw it into Photoshop, I expand the canvas size, I select the new blank parts on the sides, and I hit my cmd+option+F—my custom shortcut for Edit > Content-Aware Fill.


[UPDATE] PrivaZer v3.0.84

The Portable Freeware Collection -

PrivaZer scans and cleans your computers and storage devices, including external disks, USB flash drives, iPods, SD cards or network drives. It safeguards your privacy by removing unwanted traces of internet activities, software usage, USB history, registry and files.

The program includes an available secure delete function that overwrites files to prevent recovery.

WARNING: some users have reported problems that cause system stability issues. Recommend backing up data before use.


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