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Use MSG to Improve Airplane Food

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Mentally, flying is not an issue for me. It’s the physical aspects of being hurled through the air at many miles per hour that I find upsetting. Even if you don’t experience sinus pressure or motion sickness, sitting in a loud plane can alter the way you perceive the world around you. In fact, it can change the way…



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BootRacer is a Windows boot speed meter. Race your Windows boot using BootRacer and look at the result boot rating. If your rating is not good or an excellent, you need speed up your Windows startup. BootRacer is an easy in everyday using and it suites for even novice users. BootRacer can detect the time to user logon and the full computer boot time. Also BootRacer writes results to the Windows event log and calculates the best boot time. BootRacer uses minimum of your computer resources.

Webcam Surveyor 3.7.6

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Webcam Surveyor is all in one web cam software solutions includes: video surveillance, capture, video broadcasting and monitoring tools. With it you can record video from your webcam, take snapshots or record a sequence of snapshots into a video file, broadcast live video and audio streams over Internet and local network. Webcam Surveyor will help to track safety and will inform you if something happen. With stealth mode you can hide Webcam Surveyor on your computer. It's allows to record video at the presence of undesirable people or to find out what happens with your PC in your absence. The built-in browser allows to easily organizing captured images and video clips.

Vocabulary .NET 5.0.7136

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Vocabulary .NET is a tool that helps you learning multi-language vocabulary. Integrate Google Dictionary, TTS and Images so that you can create, edit and take practice tests easier. A standalone tool that does not require installation.

Dictionary .NET 9.8.7136

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Dictionary .NET is a tiny, easy and smart multilingual dictionary translating from/to 60 languages using Google's services. Integrates Google Dictionary, Translate, Search, Suggest 4-in-1 without installing them. Auto-detect any languages; Dictionary; Translate; Search with just One-Click or a Hotkey. A standalone tool that does not require installation.

Active@ Disk Image 9.1.4

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Active@ Disk Image is a PC disk image software that can do a backup as well as clone the full hard drive. A backup image may be stored on a USB drive, network storage, burned directly to CD/DVD/BR discs, or kept on any other media.

Key features of Active@ Disk Image: Create Backup Disk Image & Raw Disk Image, Back up to almost any media, Disk Image Explore, Copy Disk to Disk feature (direct copying partitions with resizing), Scheduled incremental backups support (Pro version), Incremental backup of unknown file systems is supported.


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