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[UPDATE] Password Generator v3.7

The Portable Freeware Collection -

Password Generator can create secure and easy to read and remember passwords by using vowels and consonants, as well as separate syllables. The program can quickly generate passwords based on user input or from other specialized password templates, including WEP and WPA2 keys for Wireless LAN. Generates 1,000 passwords at once and save them to a plain text file, and can analyze the relative security of a given password.

Passwords for UNIX, PHP and .HTACCESS (DES, MD5 and SHA1) can be created, including a DES salt.

Karma 2020.0.10 (Demo)

Softpedia -

A karaoke application that allows users to create playlists, customize the background color and image of the karaoke pane, and apply various preset or custom special audio effects


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