AES Crypt

An open-source and simple program using Advanced Encryption Standard to encrypt and decrypt files via a context menu.

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License Free (Open source)
Quick install and always ready, simple to use directly from the file system, fast operation.
Does not remove the original, unencrypted file; encrypts single or multiple files, but does not encrypt folders.

AES Crypt is an open-source and free program using a powerful 256-bit encryption algorithm to safely secure sensitive files.

It is a simple program that adds an item to the context menu in the file system for ease of encrypting and decrypting files right away from a file explorer. There is no program window as you have for most programs.

To encrypt a file, simply right-click the file and select “AES Encrypt” from the context menu, and enter your password in a little dialog box. A new encrypted file is created with the extension .aes added to the filename.

To decrypt an .aes file, right-click the file and select “AES Decrypt” from the context menu, enter a correct password and a decrypted file is created. Simple as that.

When AES Crypt encrypts a file, the original file is not purged from your device. It is best used for situations where you need to upload, email or otherwise remove the encrypted file. If you want to prevent access to the unencrypted version file, you would need to shred it with a secure erase utility.

AES Crypt is designed for operation on Windows, Linux, and macOS. It also has mobile versions.

Try Crypt4All Lite (AES) on Android, or AESCrypt on iOS; both are compatible with files encrypted with AES Crypt. The former is free for encryption and decryption, with supporting ads; the latter is free for decryption, but requires an in-app purchase for encryption.

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