How To Extract Audio Out of Video Files Losslessly and Fast



When you want to save the audio stream from a video, there is only one way to do it right: demux. Demuxing means splitting up the different streams from a file. This way, you keep the streams in their original quality and it is very fast (less than a minute for 90 minutes of video).

So please, next time you want to save audio from a YouTube video, do not convert it to mp3 or use a website to give you a link. Download the video in the highest quality possible with tools such as Video DownloadHelper, then extract the audio.

A very good tool to extract the audio is Pazera Free Audio Extractor: it supports almost every format possible, and it can go through a batch of files with no problem. To demux, choose the "Try extract original audio stream" option from the drop-down list of Output Format. If the audio stream is too big (.wav file for example) or in a format that is not supported by your mp3 player (.ac3...), you can ask Pazera Free Audio Extractor to convert it directly for you.


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Now you know how to properly handle that task, whether you want to save a track from a concert DVD or get sounds from a video for a remix. You can download Pazera Free Audio Extractor on this page: No installation is required, just unzip the download and run the executable.

If you need to cut or merge your audio files, read this article: Best Free Software to Cut, Split or Merge Audio Files


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When I used the link to download Pazera Chrome popped up "This file is malicious, and Chrome has blocked it." Any suggestions?

Which link did you select? If you chose the cnet link, these use a wrapped installer, see our information page here: I downloaded the file directly however, and it is clean. For future reference you might also find this article useful. MC - Site Manager.