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µTorrent has a built in torrent search engine that will search individual torrent sites through your browser.  The search sites included in this engine at default will not yield the results that most users want. 

This guide will give you information on how to use the µTorrent search engine and how to add torrent search sites to the µTorrent search engine to get the torrent search results you want.

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Using µtorrent Torrent Search

The µTorrent torrent search is in the upper right hand corner of µTorrent.



If you are not seeing the above screen, then press Options and click on Show Category List. (older versions) or Show Sidebar (newer versions)  Or just press F7 in any version.

















You will then see one of the two images below.  Click on Torrents or the downward arrow to show torrents and the search box as in the first image above.

utorrent-category-list-expanded-torrents                  utorrent-help-category-list-minimized-torrents

Do not click on Find Content as that will give a Bing search.

To conduct a search enter the search terms in the search box and press the magnifying glass image next to the box, or press Enter on your computer.  If you enter a search term and press the downward arrrow next to the magnifying glass, you will be able to choose the site to search from and when you do the search will begin.

The usual search operators will generally work here, but it does depend on whether the site being searched supports the operators.  For example, "linux mint" will return results where those two words are next to each other, linux -mint will return results with the word linux and without the word mint.

Three of the four search sites included at default will produce few results and the fourth, Google, will produce too many.  For this torrent search to be effective, torrent search sites will need to be added to the search provider listings.

Adding Torrent Search Sites to µtorrent Torrent Search

To add torrent search sites to µTorrent's torrent search the µTorrent preferences must be accessed.  The search providers may be accessed through Options>Preferences>Advanced>UI Extras, but the easiest access is to choose Manage Search Providers through the drop down menu next to the search box.  This will take you directly to the section to add or delete search providers.


You will then see the below listing.


My suggestion is to delete all of those and copy and paste the below torrent search sites in.  When finished, press OK on the Preferences screen.  Where available, I have used https links.

The sites listed below are those referenced at Searching For Torrents (Torrent Search Sites) and are suggested for use as they have good features to weed out fakes.  Using a popular site listed there will return the results you want in almost every search. 

Reading the Searching For Torrents article will help you in using these sites effectively.  µTorrent will get you to the site, but to use the site effectively to get the clean, real and well seeded torrent that you want, you need to use the features of the torrent search site that you are using.


EZTV, which is on the list at Searching for Torrents, can not be added to µTorrent's search as far as I can tell.  There is a free App called Zulu TV which works exclusively with EZTV.

After you have done this, you can check back at the search box to see if all the torrent search sites have been added in.  Your search provider listing should then look as in the image below.


To add your own torrent search site, you go to the site, do a search, delete the search term from the address bar,  then copy the address bar and then add the site name in front and a Pipe  (| = Shift+\ ) between the site name and address.
For example at KAT, I searched debian and got
http://kat.ph/usearch/debian/  so what I copied is  http://www.kat.ph/usearch/
I then added the site name and | - so now it is KAT|http://www.kat.ph/usearch/
Which is what you would copy and paste to show KAT in the search box.

µtorrent Torrent Search Conclusion

Hopefully this guide has clearly explained how to use the  µTorrent torrent search feature to find a clean, real and well seeded torrent of the content you are looking for. 

If you have any comments or suggestions, please post in the comments below or in our Forum.

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If you want to create a uTorrent search URL from scratch for a torrent website not listed here or anywhere else you can find, you can do it like this.
Open Internet Explorer 11, and go to the torrent website whose search URL you wish to add to uTorrent.
Search for something, anything.
Hit F12 for Developer Tools and go to the Network tab.
There you will see a couple lines of information at the top left under Name/Path.
The first line is the search format URL you need for uTorrent and the second line is the search result URL you used to generate that information.
The search format URL is shown with the part after the slash being on top of the part before the slash. Just combine the two into a proper URL and add them to uTorrent and you will see the next time you search for something using that torrent website, it will work.