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by surmur on 25. September 2013 - 3:22  (110983)

I sent the following message to site.editor, who made the article below and you can read and comment it.

I would like to mention that I am perhaps one of the many who are frustrated at searching free video stream downloader program. From Google I found "Best Free Streaming Media Recorder"- article on that techsupportalert- site.

Jing with 4/5 stars was at top of the list like the best could be. When you described Jing you told in the first sentence that Jing is your favourite, and at start you told nothing bad but that it uses 30-60MB RAM which described as a minus I think is quite odd even for many if not for the most 10 year old computers. Because you described it being as your favourite I did not care about the rest of your review presuming that "finally this might at least work fine" and so I clicked "In hurry?"- link for a quick guide. There at the quick guide was however no mention about the 5 min limit that I later found out after the installation and in the last sentence of your Jing's review.

As I write this I somehow manage to sustain my forbearance. Further, I really can't come up any other but with next questions. As being a site that voluntarily advices and moreover in fact tries to help people to choose between free programs conversely your description especially about Jing seems to have little or nothing to do with the interests of this site's users or with the whole purpose of the site. As your description about Jing seems somehow hard to be considered frank then more less I hope it includes an commercial agenda. On your behalf you could personally tell what makes Jing's freeware version your favourite. I assume that you perhaps still use it and the 5 minute limit does not bother you too much? It might make sense at the users prospective if you at least add the informaton about 5 minute limit to Jing's quick guide and also not forget to mention others' programs schemes that ruin their idea of being free.

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