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Shortcuts for Hibernating Windows 08/21/2010 v.laurie
Shorten a Web Address for Ease of Sharing 08/02/2014 Jojo Yee
Sign Up For A Free Computing Course 04/22/2012 rob.schifreen
Signing is Breezy with SignEasy 08/14/2012 NicNeely
Simple Encryption App Lets You Send Confidential Data By Email 08/31/2011 robert.schifreen
Simple Free Online Tool Helps You Sort Out Your Priorities 06/07/2012 rob.schifreen
Simple Free Utility Restores Windows 8 Start Menu 10/28/2012 rob.schifreen
Simple Online Tool Helps Verify Suspicious Emails 05/09/2012 rob.schifreen
Simple Tweak Blocks The Most Intrusive Online Ads 01/09/2013 rob.schifreen
Simple Utility Monitors Your Internet Bandwidth Usage 06/29/2011 robert.schifreen
Simple Way to See Who Is Connected to Your Wireless Network 07/13/2011 v.laurie
Simple Windows App to Temporarily Disable Your Screen Saver 11/11/2010 robert.schifreen
Simple, Fast Online Stopwatch And Countdown Timer 12/31/2008 rhiannon
Simple, Portable Freeware Scans Pages To PDF 07/29/2012 rob.schifreen
Simplify Your Life As a Student with Timetable 05/10/2014 IO.Hazard
Simplify your Windows Desktop with Rocket Dock 07/16/2010 robert.schifreen
Sing or Play Along To Tracks At Your Preferred Speed/Pitch 05/05/2011 robert.schifreen
Single Free Utility Provides Access To All Your Cloud Storage Accounts 04/01/2011 robert.schifreen
Site of the Week (Encyclopedia of Life) 04/21/2012 rhiannon
Site of the Week (In Pictures: Online computer tutorials based on pictures. Free.) 09/09/2011 rhiannon
Six Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 8.1 Update 04/29/2014 v.laurie
Skype - The Forgotten Free Desktop Sharing App 07/23/2012 rob.schifreen
Smart Rotator - Screens the Way You Want Them 12/30/2013 tamxir
Smarten Up Your Documents With 100 Brilliant Free Fonts 07/14/2014 rob.schifreen
Smithsonian's History Explorer (Website of the Week) 12/29/2013 rhiannon

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