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This 4-In-1 File Explorer Makes Moving And Copying Files Simple 17,404 88%
How To Copy Text From "Uncopyable" Windows Screens 33,334 82%
This Viewer For Very Large Text Files Is An Oldie But Goodie 11,776 100%
Add Falling Snow To Your Windows Desktop 17,660 70%
Your Hottest Hot Finds Of 2013 23,031 93%
Google trends is now mesmerizing 14,962 59%
Automatic Warning If You're About To Install Unwanted Software 29,326 92%
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How To Tap And Monitor Your Own Internet Connection 41,852 87%
Free Music Streaming Service Now On Tablets Too 10,429 85%
Play Hundreds Of Retro Console Games For Free 15,929 92%
The Simplest Way To Preview All Your Installed Fonts 21,017 75%
Free Software To Stitch A Set Of Images Into A Timelapse Video 58,238 81%
Free DVD Copier Offer Exclusive For Gizmo's Readers 18,168 68%
Free Offer of a Normally Very Expensive Full-Featured Screen Reader for a PC 17,102 57%
Get Your Very Own (Virtual) Classic Apple Macintosh 5,977 56%
Amazing! Create A Windows Font From Your Own Handwriting 27,268 90%
Assign Text To Hotkeys With This Tiny Freeware Program 13,952 82%
An Online Office Suite That's A Real Alternative To Microsoft Or Google 20,130 94%
LogMeIn No Longer Offering A Free Service [Updated] 20,837 94%
Download The Original Spelunky For Free 20,869 77%
Want Some New E-Reading Material? Here's Lots. 13,431 78%
Publish and Manage Online Newsletters For Friends And Family 9,722 80%
The Simplest Way To Improve Your Web Browsing Security 18,395 72%