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Hack Your Website With Google, Before Someone Else Does 5,618 76%
The Definitive Dual Booting Guide 25,211 76%
Polls, Surveys, Meeting Arrangements. All Sorted. 1,850 72%
TunnelBear VPN Review 2,813 76%
Free History Audiobooks & Courses Online 27,431 96%
How to Unlock Extra Functions on Canon Compact Digital Cameras 37,055 96%
A Puzzle A Day Keeps the Doctor Away 1,620 56%
How to Stop Vista Objecting to Programs at Startup 32,755 84%
Copy Files for Reading and Playing on your iPad or iPhone 31,696 68%
An Easy Way to Send and Receive Files Across Multiple Devices 10,188 80%
Gizmo's Freeware Gaming Awards 2014 4,991 76%
New Free Adobe iOS App with Many of the Features of Photoshop 2,215 67%
150,000+ Free Images And Sounds For Microsoft Office 22,004 47%
Free Tool Tests Your Hard Disk Speeds 7,618 73%
If You Use The Avast Forum, You Need To Change Your Passwords 5,980 77%
Use Your Webcam as a Security Camera and Motion Detector 46,034 73%
Need To Identify A Song? Just Sing It To This Site! 2,563 87%
Another Free Online PDF to Word Converter 30,608 80%
Add Special Effects to Photos Easily on Your Mobile Device 20,994 63%
Easy Way to Securely Erase a Drive 19,553 93%
Freeware Games of the Week (TF2, Closure) 21,488 60%
Start the New Year with More Controls on Smartphones 7,369 67%
How Much Is Your Currency Worth? 2,822 63%
Stress-Test Your Web Site. This $250 Tool Is Free From Today. 7,970 87%
New Free Digital Photo Stitching Program Beats the Rest 44,978 90%