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Culinary Pal recipes by voice - Your Hands-free Kitchen Helper 3,880 73%
Free Service Automatically Deletes Your Old Twitter Posts 4,069 60%
Free Activity Monitor Reports On What Your PC Has Been Doing 4,130 96%
Bring Web Analytics To Your Own Browsing Habits 4,208 73%
Try A Fun Online CISO Role-Play Game 4,247 68%
Turn Your Home Town Map Into A Pacman Game 4,310 80%
Concentrate And Stay Calm With Sound Effects And Colours 4,322 49%
Important Security Patch On The Way For Windows; Including XP 4,344 83%
Windows Startup Terminology 4,346 98%
Create 3D Models And Animations Completely Free 4,405 100%
Automatic Notification If A Website Changes Its Privacy Policy 4,513 81%
A Popular Game to Challenge How Far You Can Run 4,528 57%
Essential Updates For Windows - Install Them Now 4,563 80%
Gizmo's Freeware Gaming Awards 2014 4,598 76%
Twittering Poetry And A Great Breakout Game 4,631 68%
Is Your Mobile Screen Too Small to View a PDF File? 4,703 76%
Comprehensive Free PHP Programming Environment Gets Update 4,776 60%
Finds of the Week: Human Anatomy, Glacier Works, Chess Academy, Interviewly 4,842 86%
Create Your Own Captions For Any Youtube Video 4,877 78%
Put A Bing Search Box On Your Desktop. Stunning Wallpapers Optional. 4,893 60%
Link Bubble - Floating Web Bubble Saves You Time 4,918 80%
Play Sudoku with Colors Only 4,961 74%
A Superb Time-Saver For Twitter Addicts! 5,008 65%
Control Your Music Players with Hand Gestures 5,074 55%
Send international SMS free to almost any country 5,099 37%