µTorrent Help: Selecting Files To Download In µTorrent


This guide will explain how to select in µTorrent which files to download within a torrent's associated content.

There are two sections in the guide, one for selecting before adding the torrent and the other for deselecting after the torrent has been added to µTorrent.  If you want to always have this option, then you will use the before loading section.  If you only want to do this occassionally, you should view the after loading section.

There is a known glitch in µTorrent (and BitTorrent) when adding magnet links.  The Add New Torrent screen will show a blank where the files should be located.  When using magnet links, you can only deselect after adding to µTorrent.  Note that many of the links at ThePirateBay are magnet links, even if they say "get torrent file".  

 ThePirateBay is the only site I know of where this can be an issue as they are switching to magnet links only.  To avoid this magnet link issue, you can search at Torrentz, which lists all torrents available at TPB (as well as other sites) and almost always will have a link to a site that has the torrent file for the exact same content or Bitsnoop, which indexes many trackers and will almost always have a torrent file for the same content.  Also, you can copy the Info hash from TPB and enter it in to the search box at either of those sites and you will almost always find the torrent file. 

NOTE:  The most recent versions of µTorrent (3.2) and BitTorrent (7.7) have resolved the magnet link issue above.

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For a listing of all the bittorrent help pages here at Gizmo's Freeware, please see

Selecting Files to Download Before Loading Torrent in µTorrent

Enabling the Option

The option to select files before adding to µTorrent, is on the Add New Torrent Screen.  The option to show this screen is located at Options>Preferences>UI Settings as shown in image below.


Enable the option by putting a check in the appropriate box and press OK.  Note the last part of that option refers to "advanced mode".

Note:  In newer versions of µTorrent the wording of this option has changed as in the image below.  This option is in the same location as the image above.  Advanced Mode still needs to be set in order to see the options to select files (and save location).

Setting Advanced Mode

In the far right hand side of the toolbar is the toggle option between advanced and basic mode.


For the option above to work, the display must be in Advanced mode.  This is how the toggle and the torrent display will look in advanced mode. 



This is how the toggle and torrent display will look in basic mode.



The display must be in Advanced mode in order for the Add New Torrent window to show.

Using The Add New Torrent Screen

After you have set the mode to Advanced the Add New Torrent window will display.  This window may display minimized at first.  If it does, you need to press the arrow in the lower left hand corner to expand as shown in image below.


After pressing the arrow, the full Add New Torrent screen will display and you will see the option to deselect files.


You may deselect the files you do not want by unticking the box next to the file.  When done Press OK.

Selecting Files to Download After Loading Torrent in µTorrent

If you only want to deselect files on occassion, then using the above will create unnecessary steps when you add a torrent.  You can deselect files within a torrent's associated content after adding the torrent to µTorrent as follows.

Highlight the torrent whose files you wish to deselect.  Best to Pause or Stop the torrent before deselecting files.


After that, go to the Files tab on the bottom part of the µTorrent screen. (If you are not seeing this, then select Options>Show detailed info and be in Advanced Mode as above).  Highlight the file(s) you do not wish to download, then right-click on a selected file and select Don't Download.




Using the above steps, you will now be able to select which files you wish to download through µTorrent.

If you have any questions, please post here or in our Forum.

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by dhruvin on 11. April 2013 - 3:38  (106979)

i am also unable to download it is just showing that finding peers and nothing is happening plz help me to download

by mr6n8 on 11. April 2013 - 6:23  (106984)
by inderveer (not verified) on 17. November 2012 - 6:39  (102463)

thanx so much

by SouthAfrican (not verified) on 29. October 2012 - 11:23  (101551)

Thanks for the info! I used a PB magnet in uTorrent, but the torrent is 77GB with 10 seasons of content!! So I deselected everything and chose to download 1 file (I have an internet cap). The file is downloaded, so I want to start again and select another file.

I'm in Advanced View and I have the torrent details at the bottom of the screen, but the 'Files' tab is just empty. In fact, the only tab that has any information in it is my 'Speed' tab. 'Info', 'Peers', 'Ratings' and 'Trackers' are all empty.

Is there another way I can select a new file to download, or do I have to click on the magnet link from PB every time? Perhaps finding the torrent file would be the easiest way?


by mr6n8 on 4. November 2012 - 13:09  (101862)

I have been away from the internet for a couple of months and just got back.

If you are still having this issue, then let me know. I thought the latest version of uTorrent resolved magnet link issues. If not, I will check and see how to get around (if my memory serves right, there should be a way).


by Geordiefan (not verified) on 3. October 2012 - 8:12  (100164)

Thanks man, was really helpful!

by Joseph (not verified) on 30. May 2012 - 4:55  (94170)

I have the same prob. Ive been using uTorrent since 1.0 and never had this problem. It just wont show me the files in the window they usually appear in. I get select all/none buttons but the window where files should be is blank. WTFZORS? And yes I know what options to select in prefs. Prob go back to old version to see if it works. Im stumped.

by mr6n8 on 30. May 2012 - 6:30  (94176)

Is this happening with magnet links (like ThePirateBay uses now)?
That is a known issue with uTorrent.

the 3.2 version (still a beta) is supposed to fix this.

Have not tried it myself.

Until then, you would have to deselect after adding to uTorrent.

by Joseph (not verified) on 30. May 2012 - 7:36  (94179)

Wow some help! I get it now with magnet links. thanks

by mr6n8 on 30. May 2012 - 12:27  (94183)

No problem.

Thanks for bringing it up. I have added a note on this glitch in the guide.


by JohnnyK (not verified) on 6. May 2012 - 8:29  (93105)

I have uninstalled and reinstalled - the damn thing still won't let me expand - I am exasperated. Could you shed some more light please?

by mr6n8 on 6. May 2012 - 12:44  (93112)

Can you take a screen shot of your uTorrent with the Add New Torrent screen up and post it to Imageshack (or something similar) and post the link to the image here?

There is no magic solution. What you are seeing should not exist.

Are you using magnet links for the download? There have been some strange issues with magnet links and recent versions of uTorrent.

by JohnnyK (not verified) on 6. May 2012 - 3:23  (93089)

I like to select which files I want to download. I have ensured I am in advanced view, I have checked the correct boxes for adding torrents. The little arrow does not come up to expand my view. What else can I do as not being able to do this will cause me a massive problem. I kid you not, I have tried everything in the UI options screen. I have set the view right. Please can someone give me the magical, mysterious answer?

by mr6n8 on 6. May 2012 - 7:37  (93103)

If you are saying that you see the Add New torrent screen, but have no option to expand it, then all I can guess is that your uTorrent is corrupted. Try deleting completely and reinstall.

by lebac (not verified) on 20. April 2012 - 2:06  (92303)


I was wondering... is it somehow possible to get "add new torrent" directory structure screen back again after you have added torrent and want to select or deselect files for download? When dealing with torrents with large number of files, it seems easier to check directory structure rather then to click on every file and selecting "don't download".

by feeder on 1. October 2013 - 14:22  (111147)

I know this comment is a bit late - but I'm also trying to find an answer to the comment above. It's hard to find a similar question on google.

by mr6n8 on 1. October 2013 - 14:58  (111148)

Funny I thought I had answered this as I remember doing some research into it. Maybe it was on another bittorrent client.

Anyhow, I remember that this feature had been requested (to show folders on the Files tab), but it was rejected as not possible.

I did find a "solution" on my own, but it does involve some work - may or may not be worth it depending on the amount of files involved.

Are you going to be saving the parts you download as being associated with the torrent or are you going to delete the parts you have and just get the new?

I guess you would not save if this is a space issue, but would save if you only want to get certain parts completed first.

The procedure is similar either way, but there are some slight differences.


by bernardz on 2. December 2011 - 10:15  (84274)

Good stuff, I have been for awhile trying to figure how to do this.

by mr6n8 on 2. December 2011 - 18:25  (84294)

Thanks for the comment.
I am never sure if a guide is clear to others and comments from users are the only indicator that means anything.
I know a lot of people have had this issue, particularly with version 3 and that is why I put this up.


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