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3 days 18 hours ago Best Free Income Tax Filing Software and Service okrick

Reviewed their web site. Corrected my comments. Have no idea where I got this from--probably wording changed since I first looked.

Thanks for pointing this out.


3 days 21 hours ago Best Free Income Tax Filing Software and Service Ron999

State returns with TaxHawk are NOT free, regardless of income.

4 days 7 hours ago Best Free Antivirus Software Anupam

Were you that annoyed with the pop-ups? I have Avast on my system, and I think the pop-ups occur only when the definitions are updated. Although their size has increased, still, I do not find them annoying. It's something I can do with, considering the fact that the antivirus is great, and free.

4 days 8 hours ago Best Free Antivirus Software tberty

I think here is three of the best free antivirus software for multi-platform, including Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS.

- Avast
- Avira

4 days 13 hours ago Best Free File Manager Panzer

"... Konvertor is a fast and reliable two-panel, multi-tabs file manager for Windows. It has an intuitive interface, offers viewers for all popular file formats as well as uncommon and very rare ones ..." (now free):

4 days 14 hours ago Best Free Software for Linux Panzer

"... KMediaTorrent allows you to stream bittorrent magnet links right from XBMC/KODI, without having to wait for the whole file to download, thanks to sequential download ...":

4 days 15 hours ago Best Free Software for Mac OS Sea Mac

Hey, Hey! Only a Year Late ... Thank you for the GREAT Suggestion!

4 days 18 hours ago Best Free PDF Writer Software rogdias

I've been using BullZIP for less than a month, and it was working OK.
But then, after a while, my network actual printer stopped being seen. Furthermore I could not install it again, in fact not any printer, it gave a message saying that the local spooler wasn't running. But there was no way to make it function. I've tried do restore a checkpoint and even that failed. I began uninstalling recent software tryng to solve that. I used Revo Uninstaller to uninstall some recent softwares to no avail. BullZIP did not appear in the list of installed softwares. It was only when I used the Windows uninstall that it did appear. I uninstalled it and voilà everything went well after that.
I am telling this to help somebody who could have the same problem, probably not common, but it was making me mad seeking a solution.

4 days 18 hours ago Best Free PDF Writer Software rogdias

CutePDF now offers option NOT to install Ask Toolbar.

5 days 4 hours ago Comprehensive Free PHP Programming Environment Gets Update SwanKnight

Sadly, the free version doesn't support JQuery which pretty much makes it useless for me.

5 days 15 hours ago Best Free Antivirus Software terrawarra

Thanks George and MC.... it's obvious that we don't live in a perfect world so I can cop the odd glitch from software that's free.

5 days 16 hours ago Best Free Antivirus Software Remah

The RogueKiller website has a well structured and comprehensive article that goes into a lot more detail but is relatively easy to read if you bypass the programming examples: Making an antivirus engine : the guidelines.

5 days 16 hours ago Best Free Antivirus Software MidnightCowboy

I downloaded the installer today from the link on our page. The file was: cav_installer_3272_7b.exe (204.1 MB). I selected the language and unticked the options for cloud based behavioural analysis and anonymous usage statistics. I then chose "customize installation" and unticked the options for GeekBuddy and the Comodo browser (Comodo Dragon was already installed on my system which is why it appears in the program list) Proceeding with the installation I also unchecked the options for using Comodo DNS and the search engine change. The result was a clean install with nothing else added or changed.


If you research this properly you will find that GeekBuddy can also be included with a third party wrapped installer, so if you obtain the program from a different source, it is still possible for this to be installed even though this option in the Comodo install process was denied. MC - Site Manager.


5 days 17 hours ago Best Free Antivirus Software George.J

This happened to me once in the past, even after choosing custom options, GeekBuddy still got installed.

5 days 18 hours ago Best Free Antivirus Software George.J

Why Antivirus software may use Kernel Mode Drivers?

Something to think about.

5 days 20 hours ago Best Free Parental Filter MidnightCowboy

Is working fine for me. MC - Site Manager.

5 days 20 hours ago Best Free Antivirus Software terrawarra

I recently dumped Avast after many years simply because of the annoying advertising pop-ups. After reading the recommendations by Chiron for Comodo, I installed it and have had it running for a few days now. No problems with it except for the deceiving tactics by Comodo during the install process.
Despite selecting "custom install" and unchecking the boxes that I didn't want, Comodo ignored that and installed everything.... I had to manually get rid of geek buddy and the Comodo browser.
How can this forum recommend software that continually breaks the rules ?

5 days 21 hours ago Best Free Software for Mac OS Sea Mac

Yes, the latest version from the Apple App store DOES cost money ....
HOWEVER ... the last free version of Xee - 2.2 - is still freely available, and DOES seem to still work on Mac OS X 10.9.5 ... at least it launched when I tested it, and all of the pieces appeared to be there ...

I'm putting it BACK ... it is still of use. "The Last Free Version" is still good enough.

6 days 3 hours ago Best Free Undeletable File Remover rfithen

Anyone Try iObit Unlocker, I've been using it for a couple years.


6 days 3 hours ago Best Free Parental Filter MrBrian

Link http://onlinefamily.norton.com/ does not work.

6 days 3 hours ago How to Know If Your Computer Is Infected tacenator

I have no reason to believe my system is infected. TDSSKiller ran fine and found no threats. However, CCE does not work on my 64 bit system. It starts to scan and then just vanishes. This happens with any of the scan modes. It appears to be a problem as the forums at Comodo show this, but no fixes. You suggest to use Comodo Internet Security in another article, but I am leery as Comodo CCE fails and the chat failed at their website. I could not find a download page which may contain a more recent version of CCE. Not a great website. I understand you manage forums for Comodo. Can you help?



6 days 5 hours ago Best Free Media Player MrBrian

http://www.kantaris.org/ should be http://kantaris.org/

6 days 5 hours ago Best Free Parental Filter rfithen

This one seems polished.


6 days 7 hours ago Best Free Rootkit Scanner and Remover MidnightCowboy

Thank you. The link has now been updated. MC - Site Manager.

6 days 7 hours ago Best Free Rootkit Scanner and Remover MrBrian

F-Secure Blacklight is not available at the link provided.

6 days 9 hours ago Windows File Name Restrictions – Why a File Name Can be too Long meyecommander

Actually, "...Why a File Name Can be too Long" is the correct phrasing: v.laurie's article briefly explains the limits imposed by Windows and the results (rejection) when a file name exceeds these limits which occurs when a file name IS too long. If you want to get down to semantics, then obviously a file name CAN be too long for use by Windows, but it is not permitted (by Windows) to be too long for use by Windows.

6 days 10 hours ago Windows File Name Restrictions – Why a File Name Can be too Long smweb2.0

Good read, only issue is the title. "Windows File Name Restrictions – Why a File Name Can be too Long" - the title should read "can't".

6 days 15 hours ago Free Windows Desktop Software Security List - Home J_L

A new revised list is coming soon! Tell us what you think.

6 days 18 hours ago Best Free Antivirus Software MidnightCowboy

It is never advisable to install more than one antivirus program. There are umpteen posts from reputed sources on the web about this, these being just a few.


Secondary scanners that are designed for this purpose are fine, but there are also risks associated with installing a second real-time product and then disabling the active protection.

In any case, it is always better to prevent infection rather than trying to clean up after one. The best strategy therefore is to understand how and where from you became infected previously and then tailor your PC usage to avoid further repetition. Having 10 scanners on board still won't help if there is an underlying usage trend to become infected.

You might find these articles of interest. MC - Site Manager.


6 days 19 hours ago Best Free High Dynamic Range (HDR) Software RickeeBoy

Tried Fusion and worked ok on SUMM (as advised) thought I'd try Luminescence but it doesn't accept PNG files therefore will keep to Fusion - Cheers

1 week 2 hours ago Best Free Web Form Filler and Password Manager AJNorth


KeePass 2.29 (stable) was released today (both the installed & portable versions) - http://keepass.info/news/n150410_2.29.html (they recommend upgrading from any previous 2.x version to 2.29).

Version 2.2.9 introduces fully-signed binaries in the password manager, amongst other improvements (including better Firefox integration using the KeeFox plug-in - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/keefox/).

For a comparison between the "Classic Edition" (version 1.29) and v. 2.29, see the Edition Comparison Table at http://keepass.info/compare.html .

1 week 2 hours ago Best Free Antivirus Software Batchman

About two months ago, I had to wipe my computer and reset to factory specs, after a virus-related issue I just couldn't get rid of. (Happens about once a year for me. Means I'd like to see the death penalty for all virus writers.)

For the last two months I have been letting the built in trial version of one of the companies that doesn't have a free virus option cover my system, while backing it up with Spybot (for the immunization protection), Ad-Aware (just because it has been one of my back-up options for ages) and MalwareBytes because it cleans up almost anything.

Today, the trial software (which still had four days left) turned itself off, and turned off my firewall, too. I did scans with all four products, none finding anything, removed the trial virus program, and installed BitDefender as my 'active' program, with the other three still being regularly used manually to scan for problems.

Considering adding Avira as just another 'try it once a week or so, looking for any problems.'

Since MalwareBytes is almost always my first thing to throw at anything that acts weird, most of the others never get a chance to find anything, but I still lake the extra options to try and make sure everything is good.

Any thoughts or comments?

1 week 19 hours ago Get $440 Worth Of Network Monitoring Software For Free Remah

Rob, I should have thanked you for recommending this free product. It is excellent and I plan to keep it running because it provides so much information that I can quickly access, even if I only need it infrequently.

PRTG will suit many of our readers because it is useful for home users and non-specialists even if they have very limited technical knowledge. It installs very easily without having to configure settings because you just answer some questions provided by PRTG's GURU: if you don't know the answer you can skip it. It also provides excellent in-line help for almost every task. The only obvious improvement would be a bit more hand-holding when it is first run to better explain the monitoring terminology to new non-technical users.

PRTG also has key advanced features available in the free version: multiple computers can act as probes (the computers that do the monitoring); any of the probes can takeover monitoring in the event of the main probe failing; it doesn't require other specialized products, add-ons or servers, e.g. it doesn't need SQL Server running because it has its own proprietary database - apparently their format is better at handling the many small records.

1 week 19 hours ago Best Free Photo Slideshow Software StahlSS

Hi Motorguy

I certainly am pleased to hear that there is still interest in slideshow production.

Check out some of the free programs reviewed at the beginning of this category. I believe they may be at least a good introduction to the possibilities for adding transitions, narration, music, slide manipulation, titles, etc to make your productions more interesting.

You did not indicate the city you live in, but most of the senior centers have computer classes and will allow use of the equipment for classes on slideshow production, if one of your people have had some experience with such programs.

Please let me know if I can suggest course content or other help.

In addition, most programs will allow the picture content to be stored as data in addition to the video program, so that the viewer can print out chosen pictures from within the video.

Keep up your interest,

Don Stahl (also a senior citizen !)

1 week 1 day ago Monitor Web-Bound Data On Your PC with Fiddler johnvk

Wow a post from 2011 and no comments in 4 years? Not common here. I scrolled down to see what this community thinks, and whether the product is still above board (cuz, overtime, they can change), and...nothing.

Anybody have any experiences to share?

I heard of this Fiddler proxy program from an article on avast installing spyware (yes, sad as it is, and avast is (was?) one of my favs. AVG has fallen out of my good graces. Maybe they all will eventually.) Article was on howtogeek.com articlID:199829 "Avast Antivirus Was Spying On You with Adware (Until This Week)"
That article says it was published late last year, so maybe Fiddler is still good.

Wikipedia today (4/11/2015) thinks the home page is http://www.fiddler2.com/ which is what the HTG article also said, but that redirected to http://www.telerik.com/fiddler which is what DuckDuckGo search engine listed as the top hit.

WOT still thinks that site is good.

Download link for me today from their home page was: telerik(dot)com(slash)download(slash)fiddler which i checked on virustotal and it said it was ok, last tested 2 days ago (4/9/2015).

On that download page i UNCHECKED "Keep me informed about Fiddler and relevant offerings"

I selected "Fiddler for .NET4" and clicked Download.

Download started automatically and simultaneously took me to a page with a "If your download does not start, please click here" with a direct link to:

I put that URL into virustotal and got 2/62 detections. AutoShun said "Malicious site" and Avira said "Malware site".
However, virustotal "downloaded file analysis" https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/687dbc451521554a7b6c61332a484bf8b4e25... sha256=687dbc451521554a7b6c61332a484bf8b4e252228e66ab6bd2c1619203dd2a52
had 0/57 detections with 8 up-votes 0 down-votes, and 2 of 2 commenters saying it's ok. It was analyzed today 4/11/2015.

So still seems safe.

I have not installed it yet.

[i had trouble getting this post thru Mollum--techsupportalert.com's auto-spam-blocker. Didnt let me post the link to the howtogeek article, nor to the 2 telerik download pages. sigh]

1 week 1 day ago Best Free CD-DVD Emulation Software indiankoboy

Hi Jojo Yee,

thanks a lot

1 week 2 days ago Protect Yourself From Inquisitive Website Operators MidnightCowboy

There are just three comments against the current release (0.8.16), one of which is..

"Works as advertised. Light and runs in background, won't slow you browser. A very good idea to install".

The comment reporting a bug was responded to by the developer thus:

"Dear user. Sorry for the trouble, we 're investigating the issue to address the problem you reported. Be sure that TMN should not be interfering and there is no risk TMN will corrupt files. I tried to reproduce the bug and posted a comment on Reddit but it worked well so we would need additional information to reproduce the bug. Please file a bug report or contact us by email to help us".

I'm not sure how this qualifies it to be "buggy as hell from users comments" as all the other comments relate to previous releases.

Considering the number of users runs to over 27,000 it is fair to assume it must be working well enough for the majority although this type of addon is always likely to trigger occasional issues depending on the host system specs, how it is configured and what security software is installed. MC - Site Manager.

1 week 2 days ago Get $440 Worth Of Network Monitoring Software For Free rob.schifreen

For the last couple of years I've actually been a fully paid up user of PRTG (the 100 sensor version, at some $400). I chose it to monitor the 15 servers that I look after as part of my day job, and I have to say that it's been very good indeed. So when I heard that the product is now free, I was doubly interested.

When the company increased the number of free sensors from 10 to 30, they said that it was because hardly any of their paying customers used such a low number of sensors, and so they wouldn't lose out by increasing the free quota. Presumably it's now the case that the vast majority of their customers use (and pay for) more than 100 sensors. Which, if I had the time and the staff to sit in front of all those red and green blocks all day, I would do too. But when it's merely one part of a job, keeping track of 100 things is plenty.

Also, note that PRTG uses 3 sensors to monitor itself so there's actually only 97 available for you. But that's still plenty for a lot of people.

1 week 2 days ago Protect Yourself From Inquisitive Website Operators Fairportfan

I suspect this may violate various search engine's ToS - sounds as if it's essentially a small-scale DDOS attack

1 week 2 days ago Protect Yourself From Inquisitive Website Operators subtext

Gizmo's, the recommended app is buggy as hell from users comments, many reporting identical issues. WHY recommend if it's instability, and buggy nature is in detailed in "comments"? Great ideas only great if not harmful. Seriously.

It diminishes value of your guidance. I want to feel I can track down a Gismo's offering, without discovering it's problematic when I get there. Truly curious.

1 week 2 days ago Best Free Genealogy or Family Tree Software okrick

I did test whether each program supports Unicode characters.


1 week 2 days ago Protect Yourself From Inquisitive Website Operators FJMcNasty

Seems a bit like tempting fate if it allows you to attract the attention of the Security services. I don't really want my front door to be battered down at 04:30.

1 week 2 days ago Protect Yourself From Inquisitive Website Operators ixan

There is a Chrome one listed on the TrackMeot website

1 week 2 days ago Protect Yourself From Inquisitive Website Operators JamesCA

Will bandwidth usage increase if using this addon

1 week 2 days ago Protect Yourself From Inquisitive Website Operators camile

Is there something equivalent with Internet Explorer or Chrome??

1 week 2 days ago Protect Yourself From Inquisitive Website Operators greyman

It will be interesting to see how this Add-On for FireFox works out.
Seems to have lots of potential. Both to do what is intended,(devaluation of stats) and for abuse, perhaps, by those who would use it to to the end of what my dearly departed mother would call poking their eye out. lol Interesting concept, and a great find!

1 week 2 days ago Best Free CD-DVD Emulation Software Jojo Yee

As provided in a section of this article, ISO is a standard ISO 9660 image, supported by most emulation software.

1 week 2 days ago Best Free CD-DVD Emulation Software indiankoboy

Hi Jojo Yee,

thanks again for the info. My intention is to back up all my CDs & DVDs into an external hard drive software emulated into ISO image files, then whenever i want to use a particular CD or DVD i just mount it into the emulator of my internal hard disk. Is ISO file format the safest format that can be read by the various emulators available? thanks

1 week 2 days ago Best Free CD-DVD Emulation Software Jojo Yee

In file operations, you may treat an iso file just as you would a normal file, like copying and moving, etc. If I understand your question correctly, one iso file represents one CD or DVD disk image. You can mount multiple iso files at the same time up to the limit allowed by an emulator.

1 week 2 days ago Best Free CD-DVD Emulation Software indiankoboy

Hi Jojo Yee,

thanks for the info. After backing up the CD or DVD images in iso files into an external hard disk, can i copy back the same CD or DVD images in iso files into the internal hard disk of my computer then open them without burning them in a blank CD or DVD? Is there a limitation to the number of CD or DVD images in iso files i can emulate from the softwares reviewed to backup into an external hard disk?

1 week 2 days ago Best Free CD-DVD Emulation Software Jojo Yee

I think you can do so indiankoboy with a backup application as CD or DVD images are just iso files.

1 week 2 days ago Best Free CD-DVD Emulation Software indiankoboy

Hi everyone,

All of the CD-DVD EMULATION SOFTWARES reviewed so far can virtually mount CD or DVD images to the internal hard disk of the computer. Can i back up these CD or DVD images to an external hard disk?

thanks in advance

1 week 3 days ago Best Free Antivirus Software satrow

The differences between them might alter every time a new program update is issued.

It also depends on whether you use all of the offered components, I don't.

Last time I checked, BitDefender Free had the lowest usage but it was also the least configurable. My choice is a custom install of Avast Free, I just select the parts I need and then configure it to my needs.

1 week 3 days ago Best Free Antivirus Software satrow

You could have tried shutting Panda down while installing or move the new PF installer to a folder that you can exclude from Panda.

Have you reported this issue to Panda so that they can investigate and fix it?

1 week 3 days ago Donate Now and Help Keep Gizmo's Freeware Independent and Non-commercial Jocoserious

Sometimes I forget how much this site has helped me over the years. On a whim I donated $25. Comes my bank statement, I see:


I admit it took a while to recognize that transaction. Recommendation: let people know in advance how this will appear on your statement. Then even dopes like me won't be surprised.

I am proud to be a supporter. Wish I could donate more.

1 week 3 days ago Best Free File or Disk Catalog Organizer molimelight

Running Cathy on Windows 7 64 bit. Runs fine with the small amount I've thrown at it. At first I got the message that it could not access the catalog file it wanted to create, but then I ran it as administrator and it worked fine. I'll update if I run into any problems.

1 week 3 days ago Get $440 Worth Of Network Monitoring Software For Free Remah

I'm trying both at the moment and they are quite complementary as there is little overlap in functionality using the default configurations. In the main, this is because the scope of Glasswire is primarily my computer and what connects to it whereas PRTG's scope is my network anywhere.

Here's some more detail for those who are interested:

Glasswire is also more of an intrusion detection system for my PC. This is primarily achieved by monitoring changes to my firewall, connections, applications e.g. updates and version changes, and network-related Windows devices and configuration. Glasswire is so simple and well-designed that it is the first network monitoring program that I actually want to keep using all the time on my computer.

PRTG is primarily monitoring the connection to and availability of "my network". In the broader sense, "my network" is much more than my local network devices which includes my router, the DNS servers I use, and my network printers. It also monitors my external websites, external servers, and some common web services like Dropbox, Skype and Facebook. Of course, like Glasswire, PRTG also has features that focus on my computer: the standard sensor is ping time from my computer to all other devices on "my network".

PRTG's sensors include monitoring memory and disk utilization and security checks such as use of SSL and antivirus. For example, it picked up that Windows Defender is up-to-date but is not running as Avira is running instead. Each of my network printers uses about twelve sensors each by default so that would be 36 if I had all three turned on at the same time. So it will be easy for some techies to hit 100 sensors but the average user will have no such trouble.

PRTG lacks the simple interface of Glasswire but that is to be expected from a system that is aimed at network administrators and is scalable to large networks. It focuses on the needs of people who have to take care of networks with many users so it uses alerts and alarms delivered by email wherever the administrators are. That is overkill for me and most home users who generally only want alerts while we're actually at our computer.

PS. I should have added that the default install of PRTG uses quite a lot of bandwidth. Most of it is local for me but there is a lot that uses my Internet quota. Actually, it doesn't bother me because my ISP provides me with unlimited bandwidth. But if you have limited Internet bandwidth then PRTG can use several MBs a day depending on the number of devices you are monitoring and the types of sensors you are using. You can use Glasswire to monitor this situation. :D

1 week 3 days ago Best Free Music Player and Organizer Panzer

Resonic Player is now in beta:

Release Summary:
- This is a maintenence release, it does not introduce new features.
- Update only if any of the fixes apply to you.
- You can install on top of your existing installation.

- More visible status bar notices
- Improved the way long paths are handled

- Application crashes during startup with certain system locales
-Application does not start on latest Windows 10 Pro Technical Preview
-Files in deep folder structures (long paths) will show, but won't play


1 week 3 days ago Best Free Software for Linux Panzer

"... dupeGuru is a tool to find duplicate files on your computer. It can scan either filenames or contents. The filename scan features a fuzzy matching algorithm that can find duplicate filenames even when they are not exactly the same ...":

1 week 3 days ago Best Free Web Browser for Android Anupam

In the early days of Firefox for Android, it really wasn't usable at all. Then, I had a look at it a few months ago... wow! I now find it as good as the desktop version... great improvements. I now use Firefox on both my phone as well as my PC.

I will recommend Firefox.

1 week 3 days ago Best Free Web Browser for Android Anupam

Don't you find your phone being plagued with ads when you are running UC Browser? One of my friend has it installed, and he was running it, and ads were popping up every few seconds.

1 week 3 days ago Best Free Web Browser for Android RickeeBoy

Thanks all for pointing towards UC Browser - tried Google - It knows exactly what I typed in my Windows machine - Good if you like it's spying - I don't.
- OK a few points - ideally use DuckDuckGo as I cannot abide anything to do with Google as other peoples s/w is about 10mb - Google's can be up to 140mb and it saves everything (seen talk of History files of 5Gb) it's S/W is so bloated that I just want any other s/w BUT Google.

- Dolphin (intrusive and tries as hard as possible to sell stuff and at the end of the day wasn't simple) It may be OK but I gave up. (Couldn't stop it tracking)
- Opera was just a pain (Couldn't stop it tracking)
- Opera mini - seemed ok and better than Opera but still not as good as or as fast as UC (Couldn't stop it tracking)
- UC 13Mb Fast, simple (AdBlock already installed) - still can't find how to use DuckDuckGo (Couldn't stop it tracking)

Other people may find Opera or Opera Mini or Dolphin but I like UC so thanks for the advice.

1 week 3 days ago Get $440 Worth Of Network Monitoring Software For Free J_L

Hmm, wonder how this compares to GlassWire...

1 week 3 days ago How to Easily Check an Entire Windows Folder Using Many Different Antimalware Programs MrBrian

http://skwire.dcmembers.com/fp/?page=sigcheckgui contains a third-party graphical user interface for sigcheck called SigcheckGUI.

1 week 4 days ago Pixar Renderman. Was $1300. Now Free. mchldpy

@ Anne,
1) Click on the link up top that goes to the NC RenderMan page.

2) Scroll down just pass halfway (directly across from the gold teapot on the right) to the download the Autodesk Maya free trial link.

3) When you click on the link it takes you to a page where there is a blue/turquoise bar in the middle of the page that says "Download Trial"

4) When you click on the link it will open a page where you have to click and check the 2 boxes at the bottom left of the page that opened. If you don't agree with the terms and conditions by checking the 2 boxes, click on the "No Thanks" button to the right and your through. If you do agree, then click on the blue"Continue" button.

5) After clicking continue, a new page will briefly open and your d/l should start.

it is from their download page about the install wizard and how it works.


Before you begin

Turn off all active applications, including virus checking software, before starting installation.
When you click DOWNLOAD TRIAL, download and installation to your computer begins immediately.

Installation and licensing
Installing your trial software

Simply click Install and a wizard will take you through the software installation.
There is no need to enter a serial number. Just select “I want to try this product.”

Access your trial with sign in
Completing the installation

Restart your computer before launching the trial. If you are not prompted to start the trial, you can launch the program from the icon on your desktop.
You also must register for an Autodesk ID to use your trial.


michael clyde

1 week 4 days ago Best Free Non-Adobe PDF Reader bo.elam

Snowbound, if you still like Foxit, I suggest you try the portable version from portable apps. I haven't seen anything about a cloud service in it. I just googled Foxit cloud service and saw a link that saids that you sign up for it. Anyway, the Foxit portable version works great. Nothing gets bundled.


1 week 4 days ago Pixar Renderman. Was $1300. Now Free. anne-ology

Thanks for responding.
Now could you - or someone - please explain how to download the Maya first -


1 week 4 days ago Best Free Photo Slideshow Software motorguy

I think that slideshow software is still relevant. I am on the board of a local photography club and many of our members are asking for workshops on how to create slideshows of their photos to share with friends and family. Granted this is not a 20 something group so phone/tablet photography is not the focus of our members, pretty much either point and shoot or DSLR's.

Many folks want to do something with their images beyond just letting them sit on their computer which is where slideshow software comes in.

I hope you continue to keep this category going.

1 week 4 days ago Microsoft Image Composite Editor ljbartel

I've used MS ICE for years and been very pleased with it. The old version would allow a ragged multi-row and multi-column pano (photos with unequal number or columns in each row) but I haven't been able to do that in the new version.

1 week 4 days ago Microsoft Image Composite Editor mddolson

I would also recommend trying autostich. The free version only works on jpg files. But performance is impressive.

Mike D

1 week 4 days ago Best Free PDF Tools random5

BTW if anyone interested in editing PDF files, can try "AbleWord" for free. It is small and useful application. Editing PDF file is as simple as editing Word file.


1 week 4 days ago Best Free PC Games Panzer

Dust Racing 2D (Dustrac) is a tile-based, cross-platform 2D racing game written in Qt (C++):

1 week 4 days ago Best Free Antivirus Software need3

I have been using Panda for some months without issues, but yesterday it updated itself to a new version with a different name. After this, my Privatefirewall could not start anymore, even after a new install (PrivateFirewall Ndis Filter Installer - Install Error 0x80870002).
Looks like the new Panda is incompatible with Privatefirewall.
After removing Panda, Privatefirewall is working fine.
I'm posting this information in case it can be useful to someone else with the same problem.

1 week 4 days ago Get $440 Worth Of Network Monitoring Software For Free mchldpy

yea, Rob

1 week 4 days ago Pixar Renderman. Was $1300. Now Free. mchldpy

You say 2nd time you chose the recent Maya one, you should have Maya installed prior to installing RenderMan. At least I did and received no error. If I misunderstood ... sorry.

1 week 5 days ago Pixar Renderman. Was $1300. Now Free. anne-ology

I have downloaded yet am unable to open -
1st time, I chose just the top one - and it said wasn't there;
2nd time, I chose the top one & the recent Maya one - and it now states it's missing a DLL file ???

What's my third step to be ???;
PLEASE can someone help me here?

1 week 5 days ago Best Free File Manager emphyrio

I tried Freecommander XE. While its first impression was good, browsing the network is unbearably slow. There are more people on their forum complaining about it. Unreal Commander is faster browsing the network, but for some files it just took about a minute before a network copy action was started (for very small .docx files).

Network browsing does not seems to be the strength of free file managers :(

1 week 5 days ago How to Check the Size and Reclaim Disk Space from WinSxS in Windows 8.1 ..jim..

i think i boneheaded it. i ran the cleanup-image but it seemed to hang at 20% (for around 15 minutes) and couldn't even get into task mgr to end dism, so as boneheads do, i used the power button to just shut down. and of course it screwed things up. now windows updates won't install. i get an error code of 8007371b. and running dism with the restorehealth switch is no help, it errors out also. as a thought i tried system restore to a couple different dates but that didn't help either. i have way too many programs installed so i don't want to do a windows reset if i don't have to. i hope someone here has a better idea

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Fortress Forever:

1 week 6 days ago Tips and Tricks for Linux Mint after Installation [Mint 17 & 17.1 - Cinnamon Edition] bibzgi

Everything was splendid with Cinnamon except getting a dark or black window.

It turns out that it is easy by going to the Themes under System Settings and clicking on "Add/remove desktop themes" and then entering words like "black" "dark" "midnight" etc.

Currently, I'm using "Black Out" for Desktop, and "Zorba-black" for Controls and Window Borders.
For me to switch from Xubuntu to Mint Cinnamon was like a leap in faith.

For those like me who have the cheap (US $199) Acer Chromebook, you can get the tailored LM Cinnamon ISO from HughGreenBug's website.

Amazingly, Cairo-Dock works just fine in this Chromebook.

Since my screen size is rather small, I find it more comfortable to not use Cairo-Dock.

The AwOken Icon theme is worth testing out if you crave a dark theme.

1 week 6 days ago Need A HDMI Cable? Tempted To Spend Heavily? Don't. Sgluber

noneleft, just today I returned here I just now I am reading your post... thank you! :-)

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Try reading the other comments first, in particular #121677, before commenting yourself. :) MC - Site Manager.

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Regarding FireFox warning to stay away from the 10Cent site, one should know I also get this warning when I access:
My Credit Union
My Bank Login
The United States Post Office (USPS.GOV) and other sites. But whenI tried "known" PUPs site, Firefox did not warn nor complain.

2 weeks 58 min ago YouCam 5 for Free: CyberLink in association with Gizmo's Freeware Gibbs.Slap

@ George.J and mchldpy,

Yes, I used the link supplied and the license # provided. I am using Zemana Version 1.93 - paid. Yes, I know that Zemana is a multi-use logger, the webcam logger didn't really worry me. I just don't understand why the program would need to install a keylogger (#3).Upon checking your supplied link I noticed this: (Expiration date: Monday, April 13, 2009). I don't understand why "any" program would need to install a keylogger at all, thus the use of Zemana.

As far as #1 why does this program want to inject code that that could take full access of my system? I just find these findings discouraging.

Don't get me wrong George I have downloaded tons of programs from here over the past umpteen years without having a problem. This is probably why I am so concerned about seeing these things popping up.

mxhldpy, I have to believe it was Install to:)

2 weeks 3 hours ago A New Free Windows Anti-Malware Suite SwanKnight

I'm curious about this as well. I've had a lot of false positives with 360TS as of late, it's been getting annoying.

2 weeks 3 hours ago Best Free CAD Computer Aided Design Programs DebsChoice

Complete novice with CAD. Have a SIMPLE design that I want to create.....for purpose of taking to a 3-D printer for a prototype.

I have an I MAC. So need something NOT overly complicate that I can maneuver.

Suggestions welcome



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WOT result: https://www.mywot.com/en/scorecard/pcmgr-global.com

2 weeks 4 hours ago A New Free Windows Anti-Malware Suite BAITMAN


2 weeks 4 hours ago A New Free Windows Anti-Malware Suite maynak00

anyone compare with Qihoo 360 Total Security ?
which is better?

2 weeks 4 hours ago Best Free Non-Adobe PDF Reader snowbound999

I ditched Foxit Reader off all my computers here. Their darn software update shoves their Foxit Cloud service on the computers here. I uninstalled it and it shows up after each update to their PDF reader. There is no way of bypassing the installation of FoxIt Cloud either.

2 weeks 6 hours ago A New Free Windows Anti-Malware Suite MidnightCowboy

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2 weeks 6 hours ago Microsoft Image Composite Editor Fairportfan

I've been using ICE for quite a while and i like it a lot - i wasn't aware there was an update.


2 weeks 7 hours ago A New Free Windows Anti-Malware Suite papavonschoen

Thank you sir! These appear to be very useful sites.

2 weeks 12 hours ago Best Free Drive Cloning Software BrollyLSSJ

Just a note: Version 6 of Macrium is the paid version. Version 6 as free version will be released "soon" (whenever that is). The latest free version is 5.3.7299.

2 weeks 17 hours ago Running A Small Business? Free CRM Software. bernardz

750 targets is tiny, I would suggest SugarCRM I think the open source version is 6.x


2 weeks 18 hours ago YouCam 5 for Free: CyberLink in association with Gizmo's Freeware George.J

Are you sure you downloaded the product from the promotional link that I've given in the article. After you input your name and e-mail id, you will get the download link in your mail id.

I tried installing Zemana AntiLogger Free, it gave me no alerts during install. Are you using the Free version or Pro version? Moreover the downloaded file appears as YouCam_5.0.4628a.0_HW_STD_DE_Standard_YUC141222-05.exe and not as Setup.exe as shown in your screenshots.

About your screenshots
4. It's the error message you got after blocking the requests
3. wingdi.dll means Windows Graphics Device Interface. YouCam is supposed to interact with it because it's supposed to interact with your webcam and show the output on the screen. Here's info about it
2. YouCamservice.exe is the Cyberlink service and it's a signed (verified) digital application. It's a webcam logger, because it's supposed to interact with it
1. Zemana is not just a keylogger app but a screen-logger, webcam-logger and clipboard-logger. If any app is trying to use any of these logging services it will alert the user. Since Youcam is supposed to work with your webcam, it displays that alert.

Most of all during these kind of alerts, as you can see in your screenshots you can see this message, "Do not click Allow unless this is a legitimate application". And yes as you can see just below that, its a verified application from Cyberlink, so you are perfectly safe to execute the installer. These kind of problems arise when you set heuristic levels to high.

2 weeks 21 hours ago YouCam 5 for Free: CyberLink in association with Gizmo's Freeware mchldpy

@ Gibbs.Slap,
Sorry about the delay. I installed to a sandbox and then remembered I had excluded the sandbox in Avira (while trying to validate a comment that a certain germ was able to escape sandboxes) and when trying to scan the sandbox manually, noticed the Avira context menu scan item was missing. After jumping through hoops trying to make it re-appear, I installed the newest (offline) version and now, since they've changed something, myself and others now have Avira telling us that Windows F/W is not activated (it nor the Win. Sec. Center has ever been) along with some other weird stuff. The context menu scan item is back so after I get Zamana I'll try again. So i positively understand, you got the (posted below) results how?
(you at first say "their download location" then you say "their install location" my apologies if I'm missing it, which I must be. ha.

2 weeks 1 day ago YouCam 5 for Free: CyberLink in association with Gizmo's Freeware tarryB

"Whenever I encounter instances like this, 95% of the time the main culprits are:..."

Incidences like what?

Best wishes,


2 weeks 1 day ago YouCam 5 for Free: CyberLink in association with Gizmo's Freeware tarryB

"So I am pleased by this free offer brought to us by George.J

Thank you,


Guess you missed this bit right at the end of my post!!

Best wishes,