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57 min 53 sec ago This Amazing Game is Unbelievably FREE George.J

After downloading, keep all the zipped files in a single folder. Extract Part1.rar. After the extraction is complete, go into the extracted folder and run Setup.exe

That will install the game on your system. Now extract Patch.rar (patch file) and after the extraction is complete, go into the extracted folder and run Setup.exe . This will overwrite all the contents in the game, and rectify all the bugs present in the initial release.

Here's a video to guide you through. [The video doesn't include patch extraction as it was uploaded when the game was initially released, so you have to do this after you install]

5 hours 13 min ago A Free Library Of 12 Million Photos For You To Use df1995

I can't find any search device. Not useful without.

8 hours 48 min ago A Free Library Of 12 Million Photos For You To Use aronbergvlad

I don't see any way to search. 12 million photos at random will require more than one sandwich.

9 hours 22 min ago Best Free Antivirus Software freestuffrocks

Excellent review as usual Chiron. I'd been using the free Avast AV/Comodo firewall combo for about 2 years but problems with Avast updating and your favourable Comodo AV review led me to ditch Avast and replace it with the full Comodo Internet Security free suite. Much less hassle having everything in one place and not having to worry about conflicts and creating exclusions etc. Things are now noticeably quicker.

12 hours 46 min ago This Amazing Game is Unbelievably FREE jamest1945

Ok I have downloaded all the zipped files, now what do I do to get them all together and install the game. I have looked for instructions and could not find any.

Many thanks, James

15 hours 33 min ago A Free Library Of 12 Million Photos For You To Use downunder57

As these images are copyright free, can they also be used with
modifications of the image. Or can we only use "As Is"
I would like to modify for commercial purposes. I.E. Kindle,
blogs and other.

18 hours 14 min ago Best Free Android Apps daviodan

MapFactor Navigator is a free turn-by-turn GPS navigation app for Android phones and tablets using OpenStreetMaps data. Maps are installed on the SD card so there is no need for an Internet connection when traveling. Map and app updates are FREE every month.

AquaMail is an email app for Internet and Exchange mail, for Android 2.1 and higher.

Easy automatic setup for popular email services: Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, FastMail, Apple mail services ( /, GMX, AOL, and more. Recognizes mail accounts at domains hosted by Google Apps, Yahoo BizMail, and others.

18 hours 39 min ago Best Free Online Backup Sites chris1984

there is a difference between backup and "dropbox" or other sync folders.

a dropbox is used as a network folder - which you can delete files
a backup is used to backup - where you cannot delete backup files

I use as my sync folder for sharing / deleting , and playing around.

and using your free 50giga for syncing stuff with

{Moderator's note: Mention and price with link to commercial service deleted}

19 hours 41 sec ago Best Free Folder Synchronization Utility Jay Fora

This site is my first stop when looking for software, I have been helped so many times, and decided to give something back by throwing in my 'two penny worth' I was sorry to learn that Allways Sync now ceases to work after 30 days, unless you buy a license. I never install software bundled with junk, so had to pass on FreeFile sync,and I have forgotten why I passed on the other two on the list. My wish list for a file synch application was very similiar to Gizmo's so I fished around, and found a couple of others that seemed to have good user reviews, and no complaints. One was SyncFolders, the other Dsynchronize. both are free.
I tried SyncFolders first,and found that it does everything on the list, except I don't have a network to try it on...maybe someone else can. It has 3 synch functions - Synch (2 way), copy, or back up. Manual or auto - I could just choose in the settings. I could choose a different function for each folder if I wanted, and several options for each folder to synch however best suits me. Also, there are several choices related to deletions, including transfer of a deleted file or a history folder if I like.Also, options for what I want to happen in 2 way synch if a file has changed in both source and destination folder. There are versioning choices too.
It transferred 15.8Gb to my usb 3 HDD in 9.26 minutes. I don't know how to check for system resources it uses, but I could still use the computer without it slowing down.
I can set it to run as often as I like, 'forever' if I like.
Only thing that is missing for me as a home user, is the option for it to Synch only when I make a change, rather than at set intervals. I've set it for every 10 minutes, because sometimes I can add a lot of files in half an hour, yet sometimes I may not add any for a day or three. Auto is better for me, as I am forgetful. I haven't got around to the other two, because a) I ran out of puff. and b) I would only change now if either of the other two were able to auto synch only when a change occurs. I will see if I can contact the developer of Dsynchronize and ask if it has this option.
Or maybe someone else might have the motivation to check out Dsynchronize before I get around to it.

19 hours 57 min ago A Free Library Of 12 Million Photos For You To Use pvilan

Thanks Rob.
This huge collection of images from 1500 to 1922, shows the magnitude of the information in the cloud, at our disposal.
In this case made possible by the free 1 TB in Flickr.


21 hours 50 min ago Best Free Encryption Utility for Cloud Storage ChaToX

I use Ubuntu Linux. What works for me is to use ENCFS to create an encrypted directory.

ENCFS works by creating two directories: an encrypted one (which is a real directory in your filesystem), and an unencrypted one (which is mounted by ENCFS). Then, I keep the encrypted directory inside a cloud storage server (Dropbox). It works great across computers as long as you use the same (secure) password, and optionally keyfiles, across machines.

The Gnome Encfs manager makes these partitions automatically mount upon login. It can also auto-dismount after a user-defined timeout.

ENCFS: to create an encrypted partition

1 day 2 hours ago This Amazing Game is Unbelievably FREE George.J

The download for the patch goes fine for me. Are you trying to download this latest patch as of August 1?

I'd recommend you to use an external download manager like EagleGet/Download Ninja so that you could verify the integrity of the downloaded file, as well as refresh the link if any packets gets lost.

The MD5 hash for the download is: 6b7453d3e9d87ad59f0bb447ab1204c5

1 day 8 hours ago This Amazing Game is Unbelievably FREE RonD2001

Thanks for the help. The 2 links shown are both for the direct download. Yes I did try both of these.

1 day 8 hours ago This Amazing Game is Unbelievably FREE Chaturanger

Did you use the direct download?

1 day 10 hours ago Best Free Web Browser damien76

I use Maxthon portable but whenever I print in PDF I cannot edit it or just plain copy or highlight anything. This is the same as of Google Chrome. Dragon, Ice Dragon, Firefox, Iron are not like that.

1 day 11 hours ago This Amazing Game is Unbelievably FREE RonD2001

Looks great. However, for the last 2 days when I have attempted to DL the patch, I continually get _ Unknown Network Error - and the DL fails!!!

Any help or suggestions would be more than welcome as I understand the patch is required to launch the game.

1 day 12 hours ago See Who Your PC's Talking To grissey47

And you could go one step further and install a portable applications administrator program e.g. PortableApps (other software is available) on your hard drive to run and maintain all your portable software in a user friendly interface.

1 day 20 hours ago Best Free Music Player and Organizer Panzer


- Very low resource usage
- Easy to use
- Supports mp3, aac, ogg, opus, flac, alac, ape, mpc, tta, wv, wma, ac3 audio formats
- Supports m3u, m3u8 playlists
- Available as portable software:

1 day 20 hours ago Best Free PC Games Panzer

Cypher - "... A corrupt government controls Mars as corporations sell oxygen at a premium. You are an agent with an incredible skill set determined to eliminate the system. Taking information is how you will do it; unfortunately, other organizations are seeking what you are. They will stop at nothing to steal the valuable data you hack ...":

1 day 21 hours ago This Amazing Game is Unbelievably FREE Chaturanger

Many broken files after unrar but seems to play ok. I will see.

2 days 5 hours ago How to Report Malware or False Positives to Multiple Antivirus Vendors Chiron

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. They must have changed the site URL. I added the English URL to the list.

Thanks again.

2 days 9 hours ago Ten Top Windows Tips v.laurie

The list was not specifically directed at Windows 7. It is based on popularity as measured by number of reads. Windows 7 is considerably more popular than Windows 8. If you are interested in Windows 8 tips, you can find plenty of them by looking at past Tech Tips or doing a site search.

2 days 10 hours ago Ten Top Windows Tips ChronicChaos

Agreed. This list appears to be directed directly at Windows 7 users.
Will have to wait for updated current list for today's operating system.
Hopefully it happens before the much anticipated Windows 9 (Threshold) release.

2 days 10 hours ago A Brilliant File Verification tool: A Second Opinion For Your Data’s Integrity. jimspoon

thanks very much - i will give Teracopy a try.

2 days 12 hours ago Best Free eBook Reader for Android dawnmaster

Actually, the latest version of Moon+ Reader, support pdf format.

2 days 12 hours ago How to Fix a Computer that Keeps Waking Up tazmo8448

I thought it was the mouse waking from sleep but found after disabling the mouse that even if I move the mouse it still wakes even though the -lastwake command was showing the keyboard doing it. Guess I'll just unplug the mouse for now.

2 days 13 hours ago This Amazing Game is Unbelievably FREE George.J

Bookmarked :)

2 days 14 hours ago More Free Backup Software Recommendations & Reviews keelta

I have been successfully using GFI Backup Free for a number of years.

However, it is no longer supported by GFI. GFI has redirected its operation towards the business market. The latest version "GFI Backup 4.1 Build 20120112 (ie 12Jan2012)" does not properly support Win 8. Backups are correctly produced except that VSS Shadow Copy does not work so it cannot backup files currently in use (eg .PST files in Outlook). Also the scheduling option does not work.

Hence I'm looking for a new product.

2 days 15 hours ago This Amazing Game is Unbelievably FREE PurpleCrayon

The following is a list of total conversion mods I discovered in a post here:
-the post contains the links to each of the titles

[Editors note: post shortened and list contains commercial games too]

2 days 15 hours ago Best Free Digital Photo Organizer richtea

Re: Windows Live Photo Gallery
"Needs Windows Live sign up"
Never did.

2 days 17 hours ago Best Free Digital Image Editor Remah

I apologize for not reading your comment correctly. :)

2 days 19 hours ago Best Free Digital Image Editor Remah

Thanks for clarifying that. :)

2 days 19 hours ago Best Free Digital Image Editor Tomnov

While I can't say I'm a fan of the Pixlr online editor, the version that ChronicChaos refers to is a new downloadable/installable desktop version, that would qualify to belong in this category.

I haven't tested this version; don't know how faithful it is to the online version.

2 days 22 hours ago Best Free Text Editors Bhat59

SynWrite needs to be looked at. I have just begun to use it as a simple text editor. I liked it because it has the best interface of the many editors I have seen. It has even themes! Download Crew gives it a four and a half rating. I don't know whether it should be in this section or along with Notepad++.

2 days 23 hours ago Best Free Windows 64-bit Software Remah

Thanks for the info. I'm currently testing it.

3 days 6 min ago Best Free Search and Replace Utility twinkler

Thanks for these reviews. I see that the page for Replace Text says "Please note that Replace Text is no longer supported and has known problems with some Windows 7 installations."

3 days 1 hour ago Some Notes On Trying Out Metapad Fairportfan

I keep thinking of going Pro ... but there are other packages i'd likely want to go paid/full version on, first.

...and there's a new version of PagePlus i have to consider...

3 days 1 hour ago Best Free Keyboard and Mouse Control Software mmseng


I think your problem here is that, by using the VGA switcher, you actually only have one of the monitors physically connected at a time.

In your situation, if your monitor has multiple inputs, you would better off running both computers into a separate input of the monitor, bypassing the VGA switch altogether, and switching between the inputs using the monitor's Input/Source toggle button.

This way, both computers always see that they have a monitor connected, and the mouse sharing software doesn't get confused.

3 days 4 hours ago Some Notes On Trying Out Metapad Chaturanger

On Windows 8.1: Notepad and Wordpad. I have also Word 2013. That's enough!

3 days 8 hours ago Some Notes On Trying Out Metapad toktok

I've also used EditPad Lite for years - excellent and recommendable - and for the last years I have used EditPad Pro.

3 days 9 hours ago The Fastest Text Editor I've Ever Seen Sgluber

*thumbs up*


3 days 9 hours ago Best Free Text Editors Fairportfan

I looked at Poet. I was like "What?!?" and uninstalled it.

3 days 9 hours ago Some Notes On Trying Out Metapad Sgluber

"So why not check out all 3?"

Exactly, that's THE point!

Thank you, rob! :-)

3 days 12 hours ago Some Notes On Trying Out Metapad Rick Grunwald

Metapad will load huge files but probably not a quickly as others. For the number of times I do that in a year, I can deal with it although I am sure that would be a deal breaker for some.

I use the search / replace feature extensively as well as case changing features. Shortcuts and favorites are also a plus

3 days 12 hours ago Best Free Windows 64-bit Software dawnmaster

As of version 37, Chrome now have 64bit version.

3 days 12 hours ago Some Notes On Trying Out Metapad Rick Grunwald

That is a good point. There are some excellent alternatives for people that do a lot of coding. I use metapad as it goes a bit beyond notepad with things like favorites and case changing without loading menus that I will never use

It is definitely a personal preference based on needs

3 days 13 hours ago See Who Your PC's Talking To Phylis Sophical

Thanks. Portable worked as advertised on Win7 32bit.
TeamViewer was listening in...hmmmm.

3 days 15 hours ago Some Notes On Trying Out Metapad jbhq

From memory Metapad had 2 versions, one for general use and one for very large files ...

3 days 20 hours ago See Who Your PC's Talking To Prof. Jewell

Found this at the bottom of the download page:

Received / Sent fields are always 0.

Due to Microsoft's decision, the information is no longer available on Vista (Service Pack 1) and later. It may still be accessible if you specifically "Login as an Administrator", but not by just "Run the program as an Administrator". There is no problem to use it as an normal user before Vista (Service Pack 1).


3 days 23 hours ago Create Your Own Music Mash-Up From MP3 Files johann07

ilove this

4 days 2 hours ago Best Free Download Manager George.J

It doesn't support FTP downloads as of now, the download manager was released to the public only 2 months back, but the rapid strides it's made is astounding.

4 days 2 hours ago See Who Your PC's Talking To pvilan

Thanks Rob for the useful Moo0 Connection watcher.
I am going to download portable version.
Years ago I decided to go in that direction because (I use your own words): "using portable software when available, as there's nothing to install and thus removing the product if you no longer use it is simply a case of deleting the files from your computer"


4 days 3 hours ago Best Free Digital Image Editor Remah

Latest changes:
- There is a new section on important features.
- Completed reviews of more products so some have short mentions in the Other Free Digital Image Editor section.
- Imagina - Virtual Lightbox has been added to the recommended advanced editors.

Remah - Category editor

4 days 6 hours ago Best Free Digital Image Viewer Remah

For anyone who is interested, Windows Live Photo Gallery is recommended in Best Free Digital Photo Organizer.

4 days 6 hours ago Best Free Digital Image Editor Remah

There is a separate category for online image editors and it's already recommended there.

I will be updating that category once I've finished reviewing software for this category.

4 days 10 hours ago Dark Nebula (Wallpaper of the Week) rhiannon

You're quite welcome. :)

4 days 13 hours ago If You Pay For Dropbox You've Got A Treat Coming tacenator

When I checked OneDrive, only 15 GB unless you have an Office 365 subscription where it goes to 1TB.
I recently loaded "Box" on my new Android LG Viper and it came with 50 GB for life as a promotion, able to sync with my desktop.

4 days 14 hours ago Best Free Download Manager BrollyLSSJ

Today I tried Download Ninja and it seems it does not support ftp Downloads. It always added http:// before the ftp:// protocol. EagleGet works fine with ftp links.

4 days 14 hours ago Best Free Digital Image Editor ChronicChaos

Remah, you missed a great one...Pixlr

"Pixlr has been a favorite online photo editor and mobile app for years. Now, you can get the same Pixlr experience with even more fun and powerful tools on your Mac or Windows computer."

4 days 15 hours ago Dark Nebula (Wallpaper of the Week) Sgluber

Outstanding image, rhiannon!

Thank you! :-)

4 days 18 hours ago Some Notes On Trying Out Metapad Fairportfan

I've been using EditPad Lite for years - i don't do much code work, but EditPad is excellent for text entry and editing before i dump it to PagePlus for final formatting.

4 days 19 hours ago Best Free Digital Image Viewer richtea

Could 64-bit architecture be the problem here? Just guessing.

Irfan may not have IMPORT function named as such, but it sports ACQUIRE under File menu. I use it for scanning purposes only, so would not know about how it works with a particular camera. Once connected to your computer, the camera should show under the TWAIN sources button. See what happens when you specify it as the source.

Otherwise, I find MS (Live) Photo Gallery to be generally so useful that I would not be bothered looking for something else just for the sake of convenience. There are horses for courses, and some of my more involved snaps get worked over on a smattering of editors, not just a couple let alone one only.

4 days 20 hours ago Best Free Software for Linux Panzer

Limoo - a minimalist image viewer:

4 days 20 hours ago Best Free Software for Linux Panzer

"... QWinFF is a GUI for FFmpeg, a powerful command-line media converter. FFmpeg can read audio and video files in various formats and convert them into other formats. QWinFF provides an intuitive graphical interface and a rich set of presets to help you use ffmpeg easily without having to type a single command. Advanced users can also adjust conversion parameters like bitrate and sample rate in detail ..."

4 days 20 hours ago If You Pay For Dropbox You've Got A Treat Coming Harry Harddrive

In the case of endpoint (user) encrytpion that need not be the case: the encryption key should remain on your system only, I agree it should definitely NOT be in the cloud! There are cloud services that provide you with precisely that feature. This way, even the cloud service providor cannot possibly see what is inside your files. One disadvantage being: incremental backup is not possible as a result, so if you make a change to a file, it needs to be uploaded in full again. But to me, that is a small disadvantage I can perfectly live with, given the protection of my privacy.

4 days 20 hours ago Best Free Software for Linux Panzer

"... FOG is a free open-source cloning/imaging solution/rescue suite. FOG can be used to image Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Window 8 PCs using PXE, PartClone, and a Web GUI to tie it together. Includes features like memory and disk test, disk wipe, av scan & task scheduling ...":

4 days 20 hours ago If You Pay For Dropbox You've Got A Treat Coming bernardz

Mmmm I stand corrected, the problem with using a cloud encryption is that if someone has unauthorized by you access to the files in the cloud, then they probably have access to the encryption.

So I would suggest if security is important to you to use something like AxCrypt, then put it into the cloud. I agree it is a pain.

4 days 20 hours ago Best Free Software for Linux Panzer

"... slap is a Sublime-like terminal-based text editor that strives to make editing from the terminal easier. It has:

- first-class mouse support
- GUI editor-like keybindings
- copying/pasting with OS clipboard support
- undo/redo
- syntax highlighting for many languages
- a Sublime-like file sidebar
- select word to highlight other occurrences; double-click to select word
- easy-to-use finding with regex support
- bracket matching
... many other features that will make you leave nano, vim, and emacs behind ...":

4 days 21 hours ago Best Free Software for Linux Panzer

You are welcome ...

4 days 21 hours ago If You Pay For Dropbox You've Got A Treat Coming Harry Harddrive

You would want drive encryption for other reasons (like computer theft) but here it won't do the trick I'm afraid: before uploading the file, that file will first be decrypted by your system software, in order to be able to upload it to your cloud. You could keep your files in an encrypted container, and upload that container file (seen as just one file once not opened) as it is, but from my experience working with these container files is a pain in the ....

What you would want is: end-point (user controlled) encryption of each file just prior to being uploaded. Google that, because Gizmo is not allowing me to mention any of these alternatives to the above advertised Dropbox.

4 days 22 hours ago Best Free Software for Linux Jojo Yee

Krita is now added to the list. Thanks Panzer for valuable suggestions.

4 days 23 hours ago If You Pay For Dropbox You've Got A Treat Coming bernardz

As far as security is concerned, if you are concerned, I would suggest you look at a Drive Encryption Utility, so the cloud folder is encrypted by your computer and then uploaded to the cloud. That way if someone in the cloud is doing a dirty on you, your data is still safe.

Another tip make sure your cloud provider is in a different legal jurisdiction to you.

Any thoughts on this?

5 days 5 hours ago Best Free Digital Image Editor Remah

Yes, IrfanView is a good option but I deliberately omitted it because it is primarily an image viewer and has been recommended in Best Free Digital Image Viewer.

It will be reviewed as part of a later update that will cover digital image viewers with editing features.

5 days 5 hours ago Best Free Digital Image Editor Remah

Adobe Photoshop CS2 is available from free download sites but Adobe has not positively authorized its free use. In fact, Adobe's published comments on this issue say that it is not free (see says
"Adobe has disabled the activation server for CS2 products, including Acrobat 7, because of a technical issue. These products were released more than seven years ago, do not run on many modern operating systems, and are no longer supported.
Adobe strongly advises against running unsupported and outdated software. The serial numbers provided as a part of the download may only be used by customers who legitimately purchased CS2 or Acrobat 7 and need to maintain their current use of these products." responds to the question "Is it OK for someone who did NOT purchase CS2 to download this now for personal use?" with "No, it isn't. The download link is there only for the benefit of people who've paid for CS2. --J."

On the other hand, Adobe may have softened its initial stance. Adobe don't appear to have spent any time or money forcing sites to take down the downloads. Also the strongest statements are no longer visible on Adobe sites:
"On behalf of Adobe Systems Incorporated …
You have heard wrong! Adobe is absolutely not providing free copies of CS2!
What is true is that Adobe is terminating the activation servers for CS2 and that for existing licensed users of CS2 who need to reinstall their software, copies of CS2 that don’t require activation but do require valid serial numbers are available. (Special serial numbers are provided on the page for each product download.)" which used to say
"The purpose of this measure was not to distribute software free of charge to a large number of people. Rather, the measure was initially put in place in order to make the software as user-friendly as possible for those customers with the proper license. Anybody using it without the proper license is in violation of the licensing agreement. We thank you for your understanding."

In either case, Photoshop CS2 does not meet our policy for free software so it will not be included in this review.

5 days 8 hours ago Best Free Digital Image Editor century

Here is my humble opinion:
The usefulness of a image editor ( or any software ) depends on the needs of the user. The writer of this article quite properly went for three categories & gave us a good overview of some nice softwares. My thanks & gratitude for that.

IMHO the best free advanced category image editors are GIMP & Photoshop CS2. They are almost equally capable & have daunting learning curves. But they are "a must know" for young hobbyists interested in image editing. After all quality of the job is the last word.

For a majority of people should prove an excellent choice. It is easy to use as an entry-level software as well as a more advanced one. Of course it is not as good as GIMP or Photoshop.

For cropping, resizing & minor adjustments of brightness/contrast any of the basic editors will do. The choice given by the writer is quite agreeable. Only that he missed the popular Irfan View.

5 days 9 hours ago If You Pay For Dropbox You've Got A Treat Coming Chaturanger

OneDrive is free : 1 Tb

5 days 10 hours ago Best Free DVD Ripper yatz

My expeience with WinX DVD Ripper was a failure. I only got to test non-encrypted disks, and it had no problem doing the job - the files were produced and I viewed them - but the program just hanged at "99% completed", and there was no way of shutting it down. Had to reboot. This problem consisted the several times I tried it. Uninstalled it - and then the uninstaller (having completed uninstallation) just hanged... At least I managed to shut it down without having to reboot.
I'm going back to the the HandBrake & DVDFab Passkey combo that has served me very well on my previous system (all Win 7 64-bit).

5 days 16 hours ago If You Pay For Dropbox You've Got A Treat Coming bernardz

I suppose who are you trying to hid your files from. My main use of dropbox is to bypass iTunes and transfer books from my computer to my iPad.

5 days 17 hours ago If You Pay For Dropbox You've Got A Treat Coming Geekomatic

I have to ask:

Doesn't anyone worry about cloud storage security?

As in, anyone in the place shuffling through stuff? I know they aren't allowed/supposed to/can't....but really.

I am a staunch proponent of 2 onsite back-ups + one offsite. But I've yet to be convinced of a service 1st of all dependent on the business, but then also that your stuff is inaccessible if they go down for any reason.

I personally use Skydrive (free) & I've uploaded password-protected documents.

I cannot imagine the horror of uploading 4,000+ photos? And why?

Open to enlightenment- or just your personal uses, because I find it interesting & helpful,


5 days 20 hours ago Best Free Software for Linux Panzer

"... Camicri Cube is a portable package manager (Like Synaptic and Ubuntu Software Center, but a portable one) that can be used and run in any platform (Windows, Apt-Based Linux Distributions), online and offline, in flashdrive or any removable devices without installing anything. It enables you to download Linux Applications in any computer, and installs it back to your original computer ...":

5 days 22 hours ago My Favourite App For Joining MP3 Files DavidFB

Good tip. I already had it installed for converting video. Just make sure to select the MP3 profile and check the Settings before you start.

5 days 22 hours ago If You Pay For Dropbox You've Got A Treat Coming bernardz

After I went into a promo with Samsung mobile and Dropbox, which they promised to raise my limit from 2GB which was the free plan to 4GB, they actually increased it for 2 years for free by 48 GB.

5 days 23 hours ago Best Free Email Software MidnightCowboy

Thank you for pointing this out. Is now updated. MC - Site Manager.

6 days 1 hour ago Best Free File Manager JTAlsman

Thank you for the reply. I'll check out those mentioned. I have tried refreshing MC, but no luck. It might be an issue with the Beta version. I'll have to install the last stable, and see if it resolves the issue.

6 days 2 hours ago Best Free Digital Image Editor DavidFB

Abobe tracks the number of installs. If you've previously installed the product more than twice and didn't deactivate an install, it will block further installs unless you talk to them. That's all I can suggest.

It is the serial number on Adobe as well.

6 days 2 hours ago Best Free Digital Image Editor DavidFB

Thanks, Remah. I logged into Adobe and you're right. They're offering downloads and serial numbers for CS2 and Acrobat 7 products for Adobe Customers due to the validation server going down. But not for free.

That's not how it's being presented on legitimate download sites, which is a little surprising.

6 days 4 hours ago Best Free Digital Image Editor movrshakr

SN put in was correctly done. I did it several times, used copy/paste to be sure it was right, and one time pasted it into notepad and copied out of there to be sure there were no extraneous characters in it. No go.

6 days 5 hours ago Best Free Digital Image Editor Remah

Adobe have not offered the program for free although is available on download sites. They have provided the keys for legal users only. This was done because they have decommissioned the server that used to automatically validate the license keys.

6 days 5 hours ago Best Free Digital Image Editor Remah

Thanks for the compliment.

This is a category that has many products of a high-standard and it is hard to go wrong with so much choice. But as you point out there are some significant deficiencies and strange design choices. Paint.NET's layer rotate tool is so good that I'm considering adding a list of desirable features. This would be at the end of the introduction to alert people to the best features, promote the programs that provide them, and hopefully raise the bar for the rest of the programs.

I will be adding a short review of MS Picture Manager at the end of the article because so many Office users are not aware of. I have been a heavy user of it for many years.

6 days 6 hours ago Best Free Digital Image Editor ichabod

First, my kudos to Remah for a professional-quality article that should be a model and inspiration for other reviewers.

Second, my thanks to JediInverse for mentioning MS Picture Manager that comes free with MS Office. I knew, of course, that I owned the latter, but never realized that it included the former.

My story: On those infrequent occasions when I do image editing, I take a simplistic approach. I don't create fantastic but realistic-looking images of a sliced-open egg with its yolk replaced by a sliced-open kiwi fruit, or a cruise ship floating in a bowl of soup; I just do things that I think should be easy. Yesterday I edited an image that I wanted to rotate by 45 degrees. I used and was appalled to discover that this sophisticated program--with so many features that I'll never need or know how to use--offered on the Image menu to rotate only in 90-degree increments. Now that I've read Remah's review, I see that all I had to do was move to the Layers menu to find its Rotate/Zoom tool, but why would a SW designer split those functions over two different menus without at least cross-linking them? And, now I know that next time I can also use Picture Manager to do the same job (and probably others that I'll soon discover) very simply.

6 days 6 hours ago Best Free Email Software doxallday

The listed con for 'Opera (M2 Mail Client)' is not true. It is being offered as a stand-alone email client:

It's clean, responsive, and loads fast; wholeheartedly recommended.

6 days 6 hours ago Some Notes On Trying Out Metapad SmAppsFan

I have been using Metapad for over a decade, as a Notepad replacement rather than as a serious editor. Have never felt the least desire to change editors, in that limited context.

For most editing of larger files you will want code highlighting and the ability to configure keyboard shortcuts.

For pure load-and-search operations on large files I usually use WinVi ( WinVi also has a Hexadecimal mode.

Will take a look at the most recent incarnation of EmEditor, which I used to use at version 1.xx, because it could hot link http://... text before that was routine, and Glogg.

6 days 8 hours ago Best Free Digital Image Editor Remah

Thanks for the suggestion. It's already on my list so I will be reviewing IrfanView soon.

I used to use it so it will be interesting to see how it has changed. It generally gets high marks for its features but it has always been hindered by its idiosyncratic interface.

6 days 8 hours ago Best Free Digital Image Editor Remah

The issue applies to Lightbox and Photo! Editor because they are not being updated. I have changed the sentence to make that clearer.

6 days 9 hours ago Best Free Digital Image Editor Remah

Thanks for the suggestion. I will review it soon.

6 days 10 hours ago Best Free Digital Image Editor joiwind

My vote goes for a must-see that should be on the list :

Fantastic numbers of effects and adjustments - check it out.

6 days 10 hours ago Best Free Digital Image Editor DavidFB

I would check carefully that you're entering it correctly. It's easy to make a mistake. It was fine when I tried it a short while ago. And the feedback I've gotten from others has all been positive.

6 days 12 hours ago Best Free Digital Image Editor movrshakr

The serial number listed on the techspot download page for this CS2 Windows FAILS as invalid.

6 days 14 hours ago Best Free Digital Image Editor movrshakr

The following sentence is in the LIGHTBOX discussion--seems out of place:

"As for Photo! Editor, the biggest issue is that the program is not being updated although you do have an assured upgrade path by purchasing the more fully-featured paid version."

6 days 14 hours ago Best Free Digital Image Editor gruff

This is the first time I've seen a list of the best photo editors where IrfanView was not included. Been using it for years and it's at least in the top five.