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39 min 5 sec ago Dandy Dozen of Free Windows Programs that I Install on Every New PC MikeR

An astonishing display of psychic ability by Vic, this to add to all his other manifest talents. I won't bore him or anyone else to tears with an itemisation of the 90% similarity between his list and mine, so instead will offer up two freeware suggestions which to me are absolutely indispensable:

FileMinimizer Pictures from Balesio: I've lost track of the number of times I use it to minimize -- without quality loss -- the size of images I'm attaching to an email. I've lost track, too, of the amount of hassle I've saved myself by gently asking friends *not* to email out-of-camera holiday snaps at over 4MB per image a time but to use FileMinimizer Pictures instead and send me that same jpeg in 85% stripped-down form yet without any visible deterioration twixt original and minimized;


Search Everything, the (to me) absolute must-have replacement for the appalling Windows Search indexing which would otherwise interrupt my work when it chose and slow things to a crawl as and when. Search Everything is light, non-intrusive and ye Gods, it seems to move at 10 times the speed of Microsoft's clunker.

So there ya go: two free apps that might not come immediately to everyone's mind but, when you've used 'em, you wonder how you ever managed without them. . .

1 hour 4 min ago Dandy Dozen of Free Windows Programs that I Install on Every New PC beergas

Decent list. Along w/ the mentioned Revo, free Macrium Reflect for Image backup, a MUST. Fast, clean, updates.
Chrome, Malwarebyte Anti-Malware. Yes, LastPass a MUST.
Several little ones like Hotkeyboard but too many to mention like Q-Dir, Free Alarm, photo editors/correctors.

1 hour 18 min ago This "Linguistic Portal" Is An Incredibly Useful Resource jorgeem1717

Hi friends...

I have been using Quick Translator which is a FireFox add-on for a few yrs and it does a splendid job. I have tried a few translators and this one seems the most complete, easiest and very convenient for my personal use. It can translate between over 50 languages in the way you want, example: Spanish to French or English to Portuguese and many more. I frequently use English to Spanish, Portuguese to English or Spanish, and a few other combinations. I'll look at Reverso (bookmarked) and see how it works but i really doubt that i will change from Quick Translator. I just does an excellent job.

1 hour 34 min ago How to Report Spam Chiron

Thank you very much for pointing this out to me. Do you know of another way of forwarding email as an attachment with Yahoo I could instead advise?

Also, hopefully it is only a temporary issue, and it will start working again, but it's always nice to have alternatives.

Thanks again.

1 hour 46 min ago Dandy Dozen of Free Windows Programs that I Install on Every New PC danielson

I too am still frustrated with Mozilla's decision to change UI which broke (as usual) a few addons along the way.

PM might be lightweight and fast but just Fx, it is far from being perfect.
Just after reading your post, two webpages I went to had legit popups that PM could not close.
A friend of mine, whom I had convinced to use as a result of Mozilla's political move (if you recall) was quite happy until he gets this regular annoyance when visiting Hotmail online which tells him to update his browser.
These examples are just a few of many more "minor annoyances" but still annoying.
What about new addons?
GPU accelerator addon is incompatible with PM:
The Fox addon is incompatible with PM
These to name only a few.

Hopefully Palemoon 25 will be better.

1 hour 49 min ago How to Report Spam fragile

Sorry to say that forwarding mail as an attachment using the Shift-Alt-F method no longer works for yahoo mail. Yahoo broke it the other day somehow, they can never seem to leave things alone that work, eventually they always make it worse.

1 hour 50 min ago Dandy Dozen of Free Windows Programs that I Install on Every New PC Goliath

Very similar list! I use Photofiltre for everyday editing which is simple but powerful or in a rush just use BeFunky in the web. Thanks for sharing!

2 hours 17 min ago Dandy Dozen of Free Windows Programs that I Install on Every New PC astral_cyborg

Thanks for the information

2 hours 17 min ago Dandy Dozen of Free Windows Programs that I Install on Every New PC astral_cyborg

Almost the same list :]

3 hours 33 min ago Best Free Download Manager Naveen D

EagleGet v2.0.1.8 Stable released.

3 hours 39 min ago 32-bit and 64-bit explained Naveen D

Nicely explained

6 hours 45 min ago Best Free Web-Based Image Editor Panzer

"... From advanced image filters to pro local adjustments, Polarr is the most versatile and powerful photo editing tool for Chrome ...":

13 hours 7 min ago Dandy Dozen of Free Windows Programs that I Install on Every New PC bawldiggle

PDF-XChange Viewer has been replaced by free PDF-XChange Editor.
"Viewer" is still available but is no longer developed.
Free "PDF-XChange Editor" does a lot more than free Adobe Reader
Well supported forum for all PDF-XChange products.

13 hours 10 min ago Dandy Dozen of Free Windows Programs that I Install on Every New PC godel

I've swapped to Pale Moon from Firefox.

It can use the same add-ons, runs faster (I think), and most important, doesn't keep messing with the user interface at some designer's whim. The developer has stated that Pale Moon will NEVER use the Australis UI.

I even donated a few bucks to the developer.

16 hours 3 min ago Jovial Notepad Gets An Update Sea Mac

Here are a few suggestions: Notepad X

Notepad X is an alternative open source text editor for Microsoft Windows


Notepad++ is also a good one:

AkelPad - is an open source editor for plain text. It is designed to be a small and fast.


PSPad is a well-known freeware editor among Microsoft Windows users:


EditPad Lite is a general-purpose text editor, too!
ATPad is a simple Notepad replacement written in pure C and Windows API

I hope this helps!!!

PS .NET 4 framework is required for Jovial ... since you asked.

16 hours 3 min ago Jovial Notepad Gets An Update eikelein

Yes knyri,

I know and thanks for the confirmation.

That is exactly why I did that little test.
I had that same experience in an ancient past with some Windows software written by a Unix guy.

18 hours 8 min ago Jovial Notepad Gets An Update knyri

This issue is because it saved the file with Unix line endings (a line feed character) and not Windows line endings (a carriage return character followed by a line feed character.)
Something it should, but doesn't, have a setting for.

1 day 30 min ago Dandy Dozen of Free Windows Programs that I Install on Every New PC dscape

One additional suggestion to make installing many of these utilities fast and easy: use Select multiple programs, inclulding browsers, and then get one installer package that installs all selected programs WITHOUT the toolbars and extra crap ("make Bing my homepage"...).

1 day 1 hour ago Dandy Dozen of Free Windows Programs that I Install on Every New PC danielson

Still the most flexible, open source program available.

Foxit has changed since your post I'm sure!
No more "extra" surprises to install.

1 day 14 hours ago Jovial Notepad Gets An Update sbruce45

Someone should mention the version of .NET framework required: the reviewer or the sourceforge website. I didn't see either mentioned it.

1 day 15 hours ago Jovial Notepad Gets An Update tomchicago

jarte for me too. nice interface, lots more options than I ever use...but they are nice to have...and only 743 bytes,

1 day 17 hours ago Dandy Dozen of Free Windows Programs that I Install on Every New PC ChronicChaos

I think you forgot to add Revo Uninstaller.....

1 day 20 hours ago Jovial Notepad Gets An Update eikelein


I am with you on that big time.
And I have the same sigh ;-(

1 day 21 hours ago Best Free Desktop Search Utility - bill

That's strange - I've been using Everything version for many years and it definitely doesn't have to rebuild its indexes after a reboot (though if it detects that changes have occurred since it last ran it needs to update the index to reflect them, which takes very little time unless the changes have been very extensive). And it has caused no problems with Windows Explorer on Win2K (which is where I generally use it). A quick run of the current version (also on Win2K even though it's not supposed to run there) doesn't rebuild the database either when the program is completely exited and then restarted, though changes to the index seem to get incorporated less immediately for some reason (possibly a difference in set-up values - I just performed a quick check using defaults).

2 days 6 min ago Jovial Notepad Gets An Update discipline

Weird. I'm on Windows 7, tried your test exactly, it worked just fine with Edit Pad Lite, Em Editor Free, and Wordpad. But NOT with Notepad. Anyone have any ideas?

2 days 17 min ago Jovial Notepad Gets An Update Rick Grunwald

I took a look at this and will be sticking with metapad with it's case changing and excellent search and replace
I wish someone would keep that program going (sigh)

2 days 1 hour ago Jovial Notepad Gets An Update clas

i always appreciate new programs to look at and i did with this one. thanks.

very simplistic..very few options. hardly any options to make it "yours" i will pass.

have used jarte for a long time. a bit hard to get set the way you want but many many options to really make it do what you want. i will stick with it.

2 days 1 hour ago Jovial Notepad Gets An Update eikelein

Sorry but I have to disagree.
In JNP I created a tiny text file like this (without the quotes!):

Looked good in JNP.
Saved it as .txt.
Opened it in Notepad and it looks like this (without the quotes!):

I had the suspicion when I looked at the supplied files like quicksymbols.txt and his README.txt.

In Windows no line breaks, an almost unreadable mass of unstructured text. This means I can't use it on a customer's machine to leave a quick note that the customer then can actually read.

Not for me, sorry.

2 days 4 hours ago Best Free Program Uninstaller VII

It takes longer - cause with default setting it displays a more detailed info about the installed applications (app name, install date, version, size, company,website,comment, uninstall string, registry key) compared to Geek Uninstaller (app name, size and install date).

You can make Revo load faster while still displaying that info - by disabling icon appearance. Go to Revo "Options" - click Uninstaller tab and check "Enable fast loading mode".

2 days 5 hours ago Best Free Software for Linux Panzer

uselessd is a project to reduce systemd to a base initd, process supervisor and transactional dependency system, while minimizing intrusiveness and isolationism. Basically, it’s systemd with the superfluous stuff cut out, a (relatively) coherent idea of what it wants to be, support for non-glibc platforms and an approach that aims to minimize complicated design:

2 days 5 hours ago Best Free Software for Linux Panzer

Observium is an autodiscovering network monitoring platform supporting a wide range of hardware platforms and operating systems including Cisco, Windows, Linux, HP, Juniper, Dell, FreeBSD, Brocade, Netscaler, NetApp and many more. Observium seeks to provide a powerful yet simple and intuitive interface to the health and status of your network:

Zabbix is the ultimate enterprise-level software designed for monitoring availability and performance of IT infrastructure components:

Munin is a networked resource monitoring tool that can help analyze resource trends and "what just happened to kill our performance?" problems. It is designed to be very plug and play. A default installation provides a lot of graphs with almost no work:

Cacti is a complete network graphing solution designed to harness the power of RRDTool's data storage and graphing functionality. Cacti provides a fast poller, advanced graph templating, multiple data acquisition methods, and user management features out of the box. All of this is wrapped in an intuitive, easy to use interface that makes sense for LAN-sized installations up to complex networks with hundreds of devices:

Icinga - user-focused monitoring:

2 days 5 hours ago Best Free Ways to Learn Programming Panzer

Go is an open source programming language that makes it easy to build simple, reliable, and efficient software:

An Introduction to Programming in Go:

2 days 7 hours ago Jovial Notepad Gets An Update Australia

Very nice. Thank you Rob Schifreen and Robert Tucker
Ticks all the boxes - portable, clean interface, no unnecessary bloatware
- no nagware, no advertisements, no internet phoning home
Cant ask for everything, but if it could colour highlight words, then it would be the perfect application

2 days 8 hours ago The Ultimate Scientific Calculator. From Microsoft. And It's Free. Remah

If Microsoft's excellent calculator doesn't suit then there are other options in Best Free Calculator.

2 days 10 hours ago The Ultimate Scientific Calculator. From Microsoft. And It's Free. Iskandar


2 days 16 hours ago Best Free Desktop Publishing Program cecrouch

Good point! Thank you for information you've provided on dopdf. The ability to convert printable documents to PDF is certainly important to every desktop publisher.

2 days 16 hours ago Best Free Desktop Publishing Program EldonW

I noticed this is an updated article. With regards to PagePlus Starter Edition's inability to save to PDF, there is a very simple solution. Use the free program doPDF.
It's probably the simplest of all PDF printer drivers and doesn't require Ghostscript. The setup file is just 1.18MB and the program is compatible with Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2008/2003/2000 Server (32/64-bit).

I scanned the website with VirusTotal and it's 100% clean. Here's the report:

2 days 19 hours ago Terrific Program Lets You Automate Tasks On Your PC Tiesenhausen

Now that we've sorted out that there is an absolutely free version of the program, let's look at it:

x32, not x64: So what? It takes two fractions of a second instead of one?

maximum 100 tasks, 100 actions per task, 100 tasks running simultaneously: sounds like a lot to me.

backs up on fixed weekly schedule, not whenever you want it to: ought to be good enough.

puts free edition footer on e-mails it generates: I'm proud to be known as a skinflint.

I use System Scheduler a lot and won't stop, but this program is interesting because of the variety of triggers it accepts.

2 days 20 hours ago Windows Web Browser Performance CASD

I had a problem with Maxthon 4 a while back but they seem to have fixed it,,
The tabs would not open in the same order that you saved them in.. I like my tabs in a certain order..:)
But it seems to be fixed now.. Great!

2 days 23 hours ago Terrific Program Lets You Automate Tasks On Your PC howiem

I've been using System Scheduler for many years and it works great. Mybe not as many features, but it does what it is supposed to do.
Also comes in free and paid versions works in both 32 and 64bit. There are some other neat programs on the site as well.

2 days 23 hours ago Security Wizard Recommendations roshan007

its my 1st time ...............
i will try is it the best

3 days 1 hour ago Terrific Program Lets You Automate Tasks On Your PC beergas

Thanks. I like the various individual task tools around. Free Alarm Clock, Hot Keyboard Pro, etc. But this 'free' version automation tool falls into crippleware in my eyes. It is just for x32 for example.
Buy verison adds native x64, unlimited Actions per Task, unlimited run Tasks. See the compare chart Free vs Paid.
Ok casual users I imagine. Just noting NOT a free ver of the full commercial program.
Free Edition overview: Native 32-bit application.
Full set of Triggers & Actions.
High number of Actions per Task.
Limited concurrently running Tasks.
Community and limited basic support.
Updates later than commercial version.
Not for commercial use.
Use for free and tell about the software to friends and colleagues.

3 days 2 hours ago Terrific Program Lets You Automate Tasks On Your PC mrbuckingham

Aye, we know that now the original link has been corrected (as per previous posts).

3 days 3 hours ago Terrific Program Lets You Automate Tasks On Your PC stevelindsey

There are 3 versions; commercial, personal & free

3 days 6 hours ago Lightweight Web Browsers Panzer

K-Meleon 74 is out:,129657

3 days 8 hours ago The Best Free Screenshot Tool I Have Used Jaex

In ShareX IRC channel (you can find web chat link in title I put link to beta version if you wanna try it before release.

3 days 8 hours ago Windows Web Browser Performance Remah

I have updated the price-performance section and added a section comparing the three main 32-bit web browsers (Chrome, IE, Firefox) with their 64-bit counterparts (Chrome, IE, Waterfox).

Remah - Editor

3 days 10 hours ago Best Free Hash Utility CryptoSurfer

I've been evaluating HashCat, and it seems that its previous glitches have been corrected. I know this product has been reviewed and mentioned on several occasions here (e.g., best free security software list, and so on) but it properly belongs here to take note. It will be interesting to see how the emergence of 'One-Way Accumulators' (I'm also reviewing) will affect the hash landscape. Radically so -- I suspect.
Here is the write-up of HashCat (they won the DefCon competition, again this year)from Wikepedia, if anyone has tested this utility, I'd appreciate your input.


Hashcat / oclHashcat
Stable release
0.47 / 1.30
Development status Active
Operating system

Password cracking

Proprietary EULA

Hashcat is the self-proclaimed world’s fastest CPU-based password recovery tool. It is available free of charge, although it has a proprietary codebase. Versions are available for Linux, OSX, and Windows and can come in CPU-based or GPU-based variants. Hashcat currently supports a large range of hashing algorithms, including: Microsoft LM Hashes, MD4,MD5, SHA-family, Unix Crypt formats, MySQL, Cisco PIX, and many others.
Hashcat has made its way into the news many times for the optimizations and flaws discovered by its creator, which become exploited in subsequent hashcat releases. (For example, the flaw in 1Password's hashing scheme.)[1]
Hashcat comes in two main variants:
• Hashcat - A CPU-based password recovery tool
• oclHashcat - A GPU-accelerated tool
Many of the algorithms supported by Hashcat can be cracked in a shorter time by using the well-documented GPU-acceleration[2] leveraged in oclHashcat (such as MD5, SHA1, and others). However, not all algorithms can be accelerated by leveraging GPUs. Bcrypt is a good example of this. Due to factors such as data dependant branching, serialization, and Memory (to name just a few), oclHashcat is not a catchall replacement for Hashcat.
Hashcat is available for Linux, OSX and Windows. oclHashcat is only available for Linux and Windows due to improper implementations in OpenCL on OSX[citation needed].
Sample output
$ ./hashcat-cli64.bin examples/A0.M0.hash examples/A0.M0.word
Initializing hashcat v0.47 by atom with 8 threads and 32mb segment-size...

Added hashes from file examples/A0.M0.hash: 102 (1 salts)

NOTE: press enter for status-screen

--- Output Omitted ---

All hashes have been recovered

Input.Mode: Dict (examples/A0.M0.word)
Index.....: 1/1 (segment), 102 (words), 2769 (bytes)
Recovered.: 102/102 hashes, 1/1 salts
Speed/sec.: - plains, - words
Progress..: 102/102 (100.00%)
Running...: --:--:--:--
Estimated.: --:--:--:--

Started: Tue Dec 10 18:07:54 2013
Stopped: Tue Dec 10 18:07:54 2013
Attack types
Hashcat offers multiple attack modes for obtaining effective and complex coverage over a hash's keyspace. These modes are:
• Brute-Force attack
• Combinator attack
• Dictionary attack
• Fingerprint attack
• Hybrid attack
• Mask attack
• Permutation attack
• Rule-based attack
• Table-Lookup attack
• Toggle-Case attack
The traditional bruteforce attack is considered outdated, and the Hashcat core team recommends the Mask-Attack as a full replacement.
Team Hashcat (the official team of the Hashcat software composed of core Hashcat members) won first place in the KoreLogic "Crack Me If you Can" Competitions at DefCon in 2010, 2012 and 2014.

3 days 17 hours ago The Best Free Screenshot Tool I Have Used wreckage

Hello, Jaex.

Great work! Adding the 'print' button is a great help. Now, who needs PicPick? ;-)

I have downloaded the latest version but your print button is not present. Can you please advise when this version will be available?

3 days 20 hours ago This "Linguistic Portal" Is An Incredibly Useful Resource Frank D

I think its most valuable feature is the automatic back-translation, so if the Google engine's output doesn't sound right to you, you can try the other three. One of them is pretty sure to be satisfactory. I use the Firefox add-on version, but there's a stand-alone also. Another good feature is the voice output, which you can adjust for speed.

3 days 21 hours ago What Else Have You Just Downloaded? EldonW

Excellent article. Another tip is to not be connected to the internet while installing a program, unless absolutely necessary. Often the bundled junk is not included in the installer, and has to be downloaded. An example is the extra programs offered while installing programs from NCH Software. Also, one doesn't have to be connected to the internet while using an installed program to convert a video, edit an audio file, type a document, etc.

4 days 56 min ago This "Linguistic Portal" Is An Incredibly Useful Resource eikelein

@Frank D:


Will definitely try it one of these days; bookmarked!

4 days 1 hour ago This "Linguistic Portal" Is An Incredibly Useful Resource Frank D

I've been using the free imTranslator ( with automatic back translation for a long time. Uses up to four translation engines: Google, Microsoft, Babylon, and PROMT. Many languages:
English Español Français Português Deutsch Русский Italiano العربية 中文 Nederlands 日本語 한국어 Čeština Dansk Ελληνικά हिंदी עברית Lietuvių Polski Română Svenska Türkçe Українська

4 days 1 hour ago Rotate A Video Easily With A Free Online Service rescymadz


4 days 1 hour ago This "Linguistic Portal" Is An Incredibly Useful Resource eikelein

@Bruce Fraser:
Well, it's a "linguistic portal" not a "translation portal".

But if you know of a "translation portal" please let us know about it - or even better, let Robert Schifren know about it!

And BTW and slightly off topic, as an ex-pat in a country that does not speak my mother tongue I often grapple with how to correctly translate words in a given context.

Mind you words, not phrases... and there is, to my limited knowledge, no Hindi and no Japanese either.

If that would help you try "dict[dot]leo[dot]org", a web site/service originally of the Maximilian University in Munich, Germany. Now it is run by Leo GmbH, a commercial venture.

4 days 7 hours ago This Amazing Game is Unbelievably FREE need3

I installed STALKER LOST ALPHA after reading your post and I have been playing quite often and enjoying it.
It runs quite well on my windows 7 except some occasional crash.
It is truly a great find.

4 days 9 hours ago What Else Have You Just Downloaded? MidnightCowboy

Many thanks for your suggestions. These have now been incorporated into the article. MC - Site Manager.

4 days 12 hours ago This "Linguistic Portal" Is An Incredibly Useful Resource Bruce_Fraser

The hilarious thing about computer translators is taking a simple sentence, like "Good afternoon, how are you today?" and moving it through a cycle, say: English to Chinese to Portugese to Hindi to Russian to English. Always good for a laugh.
Unfortunately, this site translates only to or from English. Oh well...

4 days 15 hours ago Three Timesaving Tricks for Faster Use of Windows ShorePatrol

Always liked the shake option, not a lot of people know this one, the grand children think it is great fun.

4 days 15 hours ago The Best Free Screenshot Tool I Have Used Jaex

Print image setting is here:
So after press "Save & close" button in annotate window it will open Print dialog automatically.
Also you can set separate hotkey for this task like this:
And print settings in here:
Are these not what you want?

Jaex (ShareX developer)

Edit: Now I added Print image button to annotate window too:

4 days 17 hours ago Finds of the Week: Was Your Gmail Hacked?, Create & Publish eBooks For Free, Science Dictionary rhiannon

When you entered your username and it came up breached there should be a message directly under the box where you entered your user name. It should say:
Oh no — pwned!
Pwned on X breached sites

Under this there should be a list of the sites you were pwned on that starts out with:
Breaches you were pwned in
A "breach" is an incident where a site's data has been illegally accessed by hackers and then released publicly. Review the types of data that were compromised (email addresses, passwords, credit cards etc.) and take appropriate action, such as changing passwords.

[site you were pwned in]

Hope that helps. :)

4 days 17 hours ago Best Free iPhone Apps cxs

I have been using your lists (not just this one) for about a year and have found them very useful. Just wandering if an updated list is in the works since ios8 was just released and some of the recommendations appear to parallel its new features?

Keep up the great work.

4 days 19 hours ago What Else Have You Just Downloaded? ichabod

MC, you said "Only download from a reputable source ... go to Softpedia or one of the other recognized download sites". That's an important point, and I'd like to add the suggestion that we go only to "a reputable source," rather than any "recognized" one. The latter is simply too broad and vague, especially with Cnet ( being so widely recognized while having some reputation issues as mentioned in other Gizmo articles. A link to the Gizmo article "Best Freeware Download Sites" would be helpful in the paragraph for step #3 of this article.

Thank you so much for this article. I especially appreciate the recommendations about security tools in the last 5 steps. As websites and SW developers succumb to the siren call of financial benefits in exchange for loosening their ethical standards, it's good to know that we have this site for independent advice.

4 days 19 hours ago Finds of the Week: Was Your Gmail Hacked?, Create & Publish eBooks For Free, Science Dictionary rrpberto18

I entered a user name on ...pwned and found out it had been breached.
But I can't find any way to discover which site is involved.
Did I miss something?

4 days 22 hours ago Best Free Hotkey or Macro Recorder Utility mmth

When I created a script, following the exact directions in the Help file, it quit with the message "unrecognized command in Line 1." I'm not a dope or a neophyte--I'm a retired professor whose first computer was a TRS-80 bought in 1978. It seems to me that the instructions, followed to the letter, should not result in an error right off the bat.

4 days 22 hours ago Powerful Free Microsoft Security Tool EMET Now in Version 4.1 Update v.laurie

I am certainly sorry to hear that you are having problems. From what you say I don't know what went wrong with your system. Removing it should be in Contriol Panel. Did you back up before installing EMET? Try posting your problem at the Microsoft EMET forum at You can also try our forum

I am not familiar with this tool but you can take a look at it.

4 days 23 hours ago Powerful Free Microsoft Security Tool EMET Now in Version 4.1 Update pavisa77

I installed this program and decided I don't want it. How the heck do I get rid of it? I've searched online and the only sites that have uninstall info are not rated as trustworthy. I don't want to have to read through a dozen articles or anything time consuming. I just want rid of this lousy program. It is messing up my computer and making it unusable. I can't even open up Word 2013!!!! It doesn't show up on either the Windows 7 uninstall in the control panel or in Revo uninstaller. Also, Revo shows me having only 15 programs installed, when I actually have twice that much. Please help me get rid of this crummy program. Thanks.

4 days 23 hours ago Best Free Music Player and Organizer MidnightCowboy

Thanks. Your interaction here is very much appreciated. :)

5 days 1 hour ago Best Free Music Player and Organizer lqbe

Lead developer here, trying to clarify things :)

5 days 1 hour ago Terrific Program Lets You Automate Tasks On Your PC bertie44

I'll get me coat ...

5 days 1 hour ago Best Free File Archiver-Zip Utility Realist

Setup Size for B1 archiver is 25.6 MB.
570 KB is the size of online installer.

5 days 2 hours ago Terrific Program Lets You Automate Tasks On Your PC Bruce_Fraser

Take it easy. You're coming late to the party.
The comments about it not being free were written before the site URL was fixed: "The download link has now been corrected."

5 days 2 hours ago Best Free Music Player and Organizer MidnightCowboy

To ensure openness it would help if you disclosed your association with this product. MC - Site Manager.

5 days 2 hours ago Best Free Music Player and Organizer lqbe

999 was the final Alpha and Resonic has been in heavy development all year.

The major move to the Beta is coming up next.

5 days 2 hours ago Best Free Music Player and Organizer lqbe

Just a quick note on the 20-25% CPU: Resonic is multi-core optimized, so this kind of CPU usage usually only happens with a large visualization area (analyzer, etc.) on medium-performance processors. For plain playback CPU usually ranges from 1 to 5%.

5 days 6 hours ago Terrific Program Lets You Automate Tasks On Your PC bertie44

This page could not be clearer that the FREE EDITION is free, gratis and for nothing. You pay for a PERSONAL USE or COMMERCIAL licence.

I have not yet looked at or tried the actual software but thanks to Rob for the find.


5 days 9 hours ago Windows Web Browser Performance Remah

LOL, I hope I don't disappoint you as I'm not one of the many who use the "shapable" features of web browsers. I've been a longtime user of Firefox but I use it straight out of the box and my only preference is a WOT add-on. That means that very few developer shennanigans impact me and I regularly swap to use other browsers without any issues. In my plain vanilla pattern of use I find that the current browsers are lot more interchangeable than they were five years ago. It's a very different story if you heavily customize your browser.

5 days 11 hours ago Windows Web Browser Performance dark matter

> I only left it here because internet safety is such an important issue.

...which is why I invested the time and effort in answering kthtl's inquiry.

My screed may seem oblique. It is actually on topic. The security of all of us depends upon the security of each of us. And without secure practices, the most efficient and effective browsers are worth nothing.

Speaking of which, thank you for this interesting investigation. The follow-on promises to be fascinating. I have been using Firefox since version 0.8. For the last 10+ years it has been a central piece of kit. Along with many others, the search is now on for a shapable, reliable and lovable replacement for the ruins that the mozilla devs have left us. Your methodical and organized explorations are eagerly anticipated.

5 days 12 hours ago Windows Web Browser Performance AWS

I simply find Maxthon fast and very easy to use for my want in and out of the cloud. The paste and go feature is also very helpful.

5 days 15 hours ago Other Web Browsers Remah

I had a quick look at 360 Browser (and K-Meleon and SeaMonkey) last night and it is impressive. It looks very good both literally, it makes good use of color, and as a good option for users.

5 days 15 hours ago Windows Web Browser Performance Remah

dark matter,
For the record, I moderate the comments on my articles. Normally I would delete your comment because it is off the topic of this article, which is the performance of web browsers, and it is quite long. I only left it here because internet safety is such an important issue.

5 days 18 hours ago Windows Web Browser Performance rseiler

What about extensions? Is there now a way to use Chrome's with it? Otherwise, living in the minuscule Maxthon extension ghetto won't be pretty.

5 days 19 hours ago Windows Web Browser Performance dark matter

You have taken the first and most important step. You are using a powerful and well tested security tool. And, although no defense package is 100% accurate, this time it did its job.

Adware, whether flagged by an AV or not, is never an acceptable risk.

At best it clogs and impedes your system and forfeits your privacy. At worst it provides a major surface of vulnerability, opening your system and your network to significant infestation. When that happens, not only have you been compromised, but you have become a potential vector of compromise for every system your system touches or has the ability to touch, whether through e-mail or directly.

With the recent permitting and/or use of installation wrappers as common practice among sites that have been long trusted as viable sources of freeware downloads, it has become absolutely essential never to opt for Express or Standard installs. Always choose Custom installation. Always watch your installations carefully. Always opt out of any toolbars and/or additional programs. Consider the viability of using the portable (non-installer) version of a program instead. Among the legitimate programs, these are usually free of bundle-ware.

Where possible, try to access your freeware directly from the author/publisher. Be aware that is not a guarantee that the installer will be free of ride-alongs. Learn to consult VirusTotal. There are even extensions, such as VTzilla for Firefox, that can integrate VT into your download process and also give you context menu items and a toggled toolbar with the ability to scan site and file URLs. VT is helpful, but not infallible. Many of the scanners polled by VT detect viruses, trojans and worms within an executable program but not "legitimate" opt-in bundle-ware within the wrapper.

Another useful tool which has become commonplace is the reputational site scanner/immunizer. It can be found in most solid malware defense packages such as AVG, avast!, SuperAntiSpyWare, Malwarebytes, SpyBot Search & Destroy (the Immunizer function of this old standby) and many others. It is also built into many contemporary browsers. There are even free-standing site scanners such as SpyWare Blaster . Of course, in terms of program installation, these are usually going to be detecting the hinky sites you may have been pointed towards by those questionable installs. But you will also be kept away from the worst sites where you might acquire questionable downloads or drive-by infestations in the first place. Another way to help avoid these sites is an add-on such as AdBlock Plus or, my favorite, AdBlock Edge, with a good and frequently updated set of block lists.

So, in answer to your question: What do you consider acceptable? Is the promise of FREE worth the reality of a system compromise? There is no free lunch. I believe in freeware. But I like to know what lunch is going to cost.

There endeth the sermon.

5 days 22 hours ago Best Free BitTorrent Client George.J

You need to check if the torrent file has the required seeds (specifically seeds:leech ratio>1) to download.

5 days 22 hours ago Terrific Program Lets You Automate Tasks On Your PC phoneguy

If you scroll down to the bottom of the main page and under Download click on License Terms you can read the Free Edition terms.
Second Paragraph...
"The SOFTWARE is distributed as Freeware for non-commercial use. You may download and use this SOFTWARE free of charge. That means that SOFTWARE may be used as many times as you like, for as long as you like and may be: copied, backed up, installed / reinstalled on any number of computers or distributed (only in the SOFTWARE's or its update's entirety) to anyone via any media any number of times. You may not charge money or fees for the SOFTWARE or its update to anyone."

5 days 22 hours ago Three Timesaving Tricks for Faster Use of Windows Jorpho

I've been using Winkey+D (show the desktop) and Winkey+M (minimize all windows including the active window) for a long time, but these are new to me.

6 days 22 min ago How to Fix a Computer that Keeps Waking Up MidnightCowboy

As Vic states below we are only able to respond to support requests in the forum. There is however a lot of information about this already on the web. This is just a selection of possibilities.

I suggest you research this yourself using Google if none of the above are helpful as the solution for your own issue is pretty much guaranteed to have been posted somewhere already. MC - Site Manager.

6 days 47 min ago How to Fix a Computer that Keeps Waking Up v.laurie

Unfortunately, we can't give this type of individual support in the comments. If you post your problem in the forum at, there will be knowledgeable people to help you.

6 days 4 hours ago How to Fix a Computer that Keeps Waking Up goigisanjib

My System Is Showing Processor thermal Trip warning on every Start up. Please tell me how to fix this issue.

6 days 8 hours ago Increase Your Browsing Speed And Privacy With Ghostery Gil Mensch

Like a few other people have reported, Ghostery will sometimes cause desired features of some sites not to work. After using it for a year or so, I decided the hassle of dysfunctional web pages wasn't worth the benefits of Ghostery. So long as you are aware of this limitation or don't mind fiddling with Ghostery's settings to make some sites work, Ghostery is worth a try.

6 days 9 hours ago Terrific Program Lets You Automate Tasks On Your PC MidnightCowboy

Thanks to everyone for spotting our deliberate mistake. :) The download link has now been corrected. MC - Site Manager.

6 days 10 hours ago Best Free Memory Optimizer 10basetom

Be sure to read this article before you install a free memory optimizer:

6 days 14 hours ago Windows Web Browser Performance Remah

Thanks AWS. There will be more info to come.

I'm interested to hear what you like the most about Maxthon as I'm still trying it out.

6 days 14 hours ago Windows Web Browser Performance AWS

Thank you Remah for your article I have been using Maxthon for quite a few years now and have always found it easy to use, your comparisons were very interesting thank you for your effort.

6 days 18 hours ago How to Clean An Infected Computer rorsandtoe

thanks for getting back to me,

The right hand side that should say "there are no items to show" has a huge list populated. Many of which i know not to be problems such as "libre office".

my problem is only with pop ups and pop unders as far as i can tell. Over the course of an internet session when i am viewing certain websites trying to stream free tv shows etc.

Occasionally my mozilla internet session will crash and fail.When i am using project the player crashes and tells me that i need to update firefox

That is all.

6 days 19 hours ago Best Free BitTorrent Client jacemace

So tired of utorrent - I've been using it for years (an older version off filehippo) - and all it does now is produce errors. Tried qBittorent, and all it does is stay on stalled. Found one not on the list here to replace utorrent.

6 days 21 hours ago Best Free Program Uninstaller Realist

Revo takes so much time to load the entire list, not for someone who install/uninstall apps regularly.Use it only if you have a program which you can't remove using any other Uninstaller

ZSoft :- don't know why it is's search functionality is poor.Not at ll user friendly.

Geek uninstaller: I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. It's fast, portable and easy to use. Resource friendly too.

I would recommend Advanced uninstaller, IObit uninstaller and Wise uninstaller also.

6 days 22 hours ago Best Free Download Manager Naveen D

Thanks for the info :)
Waiting for fdm to release its new version.Then we can see how they compete with others.
:D :D :D

6 days 23 hours ago Windows Web Browser Performance kthtl

Many thanks for advice - I did download it from a third party vendors site so they could indeed have wrapped up malware with it.
I will have another go downloading the file from the Maxathon site directly.

6 days 23 hours ago Best Free Partition Management Software auntiejack56

I have a C drive and a virtual D drive - the C was small and filling up quickly, the D was large and had plenty of free space.
So I looked for a tool to enlarge the C and reduce the D.
Loaded EASUS (free version) and got interrupted during install by AVG with a warning about a virus - I removed the infected file, and just in case it was part of the download, I uninstalled EASUS.
Then downloaded Paragon (free version), and tried a number of times to modify the partition size. I googled and looked at answers posted by the Paragon team, but the sizes couldn't be changed, either in the 'express' method or running the whole app and selecting the Modify Partitions options. I clicked and double clicked, dragged borders that wouldn't move, entered new sizes that were rejected, and totally got nowhere. So I abandoned it after a while and uninstalled.
Then I installed the free version of Minitool Partition Home edition. How easy was that! Intuitive visual slider to indicate what space was available, I dragged it to where I wanted it and hit the Apply button - all done.