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19 min 38 sec ago Best Free Personal Finance Software alex1979

I have checked many accounting software and has gone mad with the difficulty in entering data. During search I came though this project: I hope everyone need to check this its really interesting if its going to be real. The link is here:

54 min 9 sec ago Best Free Android Apps bernardz

Some of the stuff on this list looks old


Speed increase
DU Speed Booster

Currency converter

Find my car

Note also works well to get back to hotels and restaurants in strange towns

15 hours 21 min ago Website of the Week: the Inner Body (Human Anatomy) rhiannon

I'll take a look at it when I get back to my desktop. :)

17 hours 25 min ago Stress-Test Your Web Site. This $250 Tool Is Free From Today. Schyther2001

Thanks a lot. best wishes from Asunción Paraguay.

20 hours 25 min ago Best Free Drive Cloning Software GoustiFruit

AOMEI Backupper is (was) great but for me it doesn't work anymore under Windows 8.1 to restore an image because the utility won't start automatically like it did before on Windows startup; it used to backup and restore my system partition (12 GB) in less than 1 minute.
Then the bootable media doesn't work either anymore, I get a "boot error" on my main machine (though it works on another).
And finally I made a bootable USB with AOMEI PE Builder which includes Backupper but restoring an image takes 45 minutes (vs 1min from Windows - when it was still working) this way !!!

20 hours 30 min ago Best Free Hex Editor RussAdams


I extracted the executable and it can be run directly without running the install.

On the first run HxD asks your permission to create an ini file in the directory it was run from. That seems to work fine, with no administrator access required.

21 hours 4 min ago Best Free Hex Editor RussAdams

Good Morning!

Anyone know where HxD's 'portable' version can be downloaded? The download link points to a setup file, which is a problem.


1 day 4 hours ago Tips and Tricks for Linux Mint After Installation [Mint 17 & 17.1 - MATE Edition] Jojo Yee

This article has now been updated with tips and tricks that also work well for Linux Mint 17.1 MATE Edition.

1 day 8 hours ago Tips and Tricks for Linux Mint after Installation [Mint 17 & 17.1 - Cinnamon Edition] Jojo Yee

This article has now been updated with tips and tricks that work well for Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon Edition as well.

1 day 13 hours ago Stress-Test Your Web Site. This $250 Tool Is Free From Today. MidnightCowboy

Anything with "gen" in the detection title stands for generic. This is not a confirmed "hit" but applies to programs with features or behaviors indicative of known malicious threats. Most of these are false positives. This program is safe according to multiple scanners, including that of Comodo. :) MC - Site Manager.

1 day 16 hours ago Stress-Test Your Web Site. This $250 Tool Is Free From Today. Schyther2001

HI, got a warning message from Comodo Internet Security, while trying to download the setup file of the webserver stress tool: CloudScanner.Trojan.gen@2@1....not being an expert in this field i did not dare to proceed (to ignore the warning). Is it save to download it and install? thanks for the support, Giorgio

1 day 18 hours ago Website of the Week: the Inner Body (Human Anatomy) Maurice I

Nice one another webpage is biodigital human,relatively the same. though needs a good graphic card and 3d compatible.

1 day 21 hours ago Stress-Test Your Web Site. This $250 Tool Is Free From Today. mincevv

Confirming there are no toolbars & adware inside installation. Usage seems to be straight forward (mostly self-explanatory) and reports look very good.

Would recommend another utility for benchmarking website people usually are not aware of: ab (part of apache web server supporting programs).

ab is a tool for benchmarking your Apache Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) server. It is designed to give you an impression of how your current Apache installation performs. This especially shows you how many requests per second your Apache installation is capable of serving.

Note: Thus program description refers to Apache web server, you can use it with any server lighttpd, IIS...

More information on ab:

Usage guide for ab:

2 days 1 hour ago Lightweight Web Browsers Panzer

qutebrowser is a keyboard-focused browser with a minimal GUI. It’s based on Python, PyQt5, QtWebKit and free software:

2 days 1 hour ago Best Free Software for Linux Panzer

"... Decibel Audio Player is a GTK+ open-source (GPL) audio player for GNU/Linux. It is very straightforward to use thanks to a clean and user-friendly interface ...":

Pogo Music Player (fork of Decibel Audio Player):

Lollypop is a GNOME music player:

"... Potamus is a lightweight GTK-based audio player with a simple interface and an emphasis on high audio quality ...":

"... qutebrowser is a keyboard-focused browser with with a minimal GUI. It’s based on Python, PyQt5, QtWebKit and free software ...":

2 days 2 hours ago Best Free PC Games Panzer

AirBuccaneers - a multiplayer airship-FPS game about vicious Buccaneers and infamous Vikings battling in the sky (now free):

2 days 2 hours ago Best Free PC Games Panzer

"... Ultima Ratio Regum ... A roguelike game inspired by the literature of Jorge Borges, Umberto Eco&Neal Stephenson, and the games Europa Universalis and Dark Souls ... It’s a game which aims to integrate thematic content on historiography, philosophical idealism and the rise of modernist grand narratives, with the deep, complex and challenging gameplay one expects from a “classic” roguelike (and, of course, an ANSI display and permadeath) ...":

2 days 2 hours ago Best Free Software for Linux Panzer

wasavi - VI editor for any web page (extension for Chrome, Opera and Firefox):

2 days 12 hours ago Best Free Duplicate File Remover ADW

Has anyone come across a duplicate file finder that can be activated from the Windows Explorer Context Menu, or added to the 'Send To' menu, so that whichever folder you right-click on is automatically added to the program as the search folder?

2 days 18 hours ago Best Free Media Player Anupam

New version of PotPlayer is available: 1.6.51480.

2 days 21 hours ago How To Change The Windows 8 Background Colour dalchina

The solution is to re-apply the same theme when you resume from hibernate.

You can experiment with that manually to prove the idea. With colours set as you wish, hibernate, resume-> colours lost. Then rt click desktop, personalise, reapply the theme.

To do this programmatically, I set up a scheduled task which is launched when I resume (requires a special event trigger condition I fortunately found on another forum) to launch a program - Winaero's themeswitcher which takes the theme you are using as parameter.

(I did try the command line solutions I found to apply a theme, but with limited success - themeswitcher is just much simpler)

I've not seen a solution for this elsewhere.

Now I've a pleasant pale yellow in most fields and backgrounds- explorer and non-standard windows excepted of course.

2 days 22 hours ago Tips and Tricks for Ubuntu after Installation [Ubuntu 14.04 - 14.10] Jojo Yee

This article has now been updated with tips and tricks that work well with Ubuntu 14.10.

3 days 6 hours ago Five Places to Find New Uses for Old Smartphones and Tablets anniesnow

I had always thought that there were no uses for a smart phone once it had been disconnected from the phone service. This is good to know since I have several tucked away in a drawer. Great ideas!

3 days 6 hours ago Best Free Antivirus Software biggerabalone

it may not be a false positive. there are many corporations (one of which i worked for) that have proprietary secrets and/or negotiations ongoing for business deals. our servers were repeatedly hacked by hackers located in china. how they accessed our systems led to the banning of communist/state owned/chinese software for all employees in sensitive areas. i guess it make sense(?), i doubt the u.s. military used soviet cloud based antivirus software to secure their systems during the cold war, lol. perhaps comodo is aware of this building tension/caution within governmental and business environments.

3 days 15 hours ago Best Free Email Software Remah

As you say, good freeware products often beat paid products. That is why this site exists.

Sorry, the problem you had replying to my comment has been seen before. I couldn't find any identified cause or resolution for it in the forum where it has been discussed in a couple of threads.

No problem about the Outlook comments. It is not just whether it is freeware but whether the mention of the paid product is useful in relation to free products. You'll notice that we have lots of stuff on Windows because it is required to run free software and we do have mentions of Outlook because it is the paid product against which all other email programs are compared. So if you'd presented your comments as part of a comparison of free email and Outlook they would have been left in. But a list of deficiencies you found in Outlook is not acceptable without any reference to freeware.

Anyway, I read them through and checked some of them out. The difficulty with comparing a standalone program with one program in a suite is that the suite utilizes other programs to provide additional features. Taking the example of multi-language spell checking, which is useful for many people, Pegasus Mail has a real advantage. However, Office can do it using Word which does handle multi-language text.

3 days 16 hours ago Best Free Email Software dsp_418


Sorry for posting about Outlook, I forgot about posting freeware only.
The interesting thing though is that even a paid product sometimes can't compete with good freeware (especially considered when they have so many flaws!)

Edit: Strange, I clicked on Reply to your comment but it didn't work, my reply shows up as a new post.

4 days 1 hour ago Best Free PC Games George.J

Overpowered reminds me of I Wanna Be the Guy. Its very hard

4 days 3 hours ago Best Free PC Games Panzer


Patience is a free solitaire game for Windows with over 200 games:

4 days 5 hours ago Best Free Software for Linux Jojo Yee

Welcome your comment Need3.

TrueCrypt has now been delisted and replaced with AES Crypt. Give it a try and see how it goes.

4 days 5 hours ago Best Free Software for Linux need3

Thanks a lot for this list of Linux software.
Yesterday, using probably the wrong application, I was taking hours to sync two folders, then after reading here I learned about FreeFileSync, that finished the job in a few minutes, awesome.

By the way, I see that Truecrypt is still listed, with a link pointing to http://www[dot]truecrypt[dot]org/downloads [Mod: bad link obfuscated], which is currently considered suspicious. Looking for alternatives, so far I tried tcplay, not very user friendly being text only, but it works well with Truecrypt archives.

4 days 8 hours ago Best Free Email Software Remah

Thanks for some interesting things I will remember such as multi-language spell check in Pegasus Mail.

For those who are interested in looking more widely than the products recommended in this article then here's some links to help you, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the products mentioned by dsp_418:
TB means ThunderBird and is already recommended in this article.
PMail is actually called Pegasus Mail, a venerable product that could certainly do with an updated interface. It is not reviewed in this article and has not been fully tested for Windows 7 and 8.
M2 is now available separately as Opera Mail and looks good. The review in this article was written before the name change.
Mailbird is also not reviewed in this article.
Sylpheed and Claws Mail are open source products that also have not been reviewed in this article.

Microsoft Outlook is a paid product (which is different to the free webmail at and this site is about freeware. Those comments were removed as they related only to Outlook itself.

4 days 11 hours ago How to get a free legal copy of a Windows 7 installation disk tazmo8448

So...if I find the correct .iso for my win7x64 (hm prem) burn that to a dvd or cd use that to boot to then use my System Image I have created I should be back in business if all goes well, am I on the right track here? I have an HP desktop and want to avoid all the bloatware and hassle of having to reconfig my pc to OEM (I changed the HDD to SSD and gfx card and RAM sticks) my hp recovery discs wont work unless I revert back to that set up...BTDT. Just trying to find a hassle free way to if needed to get it back to now.

4 days 12 hours ago Best Free Email Software dsp_418

I think I've tried them all, all the email clients out there (if not all, 99% of the existing clients).
I've been a TB user for years, finding it probably the closest one to fit my needs.
I switched to PMail after having used it years ago, and now it's my default client. Despite it's old fashion interface (and I must admit not very pleasant as well), it's probably the most powerful client out there, the most solid and the most robust. Also I might be wrong, but as far as I know it's the only client that check messages using two spell-checker at once. Filters is another great feature of Pmail, as well as the integrated spamhalter. I really PMail would have a cleaner interface, but I guess I can live with that.
There are quirks, of course: attachment are not saved locally, is not multi-threading (yes! is not!!), and again, GUI, GUI, GUI: at first is not not easy to move through the options and figure out things.

Then there are lot of other good clients, but no one close to rule them all.

Foxmail: I believe they made a wrong decision going with the minimal interface, now things are just hidden (yes, usability is about hiding extra steps for the user, but when hiding tools makes hard to find them, that's not good usability anymore). Filters are not as good as PMail. No international spell-checker capability as far as I remember. Also developers seem to not respond any featurerequest /bugs submission emails.

M2, great client, just I believe Opera at this point abandoned it.

[* Comments about Outlook were removed because it is a paid product and is not free -Remah, editor *]

Sylpheed, looks like TB just with a older GUI.

Claws, could be good but something is not quite there yet, hm... I guess on Linux the experience is better though.

EM Client, not good filtering, develop doesn't seem to be that fast at the end, perhaps they're focusing on making it solid fixing bugs first. We'll see...

Mailbird, if I'm not mistaken this was a memory hog, also not very impressed by its features (sorry for not being more detailed about it, I've tried it a while ago, I decided it wasn't good).

Just my 2 c.

Edit: After checking once again Claws email I find out it also allows to use two spell-checker at the same time. Claws could be a good client, except for a few things that bother me:
1 - Fancy, the plugin used to view html message, is buggy on Windows. On my machine sometimes hangs up the application, sometimes it works but it's just very slow.
2 - Claws doesn't support rich-text/html text message: the user can use Fancy to view messages (with some issues, point 1 above) but is not possible to create html message. Is just not implemented (and it seems developers want to keep it this way).
3 - Even though there's a calendar, the features seem to be quite minimal. It might work just fine for common tasks, I haven't tested it enough.
4 - Filters seem to be pretty good, just a bit cumbersome as the user need to go through several clicks in order to complete all the steps necessary to create a new rule.

All in all it's quite evident that Claws is a porting, the feeling is that is not a native Windows app and window dialogs, icons, responsiveness are clear signs of it.

4 days 17 hours ago Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android trainman261

My apologies for the late reply.
The problem is that in the world of organizing music, there are two ways of doing it. There is the one way, in which you did it - which is to sort everything into folders. Then, there is the more common way - by way of tags. Tags are small bits of information hooked onto your music files which indicate which album they belong to, what the artist is, and what the song's name is. To see what I'm talking about, stick the SD card into your computer and look at your music with Windows Explorer. Go to a track, right-click it, choose "Properties", and then go into the "Details" tab. Here you'll see different fields, such as Title, Rating, Comments, Album artist, Album, Year, etc. These are the song's tags. If the file isn't open in another program, you can also edit most of them. Google play music (and most other music players) organize music based on their tags. If an album is being split into two, look at one track of each of the two "new" albums, and you'll notice the album tag is different. It could be a small difference, or it could be a big difference. Whatever it is, the fact that it /is/ different means that Google Play Music will see it as two different albums. As to your songs ending up in different artist - this most likely comes from you having albums with multiple artists. In Google Play Music (I'll just abbreviate it GPM from now on), if you go into the artists section, different tracks from that album will be under different artists. However, if you go into the albums section, it should all go into the same album. So, basically, GPM uses the tags to sort your music, while Windows Explorer just looks at which folder they're in, and displays your music like that.
If you want everything properly organized, you pretty much have two options. The first option is that you get a music player that supports folder-based playback. Rocket Player supports folder-based music playback, so if you like, you can check that out. Just make sure you go into the "Folders" tab, otherwise you'll have your music organized the same way it is on Google Play. If you want a quick solution, this is the way to go. If you want to keep using GPM but have everything organized, you can edit the tags. This can be time-consuming, depending on how much music you have and how many tracks need editing. On the other hand, it has several advantages. For one, you have more flexibility when it comes to sorting your music. You can instantly look at your music sorted in different ways. For example, you can play a mix of music from a certain artist, regardless of which album(s) the music comes from. Or, you can play a mix of music from a certain genre, regardless of artist or album. The other advantage is that you don't necessarily need to organize your music into folders any more - whenever you get new music, you can just dump it into one folder, if you don't mind the mess - it will all appear properly organized in GPM. If you want to edit the tags, you can either do it on your computer or on your device (although that could well not work if you're on Android 4.4). If you want to do it on your computer, you can do it as I explained earlier. If you want to do it on your device, you can do it with Rocket Player - that has the capability of editing tags.

4 days 19 hours ago A Superb Time-Saver For Twitter Addicts! jhank

Thanks, it would be like having twitter open. I follow to many

4 days 19 hours ago A Superb Time-Saver For Twitter Addicts! rob.schifreen

The latter.

4 days 20 hours ago A Superb Time-Saver For Twitter Addicts! jhank

Does this pop up on direct tweets or all that a person follows?

4 days 23 hours ago Best Free BitTorrent Client OptometristPrime

Thank you for sharing my thoughts on that. I believe every software should be customizable to user's own tastes, specifically because of the lately trend of these horrifically hideous & atrocious childish flat designs of bright colors (which you cannot do ANYTHING about on Windows 7, because they use something that overrides the Windows colors & themes, an absolutely INFURIATING thing I find totally unacceptable) and because of the fact everyone has different NEEDS. I *need* and I really mean *need* a dark set up, I spend all of my time staring at the screen & white or bright colors being the base for things makes me insane with rage (as well as hurts my eyes). Also, we need the ability to be able to control things more. It's like people have decided to start only developing software for clapping seals with no ability to open an options panel, or who actually need a step by step instruction guide on how to open it, or people who never just look through settings when first installing software (if they don't, I'm sorry, but they need to get off computers & just go get a tablet or something. Computers aren't for them) and the rest of us, the people who love computers, need options & control, and know what we're doing, well....we're screwed & thrown to the side with no regard for us. It's unfortunate, because we are the ones who will give the reviews, we are the ones who care the most & we are the ones who most utilize the software available out there. We are computer users, and if people want to give up all control, have ugly, forced user interfaces & still have a shiny electronic device with a screen, by all means, let them get an iPhone & let us keep our Androids & computers....
Nothing makes me hate a software more & uninstall it faster than a forced UI (specifically a bright, flat one. I barely can stand the Spotify desktop UI, and that's a dark one though) with ugly bright colors and absolutely nothing I can do about it. I just want the option-Most of the time it requires nothing of the developer to give us the ability, and even more, to keep the ability if it was already an option in earlier versions & it makes literally no sense to remove a feature that doesn't hinder anyone's use but gives some of us the option to make the software bearable.....

4 days 23 hours ago Best Free BitTorrent Client OptometristPrime

I have issues with it thinking all the data it gathered last time it was open never existed on my computer, where suddenly it will totally say in the column for "size downloaded" that I did indeed grab the large amount or whatever, and there's nothing I can do about it. It's really odd actually. Bummer, because it's currently seeming like the only available torrent client which not only has all the features that it should & I want/need, but looks good & boasts the only search function (at least worth using at all), which happens to show the s/l for each AND the URL it got the result from. :( Let me know if you ever find anything to replace it....I'm on the same search. :(

5 days 2 min ago Best Free BitTorrent Client OptometristPrime

Huh? anti-leech system? I haven't really seen any issues. However, maybe I'm not sure what you're talking about because it has to do with using private trackers? No, I doubt there's a way to know what you need to know. However, there's a LOT of information choices available in the columns you set for the main window. Very helpful. I have only really had issues with trackers asking me for credentials or whatever, but I think that may be a rarer issue due to some of the security settings I have & maybe my VPN or something. Recommend at least trying qBittorrent. Get it from somewhere besides sourceforge though, unfortunately the owners of that website have destroyed a once great software hub.

5 days 6 min ago Best Free BitTorrent Client OptometristPrime

You are totally wrong there. I made the switch a few years ago because I was sick of everything about utorrent, including the interface. I see minimal problems with qbittorrent, but it's worth the issues considering the epic search function (which is extensible through .py plugin downloads, or if you can write python, you can make one for any site) the absolutely awesome RSS functions (far superior than utorrent) and honestly the only thing I've missed is the ability to tell things to always seed no matter what, regardless of the set number of seeding torrents at a time & the queue they are in.

The only real issue I see is tracker problems, which I believe are mostly due to my own security set up, and a few file-checking issues once in a while. Still, regardless, it's miles better than utorrent, and they are open-source, they haven't sold out, you don't deal with adware, spyware, malware etc, there's a built in function for a custom IP blocklist, the custom advanced settings are many, and overall, it's just great.

You can also prioritize files within a torrent. This will allow you to make sure some files within it will download much faster. You can't set priority for the entire torrent from within the list of all torrents, but you can maximize the priority from within the "file" area below, just select all of the items in the torrent folder thing & right click & choose the priority. Oh yeah, it is also good at renaming or moving files from within, but if you rename them outside of the client, there's not really a way to keep seeding, so if you use a media center like XBMC or something & need to rename things a specific way, you may be annoyed as hell when you have to rename the episodes of something, one by one, within qbittorrent, though that's worth it in my opinion. Most things show up in XBMC anyways..... personally I think it's the only good torrent client available right now besides transmission, which I really wish the group would release a version for Windows that was identical to it.

5 days 6 hours ago Best Free Email Software MidnightCowboy

Thank you for expressing an interest in Pop Peeper but this application is a notification tool and not a full-fledged email client which is the subject of this review. MC - Site Manager.

5 days 7 hours ago Best Free Email Software awol

I second the motion.

I love Pop Peeper and have relied on it for years for my Verizon as well as my gmail addresses. It is very stable, regularly updated, and flexible. New major release in the works.

I use it as a first line anti-spam tool. It allows me to view my email and selectively delete it on the server site. I view Sender and Subject info only, so I can quickly delete the spam from my provider's site. Then I can view the bodies of the remaining ones in text mode and delete more. What's left I download to Thunderbird to keep. Yes, I could do most of this in Thunderbird, but PopPeeper display is very lightweight and agile and serves as a great preliminary filter.

I would love a Gizmo review.


5 days 9 hours ago Best Free Antivirus Software OhZone

One of the things I love about this site is that the reviews are always reviewed, meaning that when things change, you often update the best-of lists. And the comments are often very helpful.

Just out of curiosity, though, wasn't Microsoft Security Essentials top rated a while back? O_O But now it's off the list and just mentioned as sub-par? OHMY! What happened?

Also, an update of Avast gave be blue screens of death, and when I uninstalled it and tried to go to Comodo, it said I already had it and couldn't upgrade directly. I'm thinking it's because I have the firewall version. I reinstalled Avast but chose the minimal bells and whistles. So far - so good, but I'm thinking of uninstalling the Comodo firewall and trying Comodo anti-virus again.

Anyway, again what happened to MS Essentials?

5 days 11 hours ago Best Free File Copy Utility number6

I'm looking for a copier that can copy from several sources to one destination. That is, browse to a file or folder somewhere, mark it, repeat until done, then copy all to destinatioin location. I don't much care where in this process the destination location is specified, or how it's specified. I just want something with the capability of marking several things and sending them (either copying or moving them) to a destination. Anyone remember XTree or ZTree? I'd love something like that, but with a GUI, not the horrible pseudo-GUI run in a DOS window.

5 days 14 hours ago Site Suggestions and Feedback yyyy

Hello, Thanks for all the hard work. But,... I'd like something more.
I like pages like this one:
I can make my own religion based on the features listed. I'd love to see more tables of that type when reading from Gizmo's. Sometimes, features that look important to the editor might be pointless to me, or the opposite.
It also would be nice to be able to fill in that type of table collaboratively.

5 days 18 hours ago Best Free Program Launcher 10basetom

FYI the link to Enso's website is dead. I believe this program is also no longer in active development, but I did find this:

5 days 19 hours ago A Superb Time-Saver For Twitter Addicts! beergas

Worth a shot tho looks like could get annoying. Been using one of those sites that sends you a summary at optional times. Can quik scan them at leisure rather than in frenzy of busy times.

5 days 21 hours ago A Superb Time-Saver For Twitter Addicts! mrin

Great! I was looking for a small app like this.

6 days 7 hours ago Best Free Photo Slideshow Software StahlSS


You are correct in your comments on Photostory.

I have been behind in my duties of category editor, for several reasons, some of which have to do with the apparent abandonment of hands-on slideshow programs for the convenience of point and shoot devices such as the ipad in the last year!

I added some observations to the beginning of this category as to the snap shot mentality of the present generation of picture takers.

There have been no comments such as yours for over a year! and I was about to give up the category.

But if there is interest, I will re-review some of the new programs and report on them.

Thanks for the input.

Don Stahl

6 days 19 hours ago Get All the Details of the USB Devices Attached to Your PC with this Free Utility Dorisydee8

Greetings! I am a new member, and I have not used any Gizmos yet.

6 days 20 hours ago Security Wizard Recommendations Longhand

I'm surprised that there was no mention of the 'sandbox' for experienced users.

1 week 1 hour ago How to Disable Internet Explorer MikeR

Whoa, whoa . . .

I've just tried out this little trick because I don't use Internet Explorer. I then clicked on the December Windows Update alert that's been sitting in my tray for a few days and, guess what: Windows Update wouldn't work. Error code edt something or other.

Trouble shooting the problem (which has never happened before) led to Windows suggesting a firewall setting or some other program was causing Windows Update download/ installation to fail. However. . . as only 5 minutes earlier, I'd made the and 80 change to the IE LAN setting,I assumed it had to be that, so I reversed the setting changes by deleting the and port 80 entries as well as unchecking the proxy box.

Result? Windows Update functioned normally again and, as I finish scribbling this note, it is reporting "all updates were successfully installed", restart now.

In view of my experience just now -- bearing in mind that I do *not* let Windows automatically download and install updates, but instead have it set to alert me when new updates are ready for downloading -- it seems that disabling IE along the lines suggested in this article *will* impact on Windows Update. (Mine's a Win 7 x64, by the way.)

1 week 1 hour ago How to Disable Internet Explorer MikeR

I wonder if instead of confining itself to whether or not the computer user needs IE or not, the article might touch upon whether or not a newly installed program needs IE or not? I remember a post on another forum about someone who couldn't get his newly purchased software to work in anything other than demo / trial mode; turned out it had been trying to use IE to dial home for license activation, but IE had been disabled on that particular computer. Mind you, I can't see that many developers being daft enough to specify IE and IE alone.

1 week 2 hours ago How to Get Rid of the Ads on the Firefox New Tab Page mchldpy

@ fudgeman,
Thank you gizmodo for the info.
This "info" was supplied by Vic Laurie, Editor/Volunteer in charge of Tech Tips here @
Ian "Gizmo" Richards' Tech Support Alert.
While it's good to see someone who believes so strongly in FireFox just leaving the ads and not clicking through and/or buying something from an ad is somewhat of an empty gesture. If every other user donated $2 (the minimum) 1 time, every other year, we could enjoy it without the ads.
What do you say? I'll show you my receipt, if that's what it takes.

michael clyde

1 week 3 hours ago Best Free Software for Linux Panzer

"... Keryx is a free, open source application for updating Linux. The Keryx Project started as a way for users with dialup, or low-bandwidth internet to be able to download and update packages on their debian based distribution of linux. Mainly built for Ubuntu, Keryx allows users to select packages to install, check for updates, and download these packages onto a USB portable storage device. The packages are saved onto the device and are then taken back to the Linux box that it originated from and are then installed ...":

"... apt-offline is an Offline APT Package Manager for APT based systems, i.e. mostly Debian and Debian derived distributions. apt-offline can fully update/upgrade your disconnected Debian box without the need of connecting it to the network ...":

1 week 5 hours ago Best Free Portable Applications biggerabalone

if you have clamwin, you might as well pair clam sentinel with it to give it real time scanning. it has a portable.

1 week 10 hours ago Best Free PDF Writer Software Jojo Yee

At my end, I get exactly the same number of pages in PDF created with doPDF as in the source file. Can you try other source files if the issue persists Debasish Ghosh?

1 week 12 hours ago New Website? New Kitchen? Need A Colour Scheme? discipline

Cool. Have you seen Paletton? Is it similar enough to be included? (

1 week 15 hours ago A Superb Time-Saver For Twitter Addicts! rob.schifreen

Which, the tool or Twitter? If you mean the tool, then my experience is that it's quite the reverse.

1 week 17 hours ago Best Free PDF Writer Software Debasish Ghosh

I use doPDF but it always produces an extra blank page as the last page. If I command for 1 page it gives me the page No. 2 as a blank page. If I command for all pages in my file, it will produce an extra page! Why? Is there any setting to fix it? Please help.

1 week 1 day ago Best Free Software for Linux Panzer

Comic Seer:

1 week 1 day ago Best Free Encryption Utility for Cloud Storage richardlatu

You are welcome Mr. Philip. I am looking forward to more nice article on this subject. Thank you for your effort.

Warm regards,

1 week 1 day ago Best Free DVD Ripper Viola4u

Thanks! The review has been updated.

1 week 1 day ago How to Fix a Very Slow Windows 7 Downloads Folder tonysak

Thanks, that is even faster than the way I found the actual Download folder. There are always more than one way to do things in Windows. It's nice to know some "shortcuts'!

Thank You!

1 week 1 day ago Best Free Color Picker 10basetom

The best free color picker for me is not even a color picker program (at least that's not its primary function) -- it's a screen loupe utility called Zzoom ( It's portable (just one 30KB exe), has a tiny memory footprint (consumes about 1.2MB of RAM), you can use it as a color picker (press 'C'), plus you can use it as a resizable, grid-toggable screen loupe for aligning elements with pixel precision. This program belongs in every web developer's toolbox.

1 week 1 day ago How to Fix a Very Slow Windows 7 Downloads Folder Remah

I suspect that you have tried to find it on a shortcut. The customize tab is not available on a shortcut, only on the actual folder that the shortcut points to.

The "Downloads" folder usually has a shortcut in Windows Explorer "Favorites". If that is where you found your "Downloads" folder then you can use the "Shortcut" tab to click on the button "Open File Location" and the actual Downloads folder should be then be visible for you to work with.

1 week 1 day ago How to Fix a Very Slow Windows 7 Downloads Folder tonysak

Thanks Vic,

I went to the wrong Download folder...Used the "Download" folder Under my Favorites.

That's probably the only Download Folder that does not have a Customize Tab.

Thanks for making me look at your directions more closely and it is set on "General" now!

Always learning!

Thanks for the reply and and Tip!

1 week 1 day ago Best Free Encrypted Virtual Drive Utility Remah

Users should be aware that putting Windows into TestMode turns off a security measure that helps to protect your computer from malware. The risk of being infected by a kernel-mode rootkit is probably low but the consequence of such an infection can be major because kernel-mode software run at the highest level of security privilege.

1 week 1 day ago 32-bit and 64-bit explained Remah

PEStudio has been added as a method to find out whether a program is 32-bit or 64-bit.

Remah - category editor

1 week 1 day ago Best Free DVD Ripper AJNorth

HandBrake 0.10.0 has been released (2014.11.22); feature highlights can be found at .

1 week 1 day ago How to Fix a Very Slow Windows 7 Downloads Folder v.laurie

I am traveling and do not have access to a computer with Windows 7 Home Premium but your User-Downloads folder properties sheet should have a Customize tab. Are you using a different downloads folder from the Users\UserName\Downloads folder? Are you in a restricted account?

1 week 1 day ago Best Free Encrypted Virtual Drive Utility tdk

I'm the maintainer of DoxBox.
If you follow the installation instructions, it puts Windows into 'TestMode' that allows DoxBox to run without signed drivers. If you have problems with this, please post on the forums or create a new github issue
Please note, it has not been tested on Windows 10.

1 week 1 day ago A Superb Time-Saver For Twitter Addicts! Shahar

Is it just me, or does this actually seem like the ultimate productivity killer?

1 week 2 days ago Best Free PC Games Panzer

"... This Way Up is a simple-yet-challenging puzzle experience aimed at anybody who's ever wondered what it would be like to be a cardboard box stranded on a series of puzzle-shaped platforms floating high above the earth, flopping about onto its sides and shooting out glowing purple magic stuff at crystal switches whilst it makes its way towards shiny blue tiles and the ever-elusive 3-star ratings ...":

"... Lambda Wars is a free multiplayer Source Engine modification for Alien Swarm set in the Half-Life 2 universe that brings the war between mankind and their brutal Combine overlords to a traditional real-time strategy (RTS) setting ...":

1 week 2 days ago Best Free File Encryption Utility quemayer

I need something simple because I am not tech savvy, I'm looking at AxCrypt, but I've been told the tool should be NIST compliant. Is AxCrypt compliant? If not, is there any encryption freeware NIST compliant or will I need to purchase encryption software?


1 week 2 days ago Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android littlebird

I've been using the free version of Google Play Music for the last few years, because so far it does what I need it to do, but even when updated it tends to rearrange the obsessively organized music files I load onto my phone. Trust me, it all looks peachy on the SD card in Windows explore, then when looking at music on my phone, albums are split into two icons with half the songs on each (as though it were two albums instead of one)... and songs from other albums are redistributed into multiple unrelated places, under other artists. I keep on top of all updates and am using a newer phone (Galaxy S5), so I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong. I'll admit I'm not extremely tech savvy, so all the bells and whistles aren't necessities but displaying the files accurately seems pretty basic. Has anyone else had this experience? Is it user error? App error? Just plain time for a different app? Please help..

1 week 2 days ago Controversial Advertising Program Now Being Embedded in More Software sir walter

The dangers of these types of programs is very high. Computers users may not be easily categorized but I would offer these general categories; very Knowledgeable, knowledgeable, casual, novice (in terms of computer knowledge). It seem easy enough to say that the this web site and these comments come from knowledgeable computer users, but this group is in the minority. The vast majority of users (probably world wide) probably cannot detect, grasp the nuances and avoid installing OpenCandy and its ilk. Which means that in spite of an intellectual debate that informs us enabling us to make knowledgeable decisions(like this particular discussion) the vast majority of users will unknowingly install Opencandy. How many millions of installations is that? 1,10,100 million or more? I worked on my Grandmother's PC that had slowed to a crawl and hundreds of these types of products infesting her pc, slowing it down and doing who knows what. It is this defenseless group who form the vast majority of users who will end up with this program. They are the prey. I acted in her behalf to warn her, put some protections on her PC and to give some good general advice. I think it is an obligation of the knowledgeable users to act on the behalf of those less capable, think of it as a civic service. This program should be banned because the majority of those who end up with it, were targets and not capable of acting in there own behalf.

1 week 2 days ago A Complete Music Scoring And Notation App For Free vandamme

The "New comment" box is at the bottom of all the comments.

You can go to the Wine app data base and give a (thumbs down) report on Forte. It might help out other folks.

Another thing thant helps Linux is to contact Forte and explain you'd love to be a customer but can't get their trial to run on Ubuntu.

1 week 2 days ago A Complete Music Scoring And Notation App For Free Anupam

rjl, when you are logged in on the site, then, at the end of the page of any article, you should see a heading "Post new comment", with your name, and a comment box. There you can write your comment and post it, and it will start a new comment.

1 week 2 days ago A Complete Music Scoring And Notation App For Free rjl

I couldn't find out how to make a comment of my own, only to comment on this comment by vandamme. I am a Linux user and so I will try MuseScore. I thought the tutorial for Forte was excellently done but in order to finish the install on WINE on Ubuntu you need to install Java. Well I already have Java installed ... so I should have been able to skip this step but it wouldn't let me and when I tried to reinstall using WINE internet explorer it wouldn't go to the JAVA web-site so I give up.

I am not impressed that the Setup program it didn't recognize that Java was already installed.

I may try to install Forte on my wife's Win7 laptop just to use it a little so that I can rate it. How do I start my own comment in here. I couldn't fine an empty box or a button that says leave a comment. Has anybody been successful in installing and running this on WINE?

1 week 2 days ago A Complete Music Scoring And Notation App For Free vandamme

MuseScore is open source, runs native on Linux, and...well, I think it's better.

1 week 2 days ago A Complete Music Scoring And Notation App For Free MikeR

Rob Schifreen's contributions: always music to the ears.

1 week 2 days ago A Complete Music Scoring And Notation App For Free Bruce_Fraser

Nice find, thank-you.

But I agree with your conclusion: MuseScore is way better. MuseScore is highlighted on the "Best free Music Notation Software" page:

1 week 3 days ago Best Free Software for Linux Panzer

gifify - convert any video file to an optimized animated GIF:

Peru is a tool for including other people's code in your projects:

By highlighting changes, icdiff can show you the differences between similar files without getting in the way:

1 week 3 days ago Edit PDF Files Online, For Free. No Download Required. avinash17


1 week 3 days ago How to Fix a Very Slow Windows 7 Downloads Folder tonysak

Is this tip for just Windows 7 Pro? I have W 7 Home Premium and do NOT have a “Customize” Tab!

Any suggestions on settings to get that tab?


1 week 3 days ago Best Free Encryption Utility for Cloud Storage philip

I'm glad it was helpful Richard.

1 week 4 days ago Best Free PC Games Panzer

CodeCombat - Learn how to code by playing a game:

1 week 4 days ago Best Free Ways to Learn Programming Panzer

CodeCombat - Learn how to code by playing a game:

1 week 4 days ago Best Free PC Games Panzer

"... Dead Island: Epidemic is a multiplayer action hack&slash arena where players duke it out over supply points using an arsenal of crafted weaponry, a bevy of devastating powers, and good old-fashioned teamwork ...":

1 week 4 days ago Best Free Software for Linux Panzer

"... KA Lite is open-source software that mimics the online experience of Khan Academy for offline situations. Running KA Lite as a local server, you can watch Khan Academy videos, do Khan exercises, and track student progress -- all without needing an Internet connection ...":

1 week 4 days ago Best Free PC Games Panzer

"... Super Wolfenstein 3D is a loving reimagining of the classic Wolfenstein 3D game by ID Software, but with the big difference of it having realistic physics ...":

1 week 4 days ago Best Free RSS Reader-Aggregator sicknero

Another minor annoyance in Inoreader is that the "Recommended Sources" feature doesn't seem to know whether or not you're already subsribed to a feed.

Thus it will recommend feeds that you already have and, it will let you subscribe to them too so that you can easily end up with duplicate subscriptions.

1 week 4 days ago Best Free RSS Reader-Aggregator sicknero

Hehe yes I do get a bit carried away, so no I don't keep up with all of them. I just tend to browse and read what catches my interest but I might have a clear out at some point.

I'm a bit behind the times hardware-wise, my phone doesn't run any apps at all :)

1 week 4 days ago Best Free RSS Reader-Aggregator Anupam

Wow.. that much of feeds? You able to keep up? :D.

BTW, InoReader has an Android app too, if you didn't know already.

1 week 4 days ago Best Free RSS Reader-Aggregator sicknero

Thanks Anupam : )

I did try Old Reader quite a while back but moved on for some reason that I've forgotten now.

It might have been the subscription limit, as I have a couple of hundred I think at the moment.

Re; Darkgate Comic Slurper, on further investigation this morning it seems that the problem is with the site rather than Inoreader. The links on that site do go down from time to time which I think is the problem now.

1 week 4 days ago Best Free Encryption Utility for Cloud Storage richardlatu

Thank you for this wonderful article. It helps me a lot.

1 week 4 days ago New Website? New Kitchen? Need A Colour Scheme? mchldpy

Thanks Rob,
Even though I am an 'arteest' (musician) I seem to have very little (if any) "Artistic Ability"
when it comes to something as simple as picking colors that work together, except for black and white.

michael clyde

1 week 4 days ago Best Free RSS Reader-Aggregator Anupam

I have an account on InoReader, and use it occasionally. It's quite good, and I like it. I would be using it, but I have been using TheOldReader before that, and I like it a lot. You should give it a try.

It is free for 100 feeds, which I think is reasonable for general users.