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Best Free Screen Capture Tool 1 year 10 months ago texastechy

have to agree with Anupam. even though a lot of time is spent on browsers these days, I have little use for a browser only add-on, when another good tool will do it all on my screen without a browser. however, I often look in the comments section like this for other ppls ideas. and will check out that add on.

Best Free Screen Capture Tool 1 year 10 months ago Misty27

Looking for a screen capture that specifically has a couple features / behaviors.
1) When adding multiple text boxes on one screen, it (can) remember the last selection whether to use "solid fill" on the text box background. Without having to re-select "solid fill"(color) - every time.

2) At least on the same screen, it can remember the last text box background color used & *not* make you re-select a background color each time (assuming you don't want to use white).

3) For basic drawing / annotating / text boxes, the prgm will allow going back & editing *most* objects - at least if the screen (file) hasn't been saved & closed.
Certain capture proggies, if you even leave the separate "drawing" mode (but the file's still open), there's no editing anything.
Like Faststone Viewer - once you click OK in "Draw Board," (opens a separate screen), NO more editing objects.

4) Better if it's not super complicated prgm (just to add simple text boxes, arrows, etc.)
Screenshot Captor may ? do most on my list, but for fairly simple annotation, it's way overkill & I don't find it intuitive (on many things).

I used a bunch. I liked PicPick in the past, but it won't do the # 1 & 2 above (not sure if past versions did). It's time wasting - reselecting the same text editor options you've used every time.


Best Free Screen Capture Tool 1 year 10 months ago Misty27

No "arrow" tool in ShareX? Don't see one - it's one of my most commonly used.

Best Free Screen Capture Tool 1 year 6 months ago ChrisW

Today, 14 May 2015. Just tried to download and save, and also just run the latest version of Screenshot Captor and received an error message "invalid certificate etc.". Has anyone else run into this problem? Can't download and save or just run the software. I am running a Windows 7 64-bit system. Thank you.

Best Free Screen Capture Tool 1 year 5 months ago AJNorth


When available, I generally use the portable version of an application (one reason being that it will not, with very few exceptions, write to the Registry).

It turns out that there is a portable version of ScreenshotCaptor (which I have been successfully using on different Windows boxes, both Win 7 x64 & XP x32, for quite some time).

As I almost always download from either Softpedia or Major Geeks, here is the link to the former: .

Opening the folder that the "installer" creates, one can pin the app's launcher to the Start Menu and / or send a shortcut to the Desktop.

Hope this works for you.



Best Free Screen Capture Tool 1 year 5 months ago smfranzen

FastStone Capture is the best if you want a lightweight, very functional, easy to use screen capture and editor. I don't think a lot of people actually take the time to really test these programs before they review them. Believe me, it's the best because I've tried them all extensively. It's also available in a portable version. It's the only program that works consistently with scrolling windows from every application I've tried. Check out the [edited] in the editor. That is so valuable. Even the [edited] is pretty decent for doing a quick demo. [Commercial reference and features removed as per site rules]

Best Free Screen Capture Tool 1 year 5 months ago sicknero

FSCapture is indeed excellent, it's been my favourite for years. The last freeware version though is 5.3 and only later (licensed) versions have the functions that you describe.

Best Free Screen Capture Tool 1 year 5 months ago Realist

For most average users Windows 7 Snipping Tool is sufficient.
Just use AutoHotKey to launch it. e.g.:

#1::run SnippingTool.exe

This will launch Snipping Tool when Win+1 is pressed simultaneously.

Best Free Screen Capture Tool 1 year 1 month ago beergas

Tried a bunch for just a simple screen capture that allows screen rectangle sizing of initial capture to clipboard then right mouse button copy so can paste into a web comment section. DuckCapture only one worked for me. Pasting others into the running web chat field produced 'bad size' msg in the chat window. Don't have to sign up for anything or limitedware.

Best Free Screen Capture Tool 8 months 2 weeks ago crombierob

site.editor (can I call you site),
You should not be altering the text size out of proportion to the rest of the controls
Keep the DPI at 100% (normal)
I am old (memory and eyes) and what I do to solve that problem is -
- Get a bigger monitor (EG 40" LCD TV for $300 AU and probably much cheaper in US)
- Have a full screen magnifier that can double the magnification on/off with just a key stroke

Best Free Screen Capture Tool 7 months 5 days ago GraveDigger

Depending on your browser, you might be having an issue with the text size going wacky - I'm using Google Chrome and I've noticed that I've had occasional problems with some sites (I've probably got some setting off in the browser...)

It's easy enough to correct this issue, however by setting the site to 100% or higher using the Zoom setting of the browser.

Best Free Screen Capture Tool 4 months 1 week ago Panzer

Snipaste is a simple but powerful snipping tool, and also allows you to pin the screenshot back onto the screen ...":

Best Free Paint Program Anonymous (not verified) view
Best Free Spell-Checker 2 years 8 months ago aoapk5776k

it would be nice if technical articles are checked through it.

Best Free Spell-Checker 1 year 11 months ago 1idjac

As of today, the links for tinyspell both go to a login page.

Best Free Spell-Checker 1 year 11 months ago MidnightCowboy Thank you for pointing this out. The links have now been updated. MC - Site Manager. view
Best Free Spell-Checker 1 year 2 days ago TRL88

Used this software for years. Now that I have upgraded to WIN10 it acts quirky. It will not load at startup and sometimes it just stops for no good reason.

Best Free Duplicate File Remover 1 year 4 months ago Evely456

The functions of free duplicate remover are limited. Maybe you can try some paid duplicate finder. What they can do is more free duplicate remover. I found an useful article to sahre the best duplicate finder for Mac. This article introduced three duplicate finder for Mac and compared the advantages and disadvantages of them. You can read this article. By the way, it also show users the detailed steps of finding duplicate file and removing it.

Best Free Duplicate File Remover 10 months 2 weeks ago Lex11

Hi TechSupport. Thank's for the article. What about Mac?
I recently found this free app.
It's do basically the same as other paid apps, but basic functionality is completely free.

Best Free Duplicate File Remover 7 months 4 weeks ago jayden benjamin

I would recommend you to try Duplicate Files Deleter program

Best Free Duplicate File Remover 6 months 1 week ago makiyoung

Use NoClone now to uncover different versions of master files and ensure single instance. File managing is a tough work unless the files and folders are unduplicated beforehand.

Best Free Duplicate File Remover 4 months 1 week ago Abigail Madison

Duplicate Files Deleter is a simple, but effective tool to locate duplicate files in one or more selected search paths. It scans the files and compares them based on Byte for Byte Comparison, which ensures 100% accuracy. You can then choose to delete the selected duplicate or original files. The program is multi-threaded and performs scans quickly.

Best Free Duplicate File Remover 3 years 9 months ago Sigurros

Duplicate Cleaner is clean and doesn't include a Bing Bar (or any toolbar) in the installer - you need to update your listing! My vote for the best though, as it has more features than most of the paid guys.

Best Free Duplicate File Remover 3 years 9 months ago phantom.mojo Thanks for your input. I'm still running through all the duplicate file detectors in this list. I will be sure to update all Duplicate Cleaner's particulars as soon as I get done testing. view
Best Free Duplicate File Remover 3 years 8 months ago skan

Can any of these applications look inside compressed files (rar, zip, cab...)?

Best Free Duplicate File Remover 3 years 8 months ago phantom.mojo Testing is almost complete. Will have answers for you shortly. view
Best Free Duplicate File Remover 3 years 6 months ago mjcummins

I think there is an important item being overlooked in the comparision.

Won't affect the selection of Best in Class though.

I'm using Windows 7 64bit, and NAS4Free on a Microserver on the home network. I have a lot of files strewn across USB hard drive. A recent external drive failure caused me to get a NAS solution.

So this duplicate file finder mechanism is really important for home use with the amount of digital information normal families accumulate.

Well, neither "Duplicate Cleaner Free" or "Auslogics Duplicate File Finder" will touch the windows share from my NAS server.

"SearchMyFiles" performs flawlessly.... Love it.

So could TSA add network share capable as part of it's tests please.

Thanks for the awesome work, and awesome site.


Best Free Duplicate File Remover 3 years 4 months ago Giovy

This tool is the best one I've tried so far:

As you can see, this magic free app not only deletes duplicate files but it's even able to replace duplicates files with NTFS hard links as well, a key feature missing in any tool mentioned above.

I'm amazed you didn't mention it!

Best Free Duplicate File Remover 3 years 4 months ago sarahwilliams25

Who is rating those tools?
I am amazed that SearchMyFiles has 5 stars with that unusable ugly interface. I tried all those tools and I can say that the best in this list is "Fast Duplicate File Finder".
It is completely free for "100% Identical files" and "Similar File Names" modes. Actually I do not see even "Similar File Names" mode in the other tools - this is very hand if you have My CV.doc, My Cv (1).doc, My Cv 2013.doc named files which is quite common situation.
Yes FDFF has some small limitations in the free version - the mode for finding files with similar (not duplicate) content lists just 10 groups (which is even usable), but for the average user like me the free version is more than sufficient.

I love Gizmo's freeware, but in my opinion this article is not objective and requires revising.

Thank you for the great site though.

P.S. I just noticed that your version is also outdated - the latest version is

Best Free Duplicate File Remover 3 years 4 months ago MidnightCowboy There is currently no editor for this review. It was last updated over a year ago and won't be again until someone volunteers to take it over. Maybe you would be interested? MC - Site Manager. view
Best Free Duplicate File Remover 3 years 4 months ago sarahwilliams25

Yes I see that other tools like Auslogics are listed with old versions too.
Thank you, I am flattered! I am not sure if I will have the sufficient time for this, but for sure I can try... I will at least correct the current listings.

Best Free Duplicate File Remover 3 years 3 months ago Anupam For correcting the listings, we have an archive manager in the team, who updates the articles without editors, and he will eventually get down to updating this one too, in time. But, what's really needed is an editor, who will maintain the category, testing out different software, add news ones if there are any, and update the article accordingly. view
Best Free Duplicate File Remover 3 years 3 months ago MidnightCowboy Thank you for considering us. The video on this page will give you more idea about what is involved with being a Gizmo's Freeware Editor. MC view
Best Free Duplicate File Remover 3 years 2 months ago indnajns

Anti-Twin turned out to be what I was looking for. Duplicate Cleaner Free and Auslogics wouldn't do networked drives. I'm not looking to compare audio, video, or family pics. I'm looking to get rid of the 400 copies of plain, old documents that have been created all across my network. We'd been trading core files around with a USB drive. Now we've got a NAS and everybody has their own private copy of every file from the past three years plus their own stuff that all needs to be merged back onto the NAS. I'm OCD, but that's tedious even for me!

Pros for Anti-Twin:
Works on networked drives
Compares by name, content, size, or date or a combination of these
Allows a % match. DCF didn't recognize a lot of these files as duplicates because several have been re-saved with nothing more than a carriage-return or a blank space difference. I don't care! Same date, same file name, same basic file size, same file for my purposes.
Clearly lists all duplicates in matched groups showing file path/name, date, and size.
Allows deletion by directory! After it finds the duplicates, I can check a single folder (like one of the many copies) and it will delete from the copy and leave my original alone.
Interface is clean and user-friendly. I was up and running within minutes, maybe even seconds. Intuitive checkboxes.

Thank you for this listing of duplicate finding programs, and especially for linking to Anti-Twin. I've spent many blurry-eyed hours comparing files. Now I may actually get this project done before my next birthday.

Best Free Duplicate File Remover 3 years 2 months ago AlphaTron

DupliateMyFiles by works really well. It may be more geared for PC experts than for novice PC users because it doesn't give enough detail for some of the fields. It could use some better instructions but it's free. Maybe some technical writer will improve the instructions for free. I suck at writing or I would.

Best Free Duplicate File Remover 3 years 2 weeks ago RandyDoqa

Duplicate Cleaner Free is bundled with OpenCandy now.

Best Free Duplicate File Remover 3 years 2 weeks ago ichabod

Although this category title focuses on the *removal* of duplicate files, the current reviews would be better described as being for a Duplicate File "Finder" category. Each review should focus seriously on the removal process, since that is by far the most time-consuming for users' hands-on efforts.

In comments for a related article ("A Duplicate File Finder That's Simple To Use And Unbelievably Fast"), Century22 and 11bravo pointed out what may be the single most important feature to anyone facing a large number of duplicates: an automated way to protect from deletion one file in each group of duplicates and then to choose between quick, batch deletion of all duplicates that weren't so protected versus manual deletion of selected duplicates. Note that I'm referring only to true duplicates, for which the minimum requirement is that files be identical in content; it would be desirable to have the added option to require duplication in data such as date and name and perhaps other attributes. Without this combination of automated protection and batch deletion, the user is faced with doing that manually for each group of duplicates, which could take countless hours with a large number of duplicates.

The next editor for this software category would do well to add to each program's review a statement of whether the program offers such an automated deletion-with-protection feature, or requires manual selection of each deletion, which is probably more error-prone than a well-designed automated method.

Best Free Duplicate File Remover 2 years 11 months ago newsuperhuman

Auslogics is fast? By what standard? I am in the process of deleting 50,000 duplicates in 2 folders on a 3rd generation i5 4 core Win 7 64 bit computer with 8mg RAM, with nothing else running. It's been over 5 hours and still has about 40% to go. If this is fast, what is slow?

Best Free Duplicate File Remover 2 years 9 months ago inthefog

Duplicate Cleaner Free no longer has any toolbar bundling - it's completely clean (and free).

Best Free Duplicate File Remover 2 years 8 months ago stuhindl

I have tried Auslogics but I am not sure of it end of run interface seems limited. On the matter of speed or performance I run a number of "boxes' none of them the latest But I dont think it may matter much as file seaching by exact bits particuly large image or video files have to be by the very nature indepth and precise and this does take time over a large number of files Stuhindl

Best Free Duplicate File Remover 2 years 7 months ago CoreTM

The new Exact Duplicate Finder removes duplicates faster.

Best Free Duplicate File Remover 2 years 7 months ago sicknero

I just gave that a quick test drive on a folder of 5000 pictures - it flagged 6 images which aren't even close to being matches.

Best Free Duplicate File Remover 2 years 7 months ago CoreTM

Read the user's manual. Files in the list aren't identical to each other.

Best Free Duplicate File Remover 2 years 7 months ago sicknero

Oops, yes that was a bit hasty of me sorry.

I see now what happened ... the test folder I ran it on contains quite a few similar images some of which are also dupicated, so when the program finished and presented the list, it looked as if it had flagged the similar images as duplicates.

Cheers : )

Best Free Duplicate File Remover 2 years 4 days ago Ghost_Archer

Search my files lack a simple but useful function -- to search files in the same name, or same size, etc. It more focus on content comparison, maybe based on MD5 indexing first. However, sometimes two txt document are almost same, 1 emtpy line would create different md5.

Duplicate cleaner free and double killer supports name and size match. Glary utilities also has duplicate clean function, however, I am not sure it does content check. Of course, we can do a standard search using search my files, then sort the list by name or size to find the similar files, apparently it is awkward.

I used to use double killer till it started to have problem with my vista. It is a nice one but as the development stops at 2007, I am not sure it works with win7 and later windows, especially 64 bit system. indicates it supports up to vista, while softonic thinks it supports up to xp.

Best Free Duplicate File Remover 1 year 12 months ago Remah DupeGuru is now free. It has a 64-bit version as well as Mac OS X and Linux (Ubuntu, Arch) versions. view
Best Free Duplicate File Remover 1 year 11 months ago ADW

Has anyone come across a duplicate file finder that can be activated from the Windows Explorer Context Menu, or added to the 'Send To' menu, so that whichever folder you right-click on is automatically added to the program as the search folder?

Best Free Duplicate File Remover 1 year 10 months ago rrman

The program searchmyfiles failed when I ran the duplicates screening on pictures. It picked up 2 pics and called them duplicates when there was only 1 pic on the hard drive.

I think the problem occurred because I have 2 different pic viewers -- one is the Windows Multimedia and the other is Olympus Viewer 3.

Any thoughts ?

Best Free Duplicate File Remover 1 year 1 month ago Phylis Sophical

SearchMyFiles was great as is all Nirsoft prms. simple, easy to use. same files are color coded. It even warns you if you try to delete both files of a set. Also warns if you try to straight out Delete rather than send to Recycle bin.

Best Free Duplicate File Remover 1 year 5 days ago weltall

Pictures is the only thing I do not use searchmyfiles for. I use VisiPics that compares the pictures visually too and has a slider to adjust how much the searcher should be strict or loose about his choices, that can range from choosing pictures that have a lot of the same background color (like all pictures that have a lot of white or a lot of black) to pictures that must be completely identical with each other. Recolored pictures can be found as duplicates too. Playing with the slider needs a bit of testing, but it is the best program I know of.

Best Free Firewall Protection 1 year 6 months ago shripalsingh

Gajshield – A Buggy Firewall, Time & Money Waster.

Dear All,
I am writing this to you to make you all aware of this useless, buggy and one of the worst firewall “GajShield” that we have purchased and got ripped off, I wish to share my experience to you all to save you being ripped off.


I have purchased “GajShield 80DC Firewall” in the month of May, 2014 by paying handsome amount of Rs. 1,15,000/- For 3 years subscription through their distributor (DX IT SERVICES), which is almost double as compare to any other firewall and also with sonicwall TZ210 that I was using earlier. Right after the installation, we have had issues of many features of internet (email, chat, websites, images, FTP) not working properly and they have very weird way of making them work to create different certificate and patches and ask us to install on individual PC’s. This works one day and other day on any other PC or for all, other thing that was working earlier will stop working and then again they will make some patch, ask us to install and fix it.

This was happening over 10 months and still they could not have a stable version of their firewall, they were not able to give us guarantee that all things fixed and will keep working. They kept giving assurances, trying hit & try and giving new patches. We were forced to waste hours every day to test their system, work with them to get issues fixed and we not only wasted thousands of hours for their testing but we have lost good amount of business due to their buggy and incompetent firewall.

We have all records of daily communication and written complaints of all of our issues to them to prove how bad it went for us for the past 1 year. The worst part is when finally started asking them either to fix everything and make it stable, or refund us and take back your buggy firewall, they stopped responding to my concerns and never tried to resolve. We have proof of all of these email communications too. We even tried to approach the distributor/dealer “DX IT SERVICES” who sold this to us, they were helpless and of no use, simply refused to do anything by asking us to deal with GajShield Infotech (I) Pvt. Ltd Directly.

I was forced to throw their firewall out, buy new sonicwall TX215 and to save my business and to save my losses I was having due to their broken system. I tried to have communication with all of the top management and no one bothers to listen and respond back to make a resolution, they are happy to enjoy our money that we pre-paid for 3 years. I am now forced to explore our ways to take help of legal system to get our money back that we will do for sure.

I just want you all to please avoid dealing with GajShield Infotech (I) Pvt. Ltd (, avoid purchasing GajShield firewall or any of their other products, It’s a very bad company, gives no value to dissatisfaction of their clients and a buggy software they have and moreover, their system is not easy to use and provide no additional benefit over other well established brands.

Thanks & Regards,
Shri Pal Singh
A Dissatisfied Client of

Best Free Firewall Protection 1 year 4 months ago g2mXagent

Comodo Firewall always locked USB drives, won't let user eject usb hd:

带有进程 ID 840 的应用程序 \Device\HarddiskVolume2\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cmdagent.exe 停止了设备 USB\VID_0BC2&PID_3322\NA8E33YW 的移除或弹出。

there is a post at comodo forums in 2012, comodo said that is a bug, but 3 years ago, this "bug" is still there.

Best Free Firewall Protection 1 year 3 months ago BrollyLSSJ

I found maybe 2 additional alternatives. One is called XVirus, the other is called [Commercial product reference removed]

XVirus us available here:

Edit: Rising is free. But seems to be an older version (has 2012 in its name). And it installs other software from the same company. So atleast from my site not recommend.

Best Free Firewall Protection 5 months 1 week ago ComodoSucks

You sir are an arrogant fool.
I have tried installing Comodo Firewall on the different windows 10 computers, all different vendors and the install fails!
FATAL ERROR. at 99% of the install, but hey according to you its every thing else , why don't you go tell Misrosoft its them, or is it also not their issue, its some kind of mysterious alien presence in the ether that is the problem.?

Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 9 months ago hakoti

I am a long time user of Comodo software. And I like it a lot. There are several Comodo security products and one needs to specify which product is being discussed. CIS (Comodo Internet Security) is an all-in-one package including anti-virus, firewall, defense+, sandbox, etc. Then they have other software that provides only one or two of these functions. Pick what you need.

In the past Comodo CIS has been criticized for generating too many alerts, as compared to other packages. The new CIS v6 has almost eliminated all popups for its default configuration. I think that is a good step while at the same time retaining optional settings for those who have advanced needs.

Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 8 months ago dbuck53

I have used Zone Alarm for years because it always hid my computer, and stop change programs from going out until I okay them again. While Zone Labs owned the program it was super. Then Central Point bought them out and the bloat started. Eventually vsmon.exe became so nasty it was slowing my whole system. It occurred to me then that I wanted Zone Alarm to hide my computer and stop changed programs from going out. I don't need my firewall to do any thing else. I now use Zone Alarm 4.5.x, the last Zone Labs release before the Central Point buyout and will not update it as long as I still have my XP machines.

Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 8 months ago darthmalware

So much crying over Comodo being too complicated and confusing. It installs programs without the option to say no. For starters Comodo does not force you to install anything you don't want. Geekbuddy and Comodo Dragon are optional but I guess you didn't bother to look and read before you installed the software. That's Comodo's fault, right? It's the same garbage I still read in many security forums about how Norton Antivirus is this bloated pig of a piece of software that will never touch their machine. Yes. Yes, it was. Five years ago! Comodo is bloatware. It's too complicated. Why couldn't they leave it like it was? I know, change is hard.

Actually, version 6 is as close to install and forget it as this product has ever been. But even so, I will grant you it is far more complex than the install and configuration for Zone Alarm free. Comodo is actually a brilliant piece of software that an "IT Professional" would have no trouble installing and configuring. This very website has the best instructional you will find anywhere on the planet for setting CIS up and configuring it. Step by step it's all there, but you have to do some work. If you want easy then by all means install Zone Alarm free. It's a decent product and perfect for someone who is not a hands on type when it comes to computer security. Another option is to use the Windows 7 firewall, which is actually very good, and with a bit of work, can be configured to handle both inbound and outbound traffic. Is it easy to do? That depends on the individual. It should be for an "IT Professional" but you might have to some research, and actually read a bit. Does Comodo's suite have any flaws? Yeah, more than a few. I also hate the way version 6 was thrown out into the world with what seemed like a very short beta test cycle. What I cannot stomach is the crying over what Comodo is not. Tell me it did a horrible job protecting your computer and back it up with facts. The last time I looked the entire Comodo suite was "FREE" and is easily one of the best security solutions available to the home user. It is not everyone's cup of tea. I'll buy that, but please stop the cry baby bashing of a product that does not suit your particular needs.

Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 8 months ago 57troutrough84

What are your thoughts about older versions of firewall like Kerio Personal Firewall or Sygate? What I am looking for is a lightweight and easy to use firewall that won't bog down the computer as some people are still running xp pro and home with 512Mb of RAM. Any ideas or thoughts. I was thinking of installng "private firewall" as it possibly fits the bill as being light and easy.

Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 7 months ago Kuoi

Since today's version of "ZoneAlarm Free" you can't install without checking the 2 following boxes ...

"Set Zonealarm Search as my default search provider for : Firefox"
"Set Zonealarm Search as my home page and new tab for : Firefox"


Anybody knows a good alternative with user rules ?
With user rules i mean you'll get a popup where you can decide to block or allow a program to send data to interenet.

Greets , Kuoi

Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 7 months ago MidnightCowboy You can opt out of these changes, or change them back after install. No one can help you with an alternative unless you tell us which operating system you have. MC - Site Manager. view
Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 7 months ago rlweiner

MidnightCowboy: I'm seeing the same thing as Kuoi. The latest ZA upgrade only offers a Quick Install option; the Custom Install option has been removed. Maybe those choices show up later in the installation, but when I chatted with ZA tech support I was told that this is the new normal -- you cannot set or override the defaults during an upgrade. The tech said I'd have to completely remove ZA and reinstall to get the custom install option. I can back up my security settings, but would have to manually undo the changes they make to my search engine and home page. I'm going to stay with the current version of ZA.

Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 7 months ago majoMo

You can try "Windows 7 Firewall Control": easy-to-use and effective! You can run it with native Windows Firewall on - so you don't need to disable in-built firewall.

Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 7 months ago MidnightCowboy Well, the OP did say install and not upgrade. Even so, most would regard this as a minor inconvenience considering the changes are so easily reversed and certainly no reason to move to a different firewall. MC - Site Manager. view
Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 7 months ago Sid in Extremis

Having your browser hijacked is a "minor inconvenience"?

No, it's a reason never to go near the guilty party ever again.

Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 7 months ago MidnightCowboy Posts like this are regarded as flaming or trolling and we are not alone in making this judgement. If you wish to debate this particular issue, please post it in the forum because further posts here will be deleted. MC - Site Manager. view
Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 7 months ago CyberWolf64

I was browsing around on Softpedia. And I discovered a rather interesting, um case of TWINS.

Here is the link to the screenshots of PrivateFirewall:


Now, check the screenshots for an older firewall called
Webroot Desktop Firewall:

Gee, I believe that when Webroot "disappeared", it became PriveateFirewall, either that or it is a clear case of copying.

Just thought I'd share that with the nice people here.

BTW, I have used PrivateFirewall in the past, excellent package. A wee bit too "chatty", or maybe that would be "naggy"?

Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 7 months ago MidnightCowboy Privatefirewall is the original code. Webroot licensed this technology for use in their own products. MC - Site Manager. view
Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 7 months ago Paxmilitaris

I've been using PrivateFirewall for a while now and i'm back here to see if i can't get something better.

I've gotten a lot of pop-ups, but that in itself is not a problem since i did put all the security settings to high.

The problem i'm having is that the pop-ups stay on screen and on-top of every other windows, for what seems an eternity, after i've clicked allow, now that is very annoying.

Also, this is a firewall and yet in all those pop-ups, i have yet to see the mention of a protocol, a url, an IP, a port or anything related to networking. Does that mean any program that i "allow" to run gets full network and internet access?

btw, i'm on Win XP if that makes a difference.

Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 7 months ago MidnightCowboy Using any type of firewall with HIPS capability requires an understanding of how this operates and how to respond to alerts. Users should read the vendors documentation before installing the software to avoid setting rules that could be leave their system vulnerable. The PDF guide for Privatefirewall is located on this page. MC - Site Manager. Further reading. view
Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 7 months ago Paxmilitaris

I haven't read the documentation, but the pop-ups are clear enough.

You seem to have completely missed the point of my comment.

What i expect of a firewall is to be asked what program should have access to the network and the internet, trough what protocol (TCPIP, UDP, ...), to make outbound or accept inbound connections, from what URLs or IPs. That's the firewall's job. A firewall that's always asking about temp files created by portable software is more annoying then helpful.

The HIPS i need is to know what program is using svchost to access the internet or using firefox.

Do the Basic Firewalls offer that kind of control?

Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 7 months ago setcho

The kind of information you require can be found by clicking 'details' which is next to the 'options' button on the pop up.

See pages 12 & 16 in the PF guide, links in MC's post.

Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 7 months ago Paxmilitaris

mmm ... now that's weird. I just opened Skype (that always gets me 2 pop-ups or more) and nowhere on the pop-ups can i see either "options" or "details". The only buttons are "Allow", "Train", "Terminate" and "Block".

I even removed Skype from the rules and yet all the pop-ups (much more numerous) i got had only the same 4 buttons.

Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 7 months ago MidnightCowboy Sorry, but my reply was completely relevant, hence my suggestion to research these things before installing the software concerned. You are asking about firewall functions and yet commenting about process monitor alerts which are completely separate issues. HIPS related components and alerts are notoriously difficult to understand unless you have an advanced knowledge of Windows processes. In this respect, such users are better off employing safe surfing practices and using a pure firewall. With XP this is not a problem as you can run one of several excellent free firewalls that no longer function beyond XP or Vista. My own recommendations would be either Kerio 2.1.5 or Sygate. MC - Site Manager. You will need to Google around for Kerio and choose your own download source. view
Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 7 months ago setcho

I get four choices on both the firewall alerts and the process monitor alerts, 3 buttons (Allow, Block, Options) and a 'Details' link. I've only just started using it myself so I'm not sure I can help further, I just thought I would post about pages 12 & 16 (see also p23) as I had just been reading them in the manual. The manual is 62 pages long so you might find a reason in there why its not working for you.

I'm using PF on Windows 8 pro 64-bit so this is a difference but PF should support XP as well.

Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 7 months ago MidnightCowboy It's also worth noting that with most firewalls of this type, the nature, number and options possible from alerts will vary depending on how the initial configuration has been setup. Again, it is necessary to read the documentation thoroughly first and then decide which are the best options for your own requirements. MC - Site Manager. view
Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 6 months ago BrollyLSSJ

Could this topic be updated again in some time? Online Armor has been at version since since October 2012 and I would like to see if it got better. Also the other firewalls should also have improved. I would also like to see binisoft windows firewall control tested. Sphynx also updated there version to version 5.x.

Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 6 months ago t i m Sorry for the delay in replying. If you're still searching for one, TinyWall might be a good one to consider, as it's quite low-resource usage. Of course Private Firewall, as you mentioned, would also be a good light one - and it has behaviour blocking functionality. view
Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 6 months ago t i m As soon as I get the chance I'll definitely be checking them out again and improving as needed - thank you for the comment view
Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 6 months ago GraveDigger

I thought the same thing was happening as well, but it turns out you can install ZoneAlarm Free without changing your default search, home page, new tab or adding a toolbar. First of all, select Custom Install rather than Quick Install. Now on the next screen on the bottom left hand corner you should see "ignore all offers" - look closely, because they HIDE this option in a light blue text on the dark blue background (pretty sneaky...) This bypasses the popup screen that prompts you to check those boxes and installs it without making the changes.

I don't know why they're making this so difficult (I tried to have my sister install ZoneAlarm Free on a XP-based system that she got from a friend and didn't know about this, do I had her turn on the Windows XP firewall instead...) Having to search for a way to avoid making these kinds of changes to your browser's configuration isn't the most effective way to promote a product...

Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 6 months ago Kuoi

... but there is only 1 BIG button you can click on in the first window
"QUICK INSTALL : install with default settings"

... and I don't want to push that button because I don't want their browser hyjack !!!

Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 6 months ago BallyIrish

Hi to the best website in the world! A comment on Comodo Free Firewall, which is not as it used to be. I used it for years without problems, on your recommendation. However, the latest newest version caused me nothing but trouble, would not respond to my "Allow" clicks, and had so many popups that I eventually had to uninstall it. Then I could not get rid of the left-over registry entries.

A visit to the Comodo website enabled me to download and install "Comodo Registry Cleaner" and use it "at my own risk", as it is not a Comodo product, but provided by a Comodo user, to whom I say great work! It worked marvelously and cleaned all the uninstall left-overs from the uninstall (using Revo Free). As always I did a search using RegSeeker v1.55 after the uninstall, and found over a page-full of Comodo regisry keys which would not uninstall. It was then I used the third-party Comodo Registry Cleaner which did a thorough job.

Although it did not uninstall the Comodo left-overs, it readied them for uninstall, and RegSeeker uninstalled them first shot.

Comodo Free Firewall has deteriorated: after the uninstallation, my Internet Connection was gone. It took me a whole day to fix it, and this by using, as a last resort, " (Windows Repair all-in- one): a fantastic free program available from Major Geeks. On reboot, my Internet Connection was back.

Whilst on the Comodo web site, I read numerous complaints from folks who had had the same problem of having their Internet Connection broken by the latest Comodo Free Firewall.

I have now installed ZoneAlarm Free Firewall on my Windows 7 Pro and will also install a HIPS protector as you suggest. Best greetings and gratitude to TSAlert.

Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 6 months ago MidnightCowboy Many thanks for sharing your experience. Just an advisory to users who may be curious but I have seen more Windows systems trashed by the use of RegSeeker than any other single piece of software. This is definitely a tool for the experienced, as indeed are all programs capable of deleting registry keys. It is so easy to delete shared entries or keys relied upon by other services to operate and the result can render your machine unbootable. MC - Site Manager. view
Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 6 months ago BallyIrish

MC, you are quite right about the dangers of RegSeeker 1.55. One has to be very careful. For example, if Opera Browser has been uninstalled, and you search for Opera left-overs, you will get pages of keys. But, if you look carefully, you will see many blue "opera" keys, but followed by "tion" - so the search has produced many keys containing "operation."

But you don't have this problem with most well-defined program names e.g. "Comodo" or "Dragon" I find the free Revo Uninstaller leaves a lot of left-overs behind, both in Windows and the Registry. So I use "Everything" to search for left-overs in the OS - "Everything" does not search the Registry.

I have used RegSeeker for years, without a problem, using ONLY the Automatic cleaner, and never have I trashed my registry.

But as you rightly say, caution is definitely required.

Thanks for the comment.

How about testing's free tweakers? The "repair all-in-one" is quite something.,,

Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 6 months ago MidnightCowboy It's probably a little unfair just to single out RegSeeker because any program of this type is capable of the same as I inferred in my original post. We do however feel a need to keep posting a warning as this software type is responsible for more unbootable machines than any other cause. The situation is not helped by the amount of posts on the web saying something like "XXX reg cleaner hosed my system so now I'm using YYY and it's much better". What users fail to appreciate is, it is not the software at fault but themselves so the original mistake is odds on to be repeated no matter which program they choose to use. Security programs are the most difficult to remove without leaving traces behind because they often "hide" pieces of themselves around your system and by their nature are very entwined into it. That said, most vendors provide a removal tool and/or specific instructions for removal. Software that doesn't uninstall cleanly by these methods I would avoid from the respective vendor in the future. Only by voting with their feet can users influence developers to provide software that will not interfere with other products after the program has been uninstalled. My own recommendation is to image your system from a clean install of Windows but before adding any security software. This enables you to replace most of what you had cleanly and quickly should difficulties arise after a failed removal, and then add your new firewall/AV combinations later. It's also worth pointing out that most vendor forums offer advice about the specific removal of third party items that may be interfering with the installation and/or performance of their own product. This is by far the better route than relying on a registry cleaner scan that by it's nature will include sometimes many ambiguous entries. MC - Site Manager. view
Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 6 months ago GizmoJr

A firewall is a complicated topic. There are so many variables in correctly configuring a firewall to work properly. The star ratings given to these firewalls in this review are pretty much right on the money.
Novice users, I highly recommend using Zone Alarm. You have to go a long way to get out of the novice range, without some training, or heavy study.
More advanced users, I say Private Firewall is an excellent choice. Private Firewall is my choice of Firewall, to use on my computer.
Now if you are proficient at using and configuring firewalls. Comodo Firewall is in a class all by it self. But has to be recognized as one of the best software Firewalls on the market today, when configured properly. But it has a very steep learning curve, unless you are a Pro. Good Luck!

Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 6 months ago t i m Also would like to add on that, I too had the problem of Comodo not properly uninstalling; any product that causes such problems upon removal doesn't really sit well in my books. Glad that you were able to eventually uninstall it successfully, and have found another great alternative! view
Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 6 months ago e-j

does anyone know if outpost security suite free is still active?

i looked at the user reviews from and softpedia and the comments are from 2011 and 2012.


Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 6 months ago securityanalyst

Just an FYI about my experience with PrivateFirewall. I run XP Pro SP3 and installed this app b/c I needed to block an app that I bought from checking for updates. I used it for about a week and it hosed the IP stack. I was able to to fix the stack by using an uninstaller that I use to uninstall PrivateFirewall, and then did a system restore to the point before I installed it. Needless to say, I will not soon use another firewall app. Because like an idiot, I installed it on my production PC. I should have ran it in a sandbox but forgot about it. But I also did want to say that the write-up on this app was stellar, and spot on!! Sometimes of course, this sort of thing will happen. But I do know that the IP stack was healthy before I installed the firewall. Thanks for the great site Gizmo!!

Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 6 months ago satrow

I sometimes get to debug crashes that turn out to be triggered by incomplete uninstalls of older security software clashing with the networking subsystem and the current security software (Norton, McAfee and ZA are the most frequent culprits), so it's worth checking that you have fully uninstalled all old security programs by using the appropriate removal tool(s). I use the list here: but I'm sure there's a link to other lists here at Gizmo's too.

Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 6 months ago MidnightCowboy I contacted Greg Salvato the CEO of Privacyware who is always quick to respond to support queries from Gizmo's Freeware members. In this case though he is confused, as I am, by the term "hosed the IP stack" used? Also, no details were provided of what happened for you to reach this conclusion? As it stands, he is 99% certain this issue is unrelated to Privatefirewall but will happily pursue it if more details are provided. MC - Site Manager. view
Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 6 months ago securityanalyst

Great site satrow. I've not gone there until today. Very useful information. Thanks a lot.

Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 5 months ago Hugheen

Wonderful reviews and information. Terrific site. One thing that seems
missing although I might be missing the obvious and that is do any of these
free firewalls provide any level of any kind of support.

I'm one week from expiration of Comodo commercial so a prompt response would be much appreciated. I found support from Comodo somewhat erratic.



Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 5 months ago freestuffrocks

I'm a little confused as to which is the best HIPS firewall. According to the quick selection guide, Private Firewall is the new number one yet, in the detailed review of each HIPS firewall, in the 'Firewalls With Strong HIPS Protection' section, it says "Comodo Firewall is the best choice for users seeking a full featured security suite".

Is it simply that the quick selection guide has been updated but the detailed reviews haven't, because those for Comodo and PrivateFirewall look just the same as when Comodo was still number one? Thanks.

Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 5 months ago t i m I believe most of the free ones usually offer support mostly in a community forum. Comodo, for example, has one - but I can't say how good (or not) they are, whether for the commercial or freeware version. Some products offer so-called 'premium support' for their paid versions, where one can get responses from the team themselves, instead of from community forum members. Others do have a contact form where users could contact the developers directly, but other than PrivateFirewall (more on that below), I don't experience to comment in that regard. Perhaps someone else could chime in here. Greg Salvato, CEO of Privacyware, is quick to respond to queries in regards to PrivateFirewall, and is helpful with any issues that arise from the software. So in terms of support, they are probably at the top of the group. view
Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 5 months ago t i m The detailed review for Comodo was written back when it was the #1 choice, however others have since caught up and so, combined with other issues with Comodo, it's no longer the clear-cut #1 choice (at least for now). The biggest issue with PrivateFirewall, in my opinion, is the user interface is still not too user friendly, so the more beginner users may feel confused and overwhelmed with it. Comodo has a more simplier, user-friendly interface which they may prefer. Of course the advanced users probably won't have any problems with it. Hence why to date there is no "Gizmo's Award" for a top class freeware pick from the list. Of course that may change in the future, but right now seems more of a tie, and I felt it would be unfair to set the award when there is no clear-cut winner. Thanks for pointing that out though - I should re-word those sections to make it more clear. And I stuff rocks! view
Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 4 months ago rhl7943

I'm using online armor for the first time and it seems to be a good program.
However, I installed the KM Player and tried to uninstall KM because it stole a bunch of my file associations, but it wouldn't uninstall until I exited online armor altogether. Seems they don't play well.

Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 4 months ago MidnightCowboy Why not just remove the file association changes made at install via the KMP settings? For future reference, installing the free version of WinPatrol will enable you to block such changes in the event they are not wanted. Any firewall with a HIPS component is likely to interfere with some system processes because part of its function is to protect these. It just depends on the product (and how you have it configured) and is not a fault within the software of either product. MC - Site Manager. view
Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 4 months ago JediInverse

Been running Comodo for years now and can't complain. However recently I have encounters issues when running Comodo 6 with Avast 7. When I started my PC (Win 7 64bit) Avast woulkd load but sometimes Comodo would not (about 33% of the time). Until Comodo loaded (i.e. the tray icon appeared) I was unable to browse the internet, email and software updates (well AVAST update) worked fine but internet browsing would not. Tried the various solutions on both the Comodo and AVAST forums, added both programs as exceptions to each other, disable the behavior blocker on AVAST, then swapped and disabled Comodo's instead, then turned it off on both, none of it solved the problem.
I have run the AVAST & Comodo combination for years and this problem only occurred when both were updated to their newest versions. I have also had this problem on multiple computers.
My solution in this case was to drop Avast and replace it with BitDefender, paid version on my main PC and the new free version (which as real-time protection) for the others.
Has anyone else had this issue, would be interested to know how you guys fixed it if you did?

Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 2 months ago RandyDoqa

Can you please till me if "Comodo Firewall" is still the best choice as free firewall software or not, i am asking because in your review i noticed that you rated "PrivateFirewall" with 4.5 stars and "Comodo Firewall" with 4, so i want to know if "PrivateFirewall" is the best choice now or not, or it is still "Comodo Firewall"?

I follow your review for my choice so i want to know which is the best now.

And thank you so much for your review.

Best Free Firewall Protection 3 years 2 months ago BrollyLSSJ

I would like to see Binisoft Windows Firewall Control tested. Online Armor is now in the beta phase of version 7. Version 6 has been out since a year or so. Sphynx Windows 7 Firewall Control is at version 5, version 6 is in beta testing. Maybe the tests can be update (OA 6, W7FC 5, BiniSoft).