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Best Free Spyware And Adware Remover 1 year 11 hours ago Miss Souza

All four of the suggested software tools for removal of adware/spyware in your selection guide require installation on your computer "Runs as a stand-alone program on a user's computer". I am travelling, have picked up an adware infection that keeps popping up on my computer but I don't have my admin password & ID with me. Is there a tool that I can connect to on-line that scans & will remove it without me needing to install anything as I cant at the moment?


THis is what Sophos says about the threat

Virus Name: McAfeeGW: Heuristic.BehavesLike.VBS.Exploit.A
File Name: set_inf2.php
Filter Name: HTML Filter

Best Free Spyware And Adware Remover 1 year 9 hours ago bo.elam

Hi Miss Souza, you can try ESET Online virus scan. If you run it using Internet Explorer, it will run in the browser. The spam filter in this site blocks the link for it when I post it. Search for the webpage using Google and click the link on the left side. Good luck.

You can also try this tool. Try it first.


Best Free Spyware And Adware Remover 12 months 4 days ago Miss Souza

Thanks Bo for your swift response.

Unfortunately the adwcleaner requires me to download & I need administrator priveleges - so can't use it.

Even the ESET virus scan (though on-line) initially requires that I have administrator priveleges to download an active-x control - as stated in the help below:

"Need assistance with ESET Online Scanner?
ActiveX controls are programs that use Microsoft's architecture for running applications through Internet Explorer. The ESET Online Scanner is implemented as an ActiveX control, which means you must first download and install it before the program can be run through the web browser. To install or uninstall the ESET Online Scanner ActiveX control, you must have Administrator privileges"

Any other ideas? - I really appreciate your help

Best Free Spyware And Adware Remover 10 months 2 weeks ago fred here

USE THE OLDER SPYBOT FREE VERSION WITH TEA TIMER. must have tea timer to have REAL-TIME protection. it downloads up to date definitions in the main spybot window as well as immunizes and scans and fixes (deletes) any found ads. also use adwcleaner. it found a lot that no other software found. thanks for that gizmo. i hadn't heard of it (or just havent used in years and forgot). tea timer is the real deal. i use scotty winpatrol but it is spotty performance. tea timer works every time.

Best Free Spyware And Adware Remover 6 months 1 week ago biggerabalone

i think the reviewer was indicating that the immunization feature was the real time protection. and i guess, it kinda is (but not in the traditional way you'd usually think of it - as real time scanning with the engine, etc).

Best Free Spyware And Adware Remover 1 month 2 weeks ago bili_39

SpywareBlaster 5.4 has been released!

-Enhanced Google Chrome support
-Enhanced Mozilla Firefox detection & support
-Enhanced Windows 10 support
-Improved detection of Google Chrome.
-Improved support for the latest versions of Google Chrome.
-Improved handling of Google Chrome on Windows XP.
-Improved detection of Mozilla Firefox profiles.
-Improved support for the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox.
-Improved support for the latest versions of Pale Moon.
-Numerous other bug fixes, optimizations, and tweaks.

Best Free Spyware And Adware Remover 2 weeks 5 days ago zeshanbilal

Thanks for sharing! I have got these tools very helpful :)
Visit this one:

Best Free TCP Settings Tweaker Anonymous (not verified) view
Best Free Registry Editor 1 year 6 months ago Misty27

I'm not sure what about 2012 Registrar Registry Editor lite (or any version) put it below MS Regedit. There may be other 3rd party (free) software that rivals Registrar Lite, but I've not used any extensively.

I've used Registrar Lite & Regedit extensively in W 98, XP, Vista - for years. I've never found that Registrar messed anything up. On most all operations it can perform, it's faster than Regedit. WORD OF CAUTION: users that don't know what they're doing in the registry or don't back it up first, shouldn't be making changes.

Registrar Lite is much faster on searches (Find) & has far better display of search results than Regedit. Registrar lists all search results in a list w/ columns of data for each result, so it's easier to review results to find what's relevant.

Regedit gives one result at a time, then must "fast forward" to the next result found. The fast forwarding can take some time. Plus, Regedit forces you to go through possibly dozens of undesired search results, one at a time, even if not relevant.

Once in a great while, Registrar Lite can't open entries (usually marked in red), that Regedit can open. That's so seldom, it's hardly a concern - use Regedit on those.

Backing up the entire registry is also faster in Registrar & the files are much smaller.

Best Free Registry Editor 1 year 6 months ago sicknero

I just wanted to mention that Aezay now have a green light from WoT, though I can't actually recall a time when they didn't.

I really like Registry Commander ... the layout is unfamiliar at first (no tree view) and although it has an export function it lacks an option to restore the entire registry. These points aside though it's my favourite of the freebies. The search function I find fast enough (though speed isn't much of an issue for something that I don't use frequently) and the bookmarks are invaluable.

Best Free Registry Editor 1 year 5 months ago snakyjake

Here's my top choices:

1) Reg (By David K. Gasaway)

+ Goto Path
+ Search
+ Open Source
- There isn't a portable version, but it will still run.

2) O&O RegEditor

+ Goto Path
+ Search
+ Portable
- Didn't like the Search function as much as Reg.

3) Regscanner

+ Search
+ Portable
- Goto Path

Best Free Registry Editor 1 week 4 hours ago Stamimail

Please review RegMagik

Best Free Remote Access Software 3 years 2 weeks ago mrb186

Whoa! Been using Crossloop for a lot of years and pretty happy with it. Why is it missing from this comparison?

Best Free Remote Access Software 2 years 9 months ago mishmatta

I've been using LogMeIn Free for YEARS and have been 100% satisfied, until.... They're doing away with the free account soon (or restricting it to 10 computers).

I'm in need of a solution where I can have the ability to remotely connect to at least 20-30 computers (not at the same time). Its going to be a pain to switch because I need to log onto all of these computers to install the new software. :/

Can anyone recommend one over the other based on my criteria needed?

Best Free Remote Access Software 2 years 9 months ago mrb186

Take a look at Crossloop. Not sure how Logmein works, but with Crossloop, the other party has to give you an access code before you connect. Its been a real lifesaver for friends and relatives that have PC problems!

Best Free Remote Access Software 2 years 6 months ago Sanzharold

I´ve tested many apps and teamviwer and ammyy are the best.

Best Free Remote Access Software 2 years 6 months ago Lowe Gear Agree, Teamviewer is up there with the best. It is my personal preference. Ammyy also works well, but unfortunately has been linked to scam artists (see below) which has given it a bad rap. Despite this, it is technically a good product. view
Best Free Remote Access Software 2 years 2 weeks ago BigFriendlyDave

Just received an email from Logmein

"As of January 21, 2014, LogMeIn Free is no longer available. To continue using remote access, you will need to purchase an account subscription of LogMeIn Pro."

I'm a little bit disappointed by that

Best Free Remote Access Software 2 years 2 weeks ago rseiler

Neither is a free version of, as far as I can see. Not sure when that happened.

Sure, Teamviewer is great, but its free uses are quite contained. Friends and family gratis support only, no financial gain directly or indirectly. Logmein Free could even be used (legally) by businesses.

Best Free Remote Access Software 2 years 2 weeks ago MidnightCowboy Thank you for the above information. Both products have now been removed from the review. was from the same vendor as LogMeIn so it's no surprise this service has gone commercial too. MC - Site Manager. view
Best Free Remote Access Software 2 years 2 weeks ago rseiler

I think the trick now is finding a product that allows simple setup (i.e. no tortured sessions trying to get people 1,000 miles away to forward the right ports when they may not even know what a router is), automatic connection (no user intervention once setup), and that is free for more than just personal use.

I immediately thought of something like TightVNC, but it has the port problem. I'm not sure yet if there are any VNC varieties that have conquered this.

Remote Assistance in Windows requires user intervention.

Remote Desktop (host) isn't available across all versions of Windows.

Best Free Remote Access Software 2 years 2 weeks ago MidnightCowboy Good points. Hopefully when a new editor volunteers to take over this category review some research will turn up a few new alternatives. MC - Site Manager. view
Best Free Remote Access Software 2 years 2 weeks ago BrollyLSSJ

I also saw that yesterday. As I used it on my work computer, I need a new alternative. TeamViewer did not work (and I do not want to use it), CrossLoop does not work also. InPcRemote does also not work. Now I am in contact with the creators from PcRemote ( ), as they offer a free version for 1 computer, to get the information if I can also use it on my work computer. That would be enough for me as I can connect with VNC to my private computers. If they allow that, maybe that is an alternative to LogMeIn (except if LogMeIn is cheap, but I doubt that).

For non proxy stuff, maybe Chrome Remote Desktop (Browser Extension for google Chrome) is an alternative. CroosLoop also seems to work. Maybe InPcRemote is also usable, haven't tested it yet.

Best Free Remote Access Software 2 years 2 weeks ago Pentagon

Just like a drug dealer!

They get you hooked/used to their product for free, and then decide that they're going to charge for it. I think they'll lose a lot of business. I understand that they couldn't do it for free forever, but they could have made it a paid version for commercial and continued the free for the private individual. That would have been fair, rather than pi**ing everybody off like this.

My logmein dashboard said I had free until year 2020. Therefore, have they lied??

I am so upset with them as are everyone I know. And just like me, they'll vote with their feet by going elsewhere too.

Bye-bye logmein and raspberries to you.

Best Free Remote Access Software 2 years 2 weeks ago JD_Hupp is still a "freemium" product according to the 1/21 post at

For those interested in making some business use of remote control, it's worth noting that AMMYY and Supremo - both among the more-mentioned as Logmein Free replacements - are NOT licensed for free business use.

I have found no constraint against business use of Crossloop, but I have not tested it to see how it stacks up. It uses a proprietary package in conjunction with TightVNC, probably to secure it and to add a solution that does not involve configuring the firewall.

Best Free Remote Access Software 2 years 2 weeks ago rseiler

Yes, the Chrome Remote Desktop extension looks like a leading contender (totally free, headless, no port issues). I noticed a number of positive comments about it here yesterday, but I haven't tried it yet. The Google account thing might be an issue to navigate.

I found a nice, sortable master list of these programs here:

Update: Remote Utilities just came out with a version of its Team Viewer-like program that's free for up to 10 computers even for business use!

Best Free Remote Access Software 2 years 2 weeks ago Anupam Why don't TeamViewer and CrossLoop work for you? view
Best Free Remote Access Software 2 years 1 week ago BrollyLSSJ

They won't work, because it's a corporate network. More or less everything is blocked. LogMeIn was the only thing, which worked so far. RemotePC can be used for work computer also (the one free license) and it works for me. They also have an iPhone app. Yesterday I found other alternatives, which maybe can also be tested. AeroAdmin ( ) is like TeamViewer's initial release (just an app you start and give the codes to the admin, which should connect) and is also free for business use. Another software is Remote Utilities ( ), which is free for up to 10 computers even on business use ( ). They also got a iPhone app. Both (RemotePC & Remote Utilities) got a Windows Viewer Client (You had to pay for the LogMeIn counterpart). So far I like these 3 tools. RemotePC seems to be somewhat slower as it seems, but has even Video and Sound recording, file transfer and many other stuff.

Best Free Remote Access Software 2 years 1 week ago janetstiffler

Hi, I have been using Log Me In for the last 7 years - the Free Version. I need a program where no one has to be at the remote computer. Any suggestions?

I own my own company and need to log in remotely on a regular basis. Thanks so much!

Best Free Remote Access Software 2 years 1 week ago BrollyLSSJ

For me, RemotePC (only 1 computer free) and Remote Utilities (10 computers free) work with my company firewalls. Both have a Windows client (Viewer). Remote Utilities seem to be faster though, but RemotePC also has file transfer and other stuff. Both have an iPhone app (android also, if I am not wrong). RemotePC works with the browser also (java only, not sure what version though).

Best Free Remote Access Software 2 years 1 week ago mrb186

TeamViewer allows for un-attended remote control.

Best Free Remote Access Software 2 years 1 week ago JeffL

I only used LogMeIn to schedule programming on a VCR type application, on a dedicated home theater PC, from remote locations.

I need a replacement that will start up when Windows starts, and not require a new password to be entered, or given to the controlling computer. Also preferably, controlled from a web based screen without having to install a program.

Any suggestions?

UPDATE: Went with TeamViewer in unattended mode.

Best Free Remote Access Software 2 years 1 week ago janetstiffler

Hi, How can I get TeamViewer to access my work PC without someone being at my office to tell me the Partner ID number? I have tried a bunch of times to access my office from home and can't figure out how to do it. Thanks so much for your help!! Janet

Best Free Remote Access Software 2 years 1 week ago MidnightCowboy We are unable to provide individual support here in the comments sections. Please post your request here in our forum. MC - Site Manager. view
Best Free Remote Access Software 2 years 1 week ago mrb186

I'm pretty sure that you have to specify 'un-attended control' when you first install the program on the target computer. Do you recall seeing that choice?

Best Free Remote Access Software 2 years 1 week ago JeffL

I just installed TeamViewer, and it does have an un-attended option.
There is an extensive tutorial video that shows how to set it up for both attended and un-attended operation here:

Best Free Remote Access Software 2 years 1 week ago BrollyLSSJ

Remote Utilities also has sound capture, session recording (to watch, what was clicked or to record a video to support someone) and file transfer. Feature-wise I would say both are fine. Maybe Remote Utilities has some more options like power control, remote task manager, remote execute and Inventory manager. Installation-wise remotePC has somewhat more security. You need to login with email and password and enter a self decision pass-phrase on every computer login. It lists your computers like LogMeIn. On Remote Utilities Viewer you need to add the computers on your own.

The iOS app from Remote Utilities lacks Cntrl + Alt + Del Keys and special keys. Just posted in their forum my requests. On that case RemotePC is better.

But still the speed is way too slow with remotePC. It takes some Seconds for a click on start menu, while Remote Utilities is more or less instantly available. The Browser integration from RemotePC was not working here (my Java is probably to new).

Best Free Remote Access Software 1 year 12 months ago VAM

Like many on here I used teh free version of LogMeIn for many years and now find myself looking for another provider. Can anyone make a suitable recommendation please? My requirements are:

1 Simple remote access of my home pc, from my laptop and/or ipad when I'm away from home
2 Unattended access of my home pc
3 Just need simple access to my documents etc on my home pc. Don't need options to print to local printer, file share etc
4 Speed and smooth operation is important. I don't want to wait several seconds for a responce after clicking mouse
5 Free
6 Easy set up

There seems to be so much on the market and as I'm not the most IT literate, any help would be appreciated.

Best Free Remote Access Software 1 year 8 months ago crombierob

I tried Mikogo, and noticed two problems -
1) Does not appear to cater for unattended access. Which to me means that one dare not allow the remote PC to restart (say after software install).
2) It virtually ignores my mouse clicks. I can move the mouse pointer, and I can get the big red pointer, but clicks do not happen.
I have tried connecting to a really remote old XP laptop, and to a new laptop (Win 7 Pro) 10 feet away.

I help a lot of friends, so Teamviewer is starting to hint that it thinks I am 'commercial'
I have two questions -
1) If I do wear out my welcome, does it totally block future use, or does it restrict you to 5 minute sessions ?
2) When others are recommending Teamviewer alternatives, it would be great if they mentioned whether they cater for unattended access.


Best Free Remote Access Software 1 year 2 months ago UltraElf

I am suggest review the LiteManager Free is free for 30 PC

Best Free Remote Access Software 10 months 3 weeks ago SSingh

In addition to above mentioned remote support tools, R-HUB remote support servers ( can also be used for remotely accessing computers from anywhere.

Best Free Remote Access Software 2 months 3 weeks ago avtar

Any opinion on Aeroadmin?

Best Free Remote Access Software 2 months 2 weeks ago JakeTech

I use to provide support. They have both attended and unattended options, with the attended method being super easy to deploy to people. Their free version is limited to 2 computers, but the pro version is only $1/month per PC, if you need to support large numbers of people at one time.

Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 3 years 2 weeks ago dave61430

I may have missed it, but I don't see a compare with the windows built in defrag utility. Is there a significant gain in using one of these freebies.

Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 11 months ago Radelen

No, there's not.

Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 10 months ago jumba

Why not to review and include Ultimate Defrag Freeware Public Domain Edition?

It's old, released 2008, and non-supported version of the main commercial one, but still rather good and advanced defragger alternative, and in my opinion should be mentioned here. Is it for the same reason that the O&O freeware is not reviewed? Both are more adware than freeware :)

"More than just a defragger, UltimateDefrag is also a hard drive file placement optimizer that enables you to defrag and place your files in the areas on your hard drive where you achieve maximum performance. 80% of the time you only use 20% of the files on your hard drive. UltimateDefrag places your rarely used files out of the way and onto the slower performing areas of your hard drive making your drive perform like a new, almost-empty drive. Version 1.72 includes unspecified updates."

Read more: UltimateDefrag Freeware Edition - CNET

Moderators comment: Be sure to only use the "Direct Download Link" button to avoid the cnet wrapped installer and it's unwanted components.

Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 10 months ago jumba

Yes, there is, if one button "Defragment" isn't sufficient enough.

Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 10 months ago rmitch45 I have just recently joined as an editor of this topic and Ultimate Defraf-Freeware-Edition is on a list of products to test. Many free products are as supported. It costs money, either through donations, ads, or other avenues of revenue to support the availability of freeware products. I do want to emphasize the moderator's comment that with CNET Downloads, the software is bundled inside a wrapper. If you choose the default installation or don't take care to uncheck and decline additional offers, you will ens up with more than the software. I appreciate your conviction for UltimateDefrag. Thank you! view
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 10 months ago rmitch45 The Windows 7 and 8 built-in deragmentation tools are much better than those in the previous Windows Operating Systems. Some people prefer the Windows defrag tool, but there are advantages to using an alternate product. Many of the best free alternatives allow you to customize the process to alrge degree. There is even scripting support to help define the way the products perform. Some of the alternatives allow the defragmentation of files that are usually locked by windows. One example is the paging file. Disk optimization is another nice feature of many of these products. Optimization places the files and programs you utilize the most on the outer rim of the drive platters where it is quicker to access. This can help prolong the life of mechanical drives by reducing the movement on the mechanical drives. There is no benefit at all to defragmenting a Solid State Drive. They do not have the moving parts and de-fragmenting will reduce the life span of Solid State Drives. view
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 10 months ago jumba

I don't use it myself, I prefer other one, but it is in my opinion a good disk defragmenter to be mentioned and reviewed on a freeware disk defragmenter list as an alternative to these that are already mentioned.

Yeah the CNET is crap nowadays. Hard to find a download link for it and that was the first one. It seems that Disktrix isn't offering it anymore, although they seem to still host it.

Here is a better alternative link:

And Direct Download link from Disktrix:
[Edited out, direct download link is not allowed.]

Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 10 months ago rmitch45 I appreciate the suggestion. I will definitely check it out. To all of you, I will run my comments through a spell and grammar check before I post again. Thanks for overlooking the handful of typos! I'm a networking guy by trade, and writing anything other than Standard Operating Procedures, Network maps, and sub-netting is new to me. I did get my career start on the desktop and software end of IT though. I got into trying, using personally, and implementing in a business environment, good open source and freeware programs that help to keep computers running optimally. Disk De-fragmentation is one of those areas that can create a genuinely visible improvement in the speed and performance of a computer. Thank you again! view
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 10 months ago Sid in Extremis

Hello rmitch,

hope you have a good time with this.

One thing about defragging I've rarely seen mentioned is that many programs perform badly if hiberfile.sys and pagefile.sys get in the way. Temporarily disabling these, even on a disc with lots of room on it, can magically allow the program to do its job. I'm not sure if I'd advise the inexperienced to do this though.

One bonus with temporarily disabling the pagefile is that it gets defragged properly, something that a lot of programs don't actually seem to manage.

Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 10 months ago imstump

Watch out. UltraDefrag just blew in the middle of an Optimization on one of my PCs running Win7. It's got plenty of power and space on the HD. My system is hosed for now.

Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 10 months ago rmitch45 Were you using a Beta version? Can you isolate the issue to a particular setting or specific action. I am only asking because the product has consistently been highly ranked, and after testing on my personal machines, the licensing permits use within government and business environments. I have substituted UltraDefrag on many Windows 7 machines within my workplace due to the faster defragmentation times as well as the optimmization. I have it on about 30 desktops now in place of Defraggler. It has been performing very well on the Dell Optiplex Systems I am using it on. Thanks for your feedback. A word of caution to all: The open source and free tools are offered as is. The Open Source products generally have an active group of followers that are ready, willing, and able to assist with any issues and bugs. In many cases, I find the forums for these products to have better support than paid software. You may want to pose your specific situation in a forum. SourceForge can probably link you to the community. Keep me posted. view
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 10 months ago rmitch45 It is definitely something I can look at. I am hesitent to download installations from CNET because of the instalation wrappers that attempt to redirect home pages and add superfluous toolbars, etc. I will look for an alternate download site. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Do you have an idea of why it has not been updated more recently than 2008? Two of the products I am testing have already been updated within the last month. Active updates indicate that a product is heavily used and the developers have an interest in meeting the needs of the customer base. Thanks again for sharing! view
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 10 months ago rmitch45 I feel as if I only answered part of your question. It is extemely difficult to create a benchmark for a defragmentation product. Once you have run one on a system, improvements have already been made that will affect the performance of the next product tested on the same machine. Also, different computers have different software, configurations, etc. that make it more difficult to compare apples with apples. I have researched the built-in derfragmentation tools for Windows. The research is conclusive that with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Server 2008 R2, the performance of the Windows tool is vastly improved over previous Microsoft Operating Systems. With the alternatives, I am fond of the "Optimization" feature and the scripting features available for the command line features of some of the alternatives. Thanks again for your comments! view
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 10 months ago rmitch45 Thank you! One of the criteria I am considering is the native ability of a product to scan these files that Windows locks when the Operating System is running. Many of the alternatives include an option now to scan and defrag the paging file and hiberfile.sys. For those unfamiliar with the concept, the pagefile.sys is a portion of the hard disk that Windows uses as a supplement to RAM (memory). Windows will use the system RAM for the high priority tasks and services running and the paging area for inactive or queued functions until it needs them and they are moved to RAM. In Unix and Linux, the equivalent is the swap file. Feel free to Google this. I try hard to explain concepts in plain English, but some of the specifics become lost in translation. Thanks for the very valid, and very excellent reference to the hiberfile.sys and pagefile.sys. view
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 10 months ago imstump

Nope, I was using the newest stable version. I started the full slower optimization and left the house. Came back later to a shutdown PC. Started it up and got the message that Windows couldn't start. Two options... repair or start Windows normally. Starting Windows normally would just put me in the same spot. When I tried a repair, Windows gave me a message that it couldn't do it. Can't remember exactly what the message was. Luckily, I keep most of my stuff on an external drive! I would love to have been able to look at the events if Windows was able to log them. I still have the drive if you know where I could look for the events.

I also like the many options that this software gives you but I'm scared! Going back to Defraggler for now.

Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 10 months ago rmitch45 That is definitely unfortunate. The technician in me would love to look at the Event logs and the dump file. I am the editor of the defragmentation page on a voluntary basis as a way to contribute some of my experience and to answer questions related to this topic. Consequently, I have to be cautious about what I write and how I write it. I do not advocate that anyone opens or browses through Windows system files without the explicit warning that doing so can trash the Operating System. However, I can tell you that the log files are located within the Windows system files. More specifically, the .evt files are located within the %SystemRoot%\System32\Config folder. The files can be imported into a Comma Separated Values format (.csv)that is very similar to Excel. If you decide to have an IT Pro retrieve them for you, the answer to the crash will probably be in both the Application and System logs. As to Defraggler, it has always been stable, frequently updated, and on my personal top three list of de-fragmentation tools. I have installed Defraggler and it's sister program CCleaner on more machines than I can count. Defraggler will do a great job for you, is highly customizable, can be set to replace the Windows De-Fragmentation tool, and run automatically through a scheduled task. You can't go wrong with all of that. In my testing, if I find a negative impact on Windows from any of the products, I will certainly share that as part of creating an objective and unbiased list. Thanks again for sharing the information with me and the other readers! view
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 10 months ago MDRedwood

About MyDefrag; Just a "heads up": appears to be down today. I don't know if that means it is dead or just offline but...

Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 10 months ago MidnightCowboy Definitely down as of now: Could just be server maintenance, or as you suggest something more severe. Time will tell. MC - Site Manager. view
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 10 months ago rmitch45 I will check the link again tomorrow and see if it is backup along with any other information that may be available. Thanks gentlemen! view
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 10 months ago jumba

It came back on 10th April. Problem was with faulty dns-server, none could access the site although it was up and running.

Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 10 months ago MidnightCowboy Thanks for the update. :) MC view
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 9 months ago rmitch45 Thank you! That means I don't have to hunt down another product with fewer features to fill a gap. view
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 9 months ago rivosuoth

Sorry if repost.

My external hdd (seagate) has bad sectors. Do these defragmentation tools skip the bad sectors? Do they even detect them?

Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 9 months ago rmitch45 I've been at this a long time, but any IT Professional that tells you they know everything is probably suffering from narcissism. I believe that if the sectors are bad, the best de-fragmentation programs would skip over them. I will do a little research and post a question on the support forum for the number one program here, Ultra Defrag. The Open Source community is good at responding to queries and helping each other out. By the way, that is a great question. I appreciate it! view
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 9 months ago rmitch45 To all, I have been testing quite a few de-fragmentation programs. When I finish, the list won't look much different than what is presently posted. Ultra-Defrag has continued to win out on speed, functionality, and ongoing coding to make the product better. Defraggler is still easy to use and well supported. DiskTune and MyDefragmenter still perform well. I have also used Auslogics and like the entire package of tools they offer, but I don't like the constant pop-ups and advertising to purchase the "paid" version. I am still looking at others with mixed results from very good to fair. I have also taken into consideration that the built-in Microsoft de-fragmentation tool has improved vastly. At some point, I will write about a couple of tools from SysInternals that add to the functionality of the built-in tool. Thanks for the comments and questions! Keep those coming. Also, Internet privacy is becoming a huge deal, so check out for VPN's and free VPN services. If you are constantly on the move, like me, you can check your bank account or place orders with an added layer of protection when you are on a shared or open wireless connection. view
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 9 months ago rmitch45 Privacy is important. I thought I would go ahead and grab the link for you all to look at the "Best Free Services for Anonymous Surfing". Please do take a look: view
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 9 months ago rmitch45 From what I read on the Windows De-fragmentation tool, since before XP, de-fragmentation can help prevent bad sectors, actively searches for bad sectors, and attempts to repair them. This exclude, of course, Solid State Hard Drives. I will still check further into my favorite, UltraDefrag, and see if there is any more information on the topic. view
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 9 months ago George.J Although UltraDefrag is a great product, what I don't like about it is that, it leaves a file behind on every drive that's been scanned. Although on this page it says that if reporting is disabled, then no files would be left behind. view
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 8 months ago rmitch45 I have verified your last comment that if reporting is disabled, the file is not left behind. I appreciate the information. Even as much as I have used the product, I did not think about the log file or that it can be disabled. view
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 8 months ago rmitch45 I was attempting to respond to a predominantly negative post regarding open source and free software. Fortunately, one of the other editors or webmaster have removed the response. This does give me an opportunity to restate that I believe in and support the development and use of free software for a variety of reasons. Some, like the free de-fragmentation software, are developed to give computer users a better way, or more control, over maintenance tasks. In my opinion, Microsoft has improved its built-in defragmentation tool over the years because customers were seeking out and using alternatives that did a better job in less time. Both directly and indirectly, freeware advances the development of features, functionality, and competition in the digital marketplace. As always, thanks for visiting the site. Please check out some the other great categories and links. You might find just what you need. view
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 7 months ago rmitch45 This is not a reply to my previous comment, but rather an unofficial commentary for those of you who prefer Microsoft's built-in De-Fragmentation utility. I hope you enjoy the commentary and respond with your own experiences. The pseudo-article is double spaced to make it easier to read. All of the writing is my own original work except for the cited quote from TechNet. June 20th,2013 rmitch45 a.k.a. Robert Windows 7 and Windows 8 native De-fragmentation As I have written before, the built-in de-fragmentation software for Windows is much improved. I happen to believe this is at least partially the result of so many free and commercial software offerings that provided features and functions that were missing in the Windows De-fragmentation tools. Alone, the native Operating System De-fragmentation tool from Microsoft still lack some good features and functions. Sysinternals started off developing software that added many of most popular commands and tools found in UNIX and Linux Operating Systems. Most IT technicians are at least familiar with the Sysinternals “PS Tools”. Microsoft embraced the efforts of Sysinternals and purchased the company and the suites of specialized tools. Page Defrag is one of those tools that were developed by Sysinternals during the early 2000’s. According to TechNet; “PageDefrag uses advanced techniques to provide you what commercial defragmenters cannot: the ability for you to see how fragmented your paging files and Registry hives are, and to defragment them” (Russinovich, 2006, To correct the older TechNet description , there are other free De-Fragmentation software packages that have the capability de-fragment your paging file and registry hives, but PageDefrag adds this capacity to Microsoft’s built-in tool. I have use PageDefrag before, and the tool does what it is intended to in a pretty easy and intuitive way. The Microsoft Operating Systems’ built-in de-fragmentation tools are still not in my top 5, but for many PC owners, it is their favorite and primary tool for Hard Disk maintenance. So; to those many devoted Microsoft users, this is a tool you may definitely want to give a try. The tool is available from Microsoft’s TechNet site, as well as many other locations. My personal favorite download site is Softpedia. This is not an official top 5, or a standalone website article. For those reasons, I will not include a link to the software. Instead, just open Google, Bing, Yahoo, or your favorite search site and type in “download Sysinternals PageDefrag”. At home I use UltraDefrag to perform de-fragmentation of the paging file. At work, most of the technicians use Defraggler, by Piriform, to handle the paging file. Both of these free de- fragmentation software tools are in the top 5 list at disk-de-fragmenter.htm one of the many Gizmo’s top free software categories. As always, thank you for your comments and support of both the de-fragmentation page and entire collection of awesome resources available at Please feel free to comment on your experiences with any of these free products or another free product in the same category. The website offers and focuses on free resources, so please refrain from commenting on “Commercially” licensed and purchased products. I hope you enjoyed the information. I look forward to hearing from others who may have used this Sysinternals supplement. Most Sincerely, Robert (rmitch45 current page editor) view
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 7 months ago mrfingerz

I think DiskTune may now be discontinued. It doesn't seem to be listed on their site and the link to it above doesn't work btw.

Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 7 months ago rmitch45 Thank you very much. I will check to see if the website is temporarily down or possibly migrated or abandoned. If you want to give it a try, the Softpedia link still offers you access to download the latest version. I have spent a lot of time the last couple of weeks installing an Intrusion Detection/Protection System at work. It has made me think about what most malicious hackers are after, information. In particular, the crooks are looking for PII (personally identifiable information). With Smart Phones, tablets, pads, laptops, and Ultra Books saturating the market, security is not just a business concern anymore. It should be a personal concern. This wonderful site is a large library of articles and products you can use to protect your personal information. I first learned the word "Hardening" in a Comp-TIA Security + class. It is simply the act of taking actions to correct security vulnerabilities and minimizing the possibility of a breach. All Web Browsers have vulnerabilities. Start your personal security training by reading Chiron's article How to Harden Your Browser Against Malware and Privacy Concerns. This is only one of many great security resources available on this site. Here is URL for your convenience: This is a sound start to protecting yourself. Please check out the free VPN services on this site as well. In any public location, browsing the web is a lot safer when your information is encrypted and bounced around through Servers all over the world. Everyone take care and have a safe, enjoyable weekend! Sincerely, Robert (rmitch45) view
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 7 months ago rmitch45 I thank you again. The creators of the product are still and around. New hard disk software is available, but the focus is hard disk repair for file recovery and forensics. As I stated earlier, the Softpedia link is still good. It looks like support and quite possibly development of DIY Data Recovery is being discontinued. I would advise all readers to use one of the other products until I can identify the best replacement for the product. I will do some more research on the possibility of a future release, but I expect after I can confirm the de-fragmentation tool will no longer be supported, I will remove it from the top five. I will look at my test data and do additional testing to see if another product is solid enough for the list. My favorite, UltraDefrag, is still available, supported, and updated regularly. Sincerely, Robert (rmitch45) view
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 7 months ago rmitch45 There are going to be many sad users of DiskTune. In a reply to a consumer on June 3rd, 2013, one of the company's developers verified that DiskTune is "discontinued for the time being". I have not been able to find any details on why the product is no longer available. If anyone happens upon an explanation, please share it with me. I am extremely curious why such a popular product has been abruptly discontinued. Thank you again mrfingerz. I have confirmed your assumption and will submit a site change to my peers without DiskTune included. Take care, Robert (rmitch45) view
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 7 months ago 4goTTen21

I'm sorry but Disktune will no longer be available. A second release was planned but Joep (the man behind Disktune) in that time told me "So, yes, I do have plans for the tool, just need to find the time" but that was in October 2012. It's sads news for everyone. Anyway, thanks Joep end thanks Disktune for such great piece of software.

Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 7 months ago rmitch45 I appreciate the extra information and an independent verification of what I read. Perhaps down the road, we will see a new release. DiskTune was heavily downloaded and used by many people around the world. Independent testing and use verified that DiskTune is one of the best de-fragmentation tools out there. It was in the top 5 when I was offered the opportunity to serve as the editor for this page. My testing and use of the product convinced me to leave it right it was. I still have it running on several family members computers. It is sad, and I don't really know if there is another product out there worthy of moving into the list. I will look around and test some more to see. Thanks to all of you for sharing information, confirming information, and using the products we feature here! Take care and have a great weekend. Most Sincerely, Your De-Fragmentation Editor rmitch45 (Robert) view
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 6 months ago rmitch45 Thanks for the update. I will keep my fingers crossed that he finds the time to create a newer version. It has been a long lived, solid, and effective tool. view
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 5 months ago batsdude

"my defrag" totally screwed up my hard drive. I dl'd it and ran it one time. It made ALL my movies unusable, and to make matters worse I went from 8% fragmentation to 32% at completion! It took days to straighten out, and if I wanted to fragment my sys I couldn't of done a better job of screwing it up than this one did!

Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 5 months ago rmitch45 I used it prior to switching to UltraDefrag. I never had an issue like that, but I have read a few horror stories with different defragmentation tools. I've even read about a couple from the built-in Microsoft Defragmentation tools. Hindsight is 20/20, but the best thing to do is backup all of your important files. For me, that includes Music and my movie collection. Like a true geek, I love movies and have a re-purposed Desktop running XBMC, a NAS, and I stream my music and movies. Creating an image or "clone" of your hard drive is another backup method that allows the drive to be restored as it was at the time of the imaging process. Gizmo's has a page for this type of software: Anyone wanting some extra protection should definitely check this page out. I am a LAN manager by day, and I have a LUN (drive space) set aside for my desktop techs to store images from different machines. I create images of my test server before applying hot-fixes or patches for testing. It is a common practice for home users and professionals. Again, I am sorry to hear what happened to your hard drive, but until the size increases and the price decreases, solid state drives will not be a viable substitute for defragmentation. To maintain efficiency on traditional drives, de-fragmenting the drive is the best practice for reversing the chronic degradation of drive performance. For the state agency I work for, I am required to "defrag" my drives quarterly. Within the agency, 2 of the tools listed on this page are widely used: Defraggler and UltraDefrag. Thanks for sharing your stories, leaving comments, and reading mine! Take care! -rmitch45 a.k.a. Robert view
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 5 months ago rmitch45 I have a comment I want to add to the repeat "seminar writer", to borrow a phrase used in talk radio. This means that I repeatedly receive a very similar post, under the guise of a normal reader who wants to share, but the post comes from someone from a particular company trying to advertise a specific software. The posts always involve O & O, and how wonderful it is. I have tried O&O, it works, but if it were one of my favorites, it would be in the top 5. I hope that ends the repeat messages. Thanks everyone! -rmitch45 (Robert) view
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 5 months ago windyctyprog

I have a question about Defraggler...

I have been using Auslogics Disk Defrag for a number of years, but recently uninstalled it because the length of time to run "defrag and optimize" is now over 1.5 hours, when it could be accomplished in 20 minutes or less for years.

So, I tried Defraggler.

I must be incredibly stupid because I simply can't understand why Defraggler keeps telling me that it is going to take ">1 Day" to defrag.

Even quick defrag tell me that it's going to be 5 hours.

What am I doing wrong?

This morning after running the analysis again, there were 319 fragmented files, 603 MB, out of a 250 gig HD, with 65% free space.

I have yet to complete a defrag because this is completely illogical, it simply makes no intuitive sense, when I keep reading in various forums, including the Gizmo's forum, that it is so quick.

Can anyone please explain this before I uninstall this program?

I have been using 3rd. party defrags for a few years, but I am very flummoxed by recent behavior - I can't understand why all of a sudden these programs are now taking so long to get the job done.

Nothing, and I mean nothing has changed on my system from one update to another, no new software, not in a long time.

Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 5 months ago 4goTTen21

With mitch permission, I'll recommend you to make a disk check:

-Command prompt

chkdsk /f /r /b (could take a while)

I suspect a corrupted mft

Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 5 months ago windyctyprog

Are you recommending that I schedule Check Disk?

If so, I just ran it after I uninstalled Auslogics and installed Defraggler.

What is a corrupted mft?

What is mitch permission?

I'm sorry, but I simply don't understand the jargon.

It is not logical that, eventhough Auslogics' optimize and defrag times have increased, that Defraggler takes greater than a day to defrag.

If that's normal, than I'll look elsewhere.

Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 5 months ago Anupam mitch is the editor of this category... rmitch45. MFT is Master File Table: He did not ask you to schedule a check disk. He gave you the command to run from command prompt in order to run check disk immediately. Command prompt can be started from Start Menu --> Run --> Type "cmd" and press Enter. This will open the command prompt, where you can enter the command that he told in his post. view
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 5 months ago windyctyprog

OK - will let you know what I find.


Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 5 months ago 4goTTen21

Sorry about poor explanation

A corrupted Master File Table could lead to slow information retrieve from disk so is slows down average read. Defrag use MFT to organize files.

You have two different defragmenters with different algorithm, so is normal it display different estimated time.

Yes. I recommend you to open an elevated command prompt and run a check disk

If you need more help how to do this, please ask.

rmitch is the former editor of this section, and I'm the older editor so, with his permission I'll take your question

Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 5 months ago 4goTTen21

Thanks Anup.
D@mn, guy, you still as fast as a thunder

Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 5 months ago windyctyprog

Thanks for the help...

Chkdsk ran all night, didn't find anything.

Everything is OK, which I knew it would be.

I had just run chkdsk a week or so ago when I uninstalled Auslogics - there was nothing then, nothing now.

Not sure where to next...I am still baffled why Defraggler was taking so long in either mode, quick or full on defrag.

Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 5 months ago Anupam LOL. I try :D. It's good to see you around :). view
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 5 months ago rmitch45 It sounds like you received some great advice that worked for you! This is an excellent community of users willing to help each other out. Reading the back and forth on this issue re-enforces my beliefs about the online freeware and open source community. You all are the best! As far as sheer speed goes, UltraDefrag is very fast. Defraggler has continuous updates, product enhancements, and notifies you when your version is out of date. I've written scripts to run it at boot and defrag paging files. There are positives to each of them. Last week, I uninstalled Auslogics from my personal laptop. My computer was slowing down, and I investigated. A simple Task Manager session on running processes sorted by memory use told me Auslogics was chewing up the largest portion of my memory. I can't say it would do that to anyone else, but that was my personal experience. An issue has to be consistent, predictable, and repeatable before I would say there is a flaw. Thanks to everyone! rmitch45 view
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 5 months ago rmitch45 You provided an excellent and speedy response. You don't need my permission to come and play on the playground you built. I tried a number of products when I started as the editor. For the dozen and a half I tried, I couldn't find anything better than what you had already quantified. I'm sorry that MyDefrag is retiring support and advancement of their product, but it still does a great job. Thanks again for the sound advice. I think others will find the information useful as well. I usually check in for questions every other day, but my job includes Disaster Recovery. I had an incident that kept me busy 18 hours a day for four days. Still tired from that. I wanted to give you my personal Thank You! for the foundation you built, and for providing prompt and valid advice to a reader in need. Take care! -rmich45 view
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 4 months ago Radelen

I would suggest you a very simple solution, mate: Just stop bother with all these free defrags. From time to time run "Analyze" button of built-in Windows defrag utility and if it tells you: "Your file system performance is good, you don't need to defragment at this time" (or something like that) - just go and enjoy your computing and stop worrying about nothingness...

Sometimes the "fragmentation/defragmentation" issues is too much overrated - let's not make them more significant than actually they are...

Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 2 years 1 week ago mkg_just4u

Please add Smart Defrag in this list (

Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 1 year 12 months ago skross

Any thoughts on Iobit's SmartDefrag? It has been around for years and has boot defrag options. Please consider for review.

Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 1 year 12 months ago MidnightCowboy This review currently has no editor so no new programs will be considered for inclusion until someone volunteers to take it over. MC - Site manager. view
Best Free Disk De-fragmenter 1 year 9 months ago BrollyLSSJ

I would like to see a review of WinContig.