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2 weeks 5 days ago Best Free Windows 64-bit Software Remah

I've taken over this category again and will be making many changes as the article recommendations have not been actively updated for two years.

I will start with three changes affecting the entire article:

+ Screenshots will be added.

+ The focus will almost exclusively be on 64-bit software.

+ 32-bit software that is recommended here will have no discussion and only a link to the category where it is recommended elsewhere on this site. If it not recommended elsewhere on this site or there is something specific to using it in 64-bit Windows then I will include some relevant detail.

Remah - Editor

2 weeks 5 days ago Monitor Your PC's Activity With A Free Utility eikelein

"aardvarked" is a heaven-sent, thanks! You made me LOL LOL LOL!
Are you from South Africa or somewhere in that neighborhood?
And btw: They did aardvark it

2 weeks 6 days ago Best Free Media Player for Android Quorthon

Thanks for the reply. I have set Diceplayer to install and will report back how I get on. Good idea about ES File Explorer, I used to have that, but swapped it for another smaller app. I will go back to it if my current file manager does not share the capability to set the default app for files.

UPDATE - Diceplayer does show a samba server on my phone (well it says something like SMB: in the list of directories), but ti does not seem capable of reading any files in it... I've uninstalled it.

2 weeks 6 days ago Large Collection of Free eBooks from Microsoft Gibbs.Slap

Thanks Vic! What a pleura of information on this site. I found and downloaded approximately 15 eBooks mostly for Win 7 and Office 2010. Will I ever read all of them probably not but I have them if I need them and won't have to go search all over the net.

Thanks for the great find:)


2 weeks 6 days ago Best Free Digital Image Viewer marcdarkin

Yes, I scanned the installer (.exe file) still packed. One can't be sure that a PUA will be detected without being in a database, but common sense dictates that an official installer for this program should be clean. One can't be sure that Irfan Skiljan wouldn't be willing to tarnish his good reputation after so many years of providing so many users with such a great app, but common sense tells he wouldn't. When I installed the program downloaded from Softpedia I wasn't offered to install anything else and I haven't seen any unwanted changes to my system in any way.

I found Softonic and a couple of their user reviews mention IrfanView as ad-supported, too. Maybe the ads and add-ons are wrapped in the download from their own site. Irfanviewsetup.exe is also found to be infected by adware in an analysis by herdProtect ( ), but they don't specify where the installer was downloaded from.

IrfanView is such a popular program that lots of sites have it available for download. The author himself warns about this on his own site. I wouldn't be worried about the software itself; what concerns me more is its origin. If you're one of IV's users and want to update your old version, just follow the common sense one should put into everything in life.

2 weeks 6 days ago Best Free Digital Image Viewer gazzawazza

hi SickNero

How elderly is elderly? Surely time for an upgrade?!

I didn't, for the most part, find QTtabbar to be CPU unfriendly... although there's occasionally a bit of lag when moving between tabs. Also, I've got a pretty current PC, so can throw stuff at it (although I do keep an eye on my CPU cycles too and again haven't really found QTtabbar to be naughty).

Please note that the lag I mention is almost certainly, in part, down to other apps I have running in parallel. As I mentioned in a much earlier post I have found an app that compensates for Win7's absence of realtime foldersize declarations (called folder size - sourceforge) but this additional app needs time to do the analysis and calculations.

Anyway, I've checked the QTtabbar bugtracker (thanks for the tip) and at least found corroboration about tabs not being remembered on reboot.

Not sure about the filter box that you refer to? Could you elaborate?

The version of windows I have already has a filter box, as part of explorer. I use a 3rd party search app anyway ("listary"), because I don't really like windows search (although it seems to work well within Outlook). Ironically, I didn't want the harddrive thrashing associated with the indexing that Windows Search requires, so just removed basically all folders from its indexing list. I accepted that without indexing, windows search would be slow. However, it wasn't slow so much as literally did not work on network folders on other PCs (even ones containing only maybe 30+ files), so gave up with Windows Search and reviewed 3rd party apps.

I chose listary and was/am happy with it. It too creates an index but I found said indexing VERY unobtrusive and listary's FAQ claims that its indexing is typically only a few seconds. Am not quite sure why it should be so quick, when Microsoft say that if you find the native indexing intrusive, you can suspend it for 15 min intervals, which obviously implies how long it could take i.e. measured in mins and hours, not seconds!

Anyway, definitely a thumbs up for listary.



2 weeks 6 days ago Find Out What Your PC's Been Doing, With This Event Log Explorer rob.schifreen

You need to click on the "get free license" link, which should give you a key that's good for 3 computers and will never expire. It worked for me.

Hope this helps a little.

2 weeks 6 days ago Concerned About The Demise Of Truecrypt? Try This Freebie Instead. alstjq1003

Diskcrypt may be a sufficient alternative, but only if you need to encrypt disk drives. For those people who still want to use truecrypt, it IS still available as a discontinued version. There is version 7.1a and more information in this site.

2 weeks 6 days ago Deeper into the Windows Registry George.J

Thanks, let me get myself some free time to read the article :)

2 weeks 6 days ago Monitor Your PC's Activity With A Free Utility lunchbeast

I think you guys aardvarked the URLs in your newsletter. Both stories, the salmon-bear game and the process monitor, link here.

2 weeks 6 days ago How to build and host a website for free - 2 chris.p

Remember that if you use a free hosting service, you will probably need to login and make some edits every now and then. Otherwise, they may delete your site. Take a look at their ToS first.

2 weeks 6 days ago Best Free Registry Cleaner Remah

That article is now published and the link provided in this review.

2 weeks 6 days ago Deeper into the Windows Registry Remah

The final format of this article is yet to be decided so if you have any suggestions then let me know. It goes deeper into the registry than most articles aimed at users.

Remah - Editor

2 weeks 6 days ago How to build and host a website for free - 2 chris.p

I got hung up before I could do Part 3, so I've removed the references to it. One day I'll get it done. When I get a round tuit probably.

2 weeks 6 days ago How to build and host a website for free - 2 chris.p

My opinion - not shared by everyone of course - is that (1) unless you know for certain that your website will be of less than 4 or 5 pages, or (2) you are keen to learn HTML/CSS website coding, then you should use a simple dynamic site, aka a CMS. This is a prebuilt website application that uses a database. One of the simplest of all is Wordpress, a micro-cms that absolutely anyone can create a website with immediately. If you envisage a site with more capability, then use Joomla, a full-feature CMS - but it's a little harder to use initially.

If you want to learn how it all works then by all means code a 'real' website with HTML and CSS, according to the instructions given above. There is nothing better as a foundation for future web projects as you will then understand what the code does.

If it's for speed and ease of set up, use a CMS or micro-cms. If you are keen to learn, use HTML as it's the bricks & mortar that everything else uses.

If you want an impressive brochure site then Joomla is the answer. Don't expect to be given everything on a plate though - Joomla is the most customisable CMS out there, and it's designed as a framework: the basic install out of the box will almost certainly not be what you want, you need to add/improve, and that means learning about the world of CMS.

2 weeks 6 days ago Finds of the Week: NASA Television, World Fact Book, 1,000 Lifehacks, Should I Block It? rhiannon

Thanks Remah, I'll update the entry. :)

2 weeks 6 days ago Finds of the Week: NASA Television, World Fact Book, 1,000 Lifehacks, Should I Block It? Remah

The problem is that even if the tech hacks work they need provisos or safety tips. E.g. using foil to make an AAA battery replace an AA battery; bouncing batteries on the ground; etc

2 weeks 6 days ago Finds of the Week: NASA Television, World Fact Book, 1,000 Lifehacks, Should I Block It? rhiannon

Do you remember where any of those are? I went through several tips in all the categories, it sounds like I missed something. :O

3 weeks 1 hour ago Best Free Digital Image Viewer Misty27

Softpedia's mention of Irfanview being adware isn't the only place I saw it mentioned.
Though, some may have downloaded from sites that install their own wrapper, then users confuse the adware as coming straight from the dev. Which in some cases is true.

I'd guess it's hard to tell whether the ads, addons, etc., came from the devs or from something like CNET (or other download sites).

Marc -

Did you just scan the whole installer / zip file - still packed? If so, how can one be sure the packed files were scanned properly & had the capability to find "malware" in all the packed files?

I just looked at a recent VirusTotal scan results of Irfanview 4.37.
It does show all / most individual file names from inside the installer. Maybe it can accurately scan / detect things such as we're discussing in packed files.

The other question is, how can one be sure that Virus Total will detect something like a toolbar addon as a "PUA" (possibly unwanted application), if it wasn't already in a database of such items?

3 weeks 4 hours ago Best Free Digital Image Viewer marcdarkin

Thanks for the heads-up, Misty. IrfanView has never been ad-supported, or at least no ads are displayed inside the program. Just to make it sure I installed version 2.38 after downloading it from the Softpedia page you provided in your link. A Virustotal scan shows it completely clean. No third party toolbars or other software in the installer, no ads when running it; just the same old program ;-) we're used to. I don't know why Softpedia warns "Offers to download or install software or components (such as browser toolbars)". I wouldn't be surprised that wrapped installers came from Cnet's, which is the first option on Irfan's site, but the rest of the links are most likely safe.

As for XnView, no extras are offered with v2.22 in the official installer.

3 weeks 6 hours ago Find Out What Your PC's Been Doing, With This Event Log Explorer BGM

I tried this program, but after I entered the free registration code it stopped working - wouldn't even launch. Strange. I reinstalled it several times and ended up removing it completely.

3 weeks 6 hours ago If You're Using Windows Remote Desktop You Need To Read This SyDiko

Probability is your friend in that sense, and I'm willing to be the odds of that happening are slim to none. What I mean is that most brute-force attacks will use algorithms that sort through lists containing thousands of passwords. You may also have algorithms that try every combination of letter, number, and special characters until it succeeds. Either way, as long as the password isn't common and its greater than 10 alphanumeric + special characters, you should be fine.

Let me also say this, no method is hack proof. However, one can apply deterrents that target patience and hopefully that'll be enough to stop any attack. This is the goal of my little write up. :)

3 weeks 6 hours ago If You're Using Windows Remote Desktop You Need To Read This SyDiko

No problem! :)

and yeah, my solutions are hoping that you have an impatient hacker that couldn't be bothered with such trickery.

3 weeks 6 hours ago Best Free CD-DVD Burning Software Lt. Kije

Just installed BurnAware Free; chose it because it works with 64 bit windows.

The Open Candy avoidance tips worked great, no sign of it all.

I am a total newb with DVD burners. The write-up states "A launch window lets you choose the type of project you want and leads you through the process to completion"

Not quite true. Evidently the source video has to be in DVD video-format. Perhaps blindingly obvious to some, but worth noting for others.

Also, there appears to be a 2Gig limit on DVD burn files.


Long time fan of Gizmo - thank you for all your work and your trustworthy write ups.

And just for the record, Open Candy are, IMHO, slimeballs. A pox on 'em and a dope-slap for the otherwise awesome guys who write such great stuff for us. Time to come back from the Dark Side guys.

3 weeks 9 hours ago Live Salmon-Fishing Bear Cam! crosseyedlemon

A series of wildlife cams can also be accessed at

3 weeks 12 hours ago Finds of the Week: NASA Television, World Fact Book, 1,000 Lifehacks, Should I Block It? Sid in Extremis

That 1000 Lifehacks site doesn't appear to have any editorial control of the tips that are published. I have seen several that are wrong and at least one that is potentially dangerous.

3 weeks 13 hours ago Best Free Digital Image Viewer sicknero

Hi, I'm glad to hear you're getting on with it ok.

I must confess I've removed it again myself ... partly because of some of the issues you mention and also because my elderly desktop PC struggles to run it and I like consistency across my different machines. Also I think it prevents external drives being safely removed sometimes ... something in QTTB hooks onto the drive, I've not yet worked out exactly what it is.

I noticed the same issue with the previewer not always "catching" a mouseover ... observing processes shows that dllhost.exe seems to not always be triggered but I don't know enough to know if that helps at all. What I did find is that if you access files via the sub-folders menu (the small blue arrow) then the previewer works 100% reliably, or it does for me at least.

I can't comment on the group/restore tabs functions as it's not something I use but yes, the drag-drop functionality is excellent. Also the filter box is brilliant I think, much better than native Windows Search for my needs.

I don't know if you noticed but on Quizo's Wikidot page there's a help forum. I think the link is "Bug Tracker" or something similar and there's a generic password provided for sign-in.

The dev himself doesn't always respond quickly but it can be a good place to get assistance from other users.

Best of luck with it anyway, I don't doubt for a moment that I'll be trying it again at some point as it really does transform Explorer most usefully.

3 weeks 17 hours ago Best Free Registry Cleaner Remah

Thanks. I'm reworking a couple of those draft articles at the moment so I'll post links when they're completed.

3 weeks 17 hours ago Best Free Registry Cleaner George.J

Excellent article intro and re-write. Windows registry has always been kinda vague concept to me, and I believe you've written a stand-alone article about the Windows registry in the past (which was under moderation I think). Could you please post the link to it in this article?

3 weeks 17 hours ago Best Free Media Player George.J

I'd be more than happy to hand over the article to one of the regular members here, and you should be perfect to do the job. It'd take me some time to review this category again, because of other articles that I've offered to review, so please contact MC and I'll wait till he gives me some info about it.

3 weeks 19 hours ago Continuous Ink System (CIS) victoriaskaren

I see most of the posts are old on this subject but like all things, the CIS system seems to have started being popular again, or it may just be me. However I have a question and would really appreciate a moment of help. I have an Epson R2000, I also have a CIS ink system. I did not get the reset devise when I purchased my cis and now I am lost as to what to do. My machine is working great, love the pictures I print, however something I had no idea about was that the cartridges would begin to show that they are empty even though they are full. Short of buying a new cartridge to replace the one that says it is almost empty I am out of ideas here. I have read almost everything on the net, but no one will tell you exactly what to do to solve the issue with one exception. That exception is an automatic switch devise that costs $300.00 I don't print enough to spend that on a switch when the printer was $500.00 to start with! Is there no other alternative? I see reset devises on Ebay (liitel plastic things......but have read they don't really work either. Any help will be appreciated!I guess in the long run if I were to have to purchase that type of devise I have to question the savings that I am top get with the cis.
Many thanks

3 weeks 19 hours ago Continuous Ink System (CIS) victoriaskaren

I read your note and thought that you are going through the very same thing I have been doing for over 5 weeks. I got so frustrated I bought a new set of mfg. cartridges and finished my project but was determined to use the CIS that I purchased. Once again I got so frustrated that I seriously thought of just canning the whole thing and forgetting the wonderful world of CIS. BUT! I found the problem with mine. I am sharing this in hopes that others who might work literally hourts on end trying to find out what is wrong will read this and perhaps find help! My CIS system is for an Epson E2000 and is an eight cartridge set up. I went right back to basics of everything I ever learned and number two on the list was 'Is everything in the right place?" NOPE!! my cartridges were out of order. I had a black and a majenta cartridge in the wrong order according to the guide on the printer and after changing them, it works like a dream. I did run several print jobs to get the kinnks out, and while I am not fond of the amount of ink used I did calibrate the cartridges. I now have beautiful prints and my sanity back. Hope this helps!I have goen from all green faces to lovely skin tones.

3 weeks 21 hours ago Best Free Digital Image Viewer Misty27

Irfanview (2.38) "ad supported"?

What type of ads & how many are we talking? That's not mentioned in the review, or has the ad supported thing just started in v2.38?

What about Xnview v2.22 - any addons / extra installers in it?

3 weeks 23 hours ago Best Free Registry Cleaner Remah

This update of free Registry Cleaners (RC) is a complete rewrite apart from one sentence. The previous recommendations of Wise RC and Eusing Free RC are still included but there are now four sub-categories with further products recommended: RC in a Suite, Stand-alone RC, Open Source, and RC for older versions of Windows.

Remah - Category editor.

3 weeks 23 hours ago Best Free Screen Capture Tool Mike C

Just thought I'd comment briefly. I use IrfanView for snapshots. Works really well for me. I set it up to take a shot (i.e. internet receipt for online store) using Ctrl + NumPad 4. Has cropping and other edit features that I use only occasionally.

3 weeks 1 day ago Easily Delete Your Online Accounts With Account Killer (Website of the Week) rhiannon

You might want to try Just Delete Me

3 weeks 1 day ago Best Free Screen Capture Tool sicknero

That's right, and some also create folders in AppData etc which are deleted on exit. PAF programs aren't necessarily "stealth" portable.

The PortableFreewareCollection website is very good for discussions on exactly how portable a portable program is.

3 weeks 1 day ago Easily Delete Your Online Accounts With Account Killer (Website of the Week) NJ Ninni

I'm looking for something an bit less violent. More like an account delete. then Account Killer. However, at times you have to do, what you have to do. I'll give it a try.

3 weeks 1 day ago Use This Keyboard App When Sliding Is Faster Than Typing UserError

YEAH! The Android L keyboard works perfectly. Couple it with the 'material' skin and it's a winner. The swipe input method works great and there are lots of customization options.

A much better option than AOSP Keyboard or Google Keyboard. And it's free! FY!

3 weeks 1 day ago Best Free Screen Capture Tool Misty27

Re: - I've never used their "platform."
I just extract the apps to a folder & send a shortcut to desktop, from the main executable file.

As I understand it, some (all?) of Portable Apps offerings may make temporary changes to Windows' registry when in use, then remove them when closed down. At least that's what John Haller told me at one time.

3 weeks 1 day ago Best Free Screen Capture Tool crombierob

Certainly for my use (non business) PicPick is simply the best.
Regarding portable apps, I don't like having to conform with their controlling suite.
I just like to create a folder such as C:\PGMS_NoInstall and then have sub folders for each portable program.
Can I download ANY of their portable app programs, and just place it into my folder scheme ?


3 weeks 1 day ago Use This Keyboard App When Sliding Is Faster Than Typing Jojo Yee

Good to hear that it now works for you Kevinevv and thanks for sharing your experience in using this app.

3 weeks 1 day ago How to Replace Windows XP with Linux for Free br1anstorm

I can understand the fascination most Linux supporters have for the idea of almost infinite customisation of desktop environments. But I do worry that this misses the point.

It's a bit like the approach to buying and driving a car. There are folks who spend hours exploring trim options and colour combinations. There are custom-car enthusiasts who spend fortunes having fancy paint jobs and go-faster stripes and even furry dice hanging from the rear view mirror. I get the impression that a lot of Linux fans are like that!

But for most people the important thing with a car is that the controls are easy to find, and work intuitively and that you don't need to be an engineer to drive it; that it performs well, without having to fiddle with the engine every few days; that it has room for whatever or whoever you need to carry; that it gets you from A to B without breaking down; that it is solid enough not to rust away or seize up; and that it doesn't get superseded by a new model every six months. Basically that you can rely on it to do the job without fuss or stress.

Same with computers. What matters is that the OS does the job well and without fuss - not how pretty the desktop looks.

3 weeks 2 days ago Use This Keyboard App When Sliding Is Faster Than Typing kevinevv

To be fair, with a respectful nod to Gizmo and the good stuff they've sent me, I just gave Swiftkey another try.

2 restarts and 1 power-off with NO FAILURES to maintain default status. Now, this is my first run with Swiftkey on a phone that's less than a month old. It wouldn't be the first time two Android programs didn't get along in my experience, so it's a pity the developer didn't enthusiastically accept my offer to help diagnose the problem. Or, maybe the developer finally stomped the bug. We may never know for sure.

3 weeks 2 days ago Use This Keyboard App When Sliding Is Faster Than Typing kevinevv

I used Swiftkey for a long time. It had one serious flaw, that it would not always maintain it's status as the default keyboard. You'd have to reset it as the default keyboard after every power-off or restart. (Yeah I tried all the reinstalled and other tricks for months.) When I talked to the developer, he/she gave some excuse about Google not storing programs consistently in the same place. (Blamed Google, oddly while Google kept Swiftkey in "editor's choice" status on Google Play.) When I pointed out that no other keyboard I've used (or continue to use) has ever demonstrated this same problem of loosing it's default keyboard status, he/she kept blaming Google. I even offered to help diagnose the problem, with a very unenthusiastic response.

I do admit that SwiftKey has an uncanny way of predicting the next word, and often remembers a sequence of words from a previously typed sentence (convenient if you forgot to copy in order to paste), by way of next word prediction.

3 weeks 2 days ago Best Free Screen Capture Tool Misty27

PicPick (portable from will do what (I think) you want.
I'm not sure if it's allowed for commercial use, but apparently the portable version contains NO adware, addon toolbars, etc.

Per the head guy at, John Haller, these types of addons & extras aren't allowed under their portable apps licensing.
"Our installer and format are licensed in such a way that installer add-ons are not permitted. PicPick Portable has no such offers included."

After the editor opens (take screens w/ hot keys or select style from tray menu), everything is right there. Very intuitively laid out, if you've used any image editors. Sorry, it doesn't have jagged edge screen capture. :) I like FastStone's 5.3 simplicity, but it & some like Greenshot are child toys compared to PP.

As to how well PicPick does what it's intended to do or implements its features, it seems very well thought out. It seems very "forgiving / flexible," compared to many similar apps. I'm sure some others do certain functions as well as PicPick.

But when I consider all of its features - incl. EASY scrolling capture, how well it does the all the features (consistency, quality), advanced capabilities of native image editor (works on any imported image) & the overall ease of doing some of the more complex functions, it would seem to be near the best.
I don't have nearly as many "Oh, crap" moments using PicPick as W/ several others.

I'm not sure if it's left out of the review because the installer version from now contains "adware," or if the installer version isn't entirely free (dunno - don't use it).

But I've used the portable version for a few yrs & it's been pretty much flawless. Fast & doesn't crash (like some others did, that are rated as best in this latest review.

Being portable hasn't affected my use in the least. It still places optional tray icon when started. Still has hot keys to take screens w/o clicking icon (or open menu from icon), etc.

In fact, for Windows, I usually prefer portables. Only time I don't is when I absolutely need a context menu entry / function.

3 weeks 2 days ago Best Free Clipboard Replacement Utility Remy

I tried almost all clipboards but after a while I uninstalled them again.
CopyQ is one of the best i.m.o.
But a few weeks ago I found another clipboard.
It is one of the best I've had till now :)
Clibor. The creator is japanese I believe.

3 weeks 2 days ago Best Free Ways to Learn Programming Panzer

"... EPLE is a Programming Learning Environment built to approach programming concepts in an interactive manner and see in realtime what they look like while executed ...":

"... Online Python Tutor is a free educational tool created by Philip Guo that helps students overcome a fundamental barrier to learning programming: understanding what happens as the computer executes each line of a program's source code. Using this tool, a teacher or student can write a Python program in the Web browser and visualize what the computer is doing step-by-step as it executes the program ...":

Online JavaScript Tutor:

Online Ruby Tutor:

3 weeks 2 days ago Best Free Spyware And Adware Remover MidnightCowboy

Good to know you got it sorted, Deb.

For future reference, you might like to consider installing the free version of WinPatrol which will alert you to many of these things before they have a chance to take root on your system.

More related information here.

MC - Site Manager.

3 weeks 2 days ago How to Replace Windows XP with Linux for Free MoisheP

Thanks, Vandamme, but according to the Clonezilla website, "Online imaging/cloning is not implemented yet. The partition to be imaged or cloned has to be unmounted."
It does look like useful software, but would require booting from other media. Since my netbook can also boot XP, it's easy to use Macrium Reflect to back up the whole drive.

BTW, in my original note, I omitted how easy it is to test Linux from a flash drive or CD... because of copyright issues, you can't get a free copy of Windows (other than Win PE) to test if your PC can run it.

3 weeks 2 days ago How to Replace Windows XP with Linux for Free Bob F.

I'm a part time tech so I had about 6 xp computers I didn't know what to do with so I got Ubuntu , Mint, Lubuntu and Tiny Linux burned to DVD. The powerful dell computer with vista and a good graphic card worked great with Ubuntu on it Not a single one of the other computers could run the live cd of any of the versions These computers were dells , compacs ,clones with the win xp working fine To say I was disappointed is an understatement I think windows gives you a generic graphic interface that works until you install the correct drivers I guess Linux does not.

3 weeks 2 days ago How to Replace Windows XP with Linux for Free vandamme

Does clonezilla do what you want to do? I just used it for my dad to copy a failing hard drive contents to a new HDD, Windows 7 and all. And I put Zorin on the extra space hoping he'd try it out!

3 weeks 2 days ago How to Replace Windows XP with Linux for Free vandamme

Just shut off your internet connection, and you won't have to worry.
Otherwise, read

3 weeks 2 days ago Use This Keyboard App When Sliding Is Faster Than Typing RickeeBoy

I'm like Swanknight - Tried Swype (comes on Samsung) and other App - Swiftkey - just found Swype easier and not problematical ( I'm not saying that when I get bigger and faster phone things may change ) Tried a multi language Swype keyboard but didn't need the multi part. .......... I try to get single digit friends over to Swype as I read " Goinw home noww wil see u therr " and get so pissed off with their useless typing ............ takes 10min and it's like "FINALLY SOMEONE LOVES TXT" (even though the msg form is archaic and demeaning to humans.)

3 weeks 2 days ago Free Computer & Internet eBooks Online MrBrian

3 weeks 2 days ago Tips and Tricks for Linux Mint after Installation [Mint 17 - Cinnamon Edition] danielson

I'm surprised nobody has posted a comment yet.
This is probably the most exhaustive hacking tip for LinuxMint 17 yet!

A definite keeper! :)

3 weeks 2 days ago Use This Keyboard App When Sliding Is Faster Than Typing SwanKnight

I tried them all, but I couldn't find anything that could replace "Swype Keyboard Free" for me. It's not perfect, but for someone who relies heavily on "swipe to type" it's the best.

3 weeks 3 days ago Best Free Spyware And Adware Remover deborahN

Hi. I had picked up some annoying adware and was trying all sorts of programs to eradicate it.

This adware was opening new windows, telling me my explorer program was out of date (my explorer automatically updates and checks daily) now etc. for every other keystroke!!! if it wasn't telling my explorer and or chrome browser was out of date it was telling me my Java or Shockwave or media player was out of date. all to get me to download something.. I did not fall for it. It just made me more determined to find a program to eradicate it.

Norton couldn't find it.
Norton's Power Eraser couldn't find it.
Microsoft's spyware program couldn't find it. (despite a deep scan which took more than 24 hours to complete)
Spybot couldn't find it.

Malewarebytes... I had used up my trial program months ago.. thank you for telling me how to reinstall it and bypass the trial.

Malewarebytes found and removed all the annoying PUPs! and now I am free of this crazy annoying adware along with a few others it found and removed.


3 weeks 3 days ago AxCrypt. It's Good And Bad News. hasi64

There is another alternative to Truecrypt. Its called Veracrypt and is based on Truecrypt. Major advantage: It adds enhanced security to the algorithms used for system and partitions encryption making it immune to new developments in brute-force attacks. The container format is not compatible to truecrypt.

3 weeks 3 days ago How To Extract Audio Out of Video Files Losslessly and Fast MidnightCowboy

Which link did you select? If you chose the cnet link, these use a wrapped installer, see our information page here:

I downloaded the file directly however, and it is clean.

For future reference you might also find this article useful.

MC - Site Manager.

3 weeks 3 days ago How To Extract Audio Out of Video Files Losslessly and Fast khf314

When I used the link to download Pazera Chrome popped up "This file is malicious, and Chrome has blocked it." Any suggestions?

3 weeks 3 days ago Use This Keyboard App When Sliding Is Faster Than Typing astral_cyborg

Looks promising. Thanks

3 weeks 3 days ago Rotate A Video Easily With A Free Online Service ichabod

I used to rotate 90 degrees clockwise a 43MB MP4 file created by my Samsung DV300F camera. My original file plays on WMP and Pot Player and Real Player. The rotated file plays on WMP and Pot Player, but Real Player fails with an error saying that the file's content type is "mp4m".

3 weeks 3 days ago How to Report Malware or False Positives to Multiple Antivirus Vendors DanielRuf

not so nice: : host[]
said: 550 5.7.1 Message rejected as spam by Content Filtering. (in reply to
end of DATA command)

just used your link and sent the zipped and password protected sample

3 weeks 3 days ago Use This Keyboard App When Sliding Is Faster Than Typing niveker

I like TouchPal X better than SwiftKey, but the Android L keyboard comes in a close second. Will check out jbhq's suggestion - under 1MB wow

3 weeks 3 days ago Best Free Windows Store Apps terrawarra

Can anyone tell me if there's a app available for missed call reminders for the windows 8 Nokia 520 phone. Not the written reminder that comes up on screen... a real audible reminder that beeps every 5 minutes or so until acknowledged.

I've been looking for weeks now with no success.... and no, my phone isn't rooted and I don't care to go that way whilst its only 6 months into the 2 year warranty.

3 weeks 3 days ago Best Free Media Player Panzer

mpv is a fork of mplayer2 and MPlayer (command line player, no official GUI):

3 weeks 3 days ago Best Free Media Player Panzer

"... in case it's useful to anyone ..."

I am sure it is.

3 weeks 3 days ago Best Free Web Browser stephench


It is Stephen Cheng From FlashPeak Inc. Can you list our Slimjet Web Browser from here? Slimjet is based on the Chromium project and adds a lot of convenient and smart features on top of it. It is the best browser we've made so far. While it shares a similar set of features with SlimBrowser/SlimBoat, it beats the other two in terms of performance, stability, web site compatibility and support of the latest web technologies. It is currently built on top of Chromium m35. We will keep it synchronized to the Chrome releases as closely as possible.


3 weeks 3 days ago Use This Keyboard App When Sliding Is Faster Than Typing jbhq

Or checkout Multiling O keyboard, a fraction of the size at 927k (and more options)

3 weeks 4 days ago Fireworks Over Sydney Harbor (Wallpaper of the Week) rhiannon

I'm happy you like it. It's been my wallpaper for some days now, and I still wish I was there. :)

3 weeks 4 days ago Easily Delete Your Online Accounts With Account Killer (Website of the Week) rhiannon

I'm glad it worked for you. :)
There are several sites that do the same thing, but none I found were as comprehensive or as easy to use as Account Killer.

3 weeks 4 days ago Best Free Antivirus Software BroKen

avast FREE ANTIVIRUS now comes with OpenCandy.

"OpenCandy is integrated into SoftwareUpdater since a couple of months. We use it to offer additional software to our customers in avast Free under some conditions. It helps us paying for the traffic caused by Software Updater in Avast Free." (June 2014)

3 weeks 4 days ago Best Free Digital Image Viewer gazzawazza

Hi Sicknero & Marc

Sorry for the delay in replying.

I'm still field-testing and getting to grips with QTTabBar (basically trying out functionality, as I need it), so I'm not really in much of a position to give a good commentary on it.

Also, due to the sparsity of documentation, what I might think is a bug might be there by intention (or as you'll see below, my misunderstanding of the particular functionality of the app).

However, my crude overview is (based on solely using it on win 7 home premium 64bit):

Seems to work most of the time & is genuinely useful :)

Specifically, photo preview doesn't seem to work 100% of the time (might be the case with other kinds of 'previewable' media too but I'm referring specifically to photos here) and I might need to move focus away and back to the explorer window for it to start producing previews again.

I've just discovered groups, as my tabs didn't appear to get properly retained / remembered after reboot. Specifically, the explorer window mostly remains after reboot (has occasionally been known to disappear altogether though). Unfortunately, sometimes, only 1-2 tabs, instead of the 10 or so I have in use most of the time, get retained.

I've found the groups command deals with disappearing tabs. However, weirdly, having had to use the groups command several times after reboots (to return my last used set of tabs), the last couple of times I haven't. I 'think' it might be to do with whether the explorer window is minimised or not at shutdown (but I've not tested this).

Also, I did not find that the "restore tabs in previous window" to work as anticipated (I.e. if I'd lost 7 or 8 tabs, I'd have expected this function to return/restore them).

I do simply love the drag and drop 'browser-esque' tab experience and the consolidation into one window is great. Of course it makes copying between folders easy too, as you can do it via tabs OR just have another tabbed window open.

A quick comment on documentation - Gizmo's page on using the app is handy. I've literally just noticed the in-app tooltips, which seem reasonably comprehensively populated, which helps a lot (as a couple of commands I just looked at, seemed to act in a different manner to how I would have expected, given their titles e.g. "actions to current view" menu - a right click option on a tab header - reveals a command "copy from folder", which I interpreted to mean copying from current folder, when in fact it's copying from another folder.)

Overall though, it's IMO a fantastic, useful enhancement to the windows explorer experience. Think goodness for ambitious, dedicated devs!



3 weeks 4 days ago Creating and Managing Windows 7 and 8 System Restore Points the Really Easy Way pmperini

On a Windows 7 pro x64 system this little tool revealed restore points being created for my 2 RAMdisks, an insight not readily available in the Windows GUI (right click my computer select properties, advanced system settings, system protection). So it would appear to have at least this much value

3 weeks 4 days ago Find Out What's In Thousands Of Household Products dwainwood

I agree with Bruce.
Also the new name is SDS (Safety Data Sheet). Took the place of the old name MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)

3 weeks 4 days ago My Free 350-page HTML/CSS/PHP/MySQL Book. Get It While You Can. omono


3 weeks 4 days ago Best Free Windows Explorer Add-ons Geert

A nice application that deserves to be added to the "Fast Folder Access Extensions" paragraph, is FoldersPopup ( A nice portable and actively developed application written in AutoHotKey by Jean Lalonde who's very responsive to any questions/remarks/bugs you may have.
(The current version is 2.2, but v3 is in development)

3 weeks 4 days ago Find Out What's In Thousands Of Household Products mouse53

The US requires a MDS ( Material Safety Sheet )on all products. We have to keep a current list where we work of products used in our facility at all times.

3 weeks 4 days ago Easily Delete Your Online Accounts With Account Killer (Website of the Week) jorgeem1717

Had 2 FaceBook accounts and wanted to delete my old account and tried many times and was not successful so i gave Account Killer a try and it really "killed" it. No issues what so ever....... so if you have any problems deleting or closing an account give Account Killer a try. I did and it works......

3 weeks 4 days ago Best Free Media Player sicknero

Hi Panzer, yes I know George has taken on a few pages here.

I'm not sure I'd do a great job of reviewing and free time is an issue here as well but I do like to add comments about my personal experience with the software I try, in case it's useful to anyone.

3 weeks 4 days ago How to Replace Windows XP with Linux for Free MidnightCowboy

If anyone would like confusing even more :D, take a look at the latest Deepin release.

Deepin uses its own unique DE which I guess you will either love or hate. They've improved it quite some way since the last release although it still lacks the amount of additional customization enjoyed by the majority of other distros. Even so, it sure is neat and I could easily get attached to this if only it would recognize my mobile broadband. PPoE with DSL is fine but plugging in my secondary modem achieves nothing. :)

If this kind of look and layout appeals, but without the unique Deepin controls, check out Luninux OS as yet another alternative. Their new release is still in beta but the final can't be far away now. MC - Site Manager.

3 weeks 4 days ago How to Replace Windows XP with Linux for Free br1anstorm

Very fair comments, MC. I'm obviously not very far along the Linux learning curve, so my views are very much those of a newbie. I certainly was not being critical of Linux as an option, just pointing out how radically different it can seem from XP on first encounter.

I agree with you on Clementine - and use that when I run a Linux OS.

Haven't yet found an image viewer/editor as comprehensive or user-friendly as FastStone, but I plan to try out some of the Linux alternatives.

My comment about EasyBCD was based on the details on its website - which IIRC said it required Win7 - though I see from the post below that it will run under WinXP. I'd still be hesitant about relying on this, however, to rescue me from a boot-up problem....

I think we all share the same conclusion - that Linux is worth exploring and is a great alternative when XP finally bites the dust.

3 weeks 4 days ago Best Free Media Player Panzer

Maybe you are interested in becoming an editor for this category. George doesn't have time to review all new entries ...

3 weeks 4 days ago Best Free Software for Linux Panzer

Beets is the media library management system for obsessive-compulsive music geeks:

3 weeks 4 days ago How to Replace Windows XP with Linux for Free Geert

And I do appreciate all the hard work that is put into the #1 freeware site since the beginning of time.
That's why I'm happy to hear that an upgrade (maybe including bigger screenshots; and I don't see why not - apart from disk space which shouldn't be an issue) is on its way.

3 weeks 4 days ago Fireworks Over Sydney Harbor (Wallpaper of the Week) MidnightCowboy

Thanks a lot Rhiannon. Looks great on my Linux desktop. :) MC - Site Manager.

3 weeks 4 days ago How to Replace Windows XP with Linux for Free MidnightCowboy

The amount of DE's (desktop environments) available can be confusing but then unlike Windows, Linux is all about user choice. Another important point to remember is the sheer configurability of Linux desktops. Within just a few minutes, your themes and desktop presentation can look radically different to what you see with a default install or live session. You can also experiment with all of this, and other stuff, during a live session to make sure any particular distro is going to be the right choice before you commit to a full install, or a dual boot with Windows. Many examples of standard and customized Linux desktops can be seen in our forum thread here.

It's probably best to start with the last page in that thread and work backwards to see the most current releases first.

I've always used EasyBCD which does support XP as well as later versions of Windows and never had an issue with it. As with all things however, it is wise to image your Windows system in case of future problems, the majority of which will be caused by Windows itself, security software, or the use of tools such as registry cleaners and related Windows tweaking products.

A lot of Windows programs will also run in Linux using Wine.

Otherwise I have never had a problem finding a Linux equivalent for something I used to use in Windows.

I run Clementine for all my music files and streams. It displays covers, artist and track information and does everything I need it to.

It's the same for other categories, here being some examples of image viewers.

MC - Site Manager

3 weeks 4 days ago How to Replace Windows XP with Linux for Free Jojo Yee

Many thanks for your kind comments br1anstorm. Even though EasyBCD is designed to run on newer versions of Windows, I think you can use it from within XP according to NeoSmart Knowledgebase on system requirements.

What you will need likely is to download and install the Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework SP1 for EasyBCD to run after booting into Windows XP, as indirectly stated in this official documentation.

Hope this helps.

3 weeks 4 days ago How to Replace Windows XP with Linux for Free MidnightCowboy

We do appreciate your feedback. Currently the site is being prepared for an upgrade and we are looking at image size as part of this process. MC - Site Manager.

3 weeks 4 days ago How to Stay Safe While Online cindykim

If we put too much important information online, actually it's very hard to stay safe online no matter what we do. The most thing we need do is seriously choosing what you post online.

3 weeks 4 days ago How to Replace Windows XP with Linux for Free br1anstorm

An excellent article. Just a few comments based on my experience so far as an XP user who is dabbling with the world of Linux.

- The choice of Linux versions (and then of user-interfaces within these versions) can be daunting and bewildering for a Windows user who is familiar with just one OS like XP or Win7.

- some XP users with older computers will find that graphics-heavy versions of Linux OSs won't run very well, if at all. I tried running live sessions (from a CD/DVD) of some Linux OSs on one of my older XP laptops, only to get a message saying that it could not run because the "kernel" (whatever that is) needed to have a CPU with "pae" (whatever that is!).

- as noted in the post from d1hu, I was not comfortable about having the Linux "grub" bootloader overwrite and replace the Windows Main Boot Record (MBR) - precisely because I was worried about how to reinstate the MBR if I decided not to go over to Linux; and also because I had picked up concerns on forums about the risk that a Windows update on a dual boot set-up might corrupt the "grub", thus making it impossible to boot into either OS.

- it's also important to note that some of the software (like EasyBCD) mentioned in other posts for fixing or reinstating the MBR apparently won't run under XP, but only under Windows 7 or later.

- one other frustration is that it's not easy to set up peripherals (like printers) to operate via WiFi under a Linux system because many printers and other devices don't have Linux drivers - or trying to get and install them is a real headache.

- just to balance those warnings, the good news is that the world of Linux is fascinating and rewarding too. I am not yet a convert. I still rely on XP because some of my favourite programs (like FastStone for photos, Jaangle for music-playing, and Pazera for music format-conversion) have no Linux-compatible equivalents. But I have installed Zorin and LXLE on two separate USB sticks, and can choose to boot into either of them on my XP laptop simply by choosing the USB stick as the boot option via the F2 or F12 key when starting up.

- the other good news is that every Linux OS seems to have its own forums and community of users who are both enthusiastic and helpful. So anyone who seeks to make the transition will find plenty of helping hands: Dedoimedo is one of the best of many....

3 weeks 5 days ago How to Replace Windows XP with Linux for Free Geert

Don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with a small image in the article that is clickable and leads to a large one.

It's just that I don't know any other site where the large ones small. Really.
When I click a thumbnail of a screenshot, I suspect my screen to be filled for 80% with a screenshot on which I can read what's on it. I'm sorry to say, but here at Gizmo's that rarely the case and that's what I find a pity for such a great informative site.

3 weeks 5 days ago Best Free Data Recovery and File Un-delete Utility kastaldi

If you don't mind getting your hands dirty, stick to Test Disk. I overwritten a 750GB USB external drive with a 2GB Raspberry Pi image file because I didn't pay attention to the drive letter. Test Disk was the only one to find the NTFS partition and getting (almost) all my data back.
Another powerful and user friendlier text utility is DMDE, unfortunately it is limited to files in its free version (no multiple directories) but it works very well.

3 weeks 5 days ago How to Replace Windows XP with Linux for Free MidnightCowboy

You make a good point MoisheP about updates. I have three machines that are either dual or triple booted with Linux and Windows 7. I only use Windows for testing. Yesterday I booted Windows in one desktop and was confronted with the usual Win updates. One file was only 79 kb and yet it required a double re-boot to complete.:) Then Secunia kicked in and I needed to update Pale Moon, Thunderbird, Adobe Flash, Chrome and some other stuff I can't remember now. On top of this was the usual trawl to update my antivirus definitions. All in all I spent over an hour with this because two of the Secunia updates failed and I had to download the new files and install them manually. With Linux, everything is so much more simple and a lot faster. MC - Site Manager.

3 weeks 5 days ago How to Replace Windows XP with Linux for Free MidnightCowboy

There are others designed to be this way too such as Zorin.

Pinguy however is not exactly bug free at the moment. I would advise potential users of this distro, or any other for that matter, to browse the issues in their support forums first before deciding to install or not. MC - Site Manager

3 weeks 5 days ago How to Replace Windows XP with Linux for Free HA

Pinguy Linux is fuller featured to run right out of the box than Mint.

3 weeks 5 days ago How to Replace Windows XP with Linux for Free A41202813GMAIL

No Need To Use Anything Other Than XP Just Yet, Thank You.



3 weeks 5 days ago How to Replace Windows XP with Linux for Free MidnightCowboy

Each individual's experience will vary but I had mixed results trying to install additional DE's alongside the default. I would always recommend installing a distro with the DE you want as default, rather than trying to add this later.

Mint Mate is a solid performer but I enjoyed the experience with this one better. MC - Site Manager.

Also worth a look.

3 weeks 5 days ago How to Replace Windows XP with Linux for Free MoisheP

My sadly underpowered netbook came with XP, and had slowed down over years as it accumulated patches and a larger registry, until I installed Ubuntu 14.04 Linux, quite similar to Mint but perhaps better for the netbook.
Since the dual-boot installation, I prefer to go back to XP for only one occasion: full disk imaging; I've not found an alternative for Macrium Reflect Free or DriveImage XML in Ubuntu that can image a mounted drive... Windows Shadow Copy needs to be copied :) .
All the Windows apps I use, such as IrfanView, run under Linux in WINE, and it was easy to copy my Thunderbird and Firefox profiles to the new Linux Thunderbird and Firefox directories, so I have all my old email, addresses, addons and links. As far as I can perceive, apps run at the same speed or faster in Ubuntu, and Ubuntu updates are _far_ faster and simpler than Windows updates were.
Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi! Thanks, Linux developers.