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Best Free Web Browser 2 years 5 months ago Anupam Of course, if you have FlashBlock installed, it won't allow flash to play automatically :D. But, with latest versions of Firefox, you do not actually need FlashBlock, as the feature is now inbuilt in Firefox. You just have to turn that feature on via about:config. Look for plugins.click_to_play, and set it to true from false by double clicking on it. Yes, NoScript might block flash too sometimes, if it's being done via a script. view
Best Free Web Browser 2 years 5 months ago supanut

Oh wow, it worked! Thanks very much for this tip! I didn't even know that this feature was there!
Mozilla should make it visible to normal users though, since normal users would probably not bother with about:config thing; rather, they will probably look under Firefox options window.

Best Free Web Browser 2 years 5 months ago Anupam Welcome :). Well, if you follow the changelogs of new releases, you will know what's new. We also discuss about the new releases in the forum. Maybe they will make it as an option in later releases, who knows. view
Best Free Web Browser 2 years 5 months ago Joe A.TT

Anupam, I've tried looking for this "about:config" in FireFox and can't seem to find it. I've clicked on the small brown "FireFox" rectangle with the downward-pointing triangle - not there. I've hit "Alt" on my keyboard to bring up the hidden menu bar - not there. I'm puzzled. What am I missing? Could you be more specific about where to look?

(BTW, I'm still on v19.0.2 - haven't upgraded to v20 yet).

Best Free Web Browser 2 years 5 months ago Anupam Joe, you have to enter about:config in the address bar :). There, it will show a list of all hidden configurations. Search for the string via the search box that I told above. Double click to toggle the value. Pay attention to the warning that comes when you type about:config and hit enter. Keep track of what you changed. view
Best Free Web Browser 2 years 5 months ago Joe A.TT

Thanks Anupam! That did it. [You live and learn all the time :),even at the expense of looking like a fool sometimes, lol.]

Best Free Web Browser 2 years 5 months ago Anupam Pleasure :). And don't worry about how you learn it, but learning is important :). view
Best Free Web Browser 2 years 5 months ago Juxxize the about:config feature in Firefox is one of it's really great features and it reduces the need for some add-ons , like home page redirect and flash block like Anupam said. view
Best Free Web Browser 2 years 5 months ago crombierob

Here is another tweak you can do in about:config
I love the little Google Search box that shows top right.
(PS You can also have choices of search engines for that box)
If you highlight some text and drag it to there, then it does a Google search for you.
What I don’t like (HATE), is that it clobbers your current Tab.
If you know of anyone who likes that, post their address, and I will get them removed from the gene pool.
If you wish to change that behavior, and get the search results into a new Tab, then go into about:config and go to -
It probably is showing False, so double click the line to change it to True

Best Free Web Browser 2 years 5 months ago Joe A.TT

Thanks Juxxize. That's certainly a big plus. I'll check it out.

Best Free Web Browser 2 years 5 months ago bo.elam

NoScript blocks flash if you have it set that way in Options>Embeddings>Forbid Adobe flash. If that option is ticked, flash content wont play unless you allow the page by whitelisting it or allowing the page temporarily.

Even if you don't have that setting ticked, sites with flash content might require you to allow scripts in order for the videos to be displayed. For example, if you like to watch a Youtube video, the video wont play unless you allow


Best Free Web Browser 2 years 4 months ago Juxxize yes a good about config tweak , i have my Firefox set to open in new tab as-well view
Best Free Web Browser 2 years 4 months ago MidnightCowboy Dedoimedo's opinion of Yandex here: view
Best Free Web Browser 2 years 2 months ago Panzer "... We See In Every Direction is a Web browser for collaborative, synchronized surfing ... Users can type, click and change URLs in real time together; they can jockey for control of the browser – akin to fighting for the TV remote – or choose to sit back and let their friends take care of the surfing ...": view
Best Free Web Browser 2 years 2 months ago MrWhite

Firefox is becoming significantly slower and more bloated in recent versions, with longer waiting times just to start the program and frequent freezes during usage, which doesn't come as a surprise when you consider all the unwanted and unnecessary "features" Mozilla keep adding to it while forcing them enabled by default on users, without giving them either a choice or fair warning.

It has become normal procedure with each new update of Firefox to come to terms with the existence of such new "features" at the user's expense and while casually reading about them from outside sources, and then have to go hunting for mysterious entries in about:config or hidden and coded profile files in your system.

The stealthy addition of WebRTC (a communication and tracking technology that raises issues against your online privacy) enabled by default in the latest Firefox release without, as usual, a easy or evident way of being disabled and the impossibility of having it removed altogether, is the latest, and for many users perhaps the last, drop.

This is not the lightweight, efficient and transparent browser that made me and other people dump slow, heavy and privacy-unconscious Internet Explorer years ago. Firefox has evolved into pretty much what it set out to defeat all that time back, and I can no longer recommend it.

I think that either Mozilla should seriously consider modularity from this point on so that each new feature can be easily informed to and opted out by the user if he so wishes, or a fork derivation stripped off of the clutter... or maybe even simpler than all that, perhaps the time has come to ponder switching to a different, lighter and more open browser once again, one on which the developers answer the community to better serve its interests instead of ignoring it and doing the exact reverse of their expressed wishes.

For the time being, I have reversed to an older version of Firefox and I manually modify the user agent reported by it to avoid site incompatibility. But I expect to switch to a different browser soon unless Mozilla catches up with their sorry act.

Best Free Web Browser 2 years 2 months ago supanut

I would agree on those points, but I think the reason for Firefox's slow startup is because it have to load its components, while with IE some components of the browser is already loaded along with Windows.
Now I'm using IE, and I like its Windows intigration features, but too bad few sites took advantage of it.
I do still like Firefox for its customization and no rebooting the system when installing, and also of its huge add on directory, and also its rapid development cycle compared to that of IE.
Also, IE have 1 very annoying problem, and that is it loads some unnecessary iFrames and adds, even with the 'do not track' feature enabled, while Firefox didn't and so thus loads a bit faster.

Best Free Web Browser 2 years 2 months ago newbie65

Do you have any browsers in mind if and when you do switch? I would like to get reader's opinions on PaleMoon-if it suffers from the same issues you mentioned- and general overall opinions on Qupzilla as well. Thanks

Best Free Web Browser 2 years 2 months ago newbie65

When browsing with IE9 I have to delete many cookies at the end of the session. Not so with FF and Comodo Dragon. I realize with the last two it is due to my settings an extensions. However, what settings and/or add ons can I use in IE9 to eliminate or minimize so many cookies accumulating?

Best Free Web Browser 2 years 2 months ago MrWhite

I'm not sure yet, and frankly I'd rather not be too specific since it might come across as favouritism for a competitor, given my above appreciation of the recent problems with Firefox, the browser I've been using for years and which I used to be a big fan of.

I will just say that it won't be any of the two major competitors, in both cases because of what companies they are owned by, given my appreciation of their actions and stance on privacy and individual rights.

I still need to do some testing, but I expect it will be one of the relatively less known browsers (I will make sure to check out the ones you mentioned, too) - in my experience, the good, no frills, transparent, safe, fast and nimble software is the one coming from small or independent groups of people (before they become too big for their own good and the good of their users).

Best Free Web Browser 2 years 2 months ago crombierob

Comodo IceDragon is FireFox, but they have trimmed it slightly for performance issues.
HOWEVER the great news is there is a single checkbox during the Install, that allows you to make it portable. This has many benefits, and one of those relates to this discussion.
Once you have 'Installed' the program, say into -
You can run it, and tweak it to the way you like.
Then copy the folder, and rename it to say -
I would change it's appearance (theme) to something distinct.
You can create multiple clones from your Mask folder, each with their own distinct name and theme.
The only proviso that I offer is, never have two running at the same time.
Back to the point being discussed, if you are tempted to update say IceDragon_VB, zip the folder first, and back it up somewhere. If after updating the IceDragon version, you get disappointed, you can revert to the earlier version.
Comodo IceDragon is the best thing since sliced bread.

PS For you Chrome lovers out there, snap out of it.
But if you must use Chrome, Comodo has a portable version of Chrome called Dragon.
Who knows it may avoid ONE of the things I hate about Chrome, and that is Google's messy installs, and updaters running in the background.

Best Free Web Browser 2 years 1 month ago Scorpiorajkumar

Hi Mate,

You should really try out PaleMoon Browser, Qupzilla, Opera 12.15 and Seamonkey.All are excellent browsers.

Best Free Web Browser 2 years 1 month ago tom4455

1/ Why are you reviewing Firefox 13 when it is now at 22?

2/ Chrome seems attractive, but I am concerned about their stated policy of obtaining all the data on a person and make it for sale. Have you looked into this aspect of Google, and if so, what are your conclusions.

Best Free Web Browser 2 years 1 month ago MidnightCowboy This article currently has no editor. The content will be updated as soon as someone volunteers to take it over. MC - Site Manager. view
Best Free Web Browser 2 years 1 month ago JediInverse

If you're worried about Google and their less than crystal clear privacy policy, but you still want to use Chrome then there are plenty of alternatives out there. I run Comodo Dragon. Basically it is Chrome but with the Comodo logo on it instead. has all the same features runs all the same add-ons and extensions, even uses the same themes (anything you download of the official chrome site will work on Dragon). But Comodo don't collect any data from you.

I also notice Comodo have produced an "own-brand" version of Firefox called IceDragon, think I may try that out too.

Best Free Web Browser 2 years 1 month ago crombierob

If you do a Find on this page for "IceDragon" you will find me raving about it, a bit lower down on this page.

PS I am so annoyed with Google's sloppy Windows Installs, and it's dreaded auto updater (dreaded if you don't have a powerful PC), that I refuse to install anything Google.
I do have a version of Dragon, because one can make it portable.
You did not mention how simple it is (tick a checkbox, during the 'Install') to make them portable. (I rave about that, and having multiple versions, in my post lower down this page)

Best Free Web Browser 2 years 1 month ago torres-no-tan-m... tom4455, This article no longer has an editor and therefore, the content has become outdated. Regarding Chrome, it is beyond the remit of this category - Best Free Web Browser - to investigate Google. HTH view
Best Free Web Browser 2 years 1 month ago tuna

Gotta share my love for Waterfox. I like the customization aspect of Pale Moon, and it is faster than FF, but Waterfox opens and renders noticeably faster than Pale Moon for me. I use both regularly with separate, but identical, profiles. Am searching hi & low for new alts not dependent on the MozGoog agenda. The Old 5 are all untrustworthy, IMO. Getting ready to try Kmeleon, I am stuck on the simplicity of Live Bookmarks but fed up with all the over-engineering to influence/report/rig my "experience". I never considered I would live to see a fox jump a shark...

Best Free Web Browser 2 years 1 month ago George.J Ever since Firefox has adopted the release cycle similar to Chrome, you've a new version released every 6 weeks. If you simply look at the release notes, the changes implemented across most versions is minor and is given new version numbers for every such release. The last version reviewed was v15, and even though the current version is v22, it can be considered as v16 or v15.5 logically, if you compare it to the release of other browsers like Opera. Hopefully the new editor will review the new features implemented. view
Best Free Web Browser 2 years 3 weeks ago Wolfram

Bad news on the Security Front: JavaScript and Timing Attacks Used to Steal Browser Data

"Security researchers have been warning about the weaknesses and issues with JavaScript and iframes for years now, but the problem goes far deeper than even many of them thought. A researcher in the U.K. has developed a new technique that uses a combination of JavaScript-based timing attacks and other tactics to read any information he wants from a targeted user's browser and sites the victim is logged into. The attack works on all of the major browsers and researchers say there's no simple fix to prevent it."

"“There’s nothing to patch. There is actually nothing specific that can be individually fixed to prevent this,” said Robert Hansen, a security researcher and director of product management at WhiteHat Security. “It’s a really, really bad one.”"

Best Free Web Browser 2 years 3 weeks ago bo.elam

The good news. To avoid Javasript or IFRAME problems like the ones described in the link, use Firefox with NoScript.



Best Free Web Browser 2 years 2 weeks ago Panzer PirateBrowser is a bundle package of the Tor client (Vidalia), FireFox Portable browser (with foxyproxy addon) and some custom configs that allows you to circumvent censorship that certain countries such as Iran, North Korea, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Italy and Ireland impose onto their citizens: view
Best Free Web Browser 2 years 2 weeks ago woodshed

Running windows 7 64bit, do you want a good reliable 64 bit browser,
using firefox version 23 then you should try Cyberfox version 23 this is firefox running in true 64 bit

Best Free Web Browser 2 years 1 week ago Anupam Superbo Browselorer: view
Best Free Web Browser 1 year 9 months ago talkback10

I am having an issue with Yahoo mail and the latest version of Pale Moon. While using this browser as well as the latest FF version,it automatically reverts me to the very basic Yahoo mail format. Trying to upgrade to the newest mail version is not working. Yes I know the most recent Yahoo mail is not receiving much praise but it is better than this almost dysfunctional basic format. Basically I need to enable javascript but even with all extensions disabled it is not working. Also, the choice to do so is no longer listed under Options...Anyone else here encountered this and what is the solution? Any about:config tweaks?

Best Free Web Browser 1 year 9 months ago CyberAlex1986

I am probably biased, but i've been using Comodo Dragon internet browser for several years, and i am very satisfied with it. I am a Webkit fan, so Chrome was a blessing when it came out, along came the Comodo Dragon - a sculptured version of Chrome with some impressive privacy enhancements and amazing speed, now with PrivDog to help you keep your privacy, check this out
I do not need adblock when i have PrivDog to guard me, also along with incognito Comodo Dragon has Virtual Mode to keep all the crap in the sandbox.
Ok it's just a Chrome with additional security features.

Comodo now has Ice Dragon based on Firefox, also worth checking out

Safari? Apart from being default browser for Mac, there is nothing good about it, it's by far the slowest email client i know of, why even review something people should stay away from?

The only reason people should have iTunes and Safari on their PC is if they have Mac or they use iPhone iPod/Pad and have no choice.

Best Free Web Browser 1 year 9 months ago JJames

It's always the same browsers listed, and sure, they're all fine, but there are a lot more. I like the torch browser because it makes downloading videos and torrents super easy. So really it's all what you need it for.

Best Free Web Browser 1 year 9 months ago joeguru Hi JJames, there aren't that many browsers that compete with the Mega Browsers for features. Maxthon was added this time, Mac OS was removed because it no longer supports Windows. I did review Torch, and I agree its a good browser, however its not a Mega Browser so I will include it in the Light Browser category when I update those coming up soon. The primary reason Torch failed to meet the Mega Browser category is it lacks syncing features and basically rides on Google's Chrome. We appreciate your feedback. view
Best Free Web Browser 1 year 9 months ago sicknero

Good to see Maxthon included :-)

Can I just point out though that as of v4.2 it uses Blink instead of Webkit which they claim has given it a 30% increase in speed. Dunnon about that but it is pretty quick and solid. It's also had multi-thread downloading since (I think) 4.2 as well.

Still not my primary browser but it has functions that I find quite indespensible having got used to them, mostly the resource sniffer and the Quick Apps function which you can use to create Site Specific Browsers for whatever tabs you like. The pop-out video player is also v good.

Best Free Web Browser 1 year 9 months ago joeguru Thank you for the feedback. Your mention of v4.2 using Blink is a perfect example of how fast the browsers change. This happened right after I posted my review. I agree with your use of Maxthon, I feel the same. view
Best Free Web Browser 1 year 8 months ago Panzer "... CyberDragon Browser is an privacy enhanced browser that protects your surfing habits. Still in early beta but the following features have been implemented: - Tracker blocker. It will block over 6000 various trackers from following your daily surfing habits. Later version will allow user defined tracker blocker rules that can be exported/imported and also automatic master tracker blocker file updater to always keep your surfing data safe from bad guys. - Very strict, zero-tolerance cookie control. By default, only session cookies that have Secure and HttpOnly cookie attributes set are allowed. Also, all 3rd party cookies are blocked by default. Later version will have ability to define site specific cookie rules to override these global settings. - Proxy fetcher. Will allow you to fetch high-anonymous proxies that you can use to hide you IP-address with just 2-clicks (one click to fetch proxies and second click to select proxy from the list) ...": view
Best Free Web Browser 1 year 8 months ago joeguru Thank you for the suggestion Panzer. I'm constantly reviewing products so I'll take this one in consideration as well. view
Best Free Web Browser 1 year 7 months ago Panzer Firefox Ultimate - Modified and optimized version of Mozilla Firefox: view
Best Free Web Browser 1 year 7 months ago Panzer "... Light - a light Firefox edition. Many components are slimmed down. So it can start faster and use less memory. By default, Light can run along with official Firefox ...": view
Best Free Web Browser 1 year 7 months ago crombierob

I find it hard to believe that people do not use NoScript (with FF)
And that is why I do not use other browsers, as they do NOT have Noscript.

Best Free Web Browser 1 year 7 months ago George.J You've ScriptSafe and ScriptBlock for Chrome and Opera that does the same thing. view
Best Free Web Browser 1 year 7 months ago crombierob

I did some Googling a while back and everyone that had tried alternatives to NoScript, had not found anything as good.
Which one do you feel is as good as NoScript ?
I would appreciate feedback from others, as well


Best Free Web Browser 1 year 7 months ago Anupam Yes, I do not use NoScript with Firefox, and haven't been using it for years now. There are two reasons for it. First, there was a news about NoScript on the internet, in which AdBlock developer found that NoScript was allowing some chosen scripts, etc, in order to benefit some companies. I don't remember exact details now, but it made me lose faith over NoScript. Although NoScript ddeveloper had apologized for it later, and corrected the mistake. Still, lost my trust. Also, I found out that Firefox opened page much faster without NoScript. Since then, I haven't been using NoScript. But again, I don't venture much into dark places of the internet. And I use common sense and safety practices, so I am fine without it. view
Best Free Web Browser 1 year 7 months ago bo.elam

If you like to know why there is no NoScript in Chrome, read this article. Its a little old but still applies, after reading it (and the comments) you ll know why Google does not permit anything as good as NoScript to be available in Chrome.



Best Free Web Browser 1 year 7 months ago joeguru To All: Regarding FF and NoScript I must ask that this conversation be moved to the Freeware Forum. The comment section for category reviews is not the appropriate forum. Thank you. view
Best Free Web Browser 1 year 7 months ago bo.elam

In my personal case, pages open "a lot faster" with NoScript. Why? it takes a lot less bandwidth to open webpages when you block flash contents, scripts, etc. That is the way its supposed to be. Perhaps when you tried NoScript you did not have a good internet connection at the time and blamed it on NoScript.

As you know, I am a big believer in NoScript. In my personal opinion, NoScript does more for users (security wise) than any antivirus. In my experience, ever since I being using NoScript (five years), I have never encountered any malware while browsing.

You know how much I believe in Sandboxie containing malware, I feel the same way about NoScript blocking potential malware. NoScript works real well and silently.


Best Free Web Browser 1 year 7 months ago bo.elam

Hey George, ScriptSafe and ScriptBlock don't do the same thing as NoScript. Please read Giorgios article below (reply to crombierob).


Best Free Web Browser 1 year 7 months ago jacemace

Tried firefox ultimate. It is terrible. Freezes (not responding) constantly.

Best Free Web Browser 1 year 7 months ago youngjoe

Two killer problems (for me):

1) I download a lot of text files. Chrome won't let me do that -- it converts them all to chrome's proprietary html format. I've seen a forum discussion of this. Many people have complained. Google doesn't give a damn. The other browsers offer downloaders a choice of formats.

2) Current Firefox doesn't permit use of current Shockwave Flash. I'm a musician and I can't use a browser that won't let me view videos.

I used Firefox happily for years, but this problem kills it for me.

Best Free Web Browser 1 year 6 months ago Anupam You had written Firefox as Foxfire, which I corrected in your post. Please take care to write the proper name. Firefox does allow use of Flash. But, you have to allow it manually, since in recent versions, Firefox has implemented click to play for Flash videos. view
Best Free Web Browser 1 year 6 months ago youngjoe

Thanks for the correction, Anupam. And thanks for the information! Please, would you tell me how to go about allowing it manually. When I go to the page that FF sends me to to manage add-ons, I am informed that Flash player is banned because of unspecified malware problems, and no work-around suggestion is offered.

We all use our browsers with personal ideas of what functionality is required, and I know that many, many people are happy with Chrome. I'm not one of them. I've tried a few other browsers over the last few days, and I realize that for my purposes Foxfire is very much what I need to use, so I am grateful for suggestions of how to cure the flash problem.

Best Free Web Browser 1 year 6 months ago joeguru Please post user questions in the Freeware Forum, you'll get more help. This section is for comments regarding reviews or suggested software. Thank you. view
Best Free Web Browser 1 year 6 months ago youngjoe

Gotcha joe!

Best Free Web Browser 1 year 6 months ago Anupam youngjoe, please post your queries here in the forum: When you post the thread, in the content, please post the Windows version on your system, the Firefox version installed, and also the flash player version. See you in the forum :). view
Best Free Web Browser 1 year 6 months ago Mike86

Is it true that mozilla planing to serve ads in browser? If it is true that will be a big time crash for her, i would still chose chrome or opera any time...

Best Free Web Browser 1 year 6 months ago sicknero

I don't think it'll be having much of an impact... the ads will be shown in the tiles of the New Tab page so anyone who is especially bothered by them can just replace that with one of the many alternatives or even just opt for a blank page instead.

I expect there will be some complaining for a while and then back to business as usual, that's what generally happens when a vendor introduces some less-than-popular change.

Best Free Web Browser 1 year 6 months ago crombierob

I have been struggling with FF for over a month now.
It gets very slow to load or refresh a tab, and then causes my CPUs to overheat, which then slows things as well.
I have Googled, and I am not alone with this problem.
ADVs will probably add to the problem.

Best Free Web Browser 1 year 6 months ago tenprodoc

Sleipnir does seem worth trying! however upon trying it I was prompted to install a media player and it recommended VLC. All sounds well and good until it installed the player and tried to get me to accept about 5 changes to my computer search and browsers and I don't know what all. I refused all and it still screwed up my browser and search. Guess the relationship going forward is a bit too pricey for me and great text will have to wait until the price isn't too high.
I lost a lot of work and it left a very bad taste in my mouth.

Best Free Web Browser 1 year 6 months ago George.J Personally I haven't tried Sleipnir for a long time, but Softpedia confirms the product as clean: The problem that you had usually comes when you download softwares from sites other than the homesite or reputed software download sites like Softpedia. Next time be careful when you download. view
Best Free Web Browser 1 year 6 months ago MidnightCowboy Certainly sounds like a wrapped installer. Cnet and Softonic for two would definitely have bundled unwanted components with the download. I just installed the program into Windows 7 from our download link and there was nothing else included. This is actually quite impressive. All my Chrome extensions and settings imported including the site WOT script. :) More information about how to avoid bundled software below: MC - Site Manager. view
Best Free Web Browser 1 year 2 months ago Panzer Beta version of Otter Browser (project aiming to recreate classic Opera (12.x) UI using Qt5) is out: view
Best Free Web Browser 1 year 2 months ago Panzer 360 Browser: What's new in the latest version? 1. Ad Filter: hide unwanted advertisements. 2. Dual Engine: powered by both Webkit and IE web engines. 3. Secure Browsing: filter phishing and malicious URLs. 4. Video Pop-out: place video in an always-on-top window. 5. Themes: personalize 360 Browser with beautifully designed themes. view
Best Free Web Browser 1 year 1 month ago stephench


It is Stephen Cheng From FlashPeak Inc. Can you list our Slimjet Web Browser from here? Slimjet is based on the Chromium project and adds a lot of convenient and smart features on top of it. It is the best browser we've made so far. While it shares a similar set of features with SlimBrowser/SlimBoat, it beats the other two in terms of performance, stability, web site compatibility and support of the latest web technologies. It is currently built on top of Chromium m35. We will keep it synchronized to the Chrome releases as closely as possible.


Best Free Web Browser 1 year 1 month ago sicknero

Hi Victor, I just wanted to mention that Maxthon have been offering a portable version of their browser for quite a long time now.

v here -

Best Free Web Browser 1 year 1 month ago Zeaxan

Has anyone heard any good reviews for 360 Browser from the makers of 360safe antivirus? I know the antivirus is one of the best free available with great detection rates, but I'm curious about their web browser. Its suppose to be similar to IE only safer.


In case anyone wants to check it out. Thanks!

Best Free Web Browser 1 year 1 month ago George.J It runs on Webkit and IE engines, but the interface looks like that of Opera to me :D view
Best Free Web Browser 1 year 1 month ago crombierob

I have a question, which perhaps should be on everyone's lips (everyone using XP)
Which browser is so much based on IE, that web pages designed to only run on IE, will run on that browser ?
The reason that question should be on many lips is, the cessation of XP security updates, means hackers are targeting IE.
For users out there that need the ability to open web pages designed for IE, which browser will allow that SAFELY ?


Best Free Web Browser 1 year 1 month ago crombierob

I am trying your 360 browser.
I assume that Webkit means Chrome ?
It in nearly all respects looks to be Chrome based (even the irritating minimalistic approach that is spreading like a disease)
I decided to check it out in case it was the answer to the question I posted above (Safe IE based alternative)
I can only find one hint that IE mode is possible, in the Settings, where it says -
Browsing Engine - Pick the right engine for me

If I am correct, and hackers are now targeting IE, does that mean - that exploits they discover for IE, will also exploit 360 Secure Browser, when it is in IE mode ?


Best Free Web Browser 1 year 1 month ago dave316

Sleipnir has a portable version for download. It's with the .zip extension.

Best Free Web Browser 1 year 1 month ago crombierob

I tried Maxthon
There are some people in the world that don't mind all their open tabs, being discarded (like used co.....s ) when the browser closes.
Personally I would vote them out of the gene pool, but I must learn to be tolerant.
Users have written to Maxthon complaining that they discard all open Tabs, and Maxthon has replied (many times) that the solution they provide is just as good.
Their solution is they give you a single Tab with a list of your previously open Tabs.
You then have to tell Maxthon to re-open them (like it should have done in the first place)
I tolerated that for a few sessions, and the last time I opened Maxthon and requested a re-opening of all Tabs (like it should have) it discarded all but a couple.
On reflection, perhaps I am meant to study that flippin list, and tick/untick some lines.
Instead - I will never use Maxthon again.

Best Free Web Browser 1 year 1 month ago MidnightCowboy I sympathize with your feelings. I encounter similar stuff frequently with Linux systems and apps. A bit of searching usually brings up a solution in one forum or another. My attitude though, is for the solution to exist there is obviously a problem, so why isn't the solution already built into the product? MC - Site Manager. view
Best Free Web Browser 1 year 1 week ago Aninnymous

It would be useful to inform us all about the cluster of each "mega" browser 'clones'. Perhaps each list could be included after the discussion of the particular browser with a brief description of the main advantage of the alternate.

FireFox has WaterFox, PaleMoon, Sea Monkey, etc.

Chrome has Comodo Dragon, SRWare Iron, RockMelt, Chromium, etc.

And so on.

It's hard to keep track of all the useful alternatives out there now.

Best Free Web Browser 1 year 12 hours ago damien76

I use Maxthon portable but whenever I print in PDF I cannot edit it or just plain copy or highlight anything. This is the same as of Google Chrome. Dragon, Ice Dragon, Firefox, Iron are not like that.

Best Free Web Browser 12 months 1 day ago pjpw

I can endorse the Slimjet browser. I use a number of browsers as each one seems more adept for certain functions and uses. They are Slimjet, Opera, Maxthon and sometimes Firefox and Google Chrome. I have tried many others over the years but never found one to consistently offer what the mainstream ones do.

Another browser, K-Meleon is actually THE lightest browser of all on system resources but sadly lacks the compatibility necessary to be useful across the board. There are independent developer versions of it still being released from time to time but for the average user these require a fair degree of computer knowledge and are a no go for most people.

My issue was with just having a basic 4GB laptop I was experiencing memory and CPU usage issues when using sites like Facebook and Youtube. So I started using a separate browser just to have Facebook open in (Opera.) Then I would use either Maxthon or Google Chrome or Firefox for everyday browsing. This approach has both advantages and disadvantages.

I have been using Slimjet for the past couple of months now and am very happy with it. It uses the same Chromium engine used by Google and Opera but has added some built in features that are only provided by way of extensions in the others. Also it is not Google so I have reduced concerns of there being any backdoor into the browser.

Google Chrome used to regularly eat up a lot of memory and CPU resources and I was often having to restart the browser. I recommend Slimjet to anyone. I am sure you won't be disappointed. Also, it comes from Flashpeak which has been around for a long time with their SlimBrowser and more recently SlimBoat browsers.

Best Free Web Browser 12 months 22 hours ago crombierob

I have three problems with Chrome -
- I don't like the minimalistic rubbish young programmers (not Analysts) are foisting on us.
- Chrome does not have NoScript
- Google do not give a toss about MS conventions, and as pjpw has noticed it can slow your PC to a crawl
On that latter, the first time it happened to me, everything was freezing, and I was sure I had a virus. I went back to my most recent image (Seagate DiscWizard), which unfortunately was a week old (TCH! TCH!). Thus much time was spent trying to copy my last weeks activities, before I went back to that earlier image (Cost me many, many hours).
The next time this happened, I investigated, and found it was Google's flippin updater freezing my PC.
I removed it all (and that is not an easy process), and Google will never darken my PC doorstep again. (I will still use the Google Search engine, which ain't as good as it used to be)

I will give Slimjet a try as I can -
- Breath easy, as it looks like it does not have the Google updater disaster.
- Only use it for web sites, where I don't need NoScript
- Try to make it as non minimalistic as I can.
Watch out if you are elderly and feeble minded, as you may download SlimBrowser by mistake.
I did, and I love it.
Fast, and NOT minimalistic
SlimBrowser crashes (within Tab) way to often.
May be to do with inherited extensions, but I cannot find out how to get rid of them, OR how to run in safe mode (Add-Ins disabled).
So looks like I have to suppress my hatred of Chrome, and try SlimJet

Best Free Web Browser 12 months 1 day ago Remah Hi all. I have just taken over as editor of the three web browser articles so expect an update soon. Remah view
Best Free Web Browser 12 months 14 hours ago stephench

One of the biggest reasons that we start the Slimjet project is we don't like the minimalist design of Chrome. Slimjet doesn't auto-update like Chrome. Slimjet includes a download control button which allow you to easily allow/disallow script on selected domains. That is similar to what NoScript offers. It has a fully customizable toolbar where you can add more buttons to gain quick access to various functions. Slimjet uses slightly more memory than SlimBrowser but is more stable and responsive. Give it a few days and you will like it.

Best Free Web Browser 12 months 11 hours ago pjpw

Crombierob, apart from the issue you mentioned with No Script and the minimalistic interface of the Chromium browsers (which I have come to like) I think you will find Slimjet an enjoyable experience compared to Google Chrome.

I too had the freezing issue on updating with Chrome, not all the time but more often than not, and that plus the memory and CPU issue with Chrome were the main reasons I looked for an alternative. At the same time Firefox (still a resource hog too) was having a lot of issues with Update 29 I think it was so I avoided going back to FF for those reasons.

Please post your thoughts on Slimjet back here as I for one would certainly be interested in your experience with it.


Best Free Web Browser 12 months 2 hours ago CASD

It's good to have a new monitor on this.. I love trying new browsers and I've tried a lot...
So far Opera even being chrome connected now works and feels like the old opera..
In fact I think it works better then most of the webkit browsers out there.. Low ram uses on my win 8.1 8gb, Athon 2 Acer computer.
always staying around 25% ram usage or less
Even one of my other favorites Qupzilla can't fact it freezes up and so does Midori
Slim jet ..another one that crashes and is a slug on my system.
Keep the new ideas coming and I'll gladly try them :)

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Best Free Web Browser 10 months 1 week ago satyateja

When you are about to download a web browser, its important you should search for the pro's. Chrome is the most popular browser used, but it still has its con's. See the complete details of Chrome vs Maxthon -> ..

Best Free Web Browser 10 months 1 week ago spaarks

Good work.
Browsers seem to be getting increasingly problematical - firefox with flash and and nagging to synchronise, chrome with it's continual nagging to use chrome feature. Only IE supports active-x.

Best Free Web Browser 9 months 2 weeks ago Paxmilitaris

I don't know about torrents, but mail is now separate from the browser in Opera, right?

Best Free Web Browser 9 months 6 days ago nambrath

Till recently Chrome was working not only good but the best, but recently one ominous trend became visible. Of its own some windows opens as tab of Chrome with some survey on Chrome browser. As the window opened by itself as tab of existing Chrome browser it is taken as authentic and people participate in it and at the end they offer different items in throw away prices. People taking it seriously pay through online and after the cash (it is a huge sum to certain extent) is transferred then only it declares the process being a lottery and expressing thanks for participating. Ultimately, to end the amount is gobbled up by unscrupulous internet cheats leaving the browsing person helpless!! I use different types of browsers it happens only with Chrome. I uninstalled Chrome for few days and reinstalled it. The problem reappeared again. With all the self opening tabs, I used to complain the Chrome people sending online complain but till to date no remedy has been taken. Now I think to delet completely the Chrome for ever.

Best Free Web Browser 9 months 2 days ago Panzer Vimprobable is a lean stand-alone web browser optimised for full keyboard control (inspired by Vimperator): view
Best Free Web Browser 8 months 2 weeks ago oneengguy

Hello Remah,

I would like to recommend for your review an additional browser that I have found simply spectacular in all of its (comprehensive) offerings: SlimJet. I have tried and tweaked and relied on all browsers that are listed on Gizmo's Site for so many years (best software review site on the net, by the way :-) and I am now relying on SlimJet as my work-horse browsing tool (W7 DELL XPS 1645 laptop). A very strong recommendation. Also: I am relying on the remarkable extension "ublock" to assist me with my browsing.

Best Free Web Browser 7 months 3 weeks ago Panzer Otter browser beta 4 is out: "... Most important changes since beta 3: - added support for mouse gestures; - added initial support for customizing toolbars; - allow to load plugins on demand; - more actions (over 150 in total); - added Go to Page dialog (F2); - allow to customize menu button (JSON file); - lots of other fixes and improvements ...": view
Best Free Web Browser 7 months 6 days ago Panzer Airfox: view
Best Free Web Browser 7 months 5 days ago spiderpig168

There is another great alternative out there called Polarity Browser. It is light on resources and very fast.

Best Free Web Browser 6 months 1 week ago pjw100255

I'm not quite as computer-savvy as most of you here, but I could really use some help in figuring out all these different browsers.

I recently had some trouble with Silverlight playing Netflix through Firefox. Digital Rights Management errors keep coming up and I tried uninstalling/reinstalling Silverlight, which didn't work, and the troubleshooting articles I found didn't help either as there are some features missing on my system that are necessary to do the fix. Sooo, I called Netflix and they suggested downloading Chrome as the browser to use for Netflix. I was reluctant because I don't like anything to do with Google, but if this was the only way to get Netflix to play, then I had to.

Something really weird keeps happening when I open Chrome. I get an initial tab for Astromenda. I don't know what that is (search engine?), and I don't want it. While I was on the phone with Netflix, I found that in my list of programs and I deleted it, but it still keeps coming up when I open Chrome. What is this thing and how do I get rid of it?? It seems to be a default in Chrome.

Also, in streaming videos through Netflix (through Chrome), the audio and video is crappy. It crackles, skips, stutters. It's very annoying, to say the least. Sometimes it freezes completely and I need to click the pause and start button again. I really miss watching Netflix through Firefox - it was easy and played well (most of the time).

Are any of the other browsers any better with regard to playing Netflix, and are not reliant on Silverlight? My operating system is XP, so MS doesn't support that anymore, so I can't ask them why Silverlight suddenly doesn't work for me anymore. Anyway, any help/insight you all could share with me would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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Best Free Web Browser 6 months 1 week ago pjw100255

Oops, sorry about that. I didn't realize that. Will check that out when I get a chance. Thanks for letting me know.

Best Free Web Browser 5 months 2 weeks ago chris.p Airfox: fast, clean, very basic browser. Used on Win7 32-bit: Cannot remember window size or placement (could be a deal-breaker for some). Hard to use - keyboard shortcuts *do not work at all* on Win7/32. Everything - and I mean everything - must be done through the Settings button at top right (3 stacked bars). There is no other menu of any kind anywhere. First job is to set Bookmarks - set about:blank as homepage, open tab, set about:blank as a bookmark. Remove the page and Airfox Start Page from Bookmarks as they just cause the browser to lock up and freeze for minutes on end. Has no plugin facility. Looks as if there is only one dev - this usually means the project will die at some stage. OK if you need an ultra skinny browser to check something with. The only modern facility it has is tabs. Reminds me of Netscape in 1998, with tabs. Would be nice to have some kind of a menu, somewhere, given that k/b shortcuts don't work. view
Best Free Web Browser 5 months 2 weeks ago chris.p Went to Sourceforge to download. No download available, just binaries for devs etc. Not a real browser as yet. Looking forward to trying it once it's a stable release. view
Best Free Web Browser 5 months 2 weeks ago chris.p Thanks Remah, found a replacement for Opera - ruined by the latest update. Tried a couple, eventually settled on Comodo Ice Dragon (found on another page here). It really is a very good browser. Thanks again! :) view
Best Free Web Browser 5 months 2 weeks ago crombierob

Yes it is very good.
It is FF, but usually a couple of versions behind.
They have trimmed it slightly, and you can enable their extra security (ensure web site that you try to go to, are safe).
Also you can have (multiple) portable versions, by simply ticking a checkbox on the 'installer' screen.
I have many for different categories of browsing.
The one proviso is, I never have two of them running at the same time (just in case they interfere with each others settings)

PS For all those Chrome lovers out there, I wish I could find a cure for you.
If you have a weak/old PC, you can occasionally find your computer running so slow, you will think it has a virus. But you will find it is Google's updater running in the background.
For those that love Chrome, and wish to avoid Google's disregard for Windows conventions, you can Get Comodo Dragon (No 'Ice'), and 'Install' it as portable.
I have done that, and it runs fine (but I still hate Chrome).