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1 year 12 weeks ago Best Free Web Browser bo.elam

The good news. To avoid Javasript or IFRAME problems like the ones described in the link, use Firefox with NoScript.



1 year 11 weeks ago Best Free Web Browser Panzer

PirateBrowser is a bundle package of the Tor client (Vidalia), FireFox Portable browser (with foxyproxy addon) and some custom configs that allows you to circumvent censorship that certain countries such as Iran, North Korea, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Italy and Ireland impose onto their citizens:

1 year 10 weeks ago Best Free Web Browser woodshed

Running windows 7 64bit, do you want a good reliable 64 bit browser,
using firefox version 23 then you should try Cyberfox version 23 this is firefox running in true 64 bit

1 year 10 weeks ago Best Free Web Browser Anupam

Superbo Browselorer:

48 weeks 5 days ago Best Free Web Browser talkback10

I am having an issue with Yahoo mail and the latest version of Pale Moon. While using this browser as well as the latest FF version,it automatically reverts me to the very basic Yahoo mail format. Trying to upgrade to the newest mail version is not working. Yes I know the most recent Yahoo mail is not receiving much praise but it is better than this almost dysfunctional basic format. Basically I need to enable javascript but even with all extensions disabled it is not working. Also, the choice to do so is no longer listed under Options...Anyone else here encountered this and what is the solution? Any about:config tweaks?

48 weeks 2 days ago Best Free Web Browser CyberAlex1986

I am probably biased, but i've been using Comodo Dragon internet browser for several years, and i am very satisfied with it. I am a Webkit fan, so Chrome was a blessing when it came out, along came the Comodo Dragon - a sculptured version of Chrome with some impressive privacy enhancements and amazing speed, now with PrivDog to help you keep your privacy, check this out
I do not need adblock when i have PrivDog to guard me, also along with incognito Comodo Dragon has Virtual Mode to keep all the crap in the sandbox.
Ok it's just a Chrome with additional security features.

Comodo now has Ice Dragon based on Firefox, also worth checking out

Safari? Apart from being default browser for Mac, there is nothing good about it, it's by far the slowest email client i know of, why even review something people should stay away from?

The only reason people should have iTunes and Safari on their PC is if they have Mac or they use iPhone iPod/Pad and have no choice.

47 weeks 5 days ago Best Free Web Browser JJames

It's always the same browsers listed, and sure, they're all fine, but there are a lot more. I like the torch browser because it makes downloading videos and torrents super easy. So really it's all what you need it for.

47 weeks 4 days ago Best Free Web Browser joeguru

Hi JJames, there aren't that many browsers that compete with the Mega Browsers for features. Maxthon was added this time, Mac OS was removed because it no longer supports Windows. I did review Torch, and I agree its a good browser, however its not a Mega Browser so I will include it in the Light Browser category when I update those coming up soon. The primary reason Torch failed to meet the Mega Browser category is it lacks syncing features and basically rides on Google's Chrome.

We appreciate your feedback.

47 weeks 4 days ago Best Free Web Browser sicknero

Good to see Maxthon included :-)

Can I just point out though that as of v4.2 it uses Blink instead of Webkit which they claim has given it a 30% increase in speed. Dunnon about that but it is pretty quick and solid. It's also had multi-thread downloading since (I think) 4.2 as well.

Still not my primary browser but it has functions that I find quite indespensible having got used to them, mostly the resource sniffer and the Quick Apps function which you can use to create Site Specific Browsers for whatever tabs you like. The pop-out video player is also v good.

47 weeks 4 days ago Best Free Web Browser joeguru

Thank you for the feedback. Your mention of v4.2 using Blink is a perfect example of how fast the browsers change. This happened right after I posted my review. I agree with your use of Maxthon, I feel the same.

46 weeks 5 days ago Best Free Web Browser Panzer

"... CyberDragon Browser is an privacy enhanced browser that protects your surfing habits.

Still in early beta but the following features have been implemented:

- Tracker blocker. It will block over 6000 various trackers from following your daily surfing habits. Later version will allow user defined tracker blocker rules that can be exported/imported and also automatic master tracker blocker file updater to always keep your surfing data safe from bad guys.

- Very strict, zero-tolerance cookie control. By default, only session cookies that have Secure and HttpOnly cookie attributes set are allowed. Also, all 3rd party cookies are blocked by default. Later version will have ability to define site specific cookie rules to override these global settings.

- Proxy fetcher. Will allow you to fetch high-anonymous proxies that you can use to hide you IP-address with just 2-clicks (one click to fetch proxies and second click to select proxy from the list) ...":

45 weeks 4 days ago Best Free Web Browser joeguru

Thank you for the suggestion Panzer. I'm constantly reviewing products so I'll take this one in consideration as well.

42 weeks 4 days ago Best Free Web Browser Panzer

Firefox Ultimate - Modified and optimized version of Mozilla Firefox:

42 weeks 3 days ago Best Free Web Browser Panzer

"... Light - a light Firefox edition. Many components are slimmed down. So it can start faster and use less memory. By default, Light can run along with official Firefox ...":

42 weeks 2 days ago Best Free Web Browser crombierob

I find it hard to believe that people do not use NoScript (with FF)
And that is why I do not use other browsers, as they do NOT have Noscript.

42 weeks 2 days ago Best Free Web Browser George.J

You've ScriptSafe and ScriptBlock for Chrome and Opera that does the same thing.

42 weeks 2 days ago Best Free Web Browser crombierob

I did some Googling a while back and everyone that had tried alternatives to NoScript, had not found anything as good.
Which one do you feel is as good as NoScript ?
I would appreciate feedback from others, as well


42 weeks 2 days ago Best Free Web Browser Anupam

Yes, I do not use NoScript with Firefox, and haven't been using it for years now. There are two reasons for it. First, there was a news about NoScript on the internet, in which AdBlock developer found that NoScript was allowing some chosen scripts, etc, in order to benefit some companies. I don't remember exact details now, but it made me lose faith over NoScript. Although NoScript ddeveloper had apologized for it later, and corrected the mistake. Still, lost my trust.

Also, I found out that Firefox opened page much faster without NoScript.

Since then, I haven't been using NoScript. But again, I don't venture much into dark places of the internet. And I use common sense and safety practices, so I am fine without it.

42 weeks 2 days ago Best Free Web Browser bo.elam

If you like to know why there is no NoScript in Chrome, read this article. Its a little old but still applies, after reading it (and the comments) you ll know why Google does not permit anything as good as NoScript to be available in Chrome.



42 weeks 2 days ago Best Free Web Browser joeguru

To All: Regarding FF and NoScript I must ask that this conversation be moved to the Freeware Forum. The comment section for category reviews is not the appropriate forum. Thank you.

42 weeks 2 days ago Best Free Web Browser bo.elam

In my personal case, pages open "a lot faster" with NoScript. Why? it takes a lot less bandwidth to open webpages when you block flash contents, scripts, etc. That is the way its supposed to be. Perhaps when you tried NoScript you did not have a good internet connection at the time and blamed it on NoScript.

As you know, I am a big believer in NoScript. In my personal opinion, NoScript does more for users (security wise) than any antivirus. In my experience, ever since I being using NoScript (five years), I have never encountered any malware while browsing.

You know how much I believe in Sandboxie containing malware, I feel the same way about NoScript blocking potential malware. NoScript works real well and silently.


42 weeks 2 days ago Best Free Web Browser bo.elam

Hey George, ScriptSafe and ScriptBlock don't do the same thing as NoScript. Please read Giorgios article below (reply to crombierob).


39 weeks 3 days ago Best Free Web Browser jacemace

Tried firefox ultimate. It is terrible. Freezes (not responding) constantly.

38 weeks 4 days ago Best Free Web Browser youngjoe

Two killer problems (for me):

1) I download a lot of text files. Chrome won't let me do that -- it converts them all to chrome's proprietary html format. I've seen a forum discussion of this. Many people have complained. Google doesn't give a damn. The other browsers offer downloaders a choice of formats.

2) Current Firefox doesn't permit use of current Shockwave Flash. I'm a musician and I can't use a browser that won't let me view videos.

I used Firefox happily for years, but this problem kills it for me.

38 weeks 4 days ago Best Free Web Browser Anupam

You had written Firefox as Foxfire, which I corrected in your post. Please take care to write the proper name.

Firefox does allow use of Flash. But, you have to allow it manually, since in recent versions, Firefox has implemented click to play for Flash videos.

38 weeks 3 days ago Best Free Web Browser youngjoe

Thanks for the correction, Anupam. And thanks for the information! Please, would you tell me how to go about allowing it manually. When I go to the page that FF sends me to to manage add-ons, I am informed that Flash player is banned because of unspecified malware problems, and no work-around suggestion is offered.

We all use our browsers with personal ideas of what functionality is required, and I know that many, many people are happy with Chrome. I'm not one of them. I've tried a few other browsers over the last few days, and I realize that for my purposes Foxfire is very much what I need to use, so I am grateful for suggestions of how to cure the flash problem.

38 weeks 3 days ago Best Free Web Browser joeguru

Please post user questions in the Freeware Forum, you'll get more help. This section is for comments regarding reviews or suggested software. Thank you.

38 weeks 3 days ago Best Free Web Browser youngjoe

Gotcha joe!

38 weeks 3 days ago Best Free Web Browser Anupam

youngjoe, please post your queries here in the forum:

When you post the thread, in the content, please post the Windows version on your system, the Firefox version installed, and also the flash player version.

See you in the forum :).

37 weeks 20 hours ago Best Free Web Browser Mike86

Is it true that mozilla planing to serve ads in browser? If it is true that will be a big time crash for her, i would still chose chrome or opera any time...

37 weeks 20 hours ago Best Free Web Browser sicknero

I don't think it'll be having much of an impact... the ads will be shown in the tiles of the New Tab page so anyone who is especially bothered by them can just replace that with one of the many alternatives or even just opt for a blank page instead.

I expect there will be some complaining for a while and then back to business as usual, that's what generally happens when a vendor introduces some less-than-popular change.

37 weeks 7 hours ago Best Free Web Browser crombierob

I have been struggling with FF for over a month now.
It gets very slow to load or refresh a tab, and then causes my CPUs to overheat, which then slows things as well.
I have Googled, and I am not alone with this problem.
ADVs will probably add to the problem.

36 weeks 1 day ago Best Free Web Browser tenprodoc

Sleipnir does seem worth trying! however upon trying it I was prompted to install a media player and it recommended VLC. All sounds well and good until it installed the player and tried to get me to accept about 5 changes to my computer search and browsers and I don't know what all. I refused all and it still screwed up my browser and search. Guess the relationship going forward is a bit too pricey for me and great text will have to wait until the price isn't too high.
I lost a lot of work and it left a very bad taste in my mouth.

36 weeks 1 day ago Best Free Web Browser George.J

Personally I haven't tried Sleipnir for a long time, but Softpedia confirms the product as clean:

The problem that you had usually comes when you download softwares from sites other than the homesite or reputed software download sites like Softpedia. Next time be careful when you download.

36 weeks 1 day ago Best Free Web Browser MidnightCowboy

Certainly sounds like a wrapped installer. Cnet and Softonic for two would definitely have bundled unwanted components with the download. I just installed the program into Windows 7 from our download link and there was nothing else included. This is actually quite impressive. All my Chrome extensions and settings imported including the site WOT script. :) More information about how to avoid bundled software below: MC - Site Manager.

21 weeks 3 days ago Best Free Web Browser Panzer

Beta version of Otter Browser (project aiming to recreate classic Opera (12.x) UI using Qt5) is out:

19 weeks 5 days ago Best Free Web Browser Panzer

360 Browser:

What's new in the latest version?

1. Ad Filter: hide unwanted advertisements.
2. Dual Engine: powered by both Webkit and IE web engines.
3. Secure Browsing: filter phishing and malicious URLs.
4. Video Pop-out: place video in an always-on-top window.
5. Themes: personalize 360 Browser with beautifully designed themes.

16 weeks 4 days ago Best Free Web Browser stephench


It is Stephen Cheng From FlashPeak Inc. Can you list our Slimjet Web Browser from here? Slimjet is based on the Chromium project and adds a lot of convenient and smart features on top of it. It is the best browser we've made so far. While it shares a similar set of features with SlimBrowser/SlimBoat, it beats the other two in terms of performance, stability, web site compatibility and support of the latest web technologies. It is currently built on top of Chromium m35. We will keep it synchronized to the Chrome releases as closely as possible.


14 weeks 3 days ago Best Free Web Browser sicknero

Hi Victor, I just wanted to mention that Maxthon have been offering a portable version of their browser for quite a long time now.

v here -

13 weeks 6 days ago Best Free Web Browser Zeaxan

Has anyone heard any good reviews for 360 Browser from the makers of 360safe antivirus? I know the antivirus is one of the best free available with great detection rates, but I'm curious about their web browser. Its suppose to be similar to IE only safer.


In case anyone wants to check it out. Thanks!

13 weeks 6 days ago Best Free Web Browser George.J

It runs on Webkit and IE engines, but the interface looks like that of Opera to me :D

13 weeks 6 days ago Best Free Web Browser crombierob

I have a question, which perhaps should be on everyone's lips (everyone using XP)
Which browser is so much based on IE, that web pages designed to only run on IE, will run on that browser ?
The reason that question should be on many lips is, the cessation of XP security updates, means hackers are targeting IE.
For users out there that need the ability to open web pages designed for IE, which browser will allow that SAFELY ?


13 weeks 6 days ago Best Free Web Browser crombierob

I am trying your 360 browser.
I assume that Webkit means Chrome ?
It in nearly all respects looks to be Chrome based (even the irritating minimalistic approach that is spreading like a disease)
I decided to check it out in case it was the answer to the question I posted above (Safe IE based alternative)
I can only find one hint that IE mode is possible, in the Settings, where it says -
Browsing Engine - Pick the right engine for me

If I am correct, and hackers are now targeting IE, does that mean - that exploits they discover for IE, will also exploit 360 Secure Browser, when it is in IE mode ?


13 weeks 3 days ago Best Free Web Browser dave316

Sleipnir has a portable version for download. It's with the .zip extension.

13 weeks 3 days ago Best Free Web Browser crombierob

I tried Maxthon
There are some people in the world that don't mind all their open tabs, being discarded (like used co.....s ) when the browser closes.
Personally I would vote them out of the gene pool, but I must learn to be tolerant.
Users have written to Maxthon complaining that they discard all open Tabs, and Maxthon has replied (many times) that the solution they provide is just as good.
Their solution is they give you a single Tab with a list of your previously open Tabs.
You then have to tell Maxthon to re-open them (like it should have done in the first place)
I tolerated that for a few sessions, and the last time I opened Maxthon and requested a re-opening of all Tabs (like it should have) it discarded all but a couple.
On reflection, perhaps I am meant to study that flippin list, and tick/untick some lines.
Instead - I will never use Maxthon again.

13 weeks 3 days ago Best Free Web Browser MidnightCowboy

I sympathize with your feelings. I encounter similar stuff frequently with Linux systems and apps. A bit of searching usually brings up a solution in one forum or another. My attitude though, is for the solution to exist there is obviously a problem, so why isn't the solution already built into the product? MC - Site Manager.

10 weeks 2 days ago Best Free Web Browser Aninnymous

It would be useful to inform us all about the cluster of each "mega" browser 'clones'. Perhaps each list could be included after the discussion of the particular browser with a brief description of the main advantage of the alternate.

FireFox has WaterFox, PaleMoon, Sea Monkey, etc.

Chrome has Comodo Dragon, SRWare Iron, RockMelt, Chromium, etc.

And so on.

It's hard to keep track of all the useful alternatives out there now.

8 weeks 4 days ago Best Free Web Browser damien76

I use Maxthon portable but whenever I print in PDF I cannot edit it or just plain copy or highlight anything. This is the same as of Google Chrome. Dragon, Ice Dragon, Firefox, Iron are not like that.

8 weeks 13 hours ago Best Free Web Browser pjpw

I can endorse the Slimjet browser. I use a number of browsers as each one seems more adept for certain functions and uses. They are Slimjet, Opera, Maxthon and sometimes Firefox and Google Chrome. I have tried many others over the years but never found one to consistently offer what the mainstream ones do.

Another browser, K-Meleon is actually THE lightest browser of all on system resources but sadly lacks the compatibility necessary to be useful across the board. There are independent developer versions of it still being released from time to time but for the average user these require a fair degree of computer knowledge and are a no go for most people.

My issue was with just having a basic 4GB laptop I was experiencing memory and CPU usage issues when using sites like Facebook and Youtube. So I started using a separate browser just to have Facebook open in (Opera.) Then I would use either Maxthon or Google Chrome or Firefox for everyday browsing. This approach has both advantages and disadvantages.

I have been using Slimjet for the past couple of months now and am very happy with it. It uses the same Chromium engine used by Google and Opera but has added some built in features that are only provided by way of extensions in the others. Also it is not Google so I have reduced concerns of there being any backdoor into the browser.

Google Chrome used to regularly eat up a lot of memory and CPU resources and I was often having to restart the browser. I recommend Slimjet to anyone. I am sure you won't be disappointed. Also, it comes from Flashpeak which has been around for a long time with their SlimBrowser and more recently SlimBoat browsers.

8 weeks 3 hours ago Best Free Web Browser crombierob

I have three problems with Chrome -
- I don't like the minimalistic rubbish young programmers (not Analysts) are foisting on us.
- Chrome does not have NoScript
- Google do not give a toss about MS conventions, and as pjpw has noticed it can slow your PC to a crawl
On that latter, the first time it happened to me, everything was freezing, and I was sure I had a virus. I went back to my most recent image (Seagate DiscWizard), which unfortunately was a week old (TCH! TCH!). Thus much time was spent trying to copy my last weeks activities, before I went back to that earlier image (Cost me many, many hours).
The next time this happened, I investigated, and found it was Google's flippin updater freezing my PC.
I removed it all (and that is not an easy process), and Google will never darken my PC doorstep again. (I will still use the Google Search engine, which ain't as good as it used to be)

I will give Slimjet a try as I can -
- Breath easy, as it looks like it does not have the Google updater disaster.
- Only use it for web sites, where I don't need NoScript
- Try to make it as non minimalistic as I can.
Watch out if you are elderly and feeble minded, as you may download SlimBrowser by mistake.
I did, and I love it.
Fast, and NOT minimalistic
SlimBrowser crashes (within Tab) way to often.
May be to do with inherited extensions, but I cannot find out how to get rid of them, OR how to run in safe mode (Add-Ins disabled).
So looks like I have to suppress my hatred of Chrome, and try SlimJet

8 weeks 6 hours ago Best Free Web Browser Remah

Hi all. I have just taken over as editor of the three web browser articles so expect an update soon.


7 weeks 6 days ago Best Free Web Browser stephench

One of the biggest reasons that we start the Slimjet project is we don't like the minimalist design of Chrome. Slimjet doesn't auto-update like Chrome. Slimjet includes a download control button which allow you to easily allow/disallow script on selected domains. That is similar to what NoScript offers. It has a fully customizable toolbar where you can add more buttons to gain quick access to various functions. Slimjet uses slightly more memory than SlimBrowser but is more stable and responsive. Give it a few days and you will like it.

7 weeks 6 days ago Best Free Web Browser pjpw

Crombierob, apart from the issue you mentioned with No Script and the minimalistic interface of the Chromium browsers (which I have come to like) I think you will find Slimjet an enjoyable experience compared to Google Chrome.

I too had the freezing issue on updating with Chrome, not all the time but more often than not, and that plus the memory and CPU issue with Chrome were the main reasons I looked for an alternative. At the same time Firefox (still a resource hog too) was having a lot of issues with Update 29 I think it was so I avoided going back to FF for those reasons.

Please post your thoughts on Slimjet back here as I for one would certainly be interested in your experience with it.


7 weeks 6 days ago Best Free Web Browser CASD

It's good to have a new monitor on this.. I love trying new browsers and I've tried a lot...
So far Opera even being chrome connected now works and feels like the old opera..
In fact I think it works better then most of the webkit browsers out there.. Low ram uses on my win 8.1 8gb, Athon 2 Acer computer.
always staying around 25% ram usage or less
Even one of my other favorites Qupzilla can't fact it freezes up and so does Midori
Slim jet ..another one that crashes and is a slug on my system.
Keep the new ideas coming and I'll gladly try them :)

7 weeks 8 hours ago Best Free Web Browser Remah

The updated article was released a little bit early - my own mistake. So I'll be making further changes over the next week.

3 days 16 hours ago Best Free Web Browser spaarks

Good work.
Browsers seem to be getting increasingly problematical - firefox with flash and and nagging to synchronise, chrome with it's continual nagging to use chrome feature. Only IE supports active-x.

1 year 39 weeks ago Best Free RSS Reader-Aggregator Funcy-dcm

What do you think about QuiteRSS version 0.12.0?

1 year 33 weeks ago Best Free RSS Reader-Aggregator runbei

Google Reader is going away. What will Feedly do? I'm having no luck finding an acceptable Web-based replacement for Google Reader.

1 year 33 weeks ago Best Free RSS Reader-Aggregator philip

Feedly may be in the best position to fill the vacuum that Google Reader will leave. They are already working on their own backend server, and have stated that there will be a seamless switchover when the lights go out at Google Reader.

Feedly itself looks much improved to me since the last time I tried it. It looks good enough to replace FeedDemon, which has been my favorite reader (but will no longer sync without Google Reader).

1 year 33 weeks ago Best Free RSS Reader-Aggregator RushArt

With the inevitalble death of Google Reader, this page is more relevant than ever.

Also, the creator of FeedDemon also decided not to develop his software anymore which is caused by Google Reader soon demise.


1 year 28 weeks ago Best Free RSS Reader-Aggregator datajanne

*** gPodder *** The best pod aggregator i know and used for years is gPodder (open source). I use it every week to downloand mp3-radio programs (+30 feeds) and have tried at least 20 rss aggregators but this one is "da shit" for that purpose imho :) Try to prove me wrong :) It should be in this list!

1 year 28 weeks ago Best Free RSS Reader-Aggregator philip

Thanks datajanne. Yes, another good podcast aggregator. I've added it in that section. It's available as a portable version from PortableApps too.

1 year 23 weeks ago Best Free RSS Reader-Aggregator rhiannon

This might help:

6 Free Google Reader Alternatives

1 year 23 weeks ago Best Free RSS Reader-Aggregator rhiannon

Update from Nick, Feed Demon developer:
I'll release a new version of FeedDemon which no longer syncs with Google Reader. This version will be free, won't contain any ads, and will have all of the features of the Pro version. You can use it free of charge for as long as you like - but it will be the last version of FeedDemon.

Nick Bradbury: My Plan for FeedDemon

1 year 22 weeks ago Best Free RSS Reader-Aggregator elastic-pad

try out elastic-pad (web based for desktop and mobile):

1 year 22 weeks ago Best Free RSS Reader-Aggregator philip

"coming soon...."

1 year 20 weeks ago Best Free RSS Reader-Aggregator F13-Reboot

FeedDemon has problems with a large database (5-8.000) of news, sometimes it hangs. Much better is GreatNews.

1 year 19 weeks ago Best Free RSS Reader-Aggregator philip

GreatNews is still stuck in Beta. Judging by the GreatNews forum, and by the fact that the blog is not reachable, there is not much development. It looks interesting and suited to intrepid users, but it doesn't appear ready yet for broad recommendation or serious review.

1 year 18 weeks ago Best Free RSS Reader-Aggregator philip

Nick Bradbury has released a last, free version of FeedDemon Pro, which no linger links to Google Reader.

1 year 18 weeks ago Best Free RSS Reader-Aggregator sicknero

I wouldn't call myself an especially intrepid user but this one is still my favourite RSS reader.

My version ( portable) has no beta tag and the developer last posted in the forum just a month ago so he's still interested I guess, although the version I have is two years old.

Anyway all that being said, out of the available off-line readers/aggregators that I've tried so far, I find this one easily the most stable and least demanding on resources, and the interface/layout is pleasing too.

1 year 18 weeks ago Best Free RSS Reader-Aggregator sicknero

I've been trying gpodder for about a month now, the PAF portable version. I really really like it - the layout, the GUI, the way it accepts video podcasts, the way it handles incomplete downloads.

However I don't know if it's just me but when I run it, it maxes out my CPU for ages, takes forever to load, and often has to be restarted for the downloads to work.

On balance I don't really mind this too much - I've been happy to run it when I'm on my way out or whatever a couple of times a week, so I can just leave it to it, even though I sometimes return to my PC and find that the downloads have "stuck" so I have to try it again later.

To be fair my desktop PC is rather elderly which might be the problem. I'll give gpodder a whirl on my laptop to see if it's any better, but meanwhile I just learnt in this thread that Media Monkey handles podcasts so I'll try that out as a possible alternative.

Which in turn has reminded me that Winamp does too, so I'll add that to my list of possibles.

1 year 18 weeks ago Best Free RSS Reader-Aggregator sicknero

Very nice, but maxes out my CPU for quite a while when updating. (v 0.13)

1 year 18 weeks ago Best Free RSS Reader-Aggregator philip

You can use the "Cleanup Wizard" under Tools in the menu to limit how many and how long to retain old posts that you've already read. I also find that it helps to use the Manage Cache utility under File in the menu to compress the cache and check it for errors.

13 weeks 10 hours ago Best Free RSS Reader-Aggregator Faziri

QuiteRSS has matured a lot since it was last considered (from what I can see) and I've been using it with great satisfaction for the last year and a bit. Could it be reconsidered? I tried a lot of different clients of all kinds and eventually settled on QuiteRSS because it's the only one with all the features I wanted: desktop program, lightweight, no skinning, folder structures, default settings + feed+specific settings, filters, notifications and a tray icon with a counter. All other clients lack something, usually folders, or they have a non-native appearance.

12 weeks 6 days ago Best Free RSS Reader-Aggregator philip

Thanks for the reminder Faziri. It's been a while since I looked at QuiteRSS for inclusion in this category. I discovered that there is a version, and I have that running on Windows 8, which is a good sign that development is still active. I'll be using it for a while to see what I think.

12 weeks 6 days ago Best Free RSS Reader-Aggregator Jojo Yee

Currently I'm using InoReader and it serves me quite well.

12 weeks 5 days ago Best Free RSS Reader-Aggregator philip

That's an interesting web-app/browser extension Jojo.

10 weeks 3 days ago Best Free RSS Reader-Aggregator snakyjake

A feature that I require are nested folders. Most of the readers I've tried only allow one folder.

RSSOwl allows for nested subfolders.

I'll try some others...

10 weeks 3 days ago Best Free RSS Reader-Aggregator philip

Thanks snakyjake. That's a unique feature. I'll make a note in the description.

10 weeks 3 days ago Best Free RSS Reader-Aggregator snakyjake

+Open source.
-No SOCKS proxy support. This kills it for me.

+Like the idea of mail+RSS feeds in one place.
-Managing subscriptions is not well thought out. For example: Can't create a new folder in "Managing Subscriptions". There's also some funk stuff it does when moving folders. There's a lot of steps involved to do other tasks.

+Excellent feed and folder management.
+Discontinued feeds are displayed with an X.
+No problems with Java.
+Open source.

10 weeks 3 days ago Best Free RSS Reader-Aggregator philip

Interesting snakyjake. By "+No problems with Java." do you mean Java is no longer required, or do you mean that Java causes no problems for RSSOwl? I have purged Java from my devices forever because of the endless security holes it reveals.

10 weeks 19 hours ago Best Free RSS Reader-Aggregator snakyjake

QuiteRSS has SOCKS proxy support in v0.16.2 (18.08.2014)Revision 3378, which is in beta right now.

QuiteRSS is very fast and light weight.

I'm running a portable version.

QuiteRSS has some RSS formatting issues that I'm trying to work out. Right now it strips out the formatting while other RSS readers will show me the RSS feed's posting with full format. There is an option to see the feed post as a complete webpage, but that's the entire full framed webpage. Other readers do a better job. But this may be an option I can't find, a bug, or a future enhancement.

10 weeks 19 hours ago Best Free RSS Reader-Aggregator snakyjake

RSSOwl does require the Java runtime. But it does appear RSSOwl runs binaries, hence the .EXE as I see in my folder.

What I meant by "no Java problems" is that I haven't noticed any Java performance issues. I know nothing regarding potential Java security issues.

The advantage is the OS portability. I can run RSSOwl on my Windows machine as well as my Linux machine. There's also OSX, or running with Eclipse. There's also a non-installed/portable version if you want to run without installing.

I critically depend on RSS feed readers, and RSSOwl is my top choice (SOCKS, open source, features). Though QuiteRSS might replace it if it can properly format a feed. I like my RSS feeds with my Thunderbird email, but the RSS management is miserable. Additionally, it might be better to keep the email/rss separate so I can have the freedom to choose which ever application is best at what it does.

10 weeks 18 hours ago Best Free RSS Reader-Aggregator Funcy-dcm

"Does not have one of my "essential" functions (a way to open posts directly in an external without first opening them in the internal reading pane). I know that's not the way most users read feeds though. ;)"

Use the middle mouse button to open the news in an external browser.

1 year 27 weeks ago Best Free Web Site Link Checker pelms

I've been using Xenu for years (which works very well) and was keen to try the LInkChecker as an alternative.
Unfortunately LinkChecker is not finding broken links for me but just giving lots of "Error: error: [Errno 10061] No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it" messages. These aren't 'robots.txt' exclusions as these give a specific "Access denied by robots.txt" warning.
Even links to Google result in the above error.

1 year 27 weeks ago Best Free Web Site Link Checker philip

Hi pelms,

Strange. You might find some clues in this FAQ -


1 year 41 weeks ago Best Free PIM lisparc

I tried most of these tools. Comparatively,MemPad is an excellent one. Free; Portable;Lower RAM usage even than Winpad;Structured index,good for simple GTD and diary.Here is the link for the offical description and download.

1 year 41 weeks ago Best Free PIM philip

This program fits the Best Free Notes Organizer category best.

1 year 39 weeks ago Best Free PIM JDG

I have been using Pimero Free Edition for about a year now. It's a great PIM and pretty good email client. Very intuitive to use, and with most of the functionality anyone would need. If you haven't tried it yet, you're missing out.

Since this is the free version and I've been using it for personal use, I can't comment on the the paid versions or how they stack up in the business environment.

Biggest critique so far: there isn't a portable version available.

1 year 31 weeks ago Best Free PIM sirgru

There are some collaboration platforms online that are free for 1 user. They sometimes provide PIM functions.

For my private needs, I use combo of Essential PIM, ToDoList and Efficient Diary.

1 year 30 weeks ago Best Free PIM djinni

Thanks for the great article. Am using the awesomeness that is Rainlender Lite for my To-Dos and Reminders for now, and will check out your two top picks.

1 year 10 weeks ago Best Free PIM Redschuart

I installed Pimero. It looked good, till I tried to import my emails from Outlook. It will import all your messages but NOT the folders and folder structure! So if, like me, you have many folders and sub-folders you have to manually recreate them in Pimero, then manually select each folder or sub-folder for import. Rinse and repeat ad tedium till you're done.
I didn't have the half a day plus this would take so removed this time wasting program!

1 year 10 weeks ago Best Free PIM philip

Thanks, that's good to know Redschuart. Thanks for your comment. Noted in the Cons.

45 weeks 3 days ago Best Free PIM Declan777

Be very careful of losing your data with Essential PIM.I settled upon this software some years back as after extensive research and trialling it seemed the best overall option. I mainly used it for the calendar.

Just recently 4 months worth of data entries for the calendar, including for next year, suddenly disappeared and not one of the backup files would restore the data.

On contacting their technical support with specifics about the problem, including screenprints, I was amazed to find a lethargic, superior and non-helpful approach. I was informed that "Data can't just disappear" and they kept telling me to try importing from different backup files which I had already told them I had tried to no avail.

After exchanging half a dozen emails and getting increasingly frustrated with the blasé approach I was told: "Such problems as yours may appear either because of incorrect file or some synchronization problems...". Oh, so that's alright then?

I have no trust in the product any more - a fundamental necessity I think you will agree - and the technical support stinks so am back to looking for alternatives which is why I'm here again...

15 weeks 5 days ago Best Free PIM om2mo

Regarding Pimero Free Edition
Sync and backup not functional (need to pay to play). If yo have this software running on more than one device it will be a big problem so, keep that in mind. Manually coping data folders will not work and then again, Why would you!... Pimero is inherently slow fetching emails from multiple accounts and forget multi-tasking while that is going on in the background. As a replacement for MS Outlook this is a poor candidate in my opinion and I am no MS Outlook fan.
Now the post mentions upcoming reviews on Chaos Free and Agenda at Once. I have used them both and they are great simple to use PIM's. Chaos Free should definitely be top choice for anyone looking for simple to use scheduling, tasks and contact management.
I have used Chaos Free for over a year now on my desktop and laptop with no hitch or hick-ups.
Looking forward to your insightful review on this product.

15 weeks 4 days ago Best Free PIM philip

Thanks for your useful comments om2mo. Your experiences with Chaos Free and Agenda at Once encourage me to proceed with reviews.

1 year 41 weeks ago Best Free Personal Finance Software spaarks

MoneyManagerEX has one major problem, and it is major. The QIF Import and Export function cannot handle split transaction categories. It enters split transactions as "unknown" category. It does this even with transferring accounts between MoneyManagerEX databases.
This problem has existed for a long time and there seems to be no intention of rectifying it.
It is a pity, as otherwise it would be one of the best personal finance applications.

1 year 38 weeks ago Best Free Personal Finance Software Poobah

There's a mistake in the article. It says MoneyManagerEx does not support password encryption. I know it does because I currently use this feature in it, and I have done so for years.

41 weeks 1 day ago Best Free Personal Finance Software spilot

The review of Homebank lists 2 items under Cons. I don't know what version the reviewer used, but version 4.5 has both extensive local help in HTML format and exports CSV.

28 weeks 2 days ago Best Free Personal Finance Software dynamite00401

Thank you. The article has been updated.