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1 year 13 weeks ago Best Free Tune-up Program For Computer UltraCraig64

I've been having a great experience with Toolwiz Care for about a month now. I feel it actually trumps Iobit's product (I was a big fan in the past before I learned about the company from this site), and it's not from a shady company. I look forward to seeing what Toolwiz comes up with next.

33 weeks 6 days ago Best Free Online Backup Sites UltraCraig64

This article seems heavily outdated, so I wanted to bring light to some other free online backup services.

First, there is Mega. As in the Megaupload guys. Mega allows for a whopping 50gb of cloud storage space. There is end-to-end encryption, and if you lose your password, it's lost forever. Very secure. See what you guys think.

There is also Mediafire, which has been around for quite a few years now. You can get 10gb, and there is also a desktop app which makes the whole process more convenient. They also have mobile apps, so you can connect with multiple devices.

Then there is Surdoc, which offers 100gb of cloud storage space. Wow. They also have mobile apps, and encrypt the files, although I'm not sure of the specifics with that. offers 100gb as well, and also claims to provide some type of security with your files.

And lastly, offers 15gb of cloud storage space. They offer shareable storage space between different users and everything is syncable. They use Barracuda's cloud storage servers, which may provide extra security.

I hope this helps with updating the article. I would be very curious to know if the ones who offer more would come out ahead, or if the ones who offer less can compenstate for a lack of space with a competent user experience.

1 week 4 days ago How to get a free legal copy of a Windows 7 installation disk uberdoku

Hi, perused through most of the comments and haven't seen this yet, hoping you can help:

I already had Windows 7 on my laptop but HD crashed. Swapped it with a new one and when I started it back up it asked for a bootdisk. Downloaded a bootdisk to a USB, inserted it, and the laptop asked for a boot manager. I downloaded a boot manager iso, Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 (32 Bit), but it's not working when I boot up--still getting the same error "BOOTMGR is missing..."

Any suggestions?

Thanks much,

24 weeks 3 days ago Best Free Audio-Video Format Conversion Program txtechie

I have tried many versions of Freemake and they all crash while loading MPEG2(ripped DVD using DVD Shrink) files (4-5 files around 4GB total). I've tried it on two different Windows 7 machines. Both crash. Five stars? Have not tried any of the older versions to see if that solves the issue.
My personal preference is MediaCoder. You must know a little about video formats and should invest some time on the website's Tips and Guides blog.

1 year 21 weeks ago Complementary Virus Scanner Adds Another Layer Of Security txeng

Interesting. However Virus Total did find 2 problems:
- Jiangmin found: TrojanDownloader.Generic.reb
- TrendMicro-HouseCall found: TROJ_GEN.F47V0120

Question: is the "60 second scanner" safe to use ?

1 year 21 weeks ago Complementary Virus Scanner Adds Another Layer Of Security txeng

Thanks MC.
Nevertheless, does anybody have evidence that these alerts are indeed "false positive" produced by Virus Total ?

1 year 21 weeks ago Complementary Virus Scanner Adds Another Layer Of Security txeng

Thank you mr6n8.
It looks now as a real mystery.

The software that I downloaded from BitDefender site is labeled "60Second.exe".
Here are results of my scan with VT - 2 hits.

However, I did find the software that you used "60Second_x86.exe" on a third party site. It came out clear on VT test.

Does anybody know what is going here?

1 year 21 weeks ago Complementary Virus Scanner Adds Another Layer Of Security txeng


Thank you both mr6n8 and MC for responding to my questions. In fact my own problem is solved, and I can try "60Second_x86.exe".

However, my long experience with Quality Management prevents me from stopping here, and I need to add the following comments, which are mainly addressed to MC - Site Manager.

While my problem was solved, other folks might fall in the same trap. We therefore need to take a Corrective Action [Quality Management term, but you'll see that it agrees with common sense].

One of several Corrective Actions can be taken:
[a] The original article might be amended with a link for downloading the full installer, as opposed to a "loader".
[b] An appropriate comment might be added to the original article.
[c] Any other action for accomplishing the same.

However, this is not the end yet. There is also a need for a Preventative Action [again, terminology]. Here we have to look across the board and see where else might we have the same or similar problem. In this respect, the Site Manager might be able to get the action going.

Not having expertise in software, I can only suggest that whenever one downloads a "loader" one has a great chance of negative results from scanning with VT. If this is right, the Site might, for instance, adopt a policy of only furnishing links to "installers" as opposed to "loaders". Naturally, there might be other ways to carry out the Preventative Action which are beyond my expertise.

Well, this is a long comment, but acting as indicated will clearly improve the reliability and quality of the Site, and its service to us, its users.

Regards, texeng

1 year 27 weeks ago Free Computer & Internet eBooks Online twn

Security Engineering — The Book

It's beautiful. This is the best book on the topic there is’ - Bruce Schneier

1 year 23 weeks ago Best Free Android Apps twinkler

Thanks for this great list!

aContacts hasn't been updated in over three years and its Play listing says "Not fully compatible with Android 2.0"

29 weeks 1 day ago Best Free Digital Image Viewer twinkler

Thanks for your excellent survey of image viewers. I've been trying to decide between XnView and FastStone, but now I have another half-dozen to consider!

I thought I'd offer that Pictomio displays an ad banner along the bottom and hasn't been updated since 2012.

28 weeks 1 day ago Best Free Digital Image Viewer twinkler

Even though the website says kuView's portable, I couldn't find a portable version. When I installed the only version I found, I had to very carefully click the dim "Decline" button repeatedly to avoid getting other software installed along with it.

23 weeks 4 days ago Free Time-Saving Hints For Your Office Programs twinkler

MC, I've been a donating supporter of this site for many years. I'm deeply grateful to everyone who makes it happen, including you, and I understand the need to eliminate unnecessary work for the volunteers who kindly donate their time. As a user and promoter of freeware and open source software, I'm glad that this site focuses on noncommercial software.

However, I was surprised and uncomfortable to encounter the idea that we can't even MENTION the name of a commercial product during a discussion. This led me just now to review the forum & site rules ( Here's rule 18:

"References to commercial software : Members/visitors may refer to commercial products in either forum posts, or main site comments, but may not include links** to them. The content in such posts must be relevant to the topic being discussed, and not posted as an endorsement for promotional purposes, or discuss the features and abilities of a commercial product."

Please consider either revisiting your decision or updating the rules to reflect current practices. Many thanks!

2 weeks 1 day ago Best Free Search and Replace Utility twinkler

Thanks for these reviews. I see that the page for Replace Text says "Please note that Replace Text is no longer supported and has known problems with some Windows 7 installations."

50 weeks 10 hours ago How to Restore the Google Chrome Browser New Tab Page to the Previous Appearance twigginsfl

Sweet! Thanks!

1 year 30 weeks ago A Critical Update For Java That You Must Install tweetiepooh

In the corporate world you may be stuck with older versions of JRE since that's what vendors certify there products with. And some are slower than others at moving forward. You get real fun when one has updated but others haven't. Then you can get conflicts if one vendor requires one version and another vendor specifies a different version.

44 weeks 14 hours ago Five Really Simple Tricks and Tips that Solve a Lot of PC Problems tweetiepooh

Yup, a good old reboot oft works wonders. Sometimes just restarting the application can do the trick. Shame Windows needs this, remembering the 14 years up time on some of our non-MS servers. And when the technology to patch running kernels becomes more widespread, even less down time.

7 weeks 6 days ago Budding Muso? Get The Chords To Any Song On Youtube tweetiepooh

My account says it's free until 1 September

1 year 31 weeks ago Best Free Backgammon Software turgut good backgammon software. There is a free version with some restrictions.

1 year 9 weeks ago How to Create Your Own Custom Windows 8 Start Menu tuna

Ever since the advent of 'pinning' to the taskbar I unpin all & reload quick launch b/c I don't care for 'pinned' apps that can barely be distinguished between closed, minimized or multi instances. So I just add new toolbar pointed to the QL folder that never went away.

Same is true in 8 with the start menu, the folders are still there(and populate when new S/W loaded), it's just the links that were taken from us, the customers. So, new toolbar pointed to start menu gives me all the 'Programs'. Of course, I move the user items to the All Users folder for simplicity rather than link to both.

This does not give options for MY Comp, My Docs, Control Panel, etc in 1st Start Menu window, but shortcuts can be added to it...or to the QL toolbar.

User Start Menu
C:\Users\***your user name***\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

All Users Start Menu
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

If anyone is interested, User Quick Launch folder:
C:\Users\***your user name***\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

For extra shortcut goodness, you can right-click>Properties on your shortcuts and map custom CTRL+ALT+(any key) mappings for your fav apps. Soon you won't need Metro OR the Start Menu(but links need to be in SM folder or on Desktop for CTRL+ALT+(any key) functionality.

1 year 7 weeks ago Best Free Web Browser tuna

Gotta share my love for Waterfox. I like the customization aspect of Pale Moon, and it is faster than FF, but Waterfox opens and renders noticeably faster than Pale Moon for me. I use both regularly with separate, but identical, profiles. Am searching hi & low for new alts not dependent on the MozGoog agenda. The Old 5 are all untrustworthy, IMO. Getting ready to try Kmeleon, I am stuck on the simplicity of Live Bookmarks but fed up with all the over-engineering to influence/report/rig my "experience". I never considered I would live to see a fox jump a shark...

1 year 6 weeks ago Best Free Browser Scrubber tuna

Would someone please explain to me why it is after running latest CCleaner w/ FlashPlayer selected and after Control Panel>Flash Player has been "Delete All"ed that a 3yo, unmaintained flashcookiescleaner still finds and deletes multiple flash cookies? I'm a big fan of Pririform software, but this smacks of misleading advertising(go figure)... or am I missing something?

Is there a way to make CCleaner truly remove ALL flash cookies as advertised or must it be run in conjunction w/ a Flash cleaner?

***My browser is locked down and clears history w/ all selected when I close. I personally use NoScript and get NO cookies, but most people can't grok it so they disable it or call/text/email me frequently until I disable it for them.

1 year 26 weeks ago Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android tuananh1988

The best music app for android here:

The easiest way to access the largest music and video library from anywhere. Rather than selling you MP3s and music vidoes, vMusic lets you stream unlimited songs from a huge library with more than 15 Milion Songs and Videos.
- Search and play songs and videos
- Bookmark your farovite music videos
- Billboard music charts
- Save music to SD Card
- Song quality: 128 kbps and 320 kbps
- Share your favorite songs on Facebook and Twitter.
- Lyrics and Artist info

1 year 14 weeks ago How to Really Speed up File Copying in Windows tsuyoshiyasuda88

Hey guyz!!!
The fastest way to speed up your copy is by using ExtremeCopy. Download Here! Free and easy to use! I've been using it for 5 years now!!!

1 year 35 weeks ago Best Free Android Apps tsndnm

While loitering around Google Play I found this app called SURDOC. This is basically an online backup app. They are presently offering a ridiculous 100GB of storage for a year . So if anyone is looking for a temporary harddisk online you may want to give it a try. Though the survival of the service remains to be seen...

Note :
1. The 100 GB is available via the app store only.
2. Last date to get that much space seems to be 15-01-2013.
3. Only Almighty knows the catch behind?

1 year 31 weeks ago Best Free Web Browser tsndnm

Just came across an(other) open source browser (it is still in beta, and appears to be actively developed)

as per their homepage

xombrero is a minimalist web browser with sophisticated security features designed-in, rather than through an add-on after-the-fact. In particular, it provides both persistent and per-session controls for scripts and cookies, making it easy to thwart tracking and scripting attacks.

Hope it is worth your time...

1 year 23 weeks ago Best Free Email Software tsndnm

Thunderbird Users who would like to connect to MS Exchange based accounts may want to try the ExQuilla extension. I (personally) think this extension reduced the gap between Thunderbird & M$ Outlook by miles!

1 year 9 weeks ago Memrise a new Language truthseeker57

I am sorry to have to make the comments I feel obliged to make, and my goal is not to offend, but merely to defend correct use of the English language.
I really feel that when publishing a public article, the least one can do is make the effort to use a spell checker, and in this case Microsoft Word, so as to avoid as serious an error as the use of the word 'manor' for 'manner' - that is inexcusable in my book, as it demonstrates that the concept that the writer has for the meaning and use of the word is fundamentally flawed. In the case of someone writing in a foreign language such an error would be more understandable, but I do not believe this to be the case here.
Additionally, if you were to try and translate this concept (the use of the word 'manor' for 'manner') into Spanish for example, this could lead to considerable confusion, as you would in the cited example be saying 'en una mansión satisfactoria' instead of 'en una manera satisfactoria' - perhaps you might agree that when looked at in this light this is not like a mistype or other such error, it means that what you have written is the actual mental concept you have of the word 'manner', and at the risk of repeating myself, this is a serious matter, at least for anyone who cares about the correct use of their language. In my case it makes me question the seriousness of the article being discussed, when this type of error appears in the very first paragraph.
Thank you for reading this.

1 year 9 weeks ago Memrise a new Language truthseeker57

I do appreciate the articles provided, however without wanting to split hairs, this is not a simple spelling mistake, or I would not have mentioned it. The fact is that not only those whose mother tongue is English read these articles. For their sake I feel that it is imperative that editors make sure that correct terminology is used. I am sure that you must appreciate how it makes you feel when you try and wade through a very badly translated manual for example, when one ends up totally confused? It is in order to mitigate the spreading of this tendency that I feel compelled to not allow even what appears to be a small error go unnoticed.
What makes this particular incident worthy of such attention is the fact that it is introducing an app that assists with memorizing a foreign language - if what is being said makes no sense in English, then how does the editor expect someone using a translator such as Google to read the article to understand what is being said? I think that I have gone out of my way to demonstrate that this was not a simple mistype - if you fail to appreciate the importance of correct use of the language in such articles, then that is your opinion. I personally find it offensive. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to respond, let's agree to disagree, but perhaps you might gently mention the points I made to the writer of this article with a view to perhaps opening his eyes to something that he may not even have considered. It may actually be helpful rather than destructive.
Thank you.
PS, I now see that the word has been corrected, for which I am appreciative, and on behalf of anyone else who might have been confused by the original text, thank you. The article now makes perfect sense and can be taken more seriously. I applaud you for your humble attitude and goodwill - that is what might make this world a better place for all of us.

1 year 9 weeks ago Memrise a new Language truthseeker57

Hello Nick, thank you for taking the time to respond in person, I was starting to lose patience with the poster who had been defending you, and I am really glad that you show a greater understanding of the point I was trying to make than he, 'nuff said. In case anyone is about to raise their finger to accuse me of racism, I have the same attitude toward my own errors in whichever country I happen to be endeavouring to learn the language, whether it be France or Spain or anywhere else, I have done my level best to learn the language as best as I am able and learn from those willing to correct my mistakes out of respect for their language.
I am glad that you are able to acknowledge the error, and that you have shown yourself open to constructive criticism. That is one way to grow...
I'll probably never have a manor either, I suppose with things as they are we are lucky to have a roof over our heads. All the best.


1 year 33 weeks ago How & Why to switch from Yahoo! Mail to GMail Truthiness

Yahoo MailPlus Is A RIPOFF >:(

They force you to buy their stoooopid Yahoo Mail Plus that costs $20 per account when Gmail will let people use POP for free. I can't even forward from one Yahoo address to another without paying $20 for each account! $40 isn't much for most people, but I'm unemployed right now and living hand to mouth. Feels like I've got a ball and chain tethering me to my old email address. And they just barely introduced an SSL option to their email service!!!! Cut the crap Yahoo >:(

1 year 25 weeks ago Best Freeware Download Sites triumphantjohnson

i love this website, and i think am rich now.

21 weeks 3 days ago Future Learn: Learning For Life (Website of the Week) Triggers Broom

Hey . . . .

When you bring stuff to the table, you can criticise. Otherwise keep a lid on

Thanks again Rhiannon; well worth investigating

43 weeks 10 hours ago CryptoLocker: Beware This Major Threat To Your PC trcres

I don't know how often they get involved in issuing malware alerts, but even the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT), part of the Department of Homeland Security, has issued an alert about Cryptolocker.

1 year 29 weeks ago Best Free Disk Space Analyzer tratak

This is, in my opinion, the best disk space analyzer:

14 weeks 4 days ago Create Computer-Generated Music On Your PC TranceTip

SoundHelix 0.7.1 has been released. See

1 year 12 weeks ago Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android trainman261

That's something interesting you bring up - I've done some research, and figured out that the AVRCP 1.3 profile is not yet supported natively on android. What device do you have? Some device makers have added support, so your device probably has added support. To put it simply, not all devices with the latest version of android support that, which makes it hard for app developers to use that feature. Google has planned to add AVRCP 1.3 support in API level 18 (the next major version of android), which should be out within the next month or so. Then, depending on your device, it will probably take a while until you get that update.
Long story short, if you wait until your device gets updated to Android 4.3 or 5.0 (at the moment no one is sure what will come out next), there will be more more apps supporting it - and they'll probably support it better.

1 year 6 days ago Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android trainman261

Moboplayer and MX Player are more like media players - they can play music files, but they can't really be used to organize anything. I've reviewed them here: As to the other app you mentioned, that's a paid app (the trial version is for 15 days only), and I'm only covering free apps.

43 weeks 5 days ago Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android trainman261

In case you still are subscribed to replies to your comment, Android 4.3 has support for AVRCP 1.3, and I am 95% sure that MixZing supports it. As I don't have access to a car with AVRCP 1.3 Bluetooth support, I can't test it like that, but when I connect my device to my computer (windows) via bluetooth to play music through it, music information pops up, and I am 95% sure that this is going through the AVRCP 1.3 protocol.

27 weeks 1 day ago Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android trainman261

Thanks for your feedback.
To your first point: I'll check it out, it looks interesting, especially looking at its tablet interface (and seriously, there are way too few apps apps with decent tablet interfaces...)
Second: Exactly what country the firm comes from is less relevant - which is why I said I didn't know exactly what language it was. The problem remains, which is that it doesn't work well in English.
Third: I was sort of figuring that VLC was more of a media player - and if it isn't a music player in that sense, I won't post the review here, but maybe in the Best Free Media Player article ( ).

25 weeks 6 days ago Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android trainman261

Hi, and sorry for the delay. From the way I understood it, you plan on having your music files organized into folders, and you want to be able to play all music files in a folder in the proper order. I'm also going to assume you're using Windows. You'll just have to make sure you call the music files something like "01 intro", "02 second track", etc., so that the music player knows what order to play them in - if you're using Windows Media Player, you can have that done automatically in most cases. On your phones, transferring music is very simple - just plug your phone into the computer with the USB cable, and your phone should ask you to connect "USB Mass Storage", together with a picture of an android with one of its arms turned into a USB plug. If that doesn't come up, disconnect your phone, go into settings (on your phone), and into "Storage". Press your phone's menu button, and the choose "USB computer connection" (it could be slightly different - it just has to be something along those lines). You should have a window pop up which says "Connect as..." - and make sure "Mass Storage" or "USB mass storage" or something like that is checked (MTP or PTP should not be checked). Then reconnect your phone, and then the "USB Mass Storage" with the Android picture will come up. Click "USB Mass Storage", and then after a bit of time (not more than a minute), it will pop up on your computer just like a memory stick. After that, you can just copy over the files the way you would onto a memory stick (don't forget to safely remove the phone the way you would with a memory stick). As to the app itself, Mixzing has a folder browser. Another app I've heard of from other editors here is Folder Music Player ( ). You can give that one a try if you want, as well - although I haven't tried it myself yet. If you're just looking to play the music by album, you can use pretty much any music player on the list, whereas Winamp is one of the simpler music players.
Let me know if you run into any issues.

21 weeks 6 days ago Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android trainman261

That's odd, I have the same thing going on here. I'll have to look into it.

18 weeks 2 days ago Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android trainman261

Well WinAmp has a good chance of coming back, since they were taken over by another company, and that company seems to be wanting to continue development. As to songbird, official development seems to be dead for good (I could be wrong). However, it's open source, so anyone could "fork" it (basically create their own version), and continue to make their own songbird app. If you knew or learned how to fork repositories, code, and build apps yourself, than there would be nothing preventing you from creating your own songbird app. At this point, I'm not finding much on Google Play, and I have my doubts as to whether someone will properly take up development, since the app didn't have too much that was special. However, it is possible - a great example is Astrid - as soon as it was shut down, forks appeared everywhere on Google Play.

18 weeks 1 hour ago Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android trainman261

Ah OK thanks, I'll edit that soon. The 40MB are how it used to be, now it's more like 20MB.

13 weeks 4 hours ago Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android trainman261

As to WMA files, unless the developer added his own codecs, it's device dependant - so, assuming the app doesn't have any extra codecs, if your device supports WMA files, the app will work with WMA files, and if your device doesn't support WMA files, the app won't work with WMA files. Otherwise, Pretty much all apps offer playlists, and both Rocket Music Player and MixZing have folder-based browsing.

10 weeks 2 days ago Best Free Media Player for Android trainman261

Well, I'd have to know a little more about your setup to know exactly what you need, because there are several different possibilities when it comes to accessing devices or files across the network. I have not (yet) tried Samba Player, so I'm not too familiar with it, but it seems to be using the SMB, or Samba system. Assuming that's the case, DicePlayer, an app I have not reviewed here yet, is able to do that. However, I have not gotten it to work yet (although I haven't tried too hard at this point either). But you can go ahead and try it, it could well work for you.
However, if you want a surefire way to make it work (no guarantees, though) - and want the hardware acceleration MX Player offers, you can use ES File Explorer, and when you open a video, it will ask you which app you want to open it with. There, you can choose MX Player, and set it as default, if you want - or you can choose whatever other video player is listed there, if you prefer a different one. Of course, the app has to be installed if you want to be able to choose it when you open the video file.

9 weeks 7 hours ago Best Free Media Player for Android trainman261

OK, well I guess I'm not the only person having issues with it.

8 weeks 1 day ago Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android trainman261

That's a good setup - if you always have a good internet connection, which many don't. That's why this section is about music players and organizers - it's about finding apps that can play music and also organize parts of your library if need be. UPnPlay would belong to a different category of apps.

8 weeks 1 day ago Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android trainman261

I've just looked at the play store listing of JetAudio Basic, and while it might be worth a closer look, it's still missing some features, such as tag editing, an expanded notification bar, or multi-select.

8 weeks 1 day ago Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android trainman261

I'm not a fan of Apple either - that's why this article is discussing Android apps. Playlists are not some system that only Apple uses, it's used almost universally in different formats, and just about every music player supports playlists. Not everyone has time to organize their music into folders, and even if they do - then they only have their music sorted one way. Some people like it sorting their music in folders, others don't. If you don't like Apple, do what millions of others have done: switch to Android. Then you can take a look at some of the apps I've covered, many of which support folder-based playback.

8 weeks 13 hours ago Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android trainman261

Some players do differentiate between "proper" music and podcasts. Rocket Music Player and Cloudskipper both do this.
As to the album art, everyone has their preferences - although I don't think most people "[sit] there staring at the screen as it plays music". Instead, they use it as a visual cue. It is a lot easier to recognize an image, than to recognize text. That's one of the reasons why I like to have my albums with album art. However, if you really dislike album art, I haven't really found an app that ignores album art (and don't remember ever having used one) - that isn't just among the apps listed here, I've tried many others that I either have chosen not to review or haven't reviewed yet.
If you're looking for excluding folders from being in your music apps, you should try StudioKUMA .nomedia Manager ( ). You can mark folders to be excluded from Android's media scanner, which means the media they contain won't appear in most music players.

8 weeks 13 hours ago Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android trainman261

I've just taken a look at the play store listing. It seems to have some interesting features, but it locks the folder-based browsing, tag editing and some other features are locked after 10 days of use unless you buy a key to unlock them.

7 weeks 2 days ago Livedrive Users, You Need To Read This. trainman261

Thanks for posting this here, it's very good to know.

6 weeks 2 days ago Best Free Music Player and Organizer for Android trainman261

I did take a look at it recently, and I am considering including it in the review. The interface is beautifully designed, and it also has Shoutcast radio support. It also has an interesting online feature, which lets you listen and even put together playlists with online music. It doesn't have full tag editing support, though, and it doesn't have a way to properly automatically generate playlists based on what you want in the way Rocket does, for example.

1 week 1 day ago How to Ask Android to Skip My Media Folders trainman261

If you don't know where they are on your storage but found the sounds in your music library, you should be able to use your music player to find where those sounds are. Rocket Player ( ) can do this. If you're using Rocket Player, long-press the sound in your library, and click "Edit Tag". (You can read more about Rocket Player at .) That will open the Tag editor, and near the top of the tag editor, you will find the location of the sound. Then, you can go into the .nomedia manager, and mark the folder the sound is in. Once you've done that, the sound shouldn't be in your music library anymore after you restart your device.

1 year 25 weeks ago Best Free Audio-Video Format Conversion Program tpg

Dear "Tape Guy"; as the new moderator for this forum, let me welcome you. I've been re-writing this article only because I wanted to add a few new programs. While I do like FREEMAKE and find it a good fit for what you want to do, when it comes to creating the DVD, I find it lacking in two areas. First, the level of menu options is low, but more importantly, it won't actually burn your DVD ... it just makes an ISO ... and frankly, I don't want the hassle of sitting around waiting for the formatting to finish, and then starting the burn process. To me, they should all be integrated (and YES, I acknowledge that it's a personal preference). Thus, for DVD's I like DVD Styler

I find it handles all the formats I've thrown at it, and it burns the DVD when done. I'll be including it in the new re-write that is in work now.

cheers ... and thanks for using Gizmo.


1 year 21 weeks ago Best Free Audio-Video Format Conversion Program tpg

And "your welcome !!" I fell in love w/ gizmo many years ago and use it all the time. Just recently I needed an SSH client and again, gizmo came through.



1 year 6 weeks ago Best Free Audio-Video Format Conversion Program tpg

You are correct ... thanks for bring it to my attention. I have reached out to the author to see if they will fix this issue.

28 weeks 3 days ago A Free Screen Recorder That's Unbelievably Small tp

I think the point that is being made is this isn't recording a video of your actions, it is recording the actual actions. As such, when you play it back, any mouse clicks, keyboard presses happen again on your machine. So if things like applications, files, etc aren't in the same place/state that they were when the recording was made, the playback will likely be different as well and could lead to unintended consequences. I feel the write-up on this is poor in that it does not mention any of this.

28 weeks 3 days ago A Free Screen Recorder That's Unbelievably Small tp

Good to know. But as this article is about a Windows based application, it should be noted that Simple Screen Recorder is not an alternative given there doesn't appear to be a Windows version of that available - Linux only.

28 weeks 3 days ago A Free Screen Recorder That's Unbelievably Small tp

I had been using CamStudio ( but this one looks interesting, especially the ability to personalize your recordings by embedding input from a camera in the recording. I'll have to check it out.

1 year 36 weeks ago How to Copy and Paste in the Windows Command Prompt Toys4Boys

I believe you can simple use "Ctrl + V" without changing any cmd prompt properties. Just another way to get to the same place.

1 year 31 weeks ago Best Free Trojan Horse Scanning And Removal Software torres-no-tan-m...

Thanks for the +ve feedback!
Emsisioft have taken steps to reduce false +ves by replacing Ikarus with Bitdefender. However, all scanning software is prone to produce some incorrect results and I would always advise to scan any suspicious files with VirusTotal before deleting them.

All the best,


1 year 28 weeks ago Tips on How to Manage the Forced Migration from Hotmail to torres-no-tan-m...

Sorry, upgrades aren’t available right now

Thanks for your interest in We’re upgrading millions of customers every day and have currently reached our limit. Please try again later.

In the meantime, you can still send and receive email using your Hotmail inbox.

LOL! ;-)

1 year 27 weeks ago Tips on How to Manage the Forced Migration from Hotmail to torres-no-tan-m...

I still cannot upgrade to Outlook - I'm not very impressed as it has been 10 days since my first, of many, attempts! ;-(

1 year 22 weeks ago Best Free Trojan Horse Scanning And Removal Software torres-no-tan-m...

Thanks Stasou,

MBAM has now been updated.

1 year 16 weeks ago Eight PDF Files You Don’t Want to Open torres-no-tan-m...

PDF-XChange Viewer: Edit> Preferences> JavaScript> untick Enable JavaScript Actions.

HTH ;-)

1 year 9 weeks ago How To: Glue This to That (Website of the Week) torres-no-tan-m...

I clicked on the link and now I'm stuck on the website! ;-)

1 year 7 weeks ago Best Free Web Browser torres-no-tan-m...


This article no longer has an editor and therefore, the content has become outdated.
Regarding Chrome, it is beyond the remit of this category - Best Free Web Browser - to investigate Google.


1 year 4 weeks ago Use This Malware Fighter To Scan And Protect Your PC torres-no-tan-m...

I thought IObit products were no longer to be trusted after the MBAM saga a few years ago and that they were persona non grata on this site? I notice their WOT rating is green, but would appreciate feedback regarding trusting their current software.

1 year 4 weeks ago Use This Malware Fighter To Scan And Protect Your PC torres-no-tan-m...

Thanks for the clarification MC. ;-)

1 year 3 weeks ago How To Deter Spammers If You Publish Your Email Address Online torres-no-tan-m...

Many thanks for this article. ;-)
I have hidden my email address from spammers by turning my address into a jpeg - this should be easily achieved by using any photo-editing software such as GIMP, Zoner etc.

1 year 1 week ago Who's Been Recreating The Abbey Road LP Cover Today? torres-no-tan-m...

Am I right in thinking that the zebra crossing on the Abbey Road album cover no longer exists? The original was 'moved' to its present position sometime ago - not sure if it was for safety reasons!

47 weeks 1 day ago Amazing Dictionary And Thesaurus For Windows. For Non-Frequent Flyers Only. torres-no-tan-m...

Yes it does - Options> Preferences> WordWeb locale> select Britain.

HTH ;-)

43 weeks 3 days ago Best Free Trojan Horse Scanning And Removal Software torres-no-tan-m...

EAM is not portable and therefore, will not run from a USB stick. However, Emsisoft Emergency Kit is portable:
Please read the following article for more info:

38 weeks 1 day ago Want A $29 Youtube Downloader For Free? torres-no-tan-m...

Downloaded and registered the software as per instructions; however, the product wouldn't work ie it failed to download a video from Youtube!
I have since relaunched the downloader and amazingly the GUI has completely changed and it is now a standard media player - it even asked if I wanted to reset it as my default player!!
Anybody else have this problem?

38 weeks 1 day ago Want A $29 Youtube Downloader For Free? torres-no-tan-m...

I just checked the size of the software and it is 119 MB - uninstalling as I write! :-(

38 weeks 1 day ago Want A $29 Youtube Downloader For Free? torres-no-tan-m...

Many thanks for your reply, Steve. I certainly won't be going near any Aimersoft products ever again!

38 weeks 1 day ago Want A $29 Youtube Downloader For Free? torres-no-tan-m...

The extra software that came bundled with the downloader was Aimersoft Player and it had to be uninstalled separately. :-(

31 weeks 11 hours ago Best Free Trojan Horse Scanning And Removal Software torres-no-tan-m...


Thanks for posting; however, your post is far too long for the comments section and as Anupam has already stated you should post in the Freeware Forum:


8 weeks 6 days ago Best Free Trojan Horse Scanning And Removal Software torres-no-tan-m...


I can only concur with Midnight Cowboy's excellent and thorough explanation.

8 weeks 3 days ago Best Free Trojan Horse Scanning And Removal Software torres-no-tan-m...

The main difference between EEK and EAM is that the former is portable software, contains HijackFree, BlitzBank and a CommandLine scanner.



34 weeks 6 days ago Optimizing µTorrent (or BitTorrent) For Speed toorent - Open Port Check Tool

This page will serve as a free utility for remotely verifying a port is open or closed on your router. It will be useful for users who wish to check to see if a server is running or a firewall or ISP is blocking certain ports or verify network security. If you want to do website hosting on your own or run your own ip camera behind your router it will also helpful.

Your IP: IP Edited out
What Port?

Error: I could not see your service on IP Edited Out on port (49001)
Reason: Connection timed out

Common Ports
FTP 21
SSH 22
Telnet 23
Web 80
Pop 3 110
IMAP 143
Other Applications
Remote Desktop 3389
PC Anywhere 5631

could u please tell what can i do :(

24 weeks 6 days ago Best Free Technical Support Sites toonpig

This list of help sites is a fantastic thing for someone like me who is not that savvy about computers. I had several questions I needed answered Tech support guy were very good and solved all my little problems . Again thanks so much for the list of sites

22 weeks 4 days ago Finds of the Week: XP Facts, 4 Ways To Factory Reset Your Computer, Check User Name Availability At Multiple Sites, Big Emoticon List, 15 Inspirational Sites, Camouflaged Animal Photos toonpig

Cant thank you enough. I had been looking for a easy to follow language site & you were so right about duolingo. Everything on here is so interesting thanks again

20 weeks 2 days ago Smithsonian's History Explorer (Website of the Week) toonpig

I can only agree with e-alias, I to get lost in so many of your choice of sites to visit thank you so much for your hard work in finding & checking these sites for us all

20 weeks 2 days ago Finds of the Week: Download YouTube Videos, Do More with Feedly, Government Snooping, Organize Files, Customize Command Prompt, Street Art toonpig

Wow the street art site is so fantastic such colour & fun we need this street art so good to see

20 weeks 2 days ago Feed Your Brain at Today I Found (Website of the Week) toonpig

I just looked at time & noticed I had been on the site for over 2 hours Thanks so much.

5 weeks 1 day ago Finds of the Week: What's My Screen Resolution, GeoGuessr, Free Rhyming Dictionary, You're Getting Old toonpig

The your getting old site is so interesting some great facts on the site.Will be sending the link to others for sure thanks again for your work in bringing us interesting sites to browse

4 weeks 3 days ago Stitch MP3 Files Together Or Extract Audio From Video toonpig

Thanks Rob I had been looking for something like this. Great that you don't need to download it Thanks again

3 weeks 6 days ago Ten Top Windows Tips toonpig

Thanks again iknow some people say some of these tips are common sense but to some one like me they are life savers.

37 weeks 6 days ago A Thank-you from Gizmo tonyl2708

Yes, thank you Gizmo.

Tony L

30 weeks 6 days ago The Easy Way To Add Sticky Yellow Notes To Your Windows Desktop tonyl2708

Yes, I've been using stickies for several years, and wouldn't be without it.

Well recommended :)


5 weeks 3 days ago Five Windows 8.1 Tips You Need to Know tonyl2708

On my machine, 'Tiles' comes up only from the Start screen, not the Desktop.


46 weeks 2 days ago Best Free Program Launcher TonyHowert


Recently I started using this very simple tool:
It is for free, and I must say, I'm impressed. It makes the way I work in windows so much faster. I assigned the popup key to my left extra mouse button and switching between tasks and launching new onces has become a delight!
This really changed the way i work in windows, I made the taskbar hide away and enjoy my whole screen space for my full screen applications and know that all my open windows are just one mouse click and a tiny little mouse move away.
simply great!

43 weeks 13 hours ago Best Free Program Launcher TonyHowert

That is another program, the right link is this:

But the brothersoft link does like back to this link directly to their site:
[Direct file link removed - not permitted]

1 year 35 weeks ago View XML Data With This Microsoft Freebie tonyhays937

Thank you rob, this is a nice tool but I would prefer something with validation and syntax highlighting, there is a bigger list here of free xml editors ( that are way better than the microsoft one.

22 weeks 14 hours ago Heartbleed Effect: Passwords You Need to Change Now TonyH

Intended for Vic L, but any other expertise welcome. Think I had some security attack last week, or something managed to amend some settings, I logged on one day, was told that a file could not be found, and therefore not loaded. File named as zkbuygp.dat, doesn't get any mentions in a Google search, a bit odd as most system files have plenty info online. Being suspicious, I tried a scan with Anti-Malwarebytes (free version) it would NOT run due to 'blocked by group policy'; neither would M'soft Security Essential (same reason). I tried the Malwarebytes 'chameleon', also not working. I downloaded a new version of Malwarebytes, stored in a different folder, seemed to run ok, chameleon too. M'soft Sec Essentials DOES run a scan if PC in Safe mode - and when I checked it said it had blocked online threats when PC was NOT in safe mode, so seems (?) to be working behind the scenes still.

BUT today, I was on a website, a little box appeared, saying Malwarebytes had just blocked a threat, sounds good, BUT I thought that product doesn't work in real time, just does scans? (I should add that the version I've newly downloaded seems to say it's a trial, presumably a 14 day one, as opposed to the perm free one I had before). As I only recently ventured into online banking (had done things by phone for years) this is rather worrying - I haven't used any bank website since the odd event with the mystery file and the 'group policy' stuff.

The only info I can find re 'Group Policy' seems to imply that products good or bad might change registry settings, but I'm not informed or capable enough to change them back! ANY CLUES PLEASE? Thx TH (I have a desktop PC, Windows Home 7, IE9)

4 weeks 4 days ago Best Free Tune-up Program For Computer TonyH

Hi Re GLARY, your comment says "This program also adds a lot to the startup process, so I recommend adjusting the options in the settings menu". Sorry, what do you mean?

Is that adds time, complexity, needless options, or handy resources? And what options?

34 weeks 13 hours ago Donate Now and Help Keep Gizmo's Freeware Independent and Non-commercial TonyF

Finally registered. Been a user here for many years and value this site. Will donate today also.