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...And Relax 2 years 2 months ago vandamme

I need uplifting, not calming. Our local radio station ( is presently playing Mozart's Coronation Mass ....

Eight PDF Files You Don’t Want to Open 3 years 8 months ago vandamme

Moral of the story: don't run Windows.

Revisit all those Games of the Past at the Internet Arcade 2 years 2 months ago vandamme

My wife just found a Simon game in the cellar, and now the grandkids want to play with it! You get to move your hands instead of just your thumbs. And the colors on the top look like the new Microsoft logo, isn't that a throwback?

How To Choose A Strong Password 3 years 8 months ago vandamme

I wonder how a dictionary attack would work against a password that's a combination of Flemish, Malagasy, Latin and Hawaiian words?

Want 100GB Of Free Cloud-Based Storage? 3 years 9 months ago vandamme is a new Dropbox-like cloud that gives away 5 GB. You can also get an additional 5 GB per friend who signs up. Or enemy, doesn't matter; they get the 5 GB too.

I'm up to 25 GB. Here's my link, so you can get your extra 5 GB:
[edited out. referral links not allowed]

Want 100GB Of Free Cloud-Based Storage? 3 years 8 months ago vandamme

I went to Zoolz and tried to sign up, and these are the lies Zoolz told me:

"Linux Soon

Oops! We've noticed that you are on a Mac, we are working 24/7 to release it. It will be out April 30, 2013"

...along with a frowning "Mac" icon. I question if they are truly working 24/7.

Well, I went to a SugarSync features request forum where crowds of Linux users gather to complain fruitlessly about no support, and posted my referral link to (where I get 5 GB for each referral). So, I'm up to 125 GB on I uploaded two hours of home movies and due to the slow upload speeds of our cable, it took all night. But at least it works great on Linux, like UbuntuOne and Dropbox.

Want 100GB Of Free Cloud-Based Storage? 3 years 9 months ago vandamme

Their "Sign Up" button has no link...?

Want 100GB Of Free Cloud-Based Storage? 3 years 7 months ago vandamme

Zoolz must have gotten their million free users, because now they're pay-only, and aimed at business users. And no mention of Linux client. Maybe they're still "working on it 24/7".

Security Software That Will Wow You. I Guarantee. 3 years 7 months ago vandamme

"Nobody is listening to your phone conversations" says President Hopey-Changey. True, but they have computers that can recognize your words and sort them into key phrases for further analysis.

Microsoft Solitaire Collection now available for Android and iOS 1 month 2 weeks ago vandamme

So beginning next year it will have ads, and I have to give my address to Microsoft.

No thanks, AisleRiot runs fine on my Linuxes and has dozens of game versions.

The New York Times Is Free For The Next Few Days 2 months 1 week ago vandamme

Free Democratic propaganda? No thanks.

I get the headlines from the NYT for free, but GMail clips it off right about at the editorials, fortunately.

The Word Processor With No Distractions 3 weeks 5 days ago vandamme

Runs natively and installs easily on Linux.

I tried this years ago and now I see it's become more polished. It's more bloated than gedit or any other simple test editor, but has more capabilities, and simpler than LibreOffice ... but a few less capabilities. And some extras that might be a good fit for the journal writer. So, take your pick.

I haven't figured out how to zoom in, though, and on most themes I can't read the text. So I stick with the plain color.

It installs in a minute on Linux; I have Mint and just used the Ubuntu directions. Add the repository by opening a terminal and pasting this in:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gottcode/gcppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install focuswriter

Time To Update Your Ultimate Boot CD 1 month 2 weeks ago vandamme

Rescatux is another good one. It's a much smaller download, but fewer utilities. I use it to diagnose hard drives and memory, and erase Windows passwords, but mainly to get back my grub. Search for supergrubdisk

Still Got An XP Machine? Turn It On Now. 2 years 8 months ago vandamme

"Buy Windows 7 or buy a new PC" is what Microsoft wants you to do. Well, I took off their handcuffs a couple years ago and haven't looked back. Zorin, Linux Lite, or Mint will look most familiar to XP users and are easy to install.

Pixar Renderman. Was $1300. Now Free. 1 year 10 months ago vandamme

The Linux version is free, too.

Best-Known Network Diagnostic Tool Gets Major Version Update 1 year 1 month ago vandamme

The GUI version for Linux is called zenmap. Real nerds will of course want the command line version (nmap), but that leaves me out because I'm a grandpa. And I run Linux, because I don't have time to maintain Windows.

Get 30 New Fonts For Your PC, Completely Free. 1 year 1 month ago vandamme

I wish they had put these fonts all in one folder instead of each one in its individual folder. But hey, free.

Fonts are one of my weaknesses, and after getting these 30 free ones I went through and uninstalled a few ....dozen....that I'll never use again. They take up time and HDD space.

And it also bears mentioning that of course these fonts also work in Linux.

Best Free Audio Editing Software 3 years 1 month ago vandamme

I still think OcenAudio beats Audacity, most of the time. Better set of tools, and smaller download. I just installed the latest version on LinuxMint, piece of cake.

Best Free Audio Editing Software 2 years 7 months ago vandamme

I just did this with a cassette tape of our choir. I connected my cassette player into the line in of my pc, and recorded it to one file (didn't need to babysit it, just let it run). I opened the file and by zooming in I can see where songs begin and end. I highlight what looks to be one song with the mouse and copy and paste that one song (and a little extra) to a new file. I trim it to just the right length, apply any filters etc. then save as a mp3 and wav file (for CD).

I used OcenAudio on LinuxMint, but Audacity should work the same way.

Edit Your MP3 Files On Your PC 1 year 8 months ago vandamme

Well, it uses 48 MB on Linux Mint 64 bit. If I open up a 45 minute, 495 MB wav file, it takes 331 MB and goes to anywhere instantly.

Best Free Income Tax Filing Software and Service 2 years 1 week ago vandamme

If you need to file a state tax e.g., New York, TaxAct's "free" suddenly jumps to $18 because you need the "Ultimate" bundle, fees, addons, yadda yadda.

What Your PC Will Need if You Want to Upgrade to Windows 10 1 year 7 months ago vandamme

Looks like when Windows 7 reaches end of life, I won't dual boot Windows any more, and my switch to Linux will be permanent.

Hasta la Vista, Microsoft.

Best Free Antivirus Software 9 months 3 weeks ago vandamme

Your "download" button for Comodo is actually the link to Avira.
Also, there's a separate page for Linux antivirus.
I'm not so sure there's really any point because Linux is so virus-resistant anyhow. But it's good to see Tux getting some love.

187,000 Free Hi-Res Images To Use As You Wish 1 year 1 week ago vandamme

OK, you go to "visualize the public collection" ( and it should load (finally) a huge thumbnail of all the thousands of scans. You can sort by genre, collection, or color. Pick one and you get a bigger thumbnail, all the info on it, and several resolution download selections. The "all download options" might have 6 different sizes. "Larger" is 2560 pixels, plenty big for me even after zooming in, and it's 6 or 8 megabytes.

Keep This Bootable CD Handy For Troubleshooting 2 years 11 months ago vandamme

I like Rescatux because it's a small download, yet contains a complete operating system. I use it to restore bootloaders and erase windows passwords.

Make 2016 The Year You Start Doing Cloud Backups 1 year 2 weeks ago vandamme

Copy is another Dropbox clone. I have almost a terabyte there, free due to referrals. Both have Linux file manager integration, very nice.

My big problem is uploading speed on my cable internet. Keeping backups on an internal HDD is a lot easier and faster.

Want A Constant Readout Of Who's Connected To Your LAN? 1 year 10 months ago vandamme

Just installed Wi Fi Guard on my Linux Mint 17.1 PC and it works great.

Free Ransomware Protection Utility 9 months 2 weeks ago vandamme

A close second is NOT running Windows.

Photo Stitching Software Is Completely Free 4 months 1 week ago vandamme

I've used Hugin and it's got a lot of tweaks and adjustments (corrects for lens distortion, color balance, vignetting, HDR mismatch). It's the only open source free-standing stitching app, and is cross-platform (Linux, FreeBSD, Mac, Windows).

I also used the Pandora plugin for Gimp. But it doesn't do vertical stitching, so for a vertical pan of a cathedral in France I turned the pictures 90 degrees then stitched them. I've had to do some manual matching as it's tough to see where lines match up on ornate architecture.

Listen To Music Online For Free At These 20 Websites 9 months 2 weeks ago vandamme

Yeah, I don't like da funk either.

Get $149 Of Photoshop/Lightroom Add-ins Free 9 months 3 weeks ago vandamme

Photoshop and Nik are way overkill for us weekend shutterbugs. Plus, Adobe refuses to port Photoshop to Linux.
Digikam is the free alternative. You can also do a lot of stuff in Gimp.

CCleaner Is Updated, Free And Portable 9 months 1 week ago vandamme

I've used CCleaner for years and never had a problem. Just remember that when you get rid of all your cookies and thumbnails that you'll slow your system down as it rebuilds all that stuff. It's like throwing out the contents of your refrigerator - sometimes it's so bad it all has to go, but then you have to replenish it.

I see that there's a Mac version. Same idea, but no registry to worry about. No Linux version, but Bleachbit works great for that. I just ran it, and deleted a GB on my Kubuntu system, of older system files, logs, language packs. It didn't run any faster, but without a registry to get mucked up, Linux and Mac don't bog down unless you fill up the hard drive.

Fancy A New Windows Start Menu For Free? 10 months 2 weeks ago vandamme

I'm currently running the KDE desktop, and kinda like it. It's also available on Windows.

Some other Linux desktops also have versions for Windows, I'm told.

Disposing Of A PC? Nuke The Drive First. 3 months 1 week ago vandamme

Get a set of torx bits from Harbor Freight for a couple bucks. Take the lid off the HDD and get the magnets out. I reuse the cases for different things, and pull parts off the boards.

PCs that are less than 10 years old and working can be repurposed by installing Linux on them, wiping all the data off. Give it to a kid, Freecycle, school, Salvation Army.

Improve Clarity And Focus Of Your Digital Photos 4 months 1 day ago vandamme

Maybe one of G'Mic's eight sharpening filters can do this job. It has 300 filters and I haven't tried them all. Maybe you could do a review if you can find a category to put it in. There's a plugin for Gimp, a standalone program, and an online version.

Five Things that Every Windows PC Owner Must Do 3 years 2 weeks ago vandamme

You have the original Linux OS on a CD, DVD or flash drive, right? Slap that sucker in, hit "Install on the entire disk", and you'll format the whole disk to (probably) Ext4 format and install Linux. Your data, your malware, your Windows, and your worries will be toast.

If you don't have experience loading Linux or don't have the original disks, download Ubuntu, Mint, or Zorin and follow the instructions for burning to a disk.

Then, load your backups and get back to work. But scan files before you email or transfer anything to a Windows PC, because it might have malware on it, even though it won't run on Linux.

If you install Windows after Linux, your Linux OS won't work anymore, because Windows is too stupid to recognize it.

Keep This Free Bootable Rescue CD To Hand 3 months 1 week ago vandamme

Several times I've used Rescatux (Tux is the Linux mascot). It's a smaller download and doesn't have an antivirus that I know of, but has hard disk utilities, some of the usual fixes like a Windows password remover, and a rudimentary Linux operating system. It includes SuperGrub2 which fixes dual boots that Windows has screwed up so you can't boot Linux.

On UBCD, GParted is just a partition editor; the virus scanner and file manager are separate programs.

Five Things that Every Windows PC Owner Must Do 3 years 2 weeks ago vandamme

Most of the big antivirus companies have an online scan that Linux users can use to scan a file before we send it to a windows user (one we haven't converted yet). I guess it would be improbable unless you copied a whole directory or one file you got off an email from a Nigerian prince or Russian p0rn site.

Introducing Fiddler 4 1 year 5 months ago vandamme

Supposedly it works on Linux, using Mono instead of Net. Haven't tried.

Understanding and Dealing with the Windows 10 Privacy Issue 8 months 2 weeks ago vandamme

"One Weird trick" to solve all Windows problems: don't use it!

Best Free Software for Linux 2 years 6 months ago vandamme

Haroopad, an interesting HTML editor. It was reviewed favorably on last Sunday's Linux Action Show from Jupiter Broadcasting. I haven't tried because I usually use a WYSIWYG editor, but it looks useful.

"... Haroopad is a markdown enabled document processor for creating
web-friendly documents. You can author professional-looking documents of various formats: blog posts,
slides, presentations, reports, email and more ...":

Best Free Software for Linux 2 years 6 months ago vandamme

Ooops. One of these days I'll figure out how to find stuff here.

The Best Photo Viewer I've Seen In Years. And It's Free. 2 years 7 months ago vandamme

I like digiKam and showFoto, which does about the same thing. They came with my openSUSE but there are versions for those who haven't converted to Linux yet.

Best Free Software for Linux 2 years 5 months ago vandamme

Variety is a newer wallpaper changer that I like better than Wally, Wallch and others. It also can show quotes, clock, and is highly configurable and tweakable. It wasn't in the Mint repository (the non-functioning Wallch was, though); you have to search for it, add the ppa, then install. Three lines in the terminal, but worth it. Runs on all Linuxes. Written by Peter Levi, so find his page.

This Online Web Page Creator Is Looking Promising 1 year 5 months ago vandamme

One "project" is free forever. The upgrade subscriptions seem reasonably priced for a business.

Best Free Media Center Software 1 year 2 months ago vandamme

I don't see any discussion of Universal Media Server.

Best Free Software for Linux 2 years 10 months ago vandamme

Video editors: PiTiVi is improving quickly and deserves a look. KDenLive has always been reliable for me. OpenShot is easy and quick, kind of like Windows Movie Maker (except it works).

Best Free Software for Linux 3 years 9 months ago vandamme

XnView is a great photo editor. Fast, easy, yet powerful.

Grab This $24 Music Software Package For Free 1 year 4 months ago vandamme

Couldn't get it to run under Wine/Mint. Thanks anyway; it looks very similar to MuseScore, which is free and open source, and was recently updated.

Your PC May Have Been Uploading Windows 10 to Others without You Knowing It 1 year 5 months ago vandamme

That's funny. Microsoft already got you as a beta tester for 10, now they have you as a distributor. I only think it's funny because I don't use it.
I torrent Linux distros, but I have to opt in, of course. It's the least I can do to help spread Linux. The problem is that I have cable internet, and the upload is a tenth the speed of the download.

Another Program To Check For Software That Needs Updating 2 years 7 months ago vandamme

Thanks for reminding me why I use Linux. It updates all my apps safely and easily.

Best Free Project Manager 7 months 4 weeks ago vampeo

We have just published out fully 100% open-source project management & ticketing system in Kickstarter! Its called Zookeeper and its now on Kickstarter. I can't post a list but you can view the Kickstarter link for our website: Vampeo dot com
We believe it will make the top of your list!

Best Free Remote Access Software 2 years 11 months ago VAM

Like many on here I used teh free version of LogMeIn for many years and now find myself looking for another provider. Can anyone make a suitable recommendation please? My requirements are:

1 Simple remote access of my home pc, from my laptop and/or ipad when I'm away from home
2 Unattended access of my home pc
3 Just need simple access to my documents etc on my home pc. Don't need options to print to local printer, file share etc
4 Speed and smooth operation is important. I don't want to wait several seconds for a responce after clicking mouse
5 Free
6 Easy set up

There seems to be so much on the market and as I'm not the most IT literate, any help would be appreciated.

Windows 10 Editions and Upgrades Announced 1 year 8 months ago valcoff

Do they know what the W10 will cost after the year has come and gone?

How To Change The Windows 8 Background Colour 2 years 2 months ago v85michele

I did find a way to keep the colors, have no image at all as desktop background, pretty soon we'll go back to dos, sure pc would be faster.
Thanks Microsoft..

How To Change The Windows 8 Background Colour 2 years 2 months ago v85michele

I Changed the color as indicated on both
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Colors
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\Colors.
But every time I hibernate the PC (Win 8.1) the windows go back to white background, only the log-off log-on actually works.
I tried changing the color even in all the HKEY_USERS but nothing changed.
Any idea?

How To Change The Windows 8 Background Colour 2 years 2 months ago v85michele

No, again every windows goes back to white after a screen lock or PC hibernate, only the logon gets the wanted color.
Any idea how to make the system reconsider the colors in the registry without having to close every program and logoff?

Best Free File-Based Backup Program 8 months 6 days ago V12RR

Downloaded the Comodo software but the website is degenerate. You cannot create a User Account - just loops back to the Sign In Page... contacting Comodo is also difficult and when you do they just say there nothing we can do?

Does not deserve 5 stars!

Optimizing Bittorrent Clients for Speed 3 years 9 months ago v.v

I changed internet service recently..Now I have 512 kbps connection.
My previous connection was 256 kbps. and in torrent it used to give down speed of 60 kbps.
However for new connection I am not even getting down speed of 60 kbps.. :(
Is it a problem of my connection or do I need to delete cookies or something. If that is the case does anyone know how to do that?
I always make sure that seeds to peer ratio is high..
on download speed is . 0.51 Mbps upload speed is 0.21 Mbps.

Can anyone help?

The last time upgraded my connection from 128kbps to 256kbps my torrent speed incresed from 30kbps to 60kbps.

Four Ways to Make Windows XP Systems More Secure 2 years 5 months ago v.laurie In the short format used for Tech Tips, it isn't possible to go into all the details. That is why the link to the tutorial is given. If you read that, you can get the kind of information you are asking about. Here again is the tutorial Added: There is also a forum at view
How to Block Ads on Adblock Plus Paid Whitelist 1 year 11 months ago v.laurie I don't have a copy of IE9 to look at but the procedure is likely to be similar to that for IE11. Maybe someone with IE9 can verify. view
Easy Way to List the Details of All the Drivers on Your PC 2 years 1 week ago v.laurie Unless you are familiar with drivers, you should probably leave them alone. Drivers have many functions and should be uninstalled only by someone who is knowledgeable about its specific purposes. The yellow icon on a driver in the list created by this utility does not mean the driver should be uninstalled. Added: Here is a little discussion about "kernel mode" view
12 of the Best Places on the Internet to Get Free Help with Computer Problems 2 years 2 weeks ago v.laurie A number of the sites given in the article's list have threads for Linux and Macs. Just as one example, Tom's Hardware has a forum, "Linux/Free BSD", with over 33 thousand posts. view
Easy Way to List the Details of All the Drivers on Your PC 2 years 1 week ago v.laurie For help with questions about individual systems and drivers, please post in our forum for general computer support: view
Free Microsoft Windows Security Tool EMET is Upgraded to Version 5.0 2 years 5 months ago v.laurie Thanks for noting that. You are right that Microsoft does not include XP in the list of supported systems. However,EMET 4.1 is still available for download. view
Free Browser Extension that Efficiently Blocks Ads Using Less Memory 1 year 11 months ago v.laurie You can add additional filters or rules. view
Five Windows 8.1 Tips You Need to Know 2 years 5 months ago v.laurie Yes, that is correct. That is why the first step in Tip 4 says explicitly, "Go to the Start screen". view
Free Microsoft Windows Security Tool EMET is Upgraded to Version 5.0 2 years 5 months ago v.laurie The article referred to is about an earlier preview version of EMET 5 that was released months ago, not the latest version. view
Free Browser Extension that Efficiently Blocks Ads Using Less Memory 1 year 11 months ago v.laurie The extension was originally written for Chrome and only later offered for Firefox. The FF version is still labeled beta and is not yet offered at the Mozilla repository. I have the impression that the FF version may not yet be as good at blocking as the Chrome version. I am using the extension mostly on Chrome so don't have much experience with it on FF. Thanks for relating your experience using it on FF. Anyone else have experience on FF where ads get through? view
Five Useful Tips and Tweaks to Make Windows 10 Run Better 1 year 3 months ago v.laurie The build shown here is the stable build that everyone on the regular track has. If you are an insider you got build 10565 today. It does have a somewhat different start menu. view
What to do if you Reserved a Windows 10 Upgrade but Changed Your Mind 1 year 4 months ago v.laurie

Well. it seems I was wrong to assume that Microsoft would not download Windows 10 unless you indicated you want it. It has been reported that anyone who gets Windows updates automatically may get Windows 10 downloaded to their system whether they asked for it or not. It doesn't get installed but it takes up a lot of space.

How to Fix a Computer that Keeps Waking Up 2 years 4 months ago v.laurie Is it only when you move the mouse that the PC wakes up? I am not sure why that would be a problem unless the PC wakes up when you are not there. Did you check the settings in the Logitech software? Otherwise, I don't have an answer to your problem but maybe another member can help. view
Increase Your Privacy by Turning off the Diagnostics Tracking Service in Windows 7 1 year 3 months ago v.laurie I should have mentioned that not everybody installed the Windows updates that created the service. They seem to have been KB 3075249, KB 3080149, and KB 3068708. You may have avoided them. Thanks for reminding me that not everybody will have the service. view
How to Fix a Computer that Keeps Waking Up 2 years 1 month ago v.laurie Is the laptop going to sleep or just turning the screen off? Have you tried running Defender while the laptop is plugged in to a power source? view
Best Free Hex Editor 1 year 4 months ago v.laurie

I am only a caretaker and this review is in need of an editor. Perhaps you could help us out and bring the article up to date? You can help us by clicking here.

Best Free Web Form Filler and Password Manager 2 years 4 months ago v.laurie Thanks for the information. This category is currently without an active editor. view
New Free Suite of Windows System Utilities 3 years 9 months ago v.laurie Thank you for the useful information about your experience, GraveDigger. Your example with the 1-click function shows again why it is always necessary to go through all the settings first before using this type of program. Even CCleaner or Glary will remove things I don't want them to if I don't configure them first. view
New Free Suite of Windows System Utilities 3 years 9 months ago v.laurie Dangerous they are, but this type of program is very popular and we cannot ignore them. It seems better to try to inform people and point out all the problems. Comments like yours and others here may be just the thing to keep some less-experienced people from blindly using a cleaner. The site also mentions Registry cleaners, which is another category of very dangerous (and IMO almost useless) software. Just because a piece of software is mentioned here doesn't mean it is recommended. view
Two New Ways to Boot into Safe Mode in Windows 8 3 years 3 months ago v.laurie I am sorry to hear of your problem and it is because of problems like this that I strongly urge making emergency repair discs as discussed here: The comments are not the place for discussing specific individual problems but you can get help in the General Computer Support forum: You should be able to get some good advice there. view
New Free Suite of Windows System Utilities 3 years 9 months ago v.laurie @MikeR: I appreciate and understand your points. Thanks for your interest in the integrity of TSA and your suggestions. What gets included here is an individual editorial decision and in borderline cases reasonable people can sometimes come down on different sides. This program is new, in a popular category, and has been mentioned in various places on the Internet and that is why it is in Hot Finds. Your concern about newbies is shared by us all and was one of the reasons I wrote about it. Several well-known sources have given this program good reviews and I thought it should be mentioned here so that people would get another point of view. This is not the venue for full reviews but I tried to indicate that it was not a top pick. view
Improve the Looks of Your Windows Desktop with the Hidden Collection of Icons that You Didn’t Know You Had 3 years 10 months ago v.laurie Creating a new toolbar was mentioned in this previous tip - view
Eight PDF Files You Don’t Want to Open 3 years 8 months ago v.laurie Any PDF reader with JavaScript enabled might be vulnerable, There are also other possibilities. Several years ago Foxit had a stack overflow problem. Only read PDFs from known sources and scan them with your anti-malware software first. view
Easy Way to Open Safe Mode in Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 2 years 3 months ago v.laurie Doesn't work in Windows 7 and does not boot directly to Safe Mode in 8.1 but opens a screen where you can choose some troubleshooting options. view
Use This Powerful Microsoft Tool to Provide Better Security for Windows Programs 3 years 7 months ago v.laurie If you click the download link at the reference given in the tip ( you have a choice of both the EMET installation file and a PDF user guide. view
Use this Free Utility to Help Make Your Windows Files Easier to Organize and Find 2 years 4 months ago v.laurie File Meta enables a capability for certain metatags already built into Windows. You cannot create new ones with it. However, there are several useful editable fields that will be added to context menu. One is called "Comments" and gives you plenty of flexibility. Other useful ones are "Tags", "Subject", "Categories". Hope that answered your question. view
Best Free Windows 8 Start Menu Replacement 3 years 8 months ago v.laurie I looked at this program but decided not to include it because it comes bundled with other programs that will be installed if you are not careful. view
How to Create Your Own Custom Windows 8 Start Menu 3 years 10 months ago v.laurie Winkey+X and some other keyboard shortcuts are covered in this previous tip view
How to Print from Your Android Tablet or Smartphone 3 years 7 months ago v.laurie Thanks for the research, bernardz. All I can say is that I got the Google app to work with my Canon MP210 printer. view
How to Disable JavaScript in Popular Free PDF Readers 3 years 8 months ago v.laurie Scripting will be controlled by your browser settings. If you want to disable the Chrome reader, enter "chrome://plugins" in the address bar, find the entry for Chrome PDF viewer, and click "Disable". There might also be an entry for an Adobe or Foxit plug-in. That can also be disabled if you choose. view
How to Free Up More Space on Your Hard Drive with the Updated Windows 7 Disk Cleanup 3 years 3 months ago v.laurie This is part of Windows Update. Are you not able to get the updates? view
Twelve Things You Need to Know About Internet Privacy 3 years 5 months ago v.laurie If you want to leave a comment or question for chiron, it would be better to place it at one of chiron's articles such as view
Use This Powerful System Tool to Check Windows Hardware 3 years 5 months ago v.laurie @JamesCA: You are right. I see that the links have stopped working. They worked last night and I do not know what has happened. Here is MajorGeeks link for Hwinfo64: If you want Hwinfo32: Update 6 August - links working again view
How to Keep Google from Putting Your Name and Picture in Their Ads 3 years 3 months ago v.laurie One way or the other, I think everyone with any Google account should check their account settings after Nov. 11 to make sure what it is they are agreeing to. view
How to Free Up More Space on Your Hard Drive with the Updated Windows 7 Disk Cleanup 3 years 3 months ago v.laurie Disk cleanup is not supposed to remove files you might need. As I understand it, only older update files that have been superseded by newer update files are removed. Updates from the most recent batch should still be there. If you go into Control Panel you can find a list of updates that have been installed together with an option to uninstall them. view
Use the Command Line for a Quick Cleanup of Windows Temp Files 3 years 1 month ago v.laurie The files are probably in use or locked by some program. Unless they are taking up a lot of space, they can be probably be left alone. view
Use This Powerful System Tool to Check Windows Hardware 3 years 5 months ago v.laurie It would be nice if life were that simple. Hwinfo monitors a lot of different hardware and I don't think we have a category of software that can correct all hardware problems. view
Best Free Microsoft Downloads 3 years 2 months ago v.laurie You are right. I forgot about that. Thanks for pointing it out. view
Powerful Free Microsoft Security Tool EMET has Been Updated 3 years 2 months ago v.laurie Not that I know of. view
Help Guard Your Online Privacy with this Nifty Firefox Add-On 3 years 2 months ago v.laurie In effect, Lightbeam is an upgrade of Collusion. view
Use This Powerful System Tool to Check Windows Hardware 3 years 5 months ago v.laurie Thanks for the update, irwanwr. view