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2 years 11 weeks ago How To Get A $50 PDF Creator For Free ~tom (not verified)

the trick is (if you're a FB member) to like it, download it, then "unlike" it. But really, $50 for a PDF creator? OK very hard to find in their website, but you can actually edit as well, so possibly worthwhile:
I see they use Ghostscript.

2 years 11 weeks ago Best Free PDF Writer Software ~J~ (not verified)

It also requires PDF Forge which for several of the computers I've installed it on, has caused severe breaches of security with spyware and malware etc. The program also cannot turn more than roughly 75 pages into a PDF document, and has caused the file sizes to be anywhere around the 1 gig size.

2 years 11 weeks ago Best Free PDF Writer Software ~J~ (not verified)

Also, occasionally every so many files, the PDF document will come up as jibberish, savings the file as 0kb.

48 weeks 5 days ago Create Your Own Music Mash-Up From MP3 Files _izzyyyyy

gotta get this done can't wait

3 years 17 weeks ago Help Gizmo Solve a Weird Puzzle ^DooM^ (not verified)

Been fine here, no problems at all

3 years 43 weeks ago Gizmo Admits Defeat [SF] Zero (not verified)

You did not fail. Its just how things are with the world.

I use this site for everything, and I even had the link stickied in my gaming clan.

1 year 39 weeks ago Protect Your Online Privacy with This Terrific New Extension for Chrome Z_i_p (not verified)

For crying out loud people why would you/trust this application ? to do anything than gather your information with...your permission. Buy yourself a good antivirus like in the top 3 st your privacy settings and sleep well !

6 years 8 weeks ago How You Can Contribute to This Site zzzzzaz

Your site is most useful and simply wonderful. Thank you for remaining impartial, sympathetic to us (poor freeware hunters), and , above all
for the clarity of your discourses.

3 years 38 weeks ago Best Free Non-Adobe PDF Reader zzsmith (not verified)

Maybe try STDU Viewer? Recommended here by several people especially for netbooks so I am trying it and so far I like it a lot. It is a small program so that's good. Display seems just as clear as Adobe. Can be configured to remember view settings for individual pdfs which I really like. Lots of other good features - I think someone posted more details further down in this thread.

3 years 38 weeks ago Best Free Non-Adobe PDF Reader zzsmith (not verified)

By global hooks do you mean file associations for what file types will be aumtomatically opened by STDU Viewer? You can change file associations in settings of STDU Viewer to remove all of this or just associate .pdf or whatever. Are global hooks something else? Thanks.

3 years 38 weeks ago Best Free Non-Adobe PDF Reader zzsmith (not verified)

This sounds like a good feature; which pdf readers are able to do this? Which do you use? Thanks.

3 years 19 weeks ago Best Free Duplicate File Remover zzkj (not verified)

Just right click on a file and do 'mark all by folder', or use the selection assistant.

2 years 22 weeks ago Best Free Duplicate File Remover ZZKF (not verified)

It has split into two versions - free and pro. Free still has the same featureset but pro has a lot more new stuff like scanning zips, duplicate folder views, and similar image matching.

3 years 43 weeks ago Best Free File Rename Utility ZZC (not verified)

I have tried out many file renamers and I finally settled on using Renamer several years ago. IMHO, it is the best of the whole lot that I have used. I have not encountered any problems with the program or the site.

3 years 44 weeks ago Best Free CD-DVD Burning Software Zygmo

Theresejulianna....I have tried most of the programs you recommended off and on the past couple of years, and mostly agree with you. One thing I would like you to include in your reviews is which ones if any have normalizing for audio tracks. That is very handy, and I don't remember whether any of these have it or not.
For the person needing AVI burning...he should check out aTube_Catcher. This is a completely free program that records anything on your screen, video with audio included. The latest versions include a CD/DVD burner that works very well for just drag and drop them, (can even be mixed formats), and aTube automatically converts them to DVD, and burns quickly. (Be sure to pay attention when installing uTube, will try to add in some programs)
As for using InCD for rewritable has been my experience that programs like that are bloated, and seem to slow down computers, especially start-ups and shut-downs. We are rapidly reaching the point where rewritable discs will simply be unneeded, especially for data. The little portable flash drives, and especially the USB HDDs have so much capacity and are so convenient that I don't even deal with the rewritables anymore. And yes, I know some will say that they are helpful to verify whether a music or video disc will work correctly before a final write. But the writable media has become so economical that I don't even worry about that anymore.
Thanks for your reviews...they are helpful.

3 years 32 weeks ago Best Free Online Applications and Services Zvone (not verified)

Hello, i have a suggestion to make:, a FREE online PHP editor. It has: syntax highlighting, a FTP explorer, unlimited undo/redo, all packed in a familiar desktop enviroment. Code completion is coming soon, too.

2 years 42 weeks ago How to Get a Classic Start Menu in Windows 7 Zvikai (not verified)

How about tuhs simple solution:

3 years 32 weeks ago Best Free Online Applications and Services Zulfiqar (not verified)

The best article ever read about free online services. Thanx for sharing such a useful information.

3 years 31 weeks ago Best Free Online Applications and Services Zulfiqar (not verified)

Nice n useful information. thanx

2 years 44 weeks ago Best Free Audio Editing Software ZUGA (not verified)

I am looking for an audio editor that has a real time eq and spectrum analyzer, freeware or not too expensive and will run of WIN2K?

Any possibilities? Any suggestions?

2 years 39 weeks ago Best Free Word Processor Zubin (not verified)

Kingsoft Writer Free 2012 is an impressive word processor downloadable separately apart from the Kingsoft Office Suite 2012. For additional information please see Good luck.

2 years 16 weeks ago Best Free Program Uninstaller zsz (not verified)

The fact that Revo Uninstaller free edition ignores 64 bit applications ipso facto -- and irrespective of the limitations of competitors' products -- categorically disqualifies it from being on, let alone at the top of any best-of list.

As memory prices have imploded over recent years and memory access / PAE limitations and restrictions specific to x32 Windows increasingly necessitate upgrading to the 64 bit platform, the intrinsic utility of the free edition has monotonically eroded and will continue to do so, eventually forcing the author(s) to re-examine their views regarding minimum feature sets that still leave a program functional. Let's hope the ranking referenced by this comment is corrected well before then.

3 years 13 weeks ago Best Free PDF Tools Zsolt (not verified)

Dear Editors / Readers,

I think the pdf tool linked bellow deserves attention. I have been using it for a long while and I am absolutely satisfied with it.



2 years 46 weeks ago The Perfect Way To Save Web Pages For Reading Later Zrixon (not verified)

I've been using Read It Later and like it - except it takes ages to go through and delete unwanted/old stuff. I'll try this and give it a go. Thanks.

3 years 22 weeks ago A Whole New Genre of File Manager? zowie (not verified)

Laziness may not be the correct word or only word. If there is a touch of laziness, "inept" may be another word that could be used along with it
I have been a fan of Steve Gibson and his small but effective applications since the apple ll. I believe he may have been the person who coined the word "bloatware"--which describes many programs now in circulation
from Wikepedia:
Gibson is an advocate of assembly language programming, and prides himself on writing smaller applications mostly in Intel x86 assembly language, including much of the code of the SpinRite hard disk utility used from the beginning of the PC era. He is one of several advocates of optimizing computer programs and reducing the size of their executables.

2 years 25 weeks ago This Great Free PIM Looks a Lot Like MS Outlook zoukman (not verified)

I have used this program for about 4 years now and really like it.. I use it mainly for the calendar, which is quite easy to use... very useful I think

3 years 14 weeks ago Create Your Own Portable, Virtual Version Of Any Windows Program zorro (not verified)

can this be used to capture changes in windows setting or registry settings ? Like when u do a format-reinstall n then tweak the system to your liking and want to capture all the changes together in a single file ?

3 years 10 weeks ago 1,000 Free Licenses For BullGuard Internet Security 10 (Expired) Zorro (not verified)

Great program. Please count me in.

3 years 42 weeks ago How to Block Ads or Unwanted Content Missed by Filters zoovido (not verified)

what is the best filters that i can use for adblock plus?

mine were:

easy list
easy privacy
fanboy list

any good suggestion???

3 years 42 weeks ago How to Block Ads or Unwanted Content Missed by Filters zoovido (not verified)

your fanboys tracking/stats blocking???

whats the used of that?

11 weeks 20 hours ago 125 Photo Effects. Normally $99. Free If You're Quick! zootsocket

This downloaded and installed without fuss - no stealth toolbars or other nasties and a perfectly functional activation procedure.

If you already have photo retouching tools and the know-how to use them, this won't add much to your arsenal. It rather resembles some of the quick editing effects apps available on Android, but on a larger scale.

After about 10 minutes of experimenting with one of the supplied test images the PC (W7 4GB memory) slowed to a crawl and finally stopped, requiring a reboot and suggesting memory issues. The filters did not appear in the filters menu of Photoshop Elements as I expected and I couldn't see any very good reason to invest the time required to find out why not.

The programme uninstalled cleanly with Revo.

2 years 17 weeks ago Best Free Spam Filter for the Average User Zoom (not verified)

Spamihilator is the best spam filter I've ever used. It's available in both 32 and 64 bit binaries.

2 years 36 weeks ago How to Back up Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird ZoNi (not verified)

2 years 27 weeks ago How to Back up Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird ZoNi (not verified)

Easy way to find FF/TB default profile folder: FF button > Help > Troubleshooting Information> Open Containing Folder

Of course, this can be used only when FF/TB can be started :-)

2 years 13 weeks ago Best Free Portable Applications ZoNi (not verified)

SuperAntiSpyware Free Portable is NOT portable anymore ;-)

But, there is still SAS Free Online Scan:

I think it is same as old SAS Free Portable.

2 years 22 weeks ago Best Free PDF Tools ZoNi (not verified)

PDF-XChange from v2.5.194: bookmarks can now be added, edited, or deleted in the free version!

2 years 1 week ago How to Really Speed up File Copying in Windows ZoNi (not verified)

One more advice to make it even faster: when creating an archive (with 7-zip or another program), use "Store" in Compression level - that will not compress files, but will make one ZIP/7Z file even faster.


19 weeks 4 days ago Best PC Support Resource Sites zonastone

I've been getting these strange Windows messages all the time with missing dll etc. I googled it and found this nice site -
I found there lots of information about d3dx9_43.dll, svchost.exe etc.

2 years 36 weeks ago Best Free Desktop Search Utility Zoltano (not verified)

Great topic; fabulous discussion.

I have a first gen Solid State Hard Drive in my PC; indexing must be disabled for those drives. As a result, my Windows 7 search tool is seriously handicapped... :(

So which software do you Gents advise me to use instead?

16 weeks 3 days ago Finally a Free, Flexible Youtube Download That Works zoe2014

I guess this would be the best place to share video download software for both windows and mac users, but I am just finding this online application can also do the trick with ease. No signup, registration or any installations. The only drawback is that it has daily download limits. Users have to be the premium member for unlimited downloads.

3 years 25 weeks ago Security Software That Will Wow You. I Guarantee. Zoe (not verified)

Wow! Is there anything coherent about your reply? I'm sure many who are reading your response are hoping you are not their neighbor!

3 years 47 weeks ago Best Free CD-DVD Burning Software ZMH (not verified)

burnaware is my new favorite. it has a clean interface, light on resources and most importantly, handles most common jobs perfectly well.

I bumped into burnaware after this thread *updated* (at least supposedly so), replacing CDBurnXP, which is very good too, but I do think this article should be updated at least for burnaware.

the new 3.x provides double layer mediums support, disc to image and making of bootable images (from files). Sure it still lacks many advanced option,but at the same time I'm not sure why most people would need em for home usage, let alone command line (jesus christ!). Simplicity is the beauty here.

3 years 43 weeks ago Gizmo Admits Defeat ZMH (not verified)

I'm sorry the ideal world didn't work out but hey, it's nothing wrong to put up ads to keep the site running. You don't have to be too hard on yourself. I believe most readers like me will complete understand and there're many like me will even go clicking them.

Gizmo has been a great resource for me, and actually one of the favorites if i need to look up for something. You've done a terrific job.

1 year 24 weeks ago Site Suggestions and Feedback ZMeister

I'd like to see a mouse pad offered in your merchandise section. I go through those things like crazy.

Oh, and coffee mugs too! :)

38 weeks 3 days ago Best Free eBook Reader for iOS zmaxus

Actually the app I'm excited about is because it lets you filter offensive material. I look forward to when they are done developing it.

2 years 37 weeks ago Tips and Tricks for Linux Mint after Installation [Mint 10 and 11] zlop (not verified)

From a pen drive
Amazing how difficult it is to interact with a windows drive

Will have to search for an old live cd distribution

3 years 23 weeks ago Best Free Office Suite zlarips (not verified)

I have used open office for quite some time its very useful. Gone are the day s when i had to run after expensive microsoft. Or had to get pirated versions with immense stupid pop ups telling asking for registration numbers.

I intend to check out zoho and symphony has reviews above are very inticing .

this site is indeed very helpful


2 years 36 weeks ago Best Free Reminder and To-Do Program Zirus (not verified)

Im after a prog that will simply make a bingbong sound every 1min or so with a sound thats not annoying or pref, can be changed by me :-)


cheers :-)

27 weeks 3 days ago Best Free Non-Adobe PDF Reader Zirthiel

Please review this product. It seems to be an upgrade one the xchange pdf viewer. It has a nice interface. =)

27 weeks 3 days ago Best Free PDF Tools Zirthiel

This seems like a relevant product. I think it should be reviewed. =)

34 weeks 1 day ago Best Free Online Backup Sites Zirthiel

SugarSync as of late has changed it's stance about the 5GB free accounts. They are now all on a 90 day trial basis. I think you should update the review as soon as possible.

Also thanks for this review it helped me choose an alternative to SugarSync in the form of SpiderOak. ;)

5 years 44 weeks ago Best Free CD-DVD Burning Software zip_up_99

Maybe there should be a list of best software review/download sites!!! Oh wait... ( and most of the other popular sites have the categories broken down for: freeware, WIN or Mac... mobile, webware, & games...Editors picks, most popular, etc. etc. as you can see on the bottom of the page url I listed above. Not knocking you guys but there seems to be too much disagreement between your choices of "best" and those of the commentators??? Your "top" video editor page has only one choice: Virtual Dub...why??? I tried a few of your "top-picks" out of curiousity and didn't agree. Of course I do "buy" software when I really need it and there are always Utorrent/Mininova downloads where you can get the "big-boys" versions when cash is short, LOL. You'll find DVDFab5 there (full version)...just scan all your downloads with Kaspersky, etc... Which you can get there as well. Sorry for ranting (newbie here) but I hope you do a revamp of your reviews...categorized and unbiased...or maybe list the better sites where people can download free/share ware...Kinda like a review of the "reviewers. Cheers : )

1 year 10 weeks ago Best Free Word Processor Ziplok

very NICE.

2 years 47 weeks ago Best Free Web Browser Zinja22

Did you hear the rumor about the Google Chrome Canary build? They say canary build is much faster than the original Google Chrome. Although I'm not tested it yet.

2 years 47 weeks ago Lightweight Browsers Zinja22

Orca browser is also a lightweight.

2 years 47 weeks ago Other Browsers Zinja22

I try the maxthon 3, so far it satisfy me. Built-in download manager and can integrate download manager software without using add-ons like flashgot on firefox. Built-in ad-blocker called Adhunter. Dual engine layout, it use a Webkit rendering engine(use on Google Chrome), by default. It automatically switch on Trident rendering engine(use on IE), as needed to display older web page. Although this is not a lightweight browser, It is worth a try. PS. sorry for my bad English.

3 years 23 weeks ago An Amazingly Smart Image Resize Tool That's Free zinfindel (not verified)

This is pretty nifty, but the best freeware picture resizer I've ever used is called PIXresizer from Bluefive software:
::: :::.
It saves the changes in a new file, and it can convert between image formats as well. It has made resizing high-res pics for web use much easier for me. Very easy to use.

2 years 35 weeks ago Best Free Browser Scrubber Zimo (not verified)

Would that personal browsing data still be stored in the hidden system files if one was using a app such as Sandboxie or Returnil or another virtual system while browsing?

1 year 9 weeks ago Best Free BitTorrent Client Zima

1. I use qBittorrent. It's really a good torrent client but needs more features. Very efficient, fast, and high performance client for downloading and seeding.

2. You may need to have uTorrent or Vuze, because some trackers, private trackers and private torrent websites still does not support and accept clients like qBittorrent or Tixati.

3. All of these 4 clients (qBittorrent, Tixati, Vuze and uTorrent) are good.

So I suggest:

Use qBittorrent or Tixati as your primary client and Vuze or uTorrent as your secondary client.

I have qBittorrent and Vuze.

1 year 9 weeks ago Best Free BitTorrent Client Zima

I agree with you, Steve. That's the reason why I don't use Tixati. Tixati is a good client but not popular. I compared Tixati to qB (qBittorrent) by downloading same torrents. Some of the trackers does not accept Tixati and reject connections from this client but accept qB. I don't know why they reject Tixati. Not good to see the good Tixati is treated like a bad and poor client.

I was an uT user for years but I don't like it anymore due to its changes. So I've replaced it with qB. qB works well and I don't use uT anymore. uT is good but not as good as old uT in previous years.

Also Vuze is much better than uTorrent. Maybe it's complicated a bit, but if someone use it as her/his main and primary client, I think he/she will like it. Vuze is a feature-rich client. Very good for people who want something more than just downloading and seeding. I use Vuze for creating new torrents and much more.

So using a simple but powerful client like qBittorrent (qB) plus an advanced, popular and well-accepted client like Vuze is my recommendation.

1 year 9 weeks ago Optimizing qBittorrent For Speed Zima

Sometimes changing these advanced options maybe helpful:

1. Maximum number of half-open connections

2. Exchange trackers with other peers

3. Always announce to all trackers

1 year 9 weeks ago Optimizing qBittorrent For Speed Zima

Good. Thanks.

1 year 9 weeks ago Best Free Media Player Zima

1. MPC-BE (Media Player Classic Black Edition):

2. BS.Player:

3. Zoom Player:

I recommend MPC-BE and BS.Player.

1 year 8 weeks ago Best Free Media Player Zima

You are welcome.

1 year 8 weeks ago Best Free Media Player Zima

My favorite media player is MPC-HC. Specially I love these builds:

1. MPC-HC Lite (Nighty Builds):
Same as MPC-HC but it has no internal filters and codecs. Updated every 4 days.

2. JanWillem32's MPC-HC Builds:
It has better subtitles renderer and internal renderers. Good for watching anime.

To use them, you need to install external filters. I recommend LAV filters.

1 year 9 weeks ago Vuze Help Zima

Is there any way to prevent ISPs from BitTorrent bandwidth throttling? Sometimes my ISP limits BT bandwidth.

Any solution to prevent bandwidth throttling?

1 year 8 weeks ago Vuze Help Zima

I have only problem with seeding. Downloading/Leeching works without any problem, but when I want to seed a torrent with maximum/unlimited upload speed, it fails. It works with lower speeds but I want to use at least 95% of my maximum upload rate for it. Because it's a big sized torrent and needs good seeding.

I heard using specialized VPNs for BitTorrent communications will solve that. My friend recommended seedboxes to me. Are they useful?

2 years 42 weeks ago Best Free Children's eBooks Online Zim (not verified)


This is such great resource. Thank you for the time and resources put to have this site up and running.

May God reward you a hundred fold.

2 years 51 weeks ago How Long Would Your Password Take To Crack? Zim (not verified)

My password = 127 trillion years!

1 year 13 weeks ago Best Free File-Based Backup Program ZikO

It's a really excellent piece of writing here and explanation. I finally understand what I should be looking for to choose best option. Really thanks for this.

Some people mentioned Areca Backup:

I find this program one of the best free tools. Before, I thought I'd go with Backup Maker, Genie Timeline Free Edition, or Toucan. However, after reading comments a few readers pointed out some issue with Toucan (apparently, it crashes) and Genie Timeline. The others mentioned Areca Backup.
So, Areca Backup is free and very functional. How about its file validation feature, if there is any at all? I don't really understand how validation works to be honest. I'd be grateful if someone would explain that :)
In FAQ, I found some explanation:
"How does Areca detect modified or new files when incremental backups are chosen ?
Areca uses the file's size and last modification time to detect modified files. If one of these attributes is modified (whatever its value is), the file is flagged as modified.
Since v7.2.17, Areca can also inspect the file's content to detect modifications of its content (which is much slower than detection based on attributes) "
but I don't know if this is the same as validation.


2 years 35 weeks ago Get a $40 DVD Slideshow Creator For Free Until December 7th zigzagwanderer (not verified)

Just D/l & registered in a matter of minutes without any problem .

3 years 29 weeks ago Best Free PDF Writer Software ziggs (not verified)

Just wanted to say thanks for a very helpful and informative article. I have been using PrimoPDF for a while now and have found it adequate for my needs, but agree it is very slow to load up. I now need to install a PDF writer on an older (slower) laptop and wanted to see what other options were out there. I appreciate your work in sifting through the various offerings and features, as well as your followup on the comments. I am going to try Bullzip, since I need the ability to append pages on to existing files, but have to check out the searchable issue.

Also looking forward to checking out the free PDF tools you linked to for the ability to delete and reorder PDF pages. I had no idea this was possible, so thanks again. (By the way, the JPEGtoPDF program for converting image files is great. I use it all the time.)

2 years 50 weeks ago Best Free Drive Cloning Software Zig (not verified)

EASEUS v. 3.0 will be out of beta tomorow, 8/12/11, and includes differential backup, as well as incremental. I note that the reviewed edition was v.2.0, and I feel there's been sufficient improvements since then as to warrant a second look.

2 years 50 weeks ago Best Free Drive Cloning Software Zig (not verified)

OOOPS! - it's out of beta today (8/11/11).

2 years 44 weeks ago Best Free Drive Cloning Software Zig (not verified)

I have a newbie question. About 2 months ago I made a backup with Easeus Todo. To now make a more recent backup must I go through the entire same process again? Also will that just use double the space already used on my hard drive space or will it just add (new) to what has already been backed up? Thank you

2 years 44 weeks ago Best Free Drive Cloning Software Zig (not verified)

You could set it for a differential or incremental backup. Since you made this backup 2 months ago, you are NOT using the latest (and greatly improved ) version of the program, v.3.01. I highly recommend you upgrade (still free).

WEBMASTER: ??Should identical usernames be allowed??

Zig (the original)

2 years 43 weeks ago Best Free File-Based Backup Program zieper (not verified)

you are absolutely right Ivan G.!

2 years 27 weeks ago Best Free Sudoku Puzzle, Generator and Solver zheyman


Please try my free online sudoku website:

What sets it apart from all other sites is its extremely efficient and simple user interface -- both mouse and keyboard.

And it has almost all of the features of your top sites:
5 difficulty levels
Complete/configurable pencil mark support
Optional hints
Allows entry of puzzles from other sources
Printable puzzles


2 years 9 weeks ago Best Free Email Software Zhensu (not verified)

I used Thunderbird from the beginning (man I am getting old), and it worked fine till version 4 came. All the mail disappeared. Then I installed version 3.1 again and all went well. But now it isn't support anymore and need to update. Oké I update and have version 13? help. Now the surprise , it doesn't work with Eset nod32 virus scanner.

It was good till version 3.1 then it was all but good. Now I am looking for a new email program. :(

4 years 2 days ago Create and Maintain Tests and Quizzes with This Free Web Service zheng ye (not verified)

I will be exploring this one. I plan to use this to upgrade our company's pre-employment screening of applicants' proficiencies. Who knows, this may improve our hiring significantly.

3 years 44 weeks ago Free "Google Me" Business Card Template zheng ye (not verified)

Can't imagine that Google would condone this for long.

3 years 43 weeks ago Gizmo Admits Defeat zheng ye (not verified)

You have not failed anyone or anything. Obama and Bush before him have failed the country. We are all doing the best we can to make it work. If you decide to offer an ad-free section for paid subscribers, I would consider such an option, as well.
Whatever it takes, we want you to continue your work.

3 years 32 weeks ago Nominations Open: Your Choice for Best Freeware Product for 2010 zheng ye (not verified)

The DownloadHelper add-on on firefox is by far the best program out there. Click, click and you have the video or audio you need. Excellent conversions to.
I have ripped audio tracks that I could not find anywhere from youtube videos, amazing software.

3 years 26 weeks ago How to Keep Microsoft Security Essentials from Slowing Down Your System zheng ye (not verified)

Is the percentage one selects to be the amount of CPU which MSE is allowed, or which one wishes to reserve for other applications??
Obviously at 50% it doesn't matter, does it, but in any other case, it does.

3 years 23 weeks ago An Amazingly Smart Image Resize Tool That's Free zheng ye (not verified)

The resultant distortion of the fence is not worth whatever 'benefits' there are to such cropping.
I cropped it in Irfan View in a few seconds, and was totally pleased at how the subjects became more prominent, with no distortion, and without creating faux spacing between the subjects.
Can't imagine when I would need to crop where such distortion would be desirable.

3 years 20 weeks ago Create Your Own Online Database Apps, Online. For Free. zheng ye (not verified)

I will definitely explore this and report back.

3 years 17 weeks ago Help Gizmo Solve a Weird Puzzle zheng ye (not verified)

When I go to the site from my email, I do not usually explore beyond the linked page, so I guess I am part of that regular 6%.
Firefox 4, Windows 7, site is always quick to load -- functions and renders perfectly.

2 years 36 weeks ago Finds of the Week (November 11, 2011) zheng ye (not verified)

AARP is hardly non-partisan. It would behoove you to spend less time geeking and a little more time learning about civics and politics.

3 years 2 weeks ago Security Wizard Recommendations zezo.x

I enjoy the recommendations about pc security.
I think they are excellent and usefull.
as your site is handled by pc experts i would like you to add my email:

[Moderator's note : email address removed.]

2 years 24 weeks ago Best Free Firewall Protection Zeuss (not verified)

Thanks franco, That was perfect, all i needed was windows to be a more friendly firewall.

2 years 40 weeks ago Best Free Startup Manager Zeus36 (not verified)

I have Winpatrol on all of my computers. It's amazing how many times the little Scotty dog barks and alerts to something wanting to add itself to the startup.

2 years 34 weeks ago Best Free Calculator Zeus36 (not verified)

Free42 rocks! I use it several times a week!

2 years 34 weeks ago Best Free Calculator Zeus36 (not verified)

Try this Instant free online calculator:

3 years 34 weeks ago Security Software is Free Throughout December Zeus36 (not verified)

I'll stick with Sandboxie. It's always been free and works well with Opera and Iron. Never surf p0rn without it...

2 years 24 weeks ago Could This New Search Engine Be A Real Rival To Google? Zeus36 (not verified)

I just switched over to DuckDuckGo as my default search engine due to Google's new tracking consolidation policy effective March 2012. I was surprised by DuckDuckGo's explanation of bubble filtering for searches by Google (and probably other big name search engines). Duck has a much cleaner design and I'm liking their policies.
Cancelled my Google + account and spent a fair amount of time tweaking my Google Dashboard to opt out of everything and changed all my info to bogus text. I'll be using different browsers for most Google services specifically YouTube. My default browser has been IRON portable for the last few years.
I really got tired of Google's announcements, invites and requests to join Google+ and other Google services. They changed their News page last year and now are changing G Mail's appearance (which I can't stand)


2 years 40 weeks ago Give Your PC Insomnia. Stop It Going To Sleep. Zeus36 (not verified)

Caffeine is a must have for me. Works great during presentations.

2 years 24 weeks ago Best Free Media Player for Android Zeus36 (not verified)

Mobo Player seems to run anything so far.


1 year 28 weeks ago Google Offers Free Online Course in Advanced Power Searching (Time Limited) zeroseven

I thought the previous course was pretty lame, I'm not sure I learned anything I didn't already know.

The certificate sucked too. Looked like a kid designed it in 3 minutes. Didn't even have my name on it :(

I'd never been given a certificate before. It was a very underwhelming experience. My IQ test certificate was cool though, and it had my name on it :)
I like that one. Its my favourite. Of 2.

1 year 19 weeks ago Amazing Site Gets You Up To Speed On Any Subject zeroseven

Awful site, in 6 months you'll never hear of it again.

Its like throwing darts at a dartboard full of relevant / irrelevant info. Your chances of hitting the info you need are pretty slim.

Google, properly used is INFINITELY more powerful and accurate. Everybody should do the Google power search course.

1 year 19 weeks ago Amazing Site Gets You Up To Speed On Any Subject zeroseven

Its really quite easy Ray if you just remember to localise your search by (most important) date to avoid irrelevant pages submitted long ago (most of the web) and to remember to use '+' '-' quote marks etc. Its all very logical. I often use the images section straight off....drag an image into the search box and be amazed. The recommended site, whatever its called(?) when asked "best widescreen tv 2013" earlier, the top article offered was written in 2007! By using the google tools provided at the top of the search page, I can home in on blogs, news, reviews, discussions, best prices, restrict dates, all within a fraction of a second. It fine tunes rather than spins off at tangents.

I'm not a google fan boy, far from it. but its hard to see how the featured site could cause anything but misinformation and frustration. You only get from the web a proportional response to the information you submit