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Best Free Program Uninstaller 3 hours 3 min ago g2mXagent

COMODO Programs Manager is the best!

because it monitors the installation process.

Word and Phrase search in PDF Files 4 hours 8 min ago Sridhar.Palsamy

How to find double space in PDF files? Please advice

A Free Utility that Creates Bootable USB Drives 6 hours 48 min ago mchldpy

Gizmo said
"can create bootable drives of all the major Linux distros and other operating systems including Windows as well."

Hi Ian,
Have you or anyone tried making a "live USB" version from a windows install disk
with UNetbootin? I could believe maybe it making the install possible from a USB flash drive. If it actually tricks Windows into not handing off USB control to the OS during the boot process ... where have I been¿

Newly Upgraded to Windows 10? Three Things to look out for 6 hours 58 min ago Fairportfan

I hadn't noticed the System Restore thing - thanks. Already took care of the others, many by using "Custom Install" when i upgraded.

I ALWAYS use "Custom Install" (when offered) for ANYthing.

Free Windows Backup Utility Is Simple And Flexible 7 hours 54 min ago mchldpy

" it's easy to create backups which are clearly labelled as to which sets of files they contain"

I've been using a paid for backup utility for so long, are there actually backup programs that you can't make a folder, call it what you want and store a backup in there?

Best Free Drive Cloning Software 14 hours 8 min ago AJNorth

AOMEI Backupper was updated to version 3.1.0 on 2015.08.04; as George.J noted, the changelog can be found at .

Your PC May Have Been Uploading Windows 10 to Others without You Knowing It 17 hours 22 min ago vandamme

That's funny. Microsoft already got you as a beta tester for 10, now they have you as a distributor. I only think it's funny because I don't use it.
I torrent Linux distros, but I have to opt in, of course. It's the least I can do to help spread Linux. The problem is that I have cable internet, and the upload is a tenth the speed of the download.

Download Gorgeous Mouse Cursors for Free 18 hours 15 min ago bernardz

No longer available here. It is available here


Newly Upgraded to Windows 10? Three Things to look out for 1 day 2 hours ago johnvk

Awesome Vic!

"Otherwise, she will start collecting all sorts of information about you."

Yeah, for example:

"Data syncing is on by default: Sign into Windows with your Microsoft account and the operating system immediately syncs settings and data to the company’s servers. That includes
- your browser history,
- favorites and
- the websites you currently have open as well as
- saved app, website and mobile hotspot passwords and
- Wi-Fi network names and passwords.
To enable Cortana to provide personalized experiences and relevant suggestions, Microsoft collects and uses various types of data, such as
- your device location,
- data from your calendar,
- the apps you use,
- data from your emails and
- text messages,
- who you call,
- your contacts and
- how often you interact with them on your device.

Cortana also learns about you by collecting
- data about how you use your device and other Microsoft services, such as
- - your music,
- - alarm settings,
- - whether the lock screen is on,
- - what you view and purchase,
- - your browse and Bing search history,
- - and more.”

And more?! That wasn't enough? Basically it looks like they upload your entire PC and all your activity to their server.

And "because Cortana analyzes speech data, Microsoft collects 'your voice input'"

Simply consider what Cortana (and Siri and OK Google) must do to be able to respond to your request. They have to be listening to your speech ALL THE TIME. More than that, they have to be listening to the *microphone* all the time, meaning they hear everything in the room, all the time.

Also "Windows 10 generates a unique advertising ID for each user on each device. That can be used by developers and ad networks to profile you."

I'm privacy conscious. Windows 10 is not for me.

[All quotes are from: hxxp://]

Newly Upgraded to Windows 10? Three Things to look out for 1 day 2 hours ago BIGPROFITBUZZ

Indian Share Market Tips: Bigprofitbuzz is an Indian stock market advisory firm. BigProfitbuzz had proven month after month that trading and investing in stock market.

Your PC May Have Been Uploading Windows 10 to Others without You Knowing It 1 day 3 hours ago mchldpy

At first I thought, this almost seems illegal, M/S using my OS to spread their crapola around on my dime. Then I remembered, it's their OS. At least they graciously allow me to turn it off so I don't have to break the terms of my legally binding agreement by reverse engineering.

Highlights From Half A Million Historical Videos 1 day 4 hours ago pvilan

Thanks Rob!.
This is a very important addition to your last week post.
As you say, navigating one million minutes of videos is intimidating. We need this kind of help.

Newly Upgraded to Windows 10? Three Things to look out for 1 day 9 hours ago rfbass


Is there an easy way to include the comments with the Printer-friendly version?

The comments, such as the one from jhvance, are really useful.


Best Free Antivirus Software 1 day 13 hours ago tommyzulu

I am puzzled by your comment about bloatware/opencandy with Avast. I have installed it on three laptops and there's no trace of Opencandy on any of them. I have found it very easy to avoid installing Chrome if I don't want it.
I find an increasing number of nag screens in Avast, and it does try to get you to upgrade - always at an alleged discount: does anyone ever pay the so called full price?
But the free version has been very effective in blocking all sorts of invasions... so I'm relucatant to abandon it for the reasons you give.

Newly Upgraded to Windows 10? Three Things to look out for 1 day 15 hours ago paulytx

Appreciate the info. I live or die with "Fences". Do you know if that will still work with 10?

Best Free Torrent Search Engines 1 day 17 hours ago blackkitty

What do you think about

Site Suggestions and Feedback 1 day 17 hours ago Atlanta Southsider

To the Readers of the #1 Freeware Site,
I love this site and almost always agree with its recommendations. I just tried the Music Library MusicBee Portable and IHMO it does not come close to the version of MusicMatch that I have used since 2004. I started with several previous versions beginning in 1998 but in 2004-5 Yahoo! bought and wrecked MusicMatch trying to have a winning music service. MusicMatch Version is still out there on various freeware sites. I will warn you that you get locked into MusicMatch if you start using all its features like the ability to "AutoDJ" by genre, tempo, preference, etc. There is no current program that can read MusicMatch's complicated track tagging system. When I started with it, it would go to its site and bring down an album cover graphic, auto-track-naming etc. That is lost now and only the album cover graphic is picked up when you rip your CD into the system. The freeware version does not write custom CDs correctly for travel anymore, but the old paid version does. I will also warn that there are sites out there on the net offering to sell the old paid version that are bogus rip-off sites. I am not aware of any valid sites that sell the paid version because you had to go online to validate you purchase on MusicMatch's website. MusicMatch Freeware Version runs very well on Windows 10 without the stupid warning of Windows 8.1 that you had to "ignore".

30 Sites For Legal (and Free) Torrents 1 day 17 hours ago Dbharm

and where are and ?
i used them very very often////

Newly Upgraded to Windows 10? Three Things to look out for 1 day 18 hours ago jhvance

If you're using Win10 in some way involving a router or wifi (as almost everyone would), then it would be very worthwhile to modify those settings in ways outlined in this discussion:

Newly Upgraded to Windows 10? Three Things to look out for 1 day 18 hours ago Anupam

Meaningless for you, you mean? It might be meaningless for you, but not many people use portable browsers, and for them, this tip will be really useful, those who want to change default browsers.

So please, just because the tip does not suit you, atleast don't call it meaningless. The article is not posted to provide tips for individuals.

Newly Upgraded to Windows 10? Three Things to look out for 1 day 18 hours ago raymond4500332

Since I use portable apps much of the time, like my default Web browser, Firefox, Vic's advice about changing the default web browser setting was meaningless.

Newly Upgraded to Windows 10? Three Things to look out for 1 day 19 hours ago crosseyedlemon

As usual Vic has provided some very good information here. These days it's getting harder and harder to distinguish the good spies from the bad ones so turning off Cortana would probably be the first thing on my list of settings adjustments. The shiny new online store was mentioned so I'm just wondering how long it will take Microsoft to annoy computer users with nag notices to purchase things they don't need or want.

How to Get Your Previous System Back After You Have Upgraded to Windows 10 2 days 59 min ago sheumais

I did precisely that when Windows 8 was introduced, as I wasn't sure how enthusiastic I was with the update. I used Macrium Reflect for my Windows image, as recommended on these pages, keeping a Windows 7 and 8 image up to date until I finally decided 8 was fine for my use. It only takes a few minutes to install your image using a boot disc, so you can get used to 10 without having to depend upon it. So far, I've had no issue with Macrium Reflect back-ups or reinstallation.

Best Free Clipboard Replacement Utility 2 days 2 hours ago Realist

Has anyone tried ClipCube?

It's different from other clipboard managers, it stores clipboard entries and URLs separately. It also has a scratchpad and supports tags.

How to Get Your Previous System Back After You Have Upgraded to Windows 10 2 days 15 hours ago godwinq8

Good information b

Best Free Firewall Protection 2 days 20 hours ago MidnightCowboy I have now received a reply from Privacyware re: Windows 10 compatibility. Although this is possible, it is unlikely in the short term so you will need to use Windows own firewall (my recommendation) or find an alternative. MC - Site Manager. view
How to Get Your Previous System Back After You Have Upgraded to Windows 10 2 days 22 hours ago zep321

Thanks, Vic. Right now I have no intention of reverting as I am pleased with with the upgrade. I have 3 pc's and am testing win 10 on the oldest. So far so good.

How to Get Your Previous System Back After You Have Upgraded to Windows 10 3 days 16 hours ago crosseyedlemon

As I understand it, the free upgrade offer doesn't expire for a year so I'm content to wait and see how the inevitable bugs are handled. Reverting back to the old system indicates that the computer user didn't do his homework before taking the plunge and ultimately he will have to upgrade again anyway at some point.

How to Get Your Previous System Back After You Have Upgraded to Windows 10 3 days 16 hours ago v.laurie I haven't actually done it but I think you should be able to go back to Windows 7 with your system image. You probably have to do it with a bootable USB key or DVD since I suspect the image won't work directly from Windows 10 but I could be wrong. Be sure your PC will recognize whatever medium you are using. Another thing I don't know is how activation will work when you try to downgrade after the 30-day period. Your Windows 7 license is converted to a Windows 10 license when you upgrade. Microsoft licensing is always murky so it is conceivable that you might have to do a telephone activation. view
How to Get Your Previous System Back After You Have Upgraded to Windows 10 3 days 18 hours ago jorgeem1717

Good question zep321..... I would also like to know if iit's possible to use an image of my Wins 7 OS after I have Wins 10........

How to Get Your Previous System Back After You Have Upgraded to Windows 10 3 days 22 hours ago zep321

If you pass the 30 day limit to revert and wish to downgrade back to win 7 can I use my system image of 7 made just before upgrade? If so
do I use the win 7 or 10 recovery usb or can it be done after booting into win 10?

Best Free File Manager 4 days 47 min ago crombierob

I am old, as is my memory.
However I think I have seen your name often, and if I am correct then you know what you are talking about (and you can ignore what follows).

The Russians are very smart, resourceful, and desperate, so I tend to be very wary of Russians bearing gifts.
If the .ro stands for Romania (a neighbor I believe), I would be wary of their free gifts too.

Best Free File Manager 4 days 1 hour ago crombierob

XYPlorerFree allows you to color the background of the Tree, and also the List
You also have a fair bit of choice on colors for folder names and background color

Best Free Firewall Protection 4 days 1 hour ago MidnightCowboy

Hi darrin71. Management of trusted publishers is detailed here.

The two things that annoy me most are popup windows for "are you sure you really want to exit" and apps that overwrite permission rules. Regarding 360, I guess you're stuck with this behaviour because no doubt the permissions granted for the program at install are what allows it to overwrite your block rule. Although not an ideal solution for you maybe, but I would suggest switching to Panda until the full direction of the 360 products becomes more clear. I have Panda on two machines and neither have been compromised by anything nasty and what money I do have is still in my bank account. :D

Regarding Privatefirewall, I've sent a contact to the vendor and will post their response here as soon as I get it. MC - Site Manager.

Best Free Firewall Protection 4 days 4 hours ago darrin71

Hi MC! Hope all is well. Well I have to ask you if you have heard anything from or if you can contact Privacyware regarding a Windows 10 compatibility update. As you know there is a lot of people out there who love Privatefirewall, me included...which brings up another question for you, how can you disable trusted publishers in Windows 7 firewall? Reason is Qihoo is trying to force people to upgrade from 360 Internet Security to Total Security. Total Security, as you know is not the same product, however Total Security Essentials is. If I want to wait to see how Total Security Essentials develops before I decide to upgrade then I should be able to block the 360 Total Security Online installer rule 360 just made in windows 7 firewall. Correct?? Why is it everytime 360 updates its virus definitions it changes the 360 Total Security Online installer rule it made from "my blocked setting" to allow? As usual I thank you for your time and consideration and any links you can provide.

Hard Disk At High Utilization? Find The Culprit. 4 days 9 hours ago GeorgeIV

While Process Monitor is an excellent tool and that's a very good article on using it, it may be a lot easier to use the Windows Resource Monitor. This can be opened from the bottom of the Performance tab in Task Manager or by typing the first few letters of resource into the start box which is the quickest way to get a look at what's going on.

More About QTTabBar 4 days 11 hours ago marni

It's now up to v1.5.0.0b2, and supposedly fully supports Windows 7

Free Program To Create Bootable USB Pen Drive 4 days 17 hours ago wayoutwes

I downloaded Rufus but do not know what I am supposed to put into the 1st, 2nd & 4th text fields. I am running a Windows 7x64 system with a 500GB NTFS formatted main system hard disk. I also do not know what GPT is. Please help.

Free Program To Create Bootable USB Pen Drive 4 days 17 hours ago DrBongo

I was just looking around for a program like the that when the email about this program arrived. Definitly appropriate for now.

Free Program To Create Bootable USB Pen Drive 4 days 19 hours ago vandamme

"...or whatever"?? You can use this to download Linux! This might be a better alternative to UNetbootin.

Have a look at the bottom of their page for the ISOs it works on.

Free Program To Create Bootable USB Pen Drive 4 days 19 hours ago Aninnymous

Rob, you need to clarify exactly how to download the ISO since the page at your link does not specifically indicate where to actually click to download an ISO but instead apparently initiates a multiple choice exam without explanation.

One magically runs Rufus at some unknown point - but the link you give does the actual install of Win 10 as well ... somehow. Judging from previous WIN installations, it will not be crystal clear what the outcomes of the presented choices will be, so a brief roadmap would be useful.

Best Free File Manager 4 days 19 hours ago Panzer

My Commander:

Tips and Tricks for Linux Mint after Installation [Mint 17 to 17.2 - Cinnamon Edition] 4 days 21 hours ago Jojo Yee

Thanks for your comments jim7fl. System Settings is directly available in the left most column of the Menu. It is one of the favorite icons by default unless you have removed it.

By the way, I've now updated this review to reflect the changes in the latest version Linux Mint 17.2.

Best Free Ways to Learn Programming 5 days 50 min ago Panzer

More links:

Free Program To Create Bootable USB Pen Drive 5 days 1 hour ago boristhemoggy

I've used Rufus for some time now, and lately taking advantage of the GPT as my working drive is over 2 gig. Highly recommended and simply to use, excellent and it's free!

Best Free Software for Linux 5 days 1 hour ago Panzer

grab-site is an easy preconfigured web crawler designed for backing up websites:

Best Free Media Player 5 days 1 hour ago Panzer

"... MPDN is a modern extensible media player written in .NET (with performance critical parts in ASM/SSE2) featuring a fully integrated high quality Direct3D 9, 10, 11 video renderer that is equally extensible ...":

Who Should Upgrade to Windows 10? 5 days 1 hour ago Anupam

It seems like you did not read enough on Windows 10, and neither did you look at the compatibility report before deciding to upgrade. If you had read the compatibility report, you would have known which installed software on your system were not compatible with Windows 10.

Also, if you had read up on Windows 10, you would have known in Windows 10 Home edition, there will be no option to choose Windows Updates, they will be automatic.

You really cannot blame Microsoft for you not reading enough before you performed the upgrade.

Anyway, if you are not satisfied with Windows 10, you can still downgrade to your previous OS within a month.

Best Free Firewall Protection 5 days 3 hours ago MidnightCowboy I also think staying with Windows firewall is the best option. If you download the test report from this page it makes interesting reading, even though it relates to the Windows 7 firewall. MC - Site Manager. view
Best Free PC Games 5 days 12 hours ago Panzer

The Hunter:


World of Warships:

Best Free Firewall Protection 5 days 13 hours ago eikelein

Did you run the compatibility check before you jumped on the upgrade?
There are very good reasons why Microsoft "knows better".
I believe we can only fret about them not allowing us to install certain pieces of software AFTER MS's own product of this kind has failed us.
As I wrote in #122798
"I am afraid that we hang on way too tenaciously to old paradigms. Yes, under Vista and earlier MS operating systems a third party firewall made sometimes sense - if the user could configure it. But nowadays?
If you can and want to tinker, be my guest. For the average Joe/June I have them stick with what is in Windows. "
It seems you ran against a "tinker"-wall instead a firewall.

Best Free Firewall Protection 5 days 13 hours ago raymond4500332

My installed firewall, Privatefirwall 7.0, has been disabled after I upgraded to Windows 10 Home. I tried uninstalling, downloading and reinstalling Privatefirewall 7.0 and it failed. I tried downloading the latest versions of Comodo Internet Security and ZoneAlarm Free Firewall, and Windows immediately stopped me from installing each of them and told me neither app was compatible with Windows 10.

I dug into the Security settings of Windows 10 and found the default Windows firewall already turned on. Why can't I install a TRUSTED firewall and not rely on Microsoft apps?

Who Should Upgrade to Windows 10? 5 days 14 hours ago raymond4500332

I checked my Window 8.1's Microsoft Update page last night and noticed two failed attempts to automatically update the OS to Windows 10. I opted to manually search for the official MS Windows 10 update page and download the software. I left my computer on all night for the 3Gb download. At 1:00 AM this morning, I checked the PC and followed all the prompts for installing the now OS. One hour and thirteen minutes later, my new Windows 10 OS was completely installed, so I returned to bed.

When I checked on my PC this morning, I found several needed features of my new OS had been removed. I am now unable to load a Microsoft Update page and download any update, Critical, Important, Recommended, or Optional. I have tried to research the cause of Microsoft's blunder of removing a vital part of Windows 8.1's Update function, but found only references to some 'Current Branch" crap. Every article stated that the new Update function is now automatic and normally cannot be turned off.

I use the Microsoft Update function to check on Optional updates. Will Windows 10 now automatically download and install ALL updates, including the Optional ones? I need my Microsoft Update page back. It's sad Microsoft doesn't listen to conservative PC users like me. They tend to cater to the Generation X and Millennials liberals for new ideas and functions.

My PrivateFirewall had also been disabled.

Is it any wonder Windows Vista and 8.0 was viewed so horribly?

Best Free PC Games 5 days 14 hours ago Panzer

Jolly Bastion - graphical mod for Dwarf Fortress:


Mr. Rescue is an arcade styled 2d action game centered around evacuating civilians from burning buildings:

Best Free Software for Linux 5 days 14 hours ago Panzer

Encryptr - a free, open source password manager and e-wallet:


Mr. Rescue is an arcade styled 2d action game centered around evacuating civilians from burning buildings:

Best Free Non-Adobe PDF Reader 5 days 16 hours ago SteveDJ

Hi guys - I am a long time user of the Viewer, and now moved to the Editor - so adding my voice for them! They have all the features I need.

[moderator's note: mention of commercial feature removed.]

Who Should Upgrade to Windows 10? 5 days 20 hours ago ntri99

Thanks to all team members of Techsupport alert. You are doing wonderful job of maintaining the site providing with lot of helpful information and discussion..
the topic "Who Should Upgrade to Windows 10?" is also very interesting discussion.
I have always liked win7 than any other version of windows for the reason of stability and no issue at all.
that said. I reserved new win10 for spare laptop (but will not upgrade my main desktop with win7 for a while) and when offered by windows update to free upgrade to win10 on 29th july, (after backing up the win7 image) i happily accepted and allowed the upgrade without any hesitation.
I was surprised and impressed with the absolutely perfect upgrade to win10 without any input required by me.
The new software win 10 has not disturbed any of my existing software in my first impression.

Still I will upgrade my desktop only after some reasonable time only just to make sure there is no problem with my main desktop win7 computer. Also the new win10 app called Cortana is not available in Australia sadly.
overall i will give 5 out of 5 star to microsoft win10 upgrade for smooth upgrade and nice new interface.
will wait some more time before upgrading my main desktop computer. Thanks

Best Free Dictionary and Thesaurus Utility 6 days 4 hours ago MidnightCowboy Thank you for pointing this out. The dead product link has now been removed. MC - Site Manager. view
Best Free Word Processor 6 days 5 hours ago biggerabalone

nice testing. should try to include apache office. curious how it lines up with libraoffice.

Best Free Spyware And Adware Remover 6 days 5 hours ago biggerabalone

i think the reviewer was indicating that the immunization feature was the real time protection. and i guess, it kinda is (but not in the traditional way you'd usually think of it - as real time scanning with the engine, etc).

Best Free Parental Filter 6 days 5 hours ago biggerabalone

i've tried them all. use k9 if you want to completely stop porn from tech knowledgeable teens etc. opendns has some benefit but can be easily circumvented, as can Norton. plus, stopping all googles cached nude pics is the hardest and k9 does it. that said, k9 digs into your computer very, very deeply: but ran smoothly for me. opendns and norton were easy to set up on my router, to protect all wireless devises. k9 can't do this and must be set up on each computer independently.

Best Free CAD Computer Aided Design Programs 6 days 8 hours ago vandamme

How about FreeCAD?

Best Free Dictionary and Thesaurus Utility 6 days 8 hours ago biggerabalone

link for enzo word is dead.

"Other freeware products to be reviewed:

Lingoes (
Enzo Word ("

Best Free Dictionary and Thesaurus Utility 6 days 9 hours ago biggerabalone

ya, i suspect that's their creative way of differentiating as to whether someone can afford to purchase it or not. they are being charitable to lower income individuals: if you can afford to fly 2x/12 mo period, you can likely afford the small price tag on the software - or at least, that's what i suspect they're getting at. though, many wealthy individuals don't necessarily travel much.

i don't fly 2x per year, and my product has remained free for the last decade of my use.

Best Free Non-Adobe PDF Reader 6 days 15 hours ago Sanpo

Now PDF-XChange Editor can convert each existing PDF to PDF/A-1, PDF/A-2, or PDF/A-3 format. It's great feature if you need to preserve your digital documents for the future.

Best Free Software for Linux 6 days 15 hours ago Panzer

Quill is a free, open siource WYSIWYG editor built for the modern web:


"... Kamailio is an Open Source SIP Server released under GPL, able to handle thousands of call setups per second. Kamailio can be used to build large platforms for VoIP and realtime communications – presence, WebRTC, Instant messaging and other applications ...":


"... Embedthis Pak is a package manager for application components. Pak makes it easy to retrieve, integrate and manage components for applications ...":


Nikola — static site generator:


"... Grav is a fast, simple, and flexible file-based web-platform ...":


Yawls (Yet Another Webcam Light Sensor) - adjust the brightness level of your display by using the internal/external webcam of your notebook as an ambient light sensor:


Seed7 - interpreter and compiler for the Seed7 programming language:


slap is a Sublime-like terminal-based text editor that strives to make editing from the terminal easier:


RPGboss is a 2D role-playing game engine and application designer:


Raccoon - A Google Play desktop client:


MikroLock combines modern cryptography and ease of use:

Is Your PC Listening To Everything You Say? 6 days 17 hours ago mchldpy

It's not like gnoogle would be getting a cherry. The NSA has had the capability to turn audio and video on remotely for a long time and regular scum sucking bottom feeders (mhacker's) have been able to get their germware to turn it on for more than a couple of years. It's about time gnoogle catches up with modern trends.

Is Your PC Listening To Everything You Say? 6 days 19 hours ago ixan

The Google link you provided says that the voice search only works on new tab/Google search pages when preceded by Ok Google. So what evidence do you have that the computer might be listening to everything said? Also is this information stored or transmitted to any site? If not, what does it matter?

Is Your PC Listening To Everything You Say? 6 days 20 hours ago crosseyedlemon

Only a small percentage of computer users have a need for voice activated search which has always had problems because of difficulties interpreting regional accents that people have. In a strange way it is comforting to know our computer will listen to us when maybe our family or co-workers wont. I just don't want to see the day when my computer uses it's best Robert DeNiro impression to say "Are you talking to me?...are you talking to me..."

Edit Your MP3 Files On Your PC 6 days 23 hours ago CoraNell

I like this software, but I often use Amoyshare total media Solution(, because this software can not only edit but also download video, at the same time it can directly download music and video from youtube, it's easy to use and complete in function . But it's not a free software, which has only 30 days of the probation period. If you are interested in or has higher requirements, you can try to download to use.thank you

Check Your PC For Remnants Of Hacking Team Tools 1 week 2 hours ago Mighty

For those who tap the enter key too fast, the log file is:

C:\Users\[Your User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Rook Security\Rook Milano\last_scan_result.txt

Is Your PC Listening To Everything You Say? 1 week 5 hours ago bernardz

You may also check your smartphone.

Best Free Digital Image Editor 1 week 12 hours ago Panzer

"... Labography is a feature rich, progressive program which unites in its highly efficient tabbed interface 3 powerful modules for: Graphic design with vector objects and elements, Photo editing with Batch processing function, Publishing on professional level ...":

Best Free Software for Linux 1 week 13 hours ago Panzer

"... Kakoune is a code editor heavily inspired by Vim, as such most of its commands are similar to vi’s ones ...":


"... Scumblr is a web application that allows performing periodic searches and storing/taking actions on the identified results ...":


"... qfc is a shell auto-complete alternative which features real-time multi-directories matching: It provides results while you type against files in the current directory and its sub-directories ...":


doit is a task management and automation tool:


".. toplip is our command line, very strong encryption and decryption utility with optional plausible deniability, image embedding, and multiple/variable passphrase complexity ...":


"... Pentobi is a computer opponent for the board game Blokus ...":


mtCellEdit - a lightweight spreadsheet program:


"... Cyrus is a highly scalable enterprise mail system designed for use in enterprise environments of various sizes using standards based technologies ...":


nuBASIC is a programming language from the BASIC family:

Best Free PC Games 1 week 13 hours ago Panzer

Elite force:


Dead lab:




"... Pequod is a procedurally generated action game about a whale named Mobias. Hundreds of ships have been sent to kill the rarest white whale and you have to do everything you can to survive and ultimately kill the leader of this savage group ...":


Speed chess:



Best Free Sticky Notes Utility 1 week 1 day ago jtimothy

Can't help you with the color combo preference, marni, but "Stickies" WILL attach notes to a particular single file or webpage. It's a bit of a process: when you have typed your note, right-click in the grey "subject" are (you don't need to add a subject), select "On Top," then click on "Attach." You will see a list of all open folders, docs, and web pages. Click on the one you want to attach the note to and you are done.

If you choose an open folder to attach the note to, the note will be visible INSIDE the folder, along with the contents of that folder...NOT on the OUTSIDE of the folder when it is not open, Sorry, qt3dot14, yours is a good idea for an app, maybe someone will write it!

Anyway, the note sticks to its position relative to the window. It disappears when you close the file, web page, or folder. You can change note color, font size, font face (basic Windows fonts), add a highlight...not too bad for a free program!

Free In-Depth Web Debugging With Chrome 1 week 1 day ago bkaras2

07-27-2015, Monday

You ind8icate there is a debugger for Chrome, Is there one or Firefox? If so, where is it?

PS Notice that a numeral in a word does not count as a misspelling. How do I make it count as a misspelling?

Best Free CD-DVD Burning Software 1 week 1 day ago AJNorth

CDBurnerXP was updated to version on 2015.07.24; the "minimal" versions were released today, 2015.07.27 (neither the two "minimal" versions nor portable versions, x32 & x64, contain OpenCandy).

Also, BurnAware Free was updated to version 8.3.0 on 2015.07.10; changelog at .

Finally, the free utility "Unchecky" (see can help prevent the installation of various Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) that may be included with downloaded software (one of the comments on the page linked refers to "WinPatrol," discussed elsewhere at Gizmo's, and I agree wholeheartedly, considering it to be a "must-have" app for every Windows box). "Unchecky" also silently auto-updates.

Introducing Fiddler 4 1 week 1 day ago vandamme

Supposedly it works on Linux, using Mono instead of Net. Haven't tried.

Best Free File-Based Backup Program 1 week 1 day ago Paxmilitaris

Is the PC enough for everyone?

Introducing Fiddler 4 1 week 1 day ago chris.p

How about an article on website debugging tools, Robert? For example Rex Swain's HTTP Viewer (excellent for viewing the important basic stuff), Wire Shark, etc.

Introducing Fiddler 4 1 week 1 day ago chris.p

Thanks for a good tip, Robert.

You'll need to know your .NET version before you download the app, so grab that first before you go to the download site (.NET2 or .NET4).


Check Your PC For Remnants Of Hacking Team Tools 1 week 1 day ago mchldpy

The pdf file causing the false positives has been verified as a false positive by Avast.
from their virus lab ...

"Posted on: 27 July 2015 10:33
Hello Michael,

I have an information from our virus lab specialists that It was a false positive. The detection has been disabled and It will be fixed in the next virus definition update.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.

If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me again.

Best regards,

(name omitted)
Technical Support Specialist"

No big surprise, I think the lost worm headed for Iran would have been more exciting though.

Best Free Program Uninstaller 1 week 2 days ago Anupam

You are right. I too searched about Magic Barrage, and found forums complaining about it, and in the end, it was found to be associated with IObit products. Also, someone spotted Magic Barrage being on IObit page, listed as partner or something. I did not find that now, but it was there earlier probably. Anyways, IObit products did seem to install some kind of update file in AppData folder in temp, which used to show pop-ups for Magic Barrage.

Strange as it sounds, but it seems to be true that it's associated with IObit products.

I myself downloaded and installed IObit Uninstaller in Sandboxie, and when I chose Custom, I was just provided the option to change the install directory, and nothing else. So, it looks like IObit are trying to sneak in adware on the users' computers, without giving them an option about it. And any adware that shows such pop-ups comes under malware IMO.

Sad to see that IObit have not taken lesson from their debacle years ago. I am sort of glad that editors do not feature much of their products on Gizmo's.

BTW, where did you download it from?

View And Manage Your Web Cookies With Updated Program 1 week 2 days ago TechnicGeek

When installing it says "Publisher Unverified"

Best Free File-Based Backup Program 1 week 2 days ago AndyR

I for one would certainly not get all wound up when "free" software does something that I found annoying, the solution is to either find something else or contact the developer and give them your feedback minus the obscenity's of course.

Have you tried FreeFileSync ? that now offers real time synchronisation.

Best Free File-Based Backup Program 1 week 2 days ago Joe A.TT

Watch your language. If you don't have any respect for yourself and least have some for others. This site supports safe family content.

Thank you for supporting our family friendly site policy Joe. It's always a shame when folks are unable to express themselves without using an "f" word. The objectionable content has now been removed. MC - Site Manager.

Best Free File-Based Backup Program 1 week 2 days ago Paxmilitaris


Swearing in no way defines self respect or lack there of.
Spelling on the other hand...

Best Free File-Based Backup Program 1 week 2 days ago Paxmilitaris

I tried editing my previous comment, but it doesn't work, so here i go.

BackUp Maker is so annoying. I want a backup every minute (if files have changed), but i don't want a g.d d..n pop-up every minute while i'm playing and the files are changing.

Isn't there a simple program that just backs up files when they change, without installing crap, without pop-up, without needing hours to figure out?

I tried Comodo's firewall and i want nothing to do with Comodo ever again.

Best Free File-Based Backup Program 1 week 2 days ago ole

Did you bother to read the previous comments about Yadis, AutoVer, Cobian, etc. or do you just fly off the handle?

Best Free Program Uninstaller 1 week 2 days ago jorgeem1717

You are correct in that Revo Free does not support 64 bit software. IObit and Geek do.... and also free....

Best Free Program Uninstaller 1 week 2 days ago jorgeem1717

IObit bundled with (Magic Barrage) third party software??? That sounds very strange to me. Where did you download it from??? I have been using IObit Uninstaller for over 2 years and have never had any issues and have upgraded also many time without any issues.... I currently have IObit v Beta and all is good.

Check Your PC For Remnants Of Hacking Team Tools 1 week 2 days ago mchldpy

I hear what your saying. I think almost any scenario is possible given the nature of man. The only thing I really get surprised by anymore is my occasional exhibitions of stupidity and even that doesn't have the effect on me that it used to.

Best Free Program Uninstaller 1 week 2 days ago Prof. Jewell

Has anyone happened to check this out recently (a 2014 comment from another site)?

"Based on advice in this thread, I installed IObit Uninstaller. I did not see any options during either download or installation offering additional programs. However, after several days, I started to see a popup appearing offering s game called Magic Barrage. I HATE such popups, because I assume they indicate some from of infection. After checking for malware, I googled Magic Barrage, and found indications that it was related in some way to IObit. I therefore uninstalled IObit Uninstaller, and the popups stopped appearing.

Am I correct in connecting these two? If so, be warned!"

P.S. Might be nice if the 'quick' recommendation of free Revo were amended to point out that the free one is 32-bit and does not remove 64-bit stuff.

Check Your PC For Remnants Of Hacking Team Tools 1 week 2 days ago Faziri

I meant that a program is not necessarily not malware just because antiviruses don't react to it. AVs don't report the Ask toolbar either but I can't imagine anyone who doesn't consider that malware. Plus the whole Milano thing could be another scheme by some greater powers, backed by the antivirus companies with manufactured negatives. It's hard to trust any big name or product anymore these days.

Check Your PC For Remnants Of Hacking Team Tools 1 week 2 days ago mchldpy

I just sent the the pdf file lanshark is referring to to avast labs to make sure it's a false positive. When I scanned the 101 zip file from Rook @ virus total, Avast and qyeboo or some such named AV both flagged the pdf file and not the 20 portable exe's as a threat. It's only 223 kilobytes in size so with the text it contains should be a very small germ, if at all. Maybe Avast labs will shut down a freeway or something or it could be a new stuxnet worm and got lost on the way to Iran.

Check Your PC For Remnants Of Hacking Team Tools 1 week 2 days ago lanshark

Avast Free's scan of Rook's Milano identifies a high security threat thusly:

Threat: PDF:UrlMal-inf [Trj]


Who Should Upgrade to Windows 10? 1 week 2 days ago Kipster

I've been using an old HP desktop that originally came with XP as a test machine. This old box is only a Pentium duo core with just 2 gigs of ram.
After XP support was discontinued, I installed a Linux distro, scrapping XP. When Win 10 preview came out, I figured I'd try it on this box. I have had ZERO problems running anything on it, even run old Yahoo widgets!.
Today, Sunday, July 26, I ran Windows update on this old box. It took over an hour, but when it was finally finished, it looked very different. Checking the system/about it now shows I have Windows 10 PRO, not the evaluation copy. This old machine runs so well, I can't wait to update my other 3 desktops, 3 laptops.

Best Free Audio-Video Format Conversion Program 1 week 2 days ago Paxmilitaris

Freemake worked fine for a quality video (720p), but when i tried an FLV 640x480 with mono audio, it multiplied the size by 5, even when using to FLV Same as Source.

All i want is to cut out unwanted parts and make the file as small as possible while keeping the exact same quality.

550,000 Historic News Clips Now Free On Youtube 1 week 2 days ago crosseyedlemon

Good history websites are hard to find so I'm glad to see these archives being made available. Some clips have no sound and others are too short to provide any meaningful historical context but there are still enough good segments to make this video library worthwhile.