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Get $39.95 Pro Version of EASEUS Partition Master for Free (Expired)

This offer has now expired. However there are several excellent free partitioning software options reviewed here:

Here’s another exclusive offer from Gizmo’s Freeware.  Today we are offering the full $39.95 current Pro version of EASEUS Partition Master free for 24 hours from 12.01 AM Tuesday 1 September, 2009 USA Pacific Daylight Time.  As part of the promotion EASEUS is also offering Gizmo's Freeware readers 20% off all its products for the rest of 2009.

Unlike the standard free edition of Partition Master, the Pro edition allows the creation of a recovery CD/DVD.  This is really an essential feature in a partitioning program as disk partitioning always carries a small risk of something going wrong.  A recovery CD can make the difference between having a useless unbootable machine and one that is working.

This version of Partition Master works on Windows  2000/XP/Vista 32 bit and 64 bit.  The license is valid for personal use only on a single PC.

How to get Partition Master Pro for free

1. Download the product using the link below:

Link removed as offer has expired. 

2. Unpack the archive to a folder and then run the program EPMProSetup.exe to install the product. The program is complete; it does not need a license number in order to be installed.

3. Standard partitioning operations such as create, resize, move, delete and copy are available from the icons in the top menu.  Additionally a wizard accessible from the toolbar walks you through the process of copying a disk or copying a partition.  Assistance in using these functions is provided in the Help menu on the toolbar.

4. Before you undertake any partitioning process it is essential that you first create a recovery CD/DVD in case something goes wrong.  The disk can be created from the Tools menu or from the Windows start menu listing for Partition Master.   We also recommend you do a full system backup before partitioning as experience has shown that all partitioning processes carry a small element of risk.  This is true regardless of the partitioning program used.

5. If you have any problems installing or using the product, EASEUS if offering support via its forum at

How to get your 20% discount off any EASEUS product

Partition Master Pro is provided for free for 24 hours but EASEUS is also offering Gizmo’s Freeware 20% off all its products for the remainder of 2009. Here’s how you can get the discount:

1. Visit, choose the product you need and click the "Buy Now" button. You will be then taken to order page at RegNow or Shareit. 

2. Fill in the QTY in the order information and click "Order Now". On the order page, please fill in the coupon code (see below), personal information, and payment information and click "Place your order".

The 20% discount coupon code is CHEN-E2OI-GIZM and is valid from August 31, 2009 to December 31, 2009.

3. You will receive your license code and download information by email at the address provided. In the event of a problem you can contact EASEUS at

Note to webmasters: Feel free to publish this exclusive offer to our readers but please link back to this article rather than copy the text or download links to your site.


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by Anonymous on 20. November 2009 - 21:39  (37013)

not to toot another site but if you go to the easeus partition master pro is free for 10 more hours. its now 4:38pm est. good luck. oh and it works when you open it

by Anonymous on 23. September 2009 - 10:50  (33155)

someone pl try partition wizard home edn.,from and give his/her views.

by Anonymous on 21. September 2009 - 10:22  (33041)

Thank you EASEUS,

I remember using a very early version (DOS of course) many years ago.

Found your Vn.3.0.1 on Internet. It has just solved a major problem that I had. Worked like a charm. Also congrats on your copious Help.pdf.

Well done...

by Anonymous on 14. September 2009 - 18:43  (32584)

Just get GParted and don't worry bout it.

by Anonymous on 3. September 2009 - 14:20  (32092)

I downloaded the Easeus Partition Master Pro Edition in Zip file form, but when I went to extract it a couple of days after the offer expired, it would not have lost out on this great free product.

by jmaloney on 3. September 2009 - 19:14  (32099)

The same thing happened to me. My download appeared to end correctly but it was only 9.1 MB. I had expected about 41 MB. I tried to come here to ask about the difference in the comments, but there was no comment area.

I tried to unzip the file today using more than one unzipping program, but both said the archive was invalid.


by Anonymous on 2. September 2009 - 23:15  (32063)

Excellent tool for partition management.

I tried to use it for cloning disk drives but it fails (every time) to clone drives of differnt geometries. The Home Edition has had this problem for sometime, but has never been resolved. The Professional Edition has the same problem and cannot clone drives with different geometris. This makes it impossible to upgrade a system drive to more current better disk drives. One has to always do a clean install and start over. So, if you don't need to do cloning, it is a good tool. If you have identical drive geometries, it works just fine.

If you are using Western Digital disk drives, you are better off downloading the latest WD tools. WD now has a deal with Acronis. It will clone drives (as long as it is WD drives) with different geometries. Here is the link:

Again, you are better off getting the Acronis True Image WD Edition Software if you use Western Digital disk drives. And it is Free.

by Anonymous on 3. September 2009 - 3:40  (32072)

Thx very much for the info!

by Anonymous on 2. September 2009 - 12:04  (32042)

"Magic Partition Manager Software - EASEUS Partition Master 4.0.1 New Upgrade" Thank you Gizmo and Team and Easeus! Today EPM 4.0 installed easily and was updated version 4.01 automatically free. So I have EPM Pro 4.0.1. which will no doubt will come in useful when I need it.
The program 4.01 is still being offered free from what I see on the Easeus web site. Regards, Bob Bowen

by ianjrichards (not verified) on 2. September 2009 - 12:09  (32043)

The free version is always available from Easeus but unfortunately this does not include the ability to create a recovery CD/DVD offered in the Pro.

by Anonymous on 2. September 2009 - 8:46  (32030)

Hmmm .... looks like the link expired before I even received the Gizmo notification in my inbox. Grrr....

by ianjrichards (not verified) on 3. September 2009 - 1:53  (32070)

We have a problem with Google FeedBurner in that we can't control when they email subscribers. People who get the RSS feed directly get informed in a timely manner but email subscribers to the feed seem to get informed when Google find it convenient.

I've complained to them but not received a response.

At this stage the only 100% answer to subscribe to the RSS feed.

To do that, you need an RSS reader or alternatively, need to subscribe to an RSS web service. For some excellent free options see here:


by Anthony on 3. September 2009 - 14:38  (32093)

I use the RSS feed and it shows in my iGoogle (homepage) ; the offer may well have shown up in time , even with the time differences PDT to ECT of 9 hours , but it was marginal & the offer (link) seemed to have expired in less than 24 hours . Certainly there was no margin for error in this neck of the woods . 48 hours might give us a better chance !:o)
So a small Grr.. from me too :(

Take care

by Anonymous on 3. September 2009 - 1:09  (32068)

Same here. It's frustrating when these offers arrive late in the evening (Eastern time) after I'm in bed. It's an opportunity lost!

by Anonymous on 2. September 2009 - 3:15  (32016)

2. Paragon-PM95-32_9.0.99.10022_001.msi (for 32-bit Windows 7/Vista/XP)
Paragon-PM95PRO-PRE_WinInstallSNx64_9.0.99.10022_001.msi (for 64-bit Windows 7/Vista/XP)

by Ashraf on 2. September 2009 - 6:45  (32026)

That is not a public freebie (anymore) so that shouldn't even be posted on a respectable site like TSA.

However I would like to point out while Paragon has a lot more features, Partition Master Pro is less than half the download size of Paragon. The free edition of Partition Master is even less.

by Anonymous on 2. September 2009 - 5:20  (32020)

How do you download the file? I couldn't find it anywhere on the internet.

by Anonymous on 2. September 2009 - 5:40  (32022)

Just google for their name, and you’ll find them ;-)

by Anonymous on 2. September 2009 - 1:38  (32013)

I can't be in silence, I must tell you- it's the best freeware programm I've ever seen! The perfect work! Thank you!

by Anonymous on 2. September 2009 - 1:21  (32011)

Thanks for the tip and link, Gizmo. It is appreciated.

by Anonymous on 1. September 2009 - 23:29  (32007)

Big disapointment. The zip exe only creates an empty folder. Downloaded twice while it is supposed to be available and attempted several times to install, but always nothing but an empty folder. Would have been nice to test it out.

by Anonymous on 1. September 2009 - 23:27  (32006)

Who needs this * sh*t when everyone can get a good Paragon or Acronis partitioning product for (almost) free?

by Anonymous on 2. September 2009 - 0:22  (32010)

Your attitude is inappropriate. Gizmo's site provides a wealth of free software. Please don't discourage people from contributing to the site.

by Anonymous on 2. September 2009 - 0:12  (32009)

Try first before you speak!

by J_L on 1. September 2009 - 22:47  (32004)

If I'm not mistaken, I can install this at any time right? Currently, I don't need it, but it can prove useful later on.

by ianjrichards (not verified) on 1. September 2009 - 23:07  (32005)

You are correct; it can be installed at any time.