Get Top Rated Online Armor Premium Firewall for Free (Expired)

Tall Emu extended this offer until 11.59 PM USA PST, Friday August 14 but it has now expired.

Here's an offer from Tall Emu, the developers of Online Armor, that's exclusive to Gizmo Freeware readers.

Tall Emu is offering $39.95 off all its products for a three day period running from 12.01 AM Monday August 10 to 11.59 PM Wednesday August 12, 2009.  (All times are US Pacific Standard Time)

The $39.95 is not a cash back offer or refund: it is an immediate discount you can apply to any Tall Emu product and comes with full support.

So for example you could use the discount to get:

  • The superb $39.95 Online Armor Premium firewall for free or
  • A $49.95 two year license to Online Armor Premium firewall for $10 or
  • The full $59.95 online Armor ++ Security Suite for $20 or
  • Any other Tall Emu product at a $39.95 discount

How to get your discount

1. Go to

2.  Select the product you want by clicking the "Add to cart" button.  You may select multiple products but only a single $39.95 discount will apply.

3. Press the "checkout" button on the top right of the screen.

4. Indicate whether you are an existing or new customer. If new then complete the registration details and click the "Register" button.

5. You should now be on the Checkout screen. To get your discount, you MUST enter the code "GIZMO" without the quotation marks in the box to the right of the  "Apply Promo Code" button. Then click the "Apply Promo Code" button and the invoice will be adjusted to show the $39.95 discount. So if you were purchasing a $39.95 single user copy of Online Armor Firewall you would now see an invoice total of zero.

6. Click the green "Pay" button to complete the registration.  If you have nothing to pay then you have completed the process and your license will be emailed to the address you provided.  If you have an outstanding balance then you will need to complete payment before your license is issued.

Once you have completed the registration process you will also have access to your license details from the Tall Emu user area. Login with the email address you provided and password you created. This is a good backup should the email containing your license code fail to arrive.

7. Download the product you ordered from the Tall Emu download area Install and register using your license code.

This exclusive offer expires on 11.59 PM USA PST, Wednesday August 12, 2009, so go grab it while you can.

Note to webmasters: Feel free to publish this exclusive offer to our readers but please link back to this article rather than copy the text to your site.

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by Anonymous on 10. October 2009 - 23:15  (34293)

Very interesting site. Hope it will always be alive!,

by Anonymous on 26. August 2009 - 9:45  (31535)

I was about to order after reading the review by

But now hesitate after reading the problems people are having with support & with premium version.

I am outside US so would prefer if I can try out first.

Would be glad to give a recommendation to few forums I belong to if premium version is no hassel.

[Moderator's comment: Email address removed. Please do not post private email addresses.]

by Anonymous on 20. August 2009 - 19:04  (31242)

Update re my complaints...went to the forum, and the advice I got there of no response to my email...finally I demanded that my money be refunded using font sz 36 in maroon color!!!

It's unfortunate that I felt compelled to take that approach. But, TALLEMU big bird apparently got the message because all of a sudden for no reason it started loading!

So, beware, I like the product, but their service leaves a lot to be desired.

by Anonymous on 27. August 2009 - 4:51  (31621)


As stated below, you did not receive a response because the email came in during the middle of our night.

*Finally* implies that there was some long saga of problems and poor service and other issues, whereas you had one issue, received a solution which unfortunately did not help you, then sent a few mails while we were asleep and were refunded during our normal office hours.


by Anonymous on 20. August 2009 - 15:43  (31232)

FED UP!!! I clicked on reset my key but I get a message no active install..duhhhh.

Since Mike has not got back to me re this problem to help me fix it, and because of the other useless message from my license page that my key has been used the maximum number of times(once),I have now asked for a REFUND!

Will I get it? Based on what I have experienced so far, I'm not holding my breath.

Oh and btw Online Armor does have a phone number..but its not toll free, so for help all you have is their forum or email.

If the reason Mike is going to give as to why he has not got back with me is the time differential, then I would suggest that they re think that absurd policy, or is customer satisfaction dead with Online Armor?

by Anonymous on 21. August 2009 - 13:50  (31278)


I did not get back to you because the message was sent directly to my personal email, rather than to our oasupport address - and it was sent at 1am Sydney time.

Had you gone to forums (which is the way we provide support) or used the oaSupport, then Adrian, our Oregon-based support guy would almost certainly have sorted your problem out.

As it was, I received another email from you at 3am, and the big red 36 point one you seem so proud of a little later.

We have tens of thousands of satisfied customers on our paid product, and many more than this on our free version. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you.

Suffice to say, your money has been refunded and licence canceled as requested.


by Anonymous on 21. August 2009 - 15:58  (31280)

Hi, I sent the message to the address that was used when you contacted me. As for the time, if your company wants to be a international company and sell to customers all over the world, then you need to be able to respond 24/7 and not just during your business hours.

Re forums, I did register and post on your forum,but the response was of no help. Also, I did contact support and described my problem in detail,but, all I got was a non specific response. I also tried to reset my key...that did not work. I went to my license info page and there it said "your key has been used on the maximum number of computers". I only have one computer and I used the key only once.

Again, I think Online Armor is a good if only you would improve your service.

by Anonymous on 22. August 2009 - 8:23  (31309)

I looked at the response you received from Darryl. He not only told you how to reset your key, and passed you on a link - he reset your key for you subsequently.

Very few people have problems with the simple use of the key administration in our user area. It is probably for the best we have refunded you.

by Anonymous on 20. August 2009 - 14:10  (31226)

I have been a satisfied user of FREE Online Armor personal for a year or two.

However, the install of PREMIUM(which I used the link from this site)was problematic, that was on Aug. 11th.

After that, 3 or 4 days ago, I elected to do a full restore. Everything went smoothly except for Online Armor! Once again, its back and forth emails, my license is no longer valid! The info I got when I went to my license page was that I had already used my license on the maximum number of computers allowed(I used it once on the only pc I have)

I received a email from Darryl, however he did not provide me with specific instructions re the very specific info I provided to him.

When I go to the page where I am supposed to resolve this problem, there are several choices to choose from. Not wanting to make the wrong selection, I have sent another email to Darryl for help.

At this point, I wish I never purchased the premium has been more trouble to me than its worth.

by Anonymous on 18. August 2009 - 8:31  (31064)

oh geeze, sorry for the double post, I couldn't find my post so i did another.

by Anonymous on 18. August 2009 - 8:13  (31063)

If anyone happened to have signed up for more than one key, or decided not to use OA and are they are willing to part with

it... I would really appreciate if you could send a copy my way. It would be sad to see it go to waste. The instructions on the main

page will tell you this and it will allow 5 copies per code, so even one key can get 5 machines working. If you could send it to my

email: (ravenise"@"shaw .ca) (without the quotes and space)

Thanks =)

by Anonymous on 18. August 2009 - 6:52  (31056)

Hey boys. If anyone happened to have signed up for more than one key, or decided not to use OA and are they are willing to part with it... I would really appreciate if you could send a copy my way. It would be sad to see it go to waste. If you could send it to my email: (ravenise"@"shaw .ca) (without the quotes and space)

Thanks =)

by Anonymous on 15. August 2009 - 9:53  (27151)

Works for me. Unfortunately no support for Win 7 x64 or even 32 bit.

by Anonymous on 15. August 2009 - 6:21  (27131)


In with less than 1hr to spare! ;)

Cheers mate!

by Anonymous on 15. August 2009 - 5:42  (27126)

Thank you so much Gizmo and Tall emu!

I was searching for online armor and came across this page, so I am really happy.

The good thing is also, I just did it in time since I thought it was 12 est and I was heart broken since one hour too late, but it was pst.

Again, thank you so much! Always great when you can save some money!

by Anonymous on 15. August 2009 - 5:38  (27125)

Thank you very much!!! I came across this page looking for something else related to Online Armor, so thank you!

You saved me some money.

by Anonymous on 15. August 2009 - 1:28  (27113)

Just finished install,Looks good.All went smoothly.
Thanks Gizmo and all the TALLEMU GUYS

by Anonymous on 14. August 2009 - 19:33  (27102)

Thanx hey, I managed to get my license code just in time...but..OA hogs the memory quite a bit as compared to comodo....but other than that...everything seems to be alright..hehe...

by Anonymous on 14. August 2009 - 14:40  (27084)

Wished that you would have stated that Vista 64bit is not supported. Wasted my time downloading and installing to get a message my OS is not supported. Will my key still be good when they decide to support it?

by Anonymous on 18. August 2009 - 6:54  (31057)

Would you be willing to spare the key?

Thanks, Julia =)
(ravenise"@"shaw. ca) without quotes and space

by Anonymous on 14. August 2009 - 11:35  (27079)

Tried to get the Armor Firewall at 7:26AM EST Friday following the instruction provide and they wanted $39.95.

by Anonymous on 14. August 2009 - 3:03  (27064)

It's 8PM Thursday here in L.A and the offer is still online and working with the offer code "GIZMO" - Louis

by Anonymous on 14. August 2009 - 1:52  (27061)

Midday Friday here on Oz East coast so should be about 6:00 pm Thursday US PST, certainly still some time on Thursday over there.

The "GIZMO" code didn't work for me and neither did "Gizmo".

by Anonymous on 13. August 2009 - 19:17  (27032)

I had given up hope I could get in on this offer and today, Aug. 13th, at precisely 12:20 p.m. CDT, I downloaded and installed my free Online Armor just like it was yesterday but without the failed connections. I tried to do it last night but it was a no go so, thinking phewy, I will give it one more shot and walla, I am now protected by this amazing firewall.

Thanks to Tallemu and Gitmo for the great work. I have tried TrendMicro's Internet Security and was so sick of their weaknesses that I was just using my Linksys firewall on my laptop. I am very careful on the internet but with a laptop careful isn't enough. I don't trade files and I don't do im's or chat but just getting out in the traffic is dangerous. So, thanks to all who have made this possible and so far, everything is running great.


by Anonymous on 13. August 2009 - 13:49  (27017)

I'm trying to download a couple of copies for my machines at home, even though I use the link provided for the promo code checkout, it won't allow me to download another free version, just a $39.95 version. I have 3-5 machines at home that I would be interested in running thios on (versus trying to hoard keys for 5 yrs of use). Thoughts?

by Anonymous on 15. August 2009 - 16:08  (27164)

You don't need another free code. Copy the code they sent you in your email, paste into the machine you are installing the copy on and you are set to go. The instructions on the main page will tell you this and it will allow 5 copies per code.

by Anonymous on 13. August 2009 - 12:25  (27014)

The same with me - flawless. Have been using the free version, it's more than interesting to check the difference.

Thank you! Once again a great job.

by Anonymous on 13. August 2009 - 10:59  (27006)

Thanks for the promo... it's great.

I recently inquired to a PC builder about why they promote/install Vista64 on their new PCs, saying a lot of programs are not compatible with Vista64... i.e., OA. Quote their response "Online Armor, is hardly most software. They are a minor player firewall program that from the looks of it has likely been using the same core code for years. Online Armor has not caught up with everybody else, till recently they didn't even support vista."

So, the question is "When are they going to get caught up?"
I know OA is working on a 64 bit version.

by Anonymous on 13. August 2009 - 11:28  (27010)

Well, we're small company. We do support Win7 already, and we're working on x64 now. x64 is not huge market for us at the moment, so we just apply our time and effort where it's most practical.

Now x64 starts to get more popular, so we're looking at it more seriously.

by Anonymous on 13. August 2009 - 7:54  (26991)

Thank you, Tall Emu. You're the best!!!!!

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