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Article Hitssort ascending
Best Free PC Games 1,862,747
Best Free Game Sites 794,586
Best Free Sandbox Game 601,121
Best Free Computer Chess 473,542
250 Best Free Online PC Games In One Place 328,322
Best Free Jigsaw Puzzle and Creator 291,608
Best Free First-Person Shooter 267,464
Best Free Computer Go 251,337
Best Free Lego Building Software 219,299
Best Free Hearts Game 196,720
Best Free Chinese Chess 192,490
Best Free PC Games 2013 179,272
Best Free Sudoku Puzzle, Generator and Solver 176,481
Best Free Billiards and Pool Game 154,158
Best Free Backgammon Software 135,133
Best Free Tetris Game 130,242
Winners: Best Browser-Flash Games 2011 121,242
Top 10 Free PC Games 2011 120,755
Best Free Match-3 Puzzle 112,013
Best Free Screen Saver 106,814
Best Free Reversi Game 105,029
Best Free Computer Shogi - Japanese Chess 95,351
Best Free Breakout Game 87,147
Free Download: 70 of the Best Free and Open Source Games 85,823
Best Free Pac-Man Game 57,171
Get A Free Game From Game Giveaway of the Day 42,511
Android Free Game of the Year 2015 40,323
Free Brain-Training Game Claims To Improve Your Memory 39,833
Freeware Game Of The Week (The Suffering) 38,040
The Complete Waste Of Time Page 37,199
Best Free Computer Bridge (Stub only) 34,762
188 Free Online Games 34,083
Best Free Computer Mahjong (Stub only) 31,112
Freeware Game of the Week (Play this before you Die!) 29,381
Freeware Game Of The Week (Icy Tower) 28,803
Freeware Game of the Week (1MB Download to Lose your Job) 27,665
Freeware Games Of The Week (Continuity, LF2) 27,439
Freeware Game of the Week (This game leaves you wanting for more!) 27,374
Freeware Game of the Week (UNBELIEVABLE! Re-Visit the World that started the Half-Life continuum) 26,319
Freeware Game of the Week (What happens when you combine 2D and 3D? A Mind Bending Game!) 25,503
Freeware Game Of The Week (Second Life) 24,523
Freeware Game Of The Week (N-The way of the ninja) 24,313
Free Online Physics Games 24,236
Freeware Game of the Week (The Flash Game that Rocked the Online World!!) 22,828
Freeware Games of the Week (Crayons+Physics=Animation!) 21,818
Freeware Games of the Week (TF2, Closure) 21,799
Freeware Game Of The Week (New Year Special:Stealth Bastard) 20,996
This Amazing Game is Unbelievably FREE 17,770
Why Are There So Many Angry Birds? This Mobile App Tells It All 16,972
On the House - Battlefield 3 (Claim your copy before 3rd June) 12,289