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Default Glary Utilities - warning of possible problems

I used to have XP Pro and used Glary with no problems whatsoever for ages. I knew what not to delete and saved my preferences. Then I bought a new PC which was pre-loaded with Vista Home Premium 64-bit. It had no office utilities installed so I downloaded Open Office and used that. Some weeks later I (at last) installed MS Office 2007. I also uninstalled Open Office. Over the next couple of weeks I (obviously) created a few new Word and Excel files which I saved in their own MS format. I used Glary again as usual a couple of times. Then I had occasion to open one of my earlier files which were in Open Office format only to find they were gone. In fact ALL my files in those formats had totally disappeared. I tried undeleting them but all were corrupted and couldn't be recovered. All the files that had disappeared were created at about the time I installed Office 2007. I managed to re-create the files (in Office format now) and saved them. After much head scratching I came to what I thought was the correct reason for the problem: Glary saw that I didn't have Open Office (as I had uninstalled it) and made the decision that those files were of no use and deleted them. I was wrong. I used Glary again and, yet again, it deleted all my Office files from about the same date as before. I can see no reason at all for it this time (I checked my prefs but didn't see any of those files ticked for deleting), so I uninstalled Glary and emailed them with the story and asked if they had an answer and, even if not, perhaps my story would be of use to them in case of similar problems for others. Their website promises response within a couple of days but they didn't even acknowledge my email (apart from the usual auto one I think). I am sure it was Glary as I checked the timing etc. this time. Very disappointing as I found it a great program but won't bother any more, especially as they ignored my email (been a over 10 days now).
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I had a similar experience a while back with Advanced System Care. Like you I used the previous product (Advanced Windows Care) for ages without any problems. This is when I decided to stop using this kind of utility altogether except for Easy Cleaner which is unchanged and still performs flawlessly. I do use Empty Temp Folders too but that's it. Anything else I want to get rid of I do manually.
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Problems for me happened when I used to use 3 or 4 or even more registry cleaners. After a couple days, if something went wrong or didn't work correctly, I then had no idea which one caused the issue/problem.

I'm with you Midnight, I now only use Easy Cleaner and occasionally RegScrubXP. Believe me, I used to use a heck of a lot more of them.

Plus, now I do not use a registry cleaner without first running Erunt.
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