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Default TCP Optimizer/Internet Speed Boosters

Recently I downloaded TCP Optimizer after reading the very positive review on this site. I must say the people at Speedguide take internet connections quite serously, and the program works reasonably well.

Here's the rub: The first thing most of these programs from Speedguide, Ashampoo and others ask is "What is your maximum available bandwidth?" My question:

How do YOU determine your maximum available bandwidth? I've done bandwidth tests, speed tests and even asked my ISP (the technician could only qoute "2 to 16 Mbps with 50 planned soon"-big help!). All give wildly varying numbers measured in an array of meters (MBps,Mbps, KBps, Kbps).

Also, do any of you actually use these utilities? TCP seems very capable. Some of the others seem like pixie dust!

Thanks in advance! Kyuzo.
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Hi Kyuzo,

usually you purchase a package from your ISP that has a max download speed lined out, e.g. 16 Mbps (Megabit per second). Just give that number to the TCP optimizer.
Best regards, George
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I think you have a valid question, I would think the test would give the results without needing to know what "package parameters" or the speed your provider says you should have.

I run SpeedGuide fairly often and it gives the bad news as well as the good.

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Thanks to both of you!

I've been using TCP with the maximum specified speed as lined out by the ISP. Still, during speed tests the results are all over the map. It makes me wonder what the TCP program has to work with. I definitely agree with you Wdhpr on the good, the bad and the ugly of TCP connections.

Regards, Kyuzo.
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