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Default Ninite: A Free Automated Software Installer Just came across this program / website and was pretty impressed. It's fairly "young" but should continue to get better and add on additional programs.

Just go to this website where you can easily get a customized Software Installer "created" for your use.

They have a good selection of typical freeware software listed: (browsers, AntiVirus, Acrobat, Flash, VNC, CCleaner ..etc). You just "select" (click next to ) the Software you want and than download the custom "installer". Additionally - the installer automatically bypasses the often annoying "toolbar" and advertisement downloads that many great Freeware packages have.

I spent weeks last year creating a similar type of program for my lab use - and it's a tricky thing to keep maintained because the SW packages constantly get updated.

Per the website - Ninite is a product of a couple of San Francisco programmers that believe SW installs should be an easy procedure (ie. click and walk away). I agree and look forward to this product just getting "better and better". They also have a "SW suggestion" section on the bottom where you can suggest other Freeware programs for them to support.

Check it out at:
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