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Default Help with books on cd and mp3 concepts

Help with books on cd and mp3 concepts

Want to help my sister who knows nothing about cds or pc. I have NOT done anything with audio cd/dvd. Just on a windoze pc / internet junky.

Instead of getting her disabled husband a cd player to play books on tape, she's concerned he'll not only break the cd player but also the disks themselves (multiple disks per book) which she gets from the library.

I've seen very inexpensive mp3 players. Can someone give me info on what I need or should look into, in order to advise her.

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So, are you asking for help on how to rip CDs, to get the mp3 files on your PC? Do you want to be able to play them from the PC?

That can be done quite easily. There are software available to do rip mp3 from a CD for your PC. These are called CD Rippers.

I suggest :

FairStars CD Ripper :

Koyote CD Ripper :

They are easy to use, and self-explanatory. But, if you need help, please post here, and we will provide you with the steps.

Yes, there are inexpensive mp3 players available. You can use them. You can put these mp3 in those players, and then listen to them.

There is however one thing to be careful of. You should be careful, if its allowed to rip the particular CD or not. If you own CDs, then its perfectly legal to rip them, and keep them as backup. But, if these are owned by others, then you should be careful of the legal implications.
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