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Default Is DuckDuckGo a Long-Term Threat To Google?

Search Engine Land has a post about the potential of the search engine DuckDuckGo and whether it could ever challenge Google.
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Very interesting article - thanks Vic

More Linux distros now ship with DDG as standard which I guess is another indicator of how this trend is progressing.
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hm author and most people reviewing this search as being the same in long run seem to forget greed always wins out lol

as it gets bigger, it'll drop investors' interest and eventually their money... meaning they'll want to then turn the site into a money maker which doesn't sit with privacy...

yahoo/google/facebook/all other major sites all faced this and none won out on privacy front... I remember a time when each of these had good/decent privacy protection

edit: well maybe all is a bit much but can't deny a lot are... aside from wikipedia I'm hard pressed on another site that doesn't try to sell users something, or out right sell users to someone else
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I use DuckDuckGo more than Google these days.
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DuckDuckGo can be a long term threat to Google. Although not new but another emerging threat is Bing. Google results are filled with ads these days and Bing is taking advantage of that. Bing is already gaining US market share so it wont be long before they start targeting global markets.
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