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Default Easiest media player

If you are looking for a media player that can play virtually any media type, just use Windows Media Player 11. Here are the codec links to get the video files working:

MP3: Built-In
WMA: Built-In
WMV: Built-in
DIVX: (uncheck everything except the codecs and directshow filters)
H264: (untick xvid and divx in the installation)
MKV: (untick xvid and divx)

Reboot. Don't skip this step. Then load the file in WMP. If your videos are catalogued in WMP, you should see a brief shot of the clip. For MKV, the runtime may be zero but you can still search through the clip and play it.

When you play a file look in the system tray next to the clock. FFdshow and matroska will be there if the file plays along with divx depending on the codec. Hope this helps.

Post back if you have problems. Installed on Windows Vista Ultimate SP1.
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In all fairness I have found WMP11 to be quite resource hungry. I have Windows Vista Premium SP 1 with an AMD Turion 64 2.0GHz processor and 1.5GB of DDR2 RAM, with a 120GB HDD partitioned at 40GB for the C Partition and the rest partitioned for storage not that it matters.

I use AIMP 2 for audio playback and for video playback I use both KM Player and VLC Media player. I run ffdshow which means I only bother with the DivX and XviD codecs and the players between them pretty much recognise most video formats anyway. They take up alot less in the way of resources too. If I play a DVD I sometimes use the media center built into Vista.

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Or just download and install this, and you're pretty much ready to play anything... Now how easy is that?
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Default Jet Audio

You may want to check out one of my favorite media players - Jet Audio - it came with one of the first Mp3 players I purchased and I have loved it.

Nothing to do with you post but it has one feature I have not found with other free players, the ability to combine tracks when ripping a CD. This is incredibly useful when your ripping an audio book and don't want a separate file to manage for every 3-5 minutes of audio.

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VLC Player will play any filetype; mostly without installing any codecs.
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I agree. I've never encountered anything yet that VLC couldn't play.

You can still see reports around the web posting this as "buggy". I use mine most days and have only found one. With my XP SP2 I have to make sure I press the "stop" button (even if the media has finished playing) before trying to exit otherwise it wont and I have to use task manager. Otherwise it's faultless and I love the skin choices. Doubtless KM is more appealing but the image quality is not as good, especially for stuff downloaded from YouTube
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