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Default program for keyboard macros?

What I want to accomplish: I would like to find a way to easily insert a signature in the location of my choice within Gmail messages. The built-in signature option in Gmail automatically inserts it at the end of a message, which is annoying in situations where there is an extended exchange of replies - rather than appending the signature after each of my replies, it just adds another signature at the bottom.

Does anyone know of a solution within Windows XP itself, or another program that runs in the background and allows one to insert stored text in a situation like this?
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if you have MS Office it has a macro function built just need to find it.

you prob just need a clipboard utility go to

macro tools can be found there also

all FREE & less filling

good luck
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Default Autohotkey

Autohotkey is the most comprehensive answer... it requires you to write a short script... but you can do anything you want with it. Once you put your signature in the script, you will be able to enter it in any program you want, whether by shortcut key or autotext replace (i.e., trigger word). Google "autohotkey" for more information.

example script:
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