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sicknero 23. Jul 2013 10:13 AM

Add Programs to W7 Default Programs Manager
Another post today reminded me of this which I've been thinking about for a while...

There's a neat little portable app which allows you to add a portable internet browser to the Windows 7 Default Programs list, I was wondering if anybody knows of a similar program which would do the same thing with any portable program?

I could work out how it can be done manually, by doing registry snapshots before and after running the default browser program, but I suspect that it would still be something of a chore especially if the program in question handles a lot of filetypes. A small app to just add a program to the Control Panel defaults list would be extremely useful.

majoMo 24. Jul 2013 10:58 AM

ZipInstaller - From NirSoft
For that you can use "ZipInstaller", a portable app. from NirSoft.

All you need is to have, in a .zip file, what you want inside "Control Panel defaults list".

sicknero 24. Jul 2013 01:21 PM

Hi, thanks for the suggestion.

I do use a lot of Nirsoft apps, but in this case I'm afraid it doesn't do what I want, unless I'm missing something in the operation of it.

But it's an old program, which isn't in itself a bad thing, it's just that Windows has changed a great deal since 2004.

What I'm after, is something that can automatically add an exe to this dialog here -

majoMo 24. Jul 2013 03:22 PM

1- If you want "A small app to just add a program to the Control Panel defaults list" (Program List) - 'ZipInstaller' does that. [BTW, what it does in 2004 does also in 2013 - such feature didn't change meanwhile in Windows System]

2- If you want "To set a program as the default for all file types and protocols it can open" - 'ZipInstaller' doesn't do that. Better is a tool like "FileTypesMan" (NirSoft also) to manage file types extensions and protocols [or through Defaults Programs in Windows Control Panel].

sicknero 24. Jul 2013 05:49 PM

It's getting a program into that Control Panel list, which is the issue, and Zip Installer really doesn't do that.
I've tried it this afternoon with Notepad2. Zip Installer just adds it to the start menu and desktop, that's all it does. Try it yourself if you have W7 ... it only takes a few minutes to check it out.

The thing about 2004 vs. 2013 is that this particular dialog didn't exist in XP or earlier. I don't know about Vista, I never used it.

The way that users are able to set file-types handling has changed since then in a couple of ways, and the only way to get a program into this dialog is either to have it properly installed (i.e. not portable) which doesn't always work anyway, or to do it manually in reg edit, or if it's a portable version that has file associations in its own preferences. (That's how PotPlayer and Aimp are in the list - they are both portable versions but have the necessary capability in their own settings.)

You can see in my screenshot that I have a portable browser in the list, so I can now set it to handle all or some its filetypes... this can only be done though by running Register Portable Firefox, or by editing the registry yourself - Portable IceDragon cannot be set as the default browser from within its own preferences.

True I can use FileTypesMan or similar, or even just the Open With dialog, to do each file type individually but that's fiddly and time consumiing when the exe in question handles a lot of file types. Thus my wish for a prog like Register Portable Firefox, but one that handles all exes rather than just browsers.

Anyway, no bother ... I ran a before/after registry snapshot earlier while running Register Portable Firefox, and the process doesn't involve that many reg keys to get the exe into this dialog.

Whether or not that means I can then use the dialog to set file associations is another question of course : ) I'll try it out this evening and see how it goes.

It's not something I'd need very often, as most portable progs do have association settings in their prefs, but "home-made" portable apps, e.g. created with Cameyo, can often fail to set file associations. I've also found that the Paf version of IrfanView seems unable to set associations as well as couple of other media players that I've tried.

Thanks for your feedback anyway ... this is one of those situations I'm afraid where my wish to make something work far out-weighs any actual use I'm going to get out of it!

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