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Default uTorrent won't download?


I'm new to this forum!

I was trying to follow the tutorial made by Gizmo to fix my downloads in uTorrent, but I still can't download. I'll share what I tried. His tutorial is on the main page.

I am running Win7 Home Premium 32-bit.

I tried the latest version of uTorrent, but during Speed Test, the uTorrent closes out completely, so I downgraded to 2.2.1. The speed test went successful, but I still have a yellow icon. I tested my port, and it is open. I am running a software firewall which is Privatefirewall. I am new to that firewall, so I don't know how to use it. In that firewall, I didn't create rules since I don't know how. However, I gave it fully allowed for uTorrent since that is the easiest way. I still can't download. I did an exit to the firewall, but still won't download. I don't have a router. I have a modem only. I went into the IPv4 properties to setup a static IP. I am connected to the Internet, but I can't get anything. I also tried Vuze, but it's the same problem.

What other troubleshooting steps can we try?

Thank you for any replies!
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Welcome to the forums! Let's go slow with this one:

1. Did you try downloading a test torrent? What were the results? Download this ubuntu torrent and see what happens.

I've found that with Privatefirewall and P2P programs, the best solution is right-click their executables in the program list -> Allow all traffic.

The above quote is from this thread

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