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Originally Posted by ShankAlenka View Post
First Of all i'll list down the configuration of my pc so anyone can get a clear idea about my problem.

Processor : Intel Pentium Dual Core (1.8 Ghz)
HDD : 160GB

So my problem is as soon as i connect to the internet my pc acts likes a pentium 1 PC.Please don't suggest to format and re-install my windows XP cause i want a better solution than that.

One of my friends told me that this may happen because of corrupted registry. What do you guys recommend.I know there are lot of experts here.
Some good advice given here. I would add CCleaner to the list, and run it along with the REG Cleaner option. Another one would be Wise Disk Cleaner, check all and run it as well. The first thing however is to make sure that your system is not infected in any way, and that is done by running the security programs that have been suggested. If none of these things work, you very well may have to either due a recovery or a reinstall, neither of witch are very much fun.

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If your PC gets slowed down on connecting to internet, then most probably your PC is infected with spywares/virus, which are using up your internet connection. So, first of all, scan your PC with the antivirus, and the antispywares suggested here.

Registry issues are definitely not the problem here. My advise would be to stay away from registry cleaners. They cause more trouble than they solve. I have seen experts on good forums, telling people to stay away from registry cleaners.

Good free antivirus are Avast and Avira.
Free recommended antispywares would be MalwareBytes Antimalware, SuperAntiSpyware. Other than these two, you can scan your PC with A-squared Free, and Spybot.

Lassar, Avast is definitely not a resource hog. If you are experiencing problems with Avast using high memory, then you need to see if your PC has problems. I am using Avast, and I have had no such problems.
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You're right that some apps + some PCs don't go together. But I use the ones I quoted on a range of W2K and WXP PCs and laptops, and have installed them on many more with no complaints, and so far they have worked fine.

I agree that if you have a machine that slows down with a given app then you need to find one that uses less resources. It depends on the machine, if you have 256 or 512MB RAM + a 1000Mhz CPU then you might have issues with many apps, and will need to find the optimum solution for your set-up.

I've installed the stuff I quoted on a bunch of modern machines with zero impact. But as you say, if I got one that slowed up, I'd change to Avira or whatever. These ones work and as long as the machine is OK with them, that's fine by me.

I'm afraid I totally disagree with your suggestion of using XP firewall though. Even back in '99 and 2000 we knew that a one-way 'firewall' was nothing of the sort and effectively useless. Steve Gibson of GRC exposed the Blackice Defender 'firewall' as useless, at that time, for this reason. It was hilarious the ducking and diving Blackice did to try and deny that and fix the test results. They've gone now I think. Mr Gibson has not always proved whiter than white but in this case there was nothing wrong with his advice.

Nothing's changed since then - except that it is even more vital for you to stop trojans dialling out, there are so many more of them now, and they often have a commercial / criminal intent, unlike back then when they were often just kiddies' playthings.

To advise the use of XP firewall simply because it is easy for a non-technical person to use is dangerous advice in my view. The solution is to provide training and documentation for correct use of a real firewall. This sort of advice is why it is reckoned that 20% of PCs are botnet slaves -- that's 1 in 5. Fifty percent of a firewall is not a firewall. And one that is updated about once every 2 years is going to be even less use.
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Have you tried deleting the temporary internet files? If the file is overloaded it will slow down your internet. Try ATF Cleaner, it will remove all temp files from XP OS computers.
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