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  39. AndrOpen Office
  40. User data "shared" without permission
  41. What do you expect of your phone cleaner?
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  50. Quickoffice
  51. Boot Loop of a Smart Phone
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  59. Article says Android better than iOS
  60. Samsung equivalent to NokiaSuite for mobile tethering
  61. iOS android web browser
  62. Have you lost your Android? Google's new "Device Manager" can help.
  63. The cell is new but Spreadtrum is missing
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  65. Hebrew language support on Android
  66. Waze Bought by Google
  67. Android malware: latest trends and scares
  68. Tweaking an Android phone
  69. Password Keeper
  70. [Android] A smart battery saving app (for devices with ICS & up)
  71. SWF Player andoid app
  72. Startup Manager app for Android
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  78. New to Android
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  81. Mobile Users Identification Concerns
  82. No more ad-blocking apps for your Android device
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  85. apple iphone 4 can i block callers?
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  87. Best way to Transfer files between Android and Windows via Wifi
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  89. "Windows 8 Metro apps are mobile apps"
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  91. Moon+ Reader taken down by Google, may take about a month to return
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  96. Android Versions
  97. [Android game] River jump
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  100. Fitness App
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  103. Take a glimpse into Mozilla's Firefox OS from your browser
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  107. clogging up phone
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  109. Apps for Windows 8 and RT
  110. Finally, AdBlock Plus for Android [no root required]
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  128. Windows Mobile
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  130. Google is acquiring Meebo
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  132. Phone Gap
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  137. Android 5.0
  138. Android vs iOS
  139. ...won't allow an install on my Android without a passcode
  140. Is it possible to run the iPhone SDK software on a PC?
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  145. We are in a post-PC world
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  147. Android Market is now Google Play
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  150. Ubuntu for Android
  151. Webkit vulnerability in smartphones
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  154. Best Free Music Players for Android
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  158. Charades for iOS, free entertainment for you and your friends
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  167. "Firedroid" is on it's way
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  169. Custom Rom
  170. BackUp Phone Content
  171. Root apps
  172. converting
  173. WhatTheFont for iPhone
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