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  1. Notepad like editor with built-in version save on exit
  2. Suggestions for program
  3. ISO Editor with no limit
  4. Software to monitor website on chrome.guest user
  5. File properties information vs pop-up information
  6. Make my email computer based
  7. Re-program keyboards keys
  8. ...can edit my audio and video and get it ready for YouTube
  9. Looking for a an alternative to print shop deluxe
  10. any player/software that auto generates English subtitles
  11. softphone
  12. Multi-camera editing software
  13. Scroll Music Windows 10
  14. Free Music Notation Software
  15. Need help with MP3 organizer
  16. Looking for alt Babylon extension for Firefox
  17. Hosts Webinars for free or low cost
  18. Looking for video editing software that works! But desperation is setting in
  19. Free Malware Protection Program
  20. I need a program to translate documents
  21. overcoming the long file path limitation
  22. Drag and Drop creator
  23. Sceenshot of complete webpage or webpage into Jpeg
  24. microsoft windows map network drive over public internet
  25. Audio Converter with Context Menu Integration 64bit
  26. Basic Simple Desktop Calendar
  27. Need a program or way to Clone HD in RAIDi via USB port
  28. backs up windows phone and kindle fire
  29. Free File Sharing Program
  30. windows dual monitor software
  31. Lock part of the disk from write access
  32. will allow me to adjust the balance of sound
  33. Data backup - partial mirror with incremental update option?
  34. Sequential backup of specific files with option to delete oldest
  35. File Converter
  36. Duplicated Files
  37. Alternative To Page2RSS
  38. non-online/web-based relational database
  39. Like "Everything" but shows bit rate
  40. Audio stream loss alarm
  41. Video Capturing Tool
  42. Chrome bookmark columns
  43. KTuberling like program for all platforms
  44. blocked youtube video download
  45. clear history on Firefox and Bing (search engines)
  46. Record/save streaming video to computer
  47. Image Disk backup Windows XP (no service pack installated)
  48. Camera recognition programmable TTS
  49. Collect or harvest URLs
  50. Backup Prog that handles "path is too long"
  51. Wanted a simple screen capture program
  52. Creating multiboot USB drive
  53. Android Data Recovery
  54. maximize Wi-Fi speed?
  55. Generates shifts based on hourly need
  56. Disable CAPS LOCK in Windows 8
  57. I want a one-click network disabler
  58. Download files from the web to OneDrive
  59. word processor for 9 year old child
  60. Printing list of files and folders
  61. Free Antivirus
  62. pdf program that does FORMS
  63. Share Webpage URL
  64. transfers pics from my iPhone 5S to my W7 PC
  65. Looking For Free Publisher program..
  66. PW Hotkey
  67. Encrypted Self Destructing folder
  68. Reminder prog allowing paste of multiple times
  69. Video DVD Maker
  70. Bandwidth data monitor of websites and applications
  71. Easy Audio to Video
  72. Group image creator
  73. BlackBerry Backup Extractor
  74. putting computer to sleep
  75. Graphics Create
  76. Program to Delete Windows from old HDD?.
  77. Cookie Manager
  78. Bandwidth throttler
  79. Image Splitter
  80. Android Manager for PC
  81. Remove hand written notes (pen/pencil marks) from scanned document
  82. Event/class sign up freeware
  83. Looking for animation software like Synfig studio
  84. ...monitors running time of individual processes
  85. File Backup Software
  86. Free videographer capture/record software needed
  87. Excel templates, budget software
  88. Need a free software to record drawing process
  89. Looking for a tabbed terminal emulator for Windows with bookmarks
  90. Are my progs 32 or 64 bit & if 32 are 64 available?
  91. Pdf reader for copying text
  92. ... tells me what exec or process has created a file or directory
  93. Video Converter for converting HD video to flv
  94. ...will teach my 3 year old to use a mouse.
  95. record a heartbeat ????
  96. ... adds rectangles to videos like YouTube annotations
  97. Autopin tabs in Firefox
  98. Technical Drawing
  99. Slowdown a particular website(youtube)
  100. Very Basic Single Message Board Freeware
  101. Monitoring downloads
  102. Software to convert MP3 to RM(Real Media) files
  103. Free Video Download for Instagram
  104. Want to tag and rename mp3 files automatically
  105. Backup problem, but a different one
  106. Backup program for unusual setup, please
  107. Please recommend bookmark sorter for chrome
  108. Converts Various Kinds of Measurements
  109. Programming editor for an old guy with cataracts
  110. phone dialers
  111. Converting pdf to ofx / qfx
  112. Lets me send faxes via email
  113. Find particular file in folder with MANY files?
  114. CD/DVD Label maker software
  115. PAL to NTSC
  116. .eml viewer
  117. syncs with Exchange 2013 contacts, email and calendar
  118. Substitute for Granny Viewer
  119. On-line Calendar
  120. Changing Mouse Speed for Specific Programs
  121. Auto create a folder and move a file
  122. create a multi-page booklet
  123. To remove protection(DRM or other) from audio files
  124. Fingerprint reader software
  125. reports free disk space in real-time
  126. Facebook messages autoresponder
  127. Best game recording software?
  128. Can anyone recommend a lightwight x265 player?
  129. Backup and restore
  130. Download manager that picks up from FileFactory
  131. Controlling two computers with one keyboard and mouse
  132. Mp4 subtitles
  133. Is like QuickBooks
  134. Software split screen pdf txt
  135. Security Camera Capture
  136. Eudora 7 replacement
  137. I want a freeware https proxy
  138. Subsetting (thinning) Files
  139. Change aspect ratio of MKV files
  140. Something that can surely play movies edited by movie maker
  141. Countdown Delay (Dead Man's Switch) to send e-mail
  142. ...is really good for cropping photos
  143. Batch Image Downloader
  144. ... can set the average dB of a song
  145. Program that opens specific shortcuts to specific monitors
  146. record streaming video
  147. Hardware manufacturer's software for Disk Imaging
  148. Add Programs to Window's Run command [Win + R]
  149. record changing images from web cam?
  150. Quick and Easy Solution to Email the current webpage's url (to myself)?
  151. Freeware that will burn several ISO onto one DVD disk
  152. Is there a software that can assure the oem recovery?
  153. Direct X screenshot capture freeware
  154. ...covers all the bases in Context Menu editing
  155. Movie maker
  156. Web page hit counter
  157. Desktop search engine
  158. Improve Flicker in MPEG-2 Video Files
  159. Historical time frame of countries
  160. Image Reizer with good sorting capability
  161. Scan to PDF Program
  162. ...is an audio and/or video downloader that grabs things other programs can't extract
  163. monitoring data useage
  164. Encrypts cloud storage without doubling local space requirements
  165. A text editor for zipped files with subdirectories
  166. ...is a POWERFUL and FAST shredder
  167. That provide normal notification - Not via email
  168. download all links on a web page
  169. CAD for light structure steel fabrication
  170. Free E-mail Server
  171. ... manages bookings for apartments
  172. E-mail checker
  173. tool to compare 3 folders in different panes, with differences colour coded
  174. Email notifier
  175. Hide a desktop icon temporarily?
  176. Filebackup software that will backup new folders and files
  177. will let you scan the UPC on a book and retrieve the info
  178. Need a good cd/dvd copy program for Linux
  179. Extract emails from web pages
  180. Music Dowloading
  181. Converting many txt files to html?
  182. A lightweight torrent app with silent switch install
  183. Turning 4000 individual txt files into a HTML list which each txt file clickable?
  184. Screenshot Freeware
  185. ...is the best program for listing files and folders within a folder
  186. Duplicate finder feeding backup
  187. Mouse Auto Clicker
  188. ...will remove registry entries for the files I manually delete
  189. Limit the size of F11 "Full Screen"
  190. ... is similar to MAC's default mail program
  191. A software to play UDF 1.02 files
  192. autoplay slideshow of CD/DVD of pictures/images/jpegs
  193. Desktop Search engine recommedations
  194. Printing software to allow selection of what prints
  195. Machine Gun HD
  196. i need to copy data to multiple usb drives
  197. Alternative to Freemake Video Converter
  198. Freeware to remove (scrub) metadata from images and documents
  199. Database to Store Text Based Instructions for Games
  200. I'm looking for free password recovery App
  201. Email Client Needed for Outlook and Hotmail
  202. Need replacement suggestion for HotKeyz
  203. Reformat SATA0 Hard Disk - Vendor: WDC WD7501AALS-75J7B0
  204. Replacing Adobe Reader--Foxit, Sumatra, or something else?
  205. Pop-up for taskbar icons
  206. A software to delete the reserved partition by Win 7
  207. . . . prints labels from an address list
  208. organize legal files and analyze
  209. membership tag software app
  210. Software to rotate upsidedown images
  211. FixMeStick 2013 freeware alternative?
  212. Fast and easy creation of restore point and registry backup
  213. QUERY: similar file finder (not duplicate file finder)
  214. Virtual squared notepad
  215. ...that makes it possible to both "disconnect" and "connect" a usb-stick
  216. DBX to PST file converter
  217. ...makes it possible to store characters
  218. XP to Win 7 File Transfer
  219. Need alternative for Windows
  220. How to rip and backup Blu-rays to MKV with 5.1 surround sound retained
  221. Convert multiple webpages to PDF
  222. Cloud storage without syncing?
  223. Template Maker for Outlook Emails
  224. Audio player that locates all mp3 and wav files and plays them
  225. Merge srt subtitle file to mp4 video
  226. How to crop the videos from the DVD?
  227. Turning off Microphone
  228. Decent Browser; no popups, no ads
  229. Simple Text Editor with Rich Text Ability
  230. How to copy all open tab urls in one go in firefox?
  231. Audacity alternative needed!
  232. Scrivener Alternative - PDF Viewer and Note Taker
  233. mp3 to cda converter
  234. That diagnoses/fixes usb ports
  235. I want a Email notifier of only important emails
  236. Document scanning & filing
  237. Livestream recording
  238. Google Drive Folders & Files listing
  239. laptop keeps acts up starting up while its on
  240. Simple solution to make A4 pages interesting
  241. i want parental control or firewall software
  242. Program+service startup monitor
  243. Parallel Text/Bitext/Multipane e-Reader
  244. Software for saving quotation/sayings
  245. Loud DVD Player - read speed control
  246. Frame by Frame MP4 Player or Editor?
  247. software for text templates
  248. battery alert / laptop power supply is unplugged
  249. upgrade from xp when not supported
  250. add text to a printable pdf file?