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  1. Screenshot Freeware
  2. craigslist autoflagger
  3. ...is the best program for listing files and folders within a folder
  4. Duplicate finder feeding backup
  5. Mouse Auto Clicker
  6. ...will remove registry entries for the files I manually delete
  7. Limit the size of F11 "Full Screen"
  8. ... is similar to MAC's default mail program
  9. A software to play UDF 1.02 files
  10. autoplay slideshow of CD/DVD of pictures/images/jpegs
  11. Desktop Search engine recommedations
  12. Printing software to allow selection of what prints
  13. Machine Gun HD
  14. i need to copy data to multiple usb drives
  15. Alternative to Freemake Video Converter
  16. Freeware to remove (scrub) metadata from images and documents
  17. Database to Store Text Based Instructions for Games
  18. I'm looking for free password recovery App
  19. Email Client Needed for Outlook and Hotmail
  20. Need replacement suggestion for HotKeyz
  21. Reformat SATA0 Hard Disk - Vendor: WDC WD7501AALS-75J7B0
  22. Replacing Adobe Reader--Foxit, Sumatra, or something else?
  23. Pop-up for taskbar icons
  24. A software to delete the reserved partition by Win 7
  25. . . . prints labels from an address list
  26. organize legal files and analyze
  27. membership tag software app
  28. Software to rotate upsidedown images
  29. FixMeStick 2013 freeware alternative?
  30. Fast and easy creation of restore point and registry backup
  31. QUERY: similar file finder (not duplicate file finder)
  32. Virtual squared notepad
  33. ...that makes it possible to both "disconnect" and "connect" a usb-stick
  34. DBX to PST file converter
  35. ...makes it possible to store characters
  36. XP to Win 7 File Transfer
  37. Need alternative for Windows
  38. How to rip and backup Blu-rays to MKV with 5.1 surround sound retained
  39. Convert multiple webpages to PDF
  40. Cloud storage without syncing?
  41. Template Maker for Outlook Emails
  42. Audio player that locates all mp3 and wav files and plays them
  43. Merge srt subtitle file to mp4 video
  44. How to crop the videos from the DVD?
  45. Turning off Microphone
  46. Decent Browser; no popups, no ads
  47. Simple Text Editor with Rich Text Ability
  48. How to copy all open tab urls in one go in firefox?
  49. Audacity alternative needed!
  50. Scrivener Alternative - PDF Viewer and Note Taker
  51. mp3 to cda converter
  52. That diagnoses/fixes usb ports
  53. I want a Email notifier of only important emails
  54. Document scanning & filing
  55. Livestream recording
  56. Google Drive Folders & Files listing
  57. laptop keeps acts up starting up while its on
  58. Simple solution to make A4 pages interesting
  59. i want parental control or firewall software
  60. Program+service startup monitor
  61. Parallel Text/Bitext/Multipane e-Reader
  62. Software for saving quotation/sayings
  63. Loud DVD Player - read speed control
  64. Frame by Frame MP4 Player or Editor?
  65. software for text templates
  66. battery alert / laptop power supply is unplugged
  67. upgrade from xp when not supported
  68. add text to a printable pdf file?
  69. dvd decoder
  70. PHP Application for Staff Qualification Expiry Dates
  71. how to delete clipboard contents...win7
  72. Record music
  73. Disk Defrag
  74. Save or print magazine in Google Play Newstand?
  75. Display folder content when "Hover" over a folder icon
  76. Download online videos partially
  77. find cursor in Windows 8?
  78. Free utility to search file content without indexing
  79. Truly Free Malware Software
  80. Remembers passwords
  81. Automatically organize emails
  82. CorelDRAW alternative
  83. Download tool that search webpages in the depth
  84. Looking for Software updater
  85. External CD RW noise
  86. password shown
  87. Compare two files and highlight similarities
  88. Is there freeware that will disconnect the router?
  89. Help a computer illiterate girl out!
  90. removes uninstallation leftovers
  91. animated children's book
  92. CAD type program for Interior Design
  93. Replace TVRename
  94. Detect Window Title Bar Text
  95. f4f converter?
  96. Unique ebook needs - Please help
  97. Boot Disk For Windows
  98. question on cd writing
  99. Find and install the yellow question marked
  100. Free backup program
  101. Shows date of web page
  102. Voice Recorder Android App
  103. Freeware program that will let me edit scanned forms
  104. Identifies missing files in a numbered list
  105. Video Converter that can Change Speed
  106. system monitoring
  107. Video Downloader
  108. Powerpoint 2007 to video formats
  109. customizable alert
  110. Selectively Turn Off Thumbnails in Explorer
  111. Looking for data management
  112. Allow Someone to know if my keyboard has been active!
  113. INPUT: Launchy, FARR, search everything style, OUTPUT list of menu entries available
  114. Email notifier
  115. A mapping software for gardening
  116. Document Scanning/Filing System
  117. Timing off a video stream
  118. separate JPGs into color and BW groups
  119. Which is the best virtual keyboard against keylogging?
  120. Is there a program like System Protect to prevent file deletion?
  121. ... can compare two PDF files.
  122. How does SecureSafe Pro compare with LastPass? Having problems with the latter
  123. fastest video converter and dvd burner
  124. Video DVD Maker
  125. Youtube playlist downloader
  126. photo animation page turn effect
  127. Google Calander Backup & Other Google Backups
  128. Tray icon for network traffic
  129. Need eBook reader for Win 8 64 bit
  130. MP3/audio file playback volume
  131. Compiles image sequences into video and retains Alpha channel
  132. Backup/Archive
  133. Finds files of a certain type and moves them all
  134. W7 64 bit driver updater
  135. MS word .doc password remover
  136. Slideshow with multiple images at once
  137. cd-mp3 ripper-burner for Windows 8
  138. need a freeware to classify files in specific folder size to write cd/dvd
  139. remote access
  140. DVD burner for windows 8
  141. music organiser for family recordings
  142. ISO Tutorials
  143. Change SID on Windows XP
  144. Self Publishing program for Amazon
  145. Scheduling
  146. keep track of tipped income
  147. help me find an address book software
  148. Assists With Moving Files When There is Already a File With the Same Name
  149. Scans multiple photos and separates them automatically
  150. Social Media Monitoring tool
  151. Reverse image search
  152. Tracks changes in web pages
  153. Add Programs to W7 Default Programs Manager
  154. program to convert *.MAX files
  155. Best easy to use disk cloner?
  156. Boot from USB stick and restore registry
  157. Freeware to Close Program on Countdown Timer
  158. does for lost e-mails what Lazarus does for saving lost writing on browsers
  159. My Documents library manager
  160. Enables/disables internet access based on a time schedule
  161. Windows 7 History
  162. Rollback or Time Machine program
  163. Image Finder
  164. Program to delete stubborn files
  165. Need a utility to clean up bogus files
  166. Program to display devices connected to router
  167. best free AutoRecord music software
  168. Log book/record book
  169. Wanted: Defragger for SSDs
  170. CD/DVD copier Windows XP
  171. Saves multiple copies of desktop icon layout
  172. Total Insulation
  173. DVR to DVD
  174. My family tree
  175. I am looking to cusomize my Windows 7 Home Prem
  176. Looking for a free Xbox disk copy
  177. program to open files anonymously in pc
  178. Send a movie in real time
  179. Internet and Modem Lights in Tray
  180. Completely new email with no alternate address or cell phone needed
  181. I want a program that does basic animation
  182. meters downloads to individual PC
  183. Change system icons in Windows 8
  184. Link finder in Excel
  185. Firefox addon to convert web to PDF
  186. Capslock and Numlock
  187. CD Burner
  188. Music backup program
  189. Notes Board/Weekly tasks board for absent minded
  190. music search and Download Software
  191. File copy software with queue
  192. Birthday Reminder
  193. notifies you automatically when processes have open
  194. Need a simple but powerful remover
  195. is this possible
  196. Button-Free Mouse Gestures?
  197. monitor for entire web sites
  198. Light and Easy Firewall
  199. program to record keyboard/mouse actions
  200. Broadcast software
  201. recovers deleted messages from iTunes
  202. Internet Explorer Ad-blocker
  203. JPEG conversion tool that will limit JPG to 3MB
  204. Installer Builder
  205. Pdf to Word converter
  206. can be used for easy/small economical prognosis
  207. IP address hider...(free)
  208. Combines different pages of a web article in one
  209. ...manages a database for bookmarks
  210. ...logs all running programs & open files (to recover more quickly after systemcrash)
  211. Copy Files from CD-R to Hard Drive
  212. Telephone directory
  213. Create a working hyperlink list to sub-sites
  214. Batch report of image dimensions
  215. DOS/Command-Line programs functioning in 64bit world
  216. Right Click Start Menu
  217. looking for ultra-lightweight Open Source applications for educational collection
  218. free vid. editor?
  219. Will let me transfer files between two PCs
  220. Stock quotation pop up box
  221. file sync across computers
  222. Reports changes on the computer
  223. Internet disconnect alarm
  224. Time Tracking and Cost Allocation Software
  225. Finds similar names in dissimilar databases
  226. View pictures side by side
  227. Opens list of URLs and copies data somewhere
  228. Which is best BPM Software?
  229. Good image editor with strong text editing capabilities
  230. Self examination software
  231. Free Video Downloader
  232. How to Download this?
  233. Freeware alternative to Toad for DB2?
  234. I need a media file converter
  235. CRM software
  236. Leading Face Morphing Software/App?
  237. opens Yamaha keyboard file
  238. IT Policy Builder
  239. Free file synchronization software
  240. Good Torrent Search Engines
  241. Binary Viewer
  242. Logo Maker
  243. Opens almost every file
  244. will help organize/price my comic book collection
  245. Form Fill
  246. Disk Defrag programs
  247. test computer functions
  248. Replacement for WINDVD
  249. Catalog software which integrates with explorer
  250. Associate files/folders with application