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  1. File Manager to workaround Carbonite limitations
  2. Receipt creator
  3. Chromium extension to download You Tube vids
  4. Allows recovering of restore points
  5. Speech Synthesizer for Blind Computer User
  6. Sharing internet connection
  7. Opens and manages old Outlook Express .dbx files
  8. disk space analyzer
  9. Hide a folder in pendrive but permit linking
  10. Keyboard shortcuts popup
  11. Search for Images by Dimensions
  12. Copy Search Results to a New Folder Preserving Paths
  13. Program to extract a segment from a dvd
  14. Midi Output.
  15. Increase Audio Output of Video File
  16. Genealogy program that does more than 4 generations
  17. allows me to nominate programs for UAC to ignore
  18. rss on iphone
  19. Searching PDF converter for an Entire Website
  20. freeware mp3 to .m4a converter???
  21. NetMedic like throughput meter for Windows 7
  22. Your own calendar - Great as a gift.
  23. Creates a folder for each name on the list.
  24. CMS for community website with NO BLOG
  25. Searchable Public Online Email Archive
  26. Windows sound scheme editor
  27. creating computer jigsaw puzzles (standalone)
  28. End Program Scheduler
  29. free translation software
  30. A software which can organize my files for me
  31. Analog and calendar
  32. Draw a map with elevations from survey data
  33. Recommend a free software that can clone me HDD
  34. Simple timeline of organised snippets
  35. opinions on best/easiest free database
  36. simple text editor with outline and bulleting feature
  37. Jewel Case printing
  38. Junk Folders
  39. rename files based on first few words in file
  40. ... detect fake 320kbps MP3s
  41. Audio to midi
  42. Stand-alone boot-time scanner
  43. compact audio player
  44. Standalone internet 'Gateway' for Parental Filtering and QoS
  45. Pulling pics from video
  46. silent uninstall of multiple programs
  47. Merge multiple Word 2000 files
  48. To crop person out of image
  49. Rotate images
  50. USB manager program
  51. Renames Files with Image Preview Pane
  52. Freeware or How-to Clean out "WinXP Taskbar
  53. Uploading Audio Files To You Tube
  54. Study Material for On line Viewing
  55. Best Free Secure Erase Utility
  56. How to recover damaged Logical Partition
  57. Wyse 60 Terminal Support
  58. Tweak to keep e-mail on top
  59. Creating a restore\rescue cd\dvd
  60. Excel Question
  61. allows me to share my physical laptop with different credentials.
  62. Automatic File/Data organizer, organization
  63. Best programs for my old PC
  64. is similar to Photoshop
  65. Helps you create fairly simple logos
  66. Scanning Software
  67. Detect and Repair Bulk Media Files
  68. displays songs currently playing from internet radios
  69. Plays musical notes
  70. bottom name line on AVI movie
  71. AUT that requires Uname and Pword
  72. auto runs programs after computer comes out of hibernation
  73. Imports music libray and outputs text file of songs and artists
  74. Program to Monitor Startup Programs
  75. Helps moves files and settings to new harddrive
  76. To sharpen/enlarge an image, without making it grainy
  77. Native 64 bit Uninstaller
  78. Screen Snapshot to run under Boot WinPE
  79. Lists files and reg keys that get created when I install something
  80. Help Desk Software
  81. media, data, bookmarks, sync organizer mangager software that creates website
  82. Report of file/directory comparison
  83. Add Beats Per Minute to ID tag
  84. Browse location saver
  85. will allow me to disable permissions on external hard drive
  86. cfm viewer
  87. Formats a 1Tb HDD to Fat32
  88. Vista Start Menu for XP
  89. Slides to DVD
  90. Temperature Monitor
  91. 3G Dialer
  92. DVB-T program
  93. block softwares from connecting to the net
  94. Is there such a thing as a volume 'mixer' for different apps?
  95. sharing files
  96. Tweak Process Priority
  97. Opens jpg files in new large window when clicked.
  98. PAL (region 2) conversion to American play systems
  99. snapshots to website?
  100. Email client
  101. Free pdf Editor
  102. Internet Fax Services
  103. Lock Folders on External Hard Drive
  104. Movie lovers - How do i download for FREE ?
  105. Password Protect Folders/Files
  106. convert quicktime files to Flash
  107. hard drive sector editor
  108. Convert "old" CD to mp3
  109. Software that can diagnose shutdown problems
  110. View multiple animated gifs at the same time
  111. I need a Scribd like software.
  112. Writers research "assistant"
  113. Looking for bootable hard drive diagnostic tools
  114. Repetitive Task Time
  115. Home inventory program
  116. Provides free templates for e-newsletters
  117. Changes Visible IP
  118. Empty folder finder for Windows 7 64-bit.
  119. Find Files that are on One Disk but Not Another
  120. MS Office Publisher alternative
  121. Text editor with double line spacing
  122. Photo Software with a function to merge photos
  123. looking for a photo/paint program
  124. Multi-track video editing
  125. Free business intelligence software
  126. photo organizer, renamer
  127. Looking for XP SP3 fax software
  128. 64 bit program like Picture Publisher able to move parts of pic to another
  129. Full text search application
  130. key logger
  131. Removing Duplicate Images Online
  132. Sync iPod without iTunes
  133. running handicaps
  134. Program to EDIT XPS file
  135. Searching for Chinese characters in files
  136. Microsoft Office Digital Imaging
  137. adding columns and rows
  138. Remove background from Pictures
  139. logon security
  140. Hardware Diagnostic Program - Bootable
  141. Mind Mapping program
  142. PDF to Word and Creating Form Fills in PDFs
  143. 1) Text scambler 2) Word maker
  144. ...organizes 10 years of digital hard-copy teaching materials.
  145. Bootable Recovery Partition
  146. digital artifacts in converted Photo files
  147. Capture Online Article/Document to WordPerfect
  148. download entire NY Times
  149. Server / Website Voting Software
  150. Best Free Movie Organizer
  151. control multiple computers
  152. Find very similar images
  153. Google or search a select few sites?
  154. Kids music composer
  155. corrupted rar file extracter
  156. recommendation please
  157. Sequential Timer like Pomodoro
  158. Red eye remover
  159. programme to convert or tidy ascii txt file
  160. data recovery free download
  161. Capture a series of frame snapshots from video
  162. Check for updates on Sidebar Gadgets
  163. Search and Replace text in word doc
  164. Merge multiple file types...?
  165. Password recovery
  166. Cell Phone as Bluetooth PC input
  167. Delete Files Larger Than Custom Size
  168. Diagnostic Utilities
  169. Digital Image Viewer
  170. Program and settings relocator
  171. PDF to book
  172. Find broken audio files
  173. Voice to text
  174. Freeware to search .pst files
  175. Add ID to USB drive into MS Excel
  176. Adding keywords in batch
  177. Enlarges a pic
  178. Alternative MSN client
  179. High res image from video
  180. Kiosk freeware needed for XP
  181. Software Cataloger
  182. Rss News Feed Reader With Adblock
  183. Full Power!
  184. renames system directories
  185. Turn photos to sepia??
  186. Monitor per wireless connection?
  187. french language programs or courses
  188. Tabbed Pages
  189. Mac file Dup search
  190. HDD Health & Top-Stuff
  191. Need Article Writing Software
  192. Multiboot OSs from USB,DVD,HDD
  193. TNeed a free .Pdf to .Txt converter
  194. Cutting plan software
  195. forum...as an application !
  196. ...does shift management
  197. Calendar for XP Desktop
  198. HTML/CSS Editor
  199. Cookie Control
  200. Purge remnants of deleted data.
  201. password manager
  202. Plagarism Detection
  203. Make a DVD With Menus
  204. free pdf stamper?
  205. Audio to text
  206. Print Address Labels
  207. Duplicate file finder
  208. Backup with True "Mirror" Functionality
  209. write or draw in E-Mail
  210. A software for finding holes in file sequence
  211. Turn off internet
  212. Quick and easy text line entry?
  213. puts frames around pictures
  214. Photo Morphing Software
  215. Diary/Journal Software
  216. ...are portable and can record sound through the sound card
  217. ...record screen actions and use them to create a script
  218. FTP Server
  219. RAM tester for Windows + something added to it
  220. Looking for Equipment (Asset) Tracking Software
  221. a flagger for Google Reader
  222. Network Diagramming Tool?
  223. Looking for Outlook Express replacement (separate identities)
  224. I Need A Outlook Express Backup Program
  225. ...is more advanced than Pixelnotifier allowing for range selection
  226. ... makes the USB flash drive completely unusable unless you know the password
  227. Freeware PDF Creator
  228. Uses keyboard shortcut to execute mouse macro
  229. Automatically click a button in a dialog box when it appears
  230. Voltage Monitor
  231. Check Disk Program
  232. Freeware Blu-Ray Software
  233. A program to save my profile on a Mac
  234. keep log of connections to internet
  235. Calendar freeware?
  236. Appends highlighted text to buffer (via right click menu?)
  237. I Want a Freeware Program that downloads e-books in books.google.com
  238. Photo Calendar Creator
  239. eBay.uk
  240. disk cloning
  241. freeware to move a mouse to a image and click it automatically
  242. Grep utility meeting some requirements...
  243. Dynamic DL/UL Limit
  244. Build a palette from photo?
  245. Data Box Creator
  246. Telephone Call Blocking on my PC
  247. Metadata removal...?
  248. comment tagger for pictures
  249. object recognition software
  250. need virtual pc on winxp