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Originally Posted by adr685 View Post
I use firefox I am trying to disable IE because it brings op a news page when I boot up This is quite a recent happening I can disable IE but then firefox doesn't work
Rather than trying to disable IE, you should think about solving the problem of opening of a news page, when your PC boots up. It might be because of an infection, or something extra being installed on the computer.

If you have any startup monitor program, like HiJackThis, then check for a startup entry, which is triggering that page to open.

If you want to keep IE disabled, and want to use Firefox, then in Firefox, go to :

Options --> Advanced --> Network

Under Network, go to Connection, and then Settings. By default, it is set to "Use system proxy settings", which it picks up from IE I think. So, change it to "No proxy", which I think for modern networks, should work.

But, there are other complications in disabling IE I suppose, like, Windows Updates may not work, because the network settings are picked up from IE. Don't know what to do with that, if you disable IE.
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