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Default RadioMaximus 1.59

Ok, another free radio player pointed out by Anupam in the Tapin thread. Sorry about another new thread, but I said I'd try it so here goes.

Downloaded and installed it, 15.7MB download, this one's 52.7MB installed, but there's a portable version if you prefer. I haven't tried that.

As seems to be the case with these players at Raimersoft, during the install you get the toolbar option (Babylon). Again, it's easy to opt out by selecting the custom install and un-checking the three buttons. I still got the obligatory BetterInstaller so deleted it manually - it's becoming second nature now.

I like this one, it has different functions to RarmaRadio. Same thing, it's a station browser with the usual search options - genre, countries, networks, but they're displayed in a different way. More graphics, world map to search by counties for instance. You can also search by tags. Stations are in the thousands again, had no connection issues.

What I like about this one is that you can search for song information, videos etc, by using the 'websites' option from the side menu. So if you like a song that's playing you can quickly find it on uTube, Google or You can also listen to stations via the search option in the menu, but you need an account to play them - I don't have one so haven't played any.

Found the page on codepack, here's a list of features from the page;

Listen to and record multiple stations simultaneously
Create a schedule for automatic recording
Support for Last.FM
Listen to songs on demand (not available for all songs)
Shows station logos
Portable version available

Another feature of RadioMaximus is the 'bookmark song' feature on the main toolbar. Click this if you like the song that's playing and it's saved to the bookmarks, from there you can play the song, search for song info, add it to a playlist etc. It saves the whole song, no matter at what point you click to bookmark it, and on playback you can record it. Scheduled station recording options allow daily, weekly, one time, splits etc. Tried it and it all works fine.

The player also lists your track history, current track, recently played. The player settings are easy to configure, there's help in the form of a PDF via help on the menu bar. There's also an online help option, select that and a window loads with the manual, you can translate the text in it as well.

It's an interesting program, six pre-sets equalizer, it also easily converts to a mini version of the player. I'll have to use it more but so far, so good - no connection drops and no crashes. Not hard to get the hang of at all.

I'll keep using this one as well and see how it goes. Like RarmaRadio, it also runs light on my machine.
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