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Originally Posted by eyeb View Post
midnight, i admit you were right lol
while i do like tinyfirewall, i have found that it seems to block some images in firefox, no idea why because it's random. I would get blank pages sometimes then when i disabled firewall it would show up again

but i still stick by my initial impressions that this is a good product and will get better with next releases. so yes, it might be too soon for a complete switch unless someone just likes to play with new software like i do.
This was my concern at the outset. I have no doubt about your own ability to understand and manage these things but we are in the minority. Most of the folks coming here are average users with little knowledge of how to overcome the issues caused by this type of development software. Even so, I applaud the efforts of the developer and if this level of commitment continues, I'm sure we will have a stable product before too long.
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