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Originally Posted by swaoamit View Post
Hi Guys,

I have search for recommended setting for Sygate Free Firewall all over the internet, but did't find any useful tips.

My current system as follows -
Pentium 4 - 3.00GHz / 512 MB RAM / 128 MB Graphic Card / Windows XP SP 3 /
SRware Iron / Sandboxie Free / MABM / SAS / Hitman Pro / Peer Block / Hostman / Did I miss anything ?

So, for above mentioned system I prefer Sygate type Firewall but I don't have any Idea of it's setup for surfing online. Is there any guidelines for it? any recommendations for it ?
Sygate FF is a lil' old, don't you think? Is not being developed (and supported) anymore. I suggest you to change to another firewall solution. Look at T i m's review.
But if you don't gonna do that anyway (please do) then OK, we're here to help.
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