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Default BullGuard Internet Security Offer

With apologies once again for the delay caused by a variety of factors outside of either side's control, but here at long last is your “offer of a lifetime”

For me, securing a PC is all about employing different layers, but I appreciate others prefer to install a single suite. At one point the only redeeming factor for buying a paid one was access to better support but all too often this fails to deliver as evidenced by the many forum posts on this subject. BullGuard is one vendor who has managed to maintain their service level so if this is an important consideration for you, try for one of the free licenses.

As per the offer page, please note this does not include the back-up feature from the full commercial product.

Please post your thoughts, bugs and opinions in this thread instead of the offer page comments so we can monitor these more effectively and get feedback to BullGuard as necessary.

We did experience a few technical difficulties last time we ran this offer which should not re-occur this time around. If anyone does encounter problems, please post about them here.

One issue we are aware of is a notification that Windows 7 users might see suggesting that both the Windows and BullGuard firewalls are not switched on.

This is a known issue. It's caused by a WMI cache glitch. This workaround
should work until the guys from Microsoft will solve this bug:

1. Go to Control Panel and open Administrative tools.
2. Click on Services.
3. Stop these Services:
Windows Security Center
Windows Management Instrumentation
SBSD Security Center Service (if you use Spybot Search & Destroy).
4. Change their startup type to Automatic.`
5. Remove the directory C:\Windows\System32\wbem\Repository.
6. Start the above mentioned services again by right clicking them and
selecting "Start".
7. Reboot.
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