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Hi majesticblue, welcome to the forum .

About driver updating, are you feeling the need to update the drivers?

Drivers generally do not need updates, unless the newer version can enhance some features. So, unless required, you should not update the drivers.

There will be many sites featuring driver updates, and showing their ads, and telling you how to remain up to date, and all. But, don't get lured by them.

But, if you do need to update drivers, then you should first check the site of the original manufacturer. It is there, that you will find genuine information on drivers... whether there is an update, and if its required.

A wrong update can render your Windows unbootable, and or can cause a fair amount of trouble. So, its essential to be careful. A manufacturer's site is the safest place to go for driver updates.

However, if there you do not get the driver you want, for reasons like the hardware model has gone old, or not supported any more, then you can choose to look elsewhere. A search for the model number of the hardware, in your search engine, can show sites where it can be available. But, still, you need to be careful, and choose wisely. There are not many sites, which offer genuine drivers.

And before you apply an update, backup your system, or create a restore point. You can also go for drive imaging.

The thread on which you had posted earlier, had some mentions of good software, using which you can update drivers.

Here is that thread, and other thread, which can help you.
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