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I get the feeling you're ignoring (or forgetting, or not understanding w/o questioning for further explanation on) parts of what I've posted..

Anyways, first of all, please confirm that you pasted or uploaded the HiJackThis log to this website. HiJackThis itself can only detect suspicious things (basically everything that shows up after analyzation), but that includes many false positives, so therefore, you'll have to upload the logfile to another site.

Secondly, please download Process Explorer, extract the zip, open procexp.exe, and click file>save. Save it anywhere you want. Then open the saved file and copy the contents to here.

As for your A-squared results, please Google them if you're unsure and/or upload them to VirusTotal. If you know a detected file safe, then ignore it.

Lastly, please confirm that you are not running Spybot TeaTimer (Mode>Advanced Mode to view) and Ad-Aware Ad-Watch at the same time.

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