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A Free Password Manager that's Just as Good as Roboform

I never thought I'd see it happen; a free password manager as good as Roboform and maybe even better.

Unlike Roboform which is a utility that runs on your PC, LastPass uses a web service that works in combination with a program that runs on your PC.

It's a smart approach: 

The webservice means your passwords are accessible from different computers: PCs, Macs or Linux boxes.

The stand-alone program that runs on your computer means that you can access and use your passwords even when you are offline.

But the thing I like best about LastPass is that, just like Robboform, it automatically fills in login forms as soon as you visit a website. This makes it quite different from other password managers that merely store your login information and require you to copy and paste your credentials.

And LastPass stores more than usernames and passwords, it also stores webform infomation, in a similar manner to Roboform's Passcards.  It also securely stores your notes.

The security and privacy of your infomation is protected by strong 256 bit AES encryption. Furthermore your encryption key and master password never leave your computer so not even the folks at LastPass can read your data.

Plugins are available for both Internet Explorer and Firefox so it will not only work on Windows systems but Mac and Linux systems running Firefox.

Some other features:

  • Portable version available
  • Can import information from most other password managers including RoboForm
  • Can import IE and Firefox passwords
  • Has a useful "Favorites" list
  • Partial iPhone integration
  • Support planned for Safari and Chrome (but not Opera)

All up, a lot to like here.  Goes straight to the top of my list as the best free password manager.






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by Misty27 on 15. July 2014 - 20:41  (117360)

For those inclined more towards open source software, when it comes to entrusting passwords, and also not storing in the cloud (the cloud :D), then 2 or the best are:
Password Safe
Keepass Password Manager

Keepass is perhaps slightly more secure, but definitely has more options, configurability for auto-typing login data. But that can make it more complicated for those that don't need a lot of options. But either will handle just entering user name / PW.

PW Safe is a bit simpler, doesn't have the level of extra entropy that Keepass has.
I use PW Safe for forum PWs, etc., & Keepass for banks. In PW Safe, You must click to auto type (or drag / drop). OMG! Click a mouse?!? How lazy are we getting?

Keepass can find the DB entry that matches current web page "title" or other identifiers - so don't have to "search" in the current DB. It also offers "Two-Channel Auto-Type Obfuscation," (see help file or online help file), which attempts to defeat most keyloggers.

Both of these are 1st class programs, are actively maintained, have excellent help forums & bug trackers / feature request reporting. Much better than a lot of commercial software I've used.

I used Roboform (free) some yrs ago. It certainly may've changed since then, but at the time had little if any on Keepass or Password Safe. Plus, some password mgrs are not open source, which for many security experts, is a *drawback* for security / encryption software, etc. I don't think storing PWs is any less important.

by jimmyjanga on 21. January 2013 - 20:59  (104715)

Please update your review. I've been using Lastpass for a few years. Opera and Chrome are supported.

Lastpass is secure. All information you provide is ENCRYPTED AND DECRYPTED ON YOUR COMPUTER ONLY.

All information that Lastpass sees is encrypted. It's technically impossible for anyone to decrypt your stuff unless they have your password AND a special secret code called a salt, that makes your password harder to guess.

The only way that bad guys can get your password is for you to use a stupid password like xyz123ABC, or something simple like that. The bad guys are very good at guessing common combinations.

by Paulus (not verified) on 19. November 2012 - 16:57  (102572)

I like LastPass and I do use it but I have not committed my online-banking or debit-card details to it -- and I do not plan to.
LastPass IS available for Opera!

by You're Joking (not verified) on 31. October 2012 - 11:39  (101656)

Secure passwords to important financial data by uploading to the cloud? You have to be joking.

Anyone who falls for this deserves to be taken for a ride.

by jimmyjanga on 21. January 2013 - 21:02  (104716)

Your passwords are not stored in the cloud. Your ENCRYPTED INFORMATION is stored there.
All information is encrypted on your computer, then uploaded to Lastpass. When it's time to get your information, Lastpass sends it down to your computer and decrypts there.

by LenK1 (not verified) on 21. October 2012 - 18:46  (101146)

Grave doubts about Lastpass security. I installed lastpass primarily to automate my android passwords. Within a week of installing it on my pc I had my credit card duplicated and used for half a dozen $200 transactions many states away as well as on the web. Ive never had this happen before and had not used my card differently prior to installing Last Pass. I was stupid enough though to not hide my credit card info from LastP. Mere coincidence?

(PS- if anyone can recommend a good safe password app for android it would be appreciated)

by jimmyjanga on 21. January 2013 - 21:06  (104717)

Yes, mere coincidence.
I have all my information on Lastpass. Banks, credit cards, stores, etc. See my post above.
It's an all or nothing situation. If the bad guys get one card, they get them all.
As for bad guys getting your card information, try any new restaurants or go to any new stores? There are many easier ways for your card info to get stolen.

by DavidL (not verified) on 19. August 2012 - 10:57  (97956)

Roboform (unfortunately..!!) does one thing Lastpass (last I tried) doesn't- nor any other I've tried. All financial sites I've used require 1. fields that can be autofilled and 2. fields that require random character selection from a password (by drop downs or typed characters or a virtual keyboard.

For the latter, Roboform can display the whole password e.g. with the characters numbered (actually whatever you type into the box when you set it up) in a tiny box. This is URL related, and several per URL can be set up (e.g. several accounts, different passwords) and the appropriate password selected from Roboform's taskbar as drop downs.

by clasof56 (not verified) on 14. October 2012 - 11:52  (100752)

i used roboform for several years with no problem. then i discovered a flaw. even if you are not logged in, anyone can delete your entries (passwords). i contacted roboform and told them..they just passed it off and said thats just the way it works. i had long passwords and not written down. i was relying on roboform. thats the last day i used it. i searched and found one that i consider secure and easy and does it all and more. called sticky. free version is 15 passwords. pro version you can make a portable on flash drive in a few seconds that you can use on any computer and then take it with you..anyway, i think its a good program, more secure than roboform.

by BillyBo (not verified) on 1. December 2011 - 18:25  (84246)

I find a lot of the listed commentary about this product rather interesting, it appears to me that few understand how it really works. You should listen to a podcast from GRC's Steve Gibson when he reviewed this service and was quite satisfied with it's security model as are many others in the security industry. They also offer an Enterprise product. I dont' work for them but their solution appears to be pretty strong.
Only the salted hash to encrypt the password is stored on the web, the rest is local with many other options to add on such as two-factor authentication to access the data. With multifactor and the method with which they provide the data I don't believe this is an easy to break model.

by I don't think so (not verified) on 16. July 2011 - 6:23  (75609)

Secure your passwords by uploading them to the web? You're joking, right?

by Fire Marshal Bill (not verified) on 8. July 2011 - 15:42  (75037)

I just downloaded Lastpass, but am glad I read the comments. Come to think about it, the mere thought of my passwords on the web makes me shudder. So much for that idea! I also know how finicky Internet links can be. Secondly, I have been using Roboform free for years, and still do. I just keep the number below 10 and use the browsers to remember passwords for the rest. Never a problem. It is ironic that when you actually pay for things, it gets to be a problem! LOL. However, the only reason I was looking elsewhere is that I am having a problem with Roboform in Chrome. When I launch it, Dreamweaver comes up, which never used to happen! What's with that?!! Works fine with my Firefox browser on the laptop! Back to Roboform and troubleshooting this weird issue...

by Dobry (not verified) on 5. June 2011 - 20:08  (73308)

On May 3rd 2011 LastPass was broken into. (Thus the comment above on May 6th 2011 that LastPass was "busy") It is clear from the website statements about the event that those who oversee LastPass are not certain what happened nor how it happened, and they have no solid idea what exactly was stolen from their servers nor what real implications such might have for the site's users.

I have never adopted LastPass because I am very wary of storing anything valuable on the internet, and certainly this occurrence strongly supports that wariness.

Security of digital matter is difficult in concept and even more difficult in execution. I very much doubt that more than a very small minority of the people on the internet, no matter what size company they work for, who purport to be able to secure digital matter can, in fact, do so. Certainly the people at LastPass are not amongst the capable group.

I think the fact that LastPass was compromised should be mentioned in the review of the program as a warning to all who might consider using it.

by santuccie on 20. January 2012 - 18:00  (87491)

Ditto on Dobry's statement. There are Web sites out there that can withstand a zero-day attack, but they are few and far between, and LastPass is demonstrably not one of them.

After the compromise, I contacted customer service to request deactivation of my account and purging of data, as I was unable to logon and do so myself. My statements struck a nerve with their tech support, who chimed in with their own response that it is sometimes impossible to anticipate and defend against a sophisticated, zero-day attack, and that I was misdirecting blame upon the "victim," rather than the attackers.

I told tech support to look up "deny ACL permissions" and "positive security model," and then to use layers. Lastly, I pointed out that you cannot be depended on to protect others from being victimized when you see your own self as a victim. I rest my case.

by GaveUpOnLastPass (not verified) on 6. May 2011 - 22:18  (71550)

LastPass was fine until my master password expired. For almost 3 days I get a popup that they are too busy and try back later to access my account settings. This makes no sense to me and totally defeats any benefit of LastPass. I am now looking for a replacement for password storage.

by clair w. (not verified) on 2. February 2011 - 12:44  (65696)

If you need more than 10, it's totally worth the small fee for roboform. Even with the free version the support and constant updates put it well past lastpass in my mind (having tried both).

I really don't like the idea of having passwords floating in the cloud, so to speak. Having a choice is totally essential.

My 2 cents.

by Colby (not verified) on 30. April 2011 - 18:43  (71185)

Up until yesterday, I would have never looked anywhere else beyond my Roboform. It has served me well for many years. But now, they have pulled the bait and switch. I was promised lifetime upgrades for free. They just decided to start charging for every major update (7.x, 8.x, etc). Goodbye Roboform.

by philzale (not verified) on 30. July 2012 - 16:12  (96893)

I know I'm rather late to this party, but I have the same issue w/ Roboform. Free upgrades for life? Check.

I've been using online.roboform ever since, and while it's been working ok, it's now time to make a switch. i'm looking into lastpass now but need to know if there's a way to export/import from roboform to lastpass

by bobthomson on 9. May 2013 - 13:29  (107595)

It's probably to late to help you now unless you are still with Roboform.
The ability to export your records from Roboform was mysteriously missing from the last free version.
Install the version before the last one and you have the option to export your records and then import them into another password manager. From memory, I used comma delimited export.

by mrdoug (not verified) on 17. August 2012 - 16:02  (97861)

did you not read the comments directly above your post?

OR what am i missing here ?

by Djouce (not verified) on 17. May 2011 - 9:42  (72071)

Yup. Me too, just discovered Roboform 6 won't work with the current version of Firefox, now they want me to pay $20 for a single desktop license or $20 p.a. for their online version. Oh yeah, I get an "uprgade" discount to start me off, how generous. Thanks a lot Roboform. I don't do business with people who break their word. You promised free upgrades for life, you lied, goodbye.

by pug (not verified) on 8. May 2011 - 5:52  (71608)

may exact feelings about roboform, the ole bait and switch -- grrrrr I used to pitch roboform won't do that anymore - irritate me once ......

by SkyMaster (not verified) on 23. January 2011 - 4:49  (65044)

I use Password Safe works well does not use the Internet

by zeliord (not verified) on 1. February 2011 - 22:44  (65655)

A serious person would never share passwords with a software that contacts the internet. C'mon. +10 to Roboform of course.

by Anonymous1 (not verified) on 1. February 2011 - 21:24  (65652)

I tried Password Safe, but c'mon...there's no way you can say that it's anywhere near the password manager that RoboForm is. Neither are any of the other ones mentioned below.

To my knowledge, RoboForm is the only one that stores your data locally, and gives you the option for online storage. The other password managers just force you to choose one or the other.

What are you going to do when password managers like Lastpass force you to store everything online have server problems? You won't be able to login to any of your websites. What about when they hold your data hostage and your only copy is your online copy?

That's way too risky for me.

To me RoboForm is a lot more accurate and gives you a lot more options than any other password manager. I've been a happy user for 8 years.

by Rich (not verified) on 2. February 2011 - 0:57  (65661)

All that griping about something that has no basis in fact is inappropriate. "Lastpass force you to store everything online ... your only copy is your online copy". The article makes it clear that the opposite is true. Also, if you're happy with Roboform's 10-password limit, then that's fine; but if you're referring to the commercial version, then that's off-topic.

by kitkat (not verified) on 7. January 2011 - 13:50  (64067)

I just installed Lastpass and am having a problem transfering data from roboform2go 7 version,anyone know how to tranfer the passwords and the URL.
Thanks for any help!

by KristenSanFran on 3. January 2011 - 5:25  (63728)

I purchased Roboform Pro a couple of years ago - and believed that the user license that I purchased included all future updates and upgrades. I just learned today that I have to pay to upgrade to version 7, and the explanations that I am receiving from Siber Systems/Roboform seems full of double talk regarding the exact terms of the user license that I purchased years ago. I am not a happy camper right now.

I am going to take a serious re-look at LastPass. I would have been able to accept paying for version 7 of Roboform -if the company had just been honest in their communications.

by Wim (not verified) on 12. September 2011 - 14:50  (79481)

I was a happy user of Roboform2Go until recently...Roboform2Go is the portable version of Roboform that you can carry with you on an USB stick. I was obliged to upgrade to version 7.0 because the Mozilla Firefox add-on (that you need to install to use it on Firefox) and that is compatible with version RF2Go, is not supported on the safe versions of Firefox anymore. While RF Desktop 7.0 now supports Google Chrome, RF2Go 7.0 does not. I can still use my RF2Go with MS Internet Explorer, but unfortunately this is not my favorite browser. So I decided to a closer look at KeePass 2.0, which is open source and free and that you can install as portable too. I exported my over 100 passcards from RF2Go and imported them in KeePass 2.0 in five minutes (BTW, You can't import passcards in Roboform...). Installation of KeePass took a little longer, because you have to install the KeePassHttp.plgx plug-in in KeePass, the PassIFox add-on in Firefox and the ChromeIPass extension in Chrome, that is if you want to use KeePass automatically in your browser like Roboform does. For me KeePass turned out to be an excellent alternative.

[Moderator's note : commercial details edited out]

by darlin1937 (not verified) on 27. January 2011 - 22:07  (65335)

I also found out the same thing about the new version of Roboform.
I emailed them and got the same run around..
I wonder what their meaning was, when i first purchased roboform.
UNLIMITED UPGRADES.....and suddenly they want more money

Is it all about the new game called "GREED"

I am disappointed and have tried lastPass on my laptop, but seems i need
to do more reading.....doesn't work as easily as roboform........but who has the money to be paying for every u suppose they are related to Microsoft (Bill Gates).......hmmm i wonder if there is something to think about.

Thanx for listening.