Free Fax for Vista Home

As you may be aware, Vista Office and Ultimate are the only two versions that have a fax applet.  Any open source or freeware fax apps that work on Vista Home?

by Anonymous on 11. December 2010 - 23:04  (62316)

Thanks a lot

by Anonymous on 21. May 2010 - 9:26  (50028)

After discovering Vista enterprise comes without FAX facility, I tried installing the FAX option in Windows XP on an older PC. That failed due to being on service pack 3 and requiring drivers from the Service pack install. Tried the free Linux Ubuntu 10.04 option on an old Dell laptop which almost worked.
Installed the BVRP tools and soft modem option for a Lenovo Thinkpad R400 and found it works very well. A really impressive piece of free software.
Many of us need to send fax documents with signatures for legal reasons. I cannot see this requirement going away so perhaps the marketing people at Mircosoft should think again before removing occasional but essential components. Many thanks again.

by Anonymous on 3. March 2011 - 8:32  (67354)

AWESOME...I wonder when Linux (if ever) will get the great market push? I guess in a capitalistic society there is room for Linux & Microsoft.

by Anonymous on 12. August 2011 - 16:29  (77541)

I HATE WINDOWS !!! Slow and predickable. I love my ubuntu but can not use the fax feature.still trying to figure that one out! My vista I can not set up for faxing using my modem. The modem is installed but can not get any futher sucks

by Anonymous on 26. October 2010 - 2:36  (60166)

Very funny... you used a contradiction - people at Microsoft and think... hehe funny this is precisely why we the users (we the People...) have so many problems with their software, they try to think INSTEAD of us, and decide FOR us... what is best for us. Oh, oh, just a moment, wasn't it how we defined a totalitarian system? Microsoft considers everyone an imbecile and therefore keeps hiding all the setup options 5-10 levels deep and then create college courses where all this mambo-jumbo-logy is being tought in result creating an army of pseudo professionals speaking their "language of Mordor". These issues of permanent incompatibility Windows with itself, and everything around should really put this O/S out of the loop. Have they built the O/S that was compatible and open - they would be great, but as it is they ripped all of us and live in the world of legal battles with the whole planet grabbing a dime each time Windoze crash... this made them super rich, but not smarter. I grew up on DOS and Windows, but the time came to move to "real O/S" and then I started my adventure through Linux, BSD, Irix. I vote for Linux, as Apple did. Time to forego Microsoft, they will never get it, as they run after dimes, not try to listen. Of course Windows will join world of Unix but not earlier than they figure a way to cut itself a share of the market which they neither created, nor deserve. Let us waste them.

by Anonymous on 15. January 2010 - 15:53  (41122)

Caveat - the USR Phone Tools software here does work on Vista, but it will not send PDF documents.

by Anonymous on 1. December 2009 - 18:26  (37629)

Free outgoing fax service.

by Anonymous on 28. December 2009 - 9:49  (39657)

Check out
1 doc/max 3 pages/max 2 fax per day
Seem to work worldwide as per a colleague who uses it
con: ad on the cover page for free fax

by Anonymous on 31. July 2009 - 5:54  (26060) is another website that allows user to send free fax online to the US and Canada. User can either upload a PDF/Word file or enter text to fax. Plus, it does not add Ads to user's fax, which makes it more suitable for faxing formal documents.

by Anonymous on 11. March 2010 - 8:41  (45365)


by Anonymous on 21. October 2009 - 19:20  (35173)

That's fine, but there is a min of 3 pages, I only need to fax 1.

by Anonymous on 11. March 2010 - 8:42  (45366)

add a cover page or 2 blank pages.

by Anonymous on 29. July 2009 - 22:09  (25981)

Both Black Ice Impact ColorFax and BVRP Classic Phone Tools (available from USR) appear to work fine and are indeed free. However, neither provide a faxing printer emulator, so you have to manually add supported document types to an outgoing fax. Impact ColorFax appears to have one, but printing to the printer emulator only launches the program and nothing from whatever you were trying to fax is transferred (Vista problem only maybe?).

by Anonymous on 8. March 2011 - 15:52  (67648)

I can't find free versions of this. Only trial versions that make you pay soon after. Anyone have a link for really free versions?

by MidnightCowboy on 8. March 2011 - 16:37  (67652)

The above comment as you can see is from 2009. To my best knowledge there is no true free version for either of these products. BVRP also has a poor reputation with WOT and would not therefore be recommended by this site anyway.

by Kumar_Shah on 30. November 2009 - 19:13  (37563)

I just downloaded and installed BVRP Classic Phone Tools in Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit). Yes, I know, Win 7 has a built in fax program, but it sucks.

Worked fine on a test fax I sent.

I do not have a USRobotics/3Com modem; mine is a Rosewill USB modem. No problem. In setup, I selected USRobotics in the left pane and found a model in the right pane that showed V92, which my modem also is. Works like a charm.

by Anonymous on 11. August 2009 - 4:07  (26822)

I went to BVRP Website and classic Phone tools is $19. Where do you get it free?

by Anonymous on 29. May 2009 - 10:23  (22557)

How do you fax more tan one page with BVRP? Thanks..Mark..

by Anonymous on 23. November 2010 - 19:45  (61576)

One solution that works for me--

Save docs in .tif format on my HP C4450 printer which then allows me to copy a page, then add as many pages as I wish,

This "file" can than be 'attached" to BVRP Classic Phone fax.

Not sure if there is a maximum of 8 pages,I had 9 pages, but only 8 appeared in the Fax review.

BVRP allows us to review the final product before sending, and this was when I discovered 1 page short.


by Anonymous on 14. June 2009 - 2:55  (23821)

Yes I would like to know the answer to that too !! - Rich

by Anonymous on 10. September 2009 - 18:44  (32493)

To fax more than one page with BVRP I simply print the document to the BVRP Fax Capture printer driver and then all works automatically (including the program has a preview, just before sending the fax, where the user can see and verify the number of pages being sent). The printer driver is installed automatically during program setup.

by Anonymous on 28. May 2009 - 16:59  (22511)

I have vista 64 bit system and I used Blackice Impact Color fax it works great.

by Anonymous on 2. March 2009 - 18:44  (17056)

These steps worked for me.
Click on image for full size.

step 1
Free Image Hosting by

step 2
Free Image Hosting by

step 3
Free Image Hosting by

Follow the setup steps in step 3 and your set.
This should work with any home phone line.

by Anonymous on 22. April 2009 - 14:00  (20328)

Looks like this poster is using Business or Ultimate. The question was how to fax in vista *HOME* edition

by Anonymous on 20. July 2008 - 0:41  (4545)

Any other FREE FAX options for Vista?

by Anonymous on 1. July 2008 - 3:53  (3383)

Is this anything I can use w/my HP Pavilion Vista 64 bit computer for a fax. I use fax for work everyday where I send microsoft works documents over to my boss - I am very upset my new computer didn't come w/a fax program as my other computers always have - I could use the free fax where you can do two a day - but I do like 10 a day sometimes?? Thanks for any suggestions :) OR if you think the above program would work.

by Anonymous on 1. July 2008 - 16:40  (3402)

It will work for Vista 64bit (or so the web site says).

by Anonymous on 6. June 2009 - 23:48  (23216)

Thanks for the link to download. I had so much trouble with the supplied Microsoft Fax and Scan with my Vista Ultimate 64 that I gave BVRP a try and it worked fine.

If I turn my modem off it seems that Vista doesn't recognize it until I add it in again. And now it has lost all my sent faxes so it is time to switch to hopefully better software. When you only fax once every 3 months it is hard to shake out any software. I didn't want to risk sending advertisements with the fax web sites.

I noticed that the Classic Phone Tools (BVRP) has a High Quality check box which I had to uncheck to send the fax I wanted to a Senator. I never saw this option in M$ Fax and Scan so maybe that was my problem. But I got the fax sent fine and just in case anyone is wondering I'm going over VOIP (Vonage) also.

by Anonymous on 1. July 2008 - 20:21  (3421)

Ok. Thanks for this information. I FINALLY got this downloaded etc etc - Now let me say this - I've ALWAYS purchased lower end computers b/c I don't do much of anything that's REALLY important - some work stuff that can also be done by email - At any rate - I bought a much better computer than I ever have before which means I shelled out a lot more money than I ever have before. (By the way, the previous two computers I've purchased BOTH only lasted me about 2 years -they BOTH fried w/the electrical parts.) SO - I did upload the program, and I was able to successfully do an outgoing and receive an incoming fax - BUT it sounds weird - like the phone line kinda sounds really sharp/very different than it has before. Can this cause a problem in my computer?

ALSO - B/C I downloaded this program from a website - am I susceptible to viruses or problems caused by downloading something?

I appreciate it. I don't know much about computers, only enough to do what I need to do and certainly don't want to damage anything inside my new toy :)


by Anonymous on 3. July 2008 - 21:56  (3515)

The sounds are normal connection sounds. If you dou not like it, mute it. Otherwise everything is OK - do NOT worry - the program works.

by Anonymous on 1. July 2008 - 4:50  (3386)

I tried Black Ice. It does NOT work. On FaxZero, you can send two (3 page) faxes daily PER each e-mail address!! However, the usr - Classic Phone Tools does work for any modem not just usr.

by Anonymous on 21. May 2008 - 17:55  (892)

Latest Version of the freeware program BVRP Classic Phone Tools v9.04 may be found at this location

I have tested it on Vista Home Premium (32 bit) and it works just fine.

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