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by jakgeoffsub on 5. August 2014 - 5:23  (117767)

Hi Gizmo. Finally shelled out and feel good about it.You guys and gals do an outstanding job of reassuring us all that there are well intentioned ppl on the net.

It's like we are actually part of we well meaning "community"...what an odd thing in this day and age (ha ha).

Thank you all for your goodwill.

by leemjvd on 30. January 2014 - 11:59  (114081)

Have added my bit. Am using yr site for years. You guys are worth it ! Regards from the Netherlands !


by placou 1968 on 6. February 2014 - 23:49  (114238)

I,m more than sure that i,m the winner by discovering freeware on my own, I,m very glad my discovery was at this site and over the last year this site has educated me in many ways, I,m very glad to contribute, best regards from the Ozark Mountains

by fandango on 23. January 2014 - 17:37  (113940)

From across the herring pond, can I just say I am absolutely delighted to hear of the support you have received. You more than richly deserve it. Thanks for updating us.
And I echo earlier comments. If you need more don't be afraid to ask for it.

by Mighty on 23. January 2014 - 7:47  (113914)

You might consider mimicking Jerry Pournelle's approach, and use the Public Radio model. The site is its usual self most of the time. But twice a year, for about a week each time, include a gentle reminder to renew at the bottom of each post. Happy to provide this information for people, completely voluntary, support a site you find useful, choose your own level of value, etc.

And, having just typed that, I see some of the comments are really old. So, it looks like you've revived this post a coupla times. Kind of sounds like you're halfway to the annual-ish pledge drive already?


by pauloz on 23. January 2014 - 1:26  (113909)

Happy to help out. Gizmo's has basically taught me how to develop my computer skills (I'm on the wrong side of 60!), but more importantly, to be confident using one. I'm an avid Ubuntu user, which works seamlessly, and I have Gizmo to thank for introducing me to open source. Greetings from Australia - pauloz.

by Ronnie145 on 22. January 2014 - 18:29  (113897)

I like, assume others, are curious if you are still short of your goal (ie. 15%). In addition, considering the efforts of all the contributors and I know it's against your mandate, why don't you charge a nominal fee ($1.00 or so) to all your members so that this crisis would be avoided in the future. Another consideration would be a paid service which would provide recommendations of the best paid software available. I, for one, don't trust recommendations of software found on the internet. If anyone out there knows of such a service I would appreciate some feedback. Thanks to all for the efforts in maintaining this UNIQUE site.

by sicknero on 21. January 2014 - 19:35  (113843)

I would like to contribute and clicking on any part of the "Donate" graphic takes me to a PayPal page which I gather is the method you've chosen.

Your post says we can do it by bank transfer, is this also managed via PayPal without needing an account?

by Ronnie145 on 22. January 2014 - 18:37  (113898)

PayPal offers multiple payment methods (Bank Account, Bank Transfer, and Credit Cards). You simply have to create an account which is free. PayPal NEVER divulges any of your information (they make the payment and recoup the money from whichever method you have chosen. Nothing could be simpler or safer.

by MidnightCowboy on 22. January 2014 - 4:28  (113859)

I'm sorry sicknero but being a totally volunteer website without any staff or permanent offices we can't accept checks or bank transfers.

We do appreciate though your offer to donate. MC - Site Manager.

by Dutchr on 21. January 2014 - 13:41  (113827)

I truly appreciate your efforts and feel safer with programs from your site. My donation was small, but I sincerely hope it helps.

by pratomorone on 21. January 2014 - 13:18  (113825)

let us know if you need additional help with the 15% that did not get covered during the first round.

life without techsupportalert would not be very nice!

best wishes to all the readers that donated and even to those that cannot afford to do so.

by dixie_chick44 on 21. January 2014 - 13:04  (113821)

Yours is the only site where I would consent to hinting at my age. I am a retiree too. :-) I am unable to donate at this time but will do so soon. I will also volunteer in a few months to do any editing that I qualify for. I have been in this online business for a long time and you provide an invaluable service. It would be nice to have links to other sites you are involved in as well. I would enjoy adding them to my daily treks around the net. Keep On Keepin' On!!!

by lesam on 21. January 2014 - 9:27  (113817)

Glad to make a small contribution to keep this site up and running, like IRFANVIEW and the late lamented Karen Kenworthy's site, one of the old school free services that retains it's integrity after all these years.

by darkhours on 21. January 2014 - 7:22  (113805)

I echo all the statements above. I've found so much help and information on Gizmo's site over the past year since I found it, and all the money I've saved, that donating to Gizmo's site goes without thinking. Sorry I cannot ease your funding as much as I wish that I could...

by joseywales on 21. January 2014 - 2:38  (113794)

Added my modest donation as well to one of the finest websites currently available! Keep on keepin' on Gizmo!

by Pifflemaster on 20. January 2014 - 22:50  (113788)

Hands down, one of the first emails I read upon arising in the morning.
As with anything, sometimes it's appropriate to my needs, sometimes not.
But invariably there arrives a gem in my inbox that I would never have found otherwise.
Thank you for the great work!

by sinks on 20. January 2014 - 21:54  (113787)

come on people it only takes a few $$$ to keep this the best site on the web,quality freeware and forum for people that are not tech minded like me.learnt a lot from this site its priceless!!!

by Sea Mac on 20. January 2014 - 20:18  (113783)

I donated $ a small bit ... I'm a senior on a fixed income.

Instead: I'm donating hours per week as an editor - that's the only way I can truly support this fine site.

I pay my own hosting costs too: and actually dread any of my sites going viral ... I have fixed bandwidth per month and I'd be off the net early each month for the rest of the month! So I know how important paying the servers on time IS ...

And Best Wishes to this site and all who work and visit here ...

Sea Mac

by jmjsquared on 20. January 2014 - 19:48  (113779)

THANK YOU for suggesting a meaningful way to express my appreciation of a great, informative, reliable resource; much as a tip for great service at a five-star restaurant.

May I suggest:
-- An unobtrusive banner ad, as on the landing page, where users can close the ad and not see it again for 7 days; or periodic banner ads like Wikipedia uses.

-- Adding Bitcoin to the payment options... just for the hell of it.

Thanks for all you do.

Note below: I like the *recurring* option on the PayPal authorization page.

by emphyrio on 20. January 2014 - 18:15  (113778)

It appears the Donate button on the top right of the page (not the one in the center column, but the one in the right column) is not working right now...

I donated nevertheless :)

by classicggma65 on 20. January 2014 - 15:57  (113771)

Wish I could do more...will be back next month. Ever since discovering this site it's the only one I use to find freeware that's safe. You give info that even a tech-challenged senior like myself can understand - that's worth a million to us novices. Thanx.

by ChronicChaos on 20. January 2014 - 16:57  (113770)


by Bruce_Fraser on 20. January 2014 - 14:51  (113764)

I just donated, gladly.

SUGGESTION: Many people browse TechSupportAlert without begin signed up for email. Perhaps you should put a notice on the home page, asking for donations. Otherwise, many will never even know this page exists, nor the need for a contribution.

The way Wikipedia has its occasional appeals is very effective: a simple message at the top of the page.

by mmmike on 20. January 2014 - 14:07  (113759)

$$ is one the way via guys are definitely worth it!!

by Luiz on 20. January 2014 - 13:46  (113757)

Hello everybody,

Let's save this great site.
Please, donate!!!

by TonyF on 20. January 2014 - 13:22  (113755)

Finally registered. Been a user here for many years and value this site. Will donate today also.