Windows Hibernate or Sleep - What's the Difference?

Confused about the difference between Hibernate and Sleep? Here's the answer.

Windows has several ways to manage what state your computer is in.
Shutdown. Restart. Lock. Log off and Switch User. Pretty straightforward.
Sleep and Hibernate aren't as easy to define.
I ran across this article that nicely highlights the difference between the two functions and I 'm passing it along in case anyone else is curious. :)

Hibernate VS Sleep VS Shut-Down


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by Faust (not verified) on 16. March 2011 - 2:54  (67973)

Bad read. Like Shut Down, Hibernate doesn't draw any power, and is less power consuming when you take into account the difference in power and time when under going a full boot up versus awakening from hibernation.

by erkafa on 7. March 2011 - 2:33  (67551)

That is a good read, thanks a lot for this piece.

by rhiannon on 7. March 2011 - 4:21  (67554)

@erkafa Glad you like it. :)

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