This Windows App Downloads All Your Photos From Facebook

Uploading pictures to a social network site such as Facebook may seem like a great way to store your photo albums and make them available to friends and family.   But the practice can quickly get out of hand, and you can easily lose track of your files.  For example, a distant cousin contacts you and asks for a copy of that great photo of Aunt Edith, but you can't remember whether you uploaded it to Facebook or Plixi or Yfrog or Flickr or Twitpics.

Therefore it's always a good idea to keep a copy of all your pictures on your local PC for safekeeping. But how to go about downloading a copy of all the images that you, and your friends, have uploaded to Facebook?

That's where a small, free utility called Facebook Downloader comes in.  As you can see from the screen shot below, you can easily download any or all of your own photo albums, or those of your friends. 

FB Downloader runs on Windows XP and above, and you can get it from  It's only a 1 MB download, but you'll also need .NET 4.0 if you don't already have it.




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by georgia (not verified) on 9. May 2012 - 16:34  (93263)

it wont show all my albums?? ://

by i wish you told us that (not verified) on 15. June 2011 - 3:04  (73807)

I wish you had also mentioned that it:
(a) also asks for permission to download 3 additional pieces of junk-ware – and ok, so at least it asked
(b) did NOT ASK BUT DOWNLOADED ANYWAY more junkware in the form of ‘free games’ and places short-cuts on the desktop
(c) it requires -NET frame 4
(d) has no option for choosing install location.

by Johnm (not verified) on 16. May 2011 - 16:42  (72010)

I was looking for a fast way to backup my Photos, a real time saver!

by neonk (not verified) on 16. May 2011 - 12:56  (71989)

Installation added 'StartNow' Toolbar to Firefox. I don't remember being asked if I wanted that.

by Anupam on 17. May 2011 - 5:09  (72051)

I installed the program on my computer. There was no toolbar offered during installation. After installation too, there was no toolbar installed on Firefox, or any other browser.

by MidnightCowboy on 17. May 2011 - 6:43  (72060)

I can see a reference to ads being displayed to users in their EULA, and Softpedia lists this as being ad-supported and offering to install additional software, although only RealPlayer is stated. I can't check this out currently as my Windows machine is undergoing surgery :D but the home page for StartNow toolbar is red rated by WOT. Possibly this appeared from another source?

by Anupam on 17. May 2011 - 19:27  (72118)

MC, can't say really whats going on here. Actually, when I first installed the program, the internet was disconnected. That time, I did not see any offer for any kind of toolbar, or third party software on any screen. I did not study the EULA though. But, while installing, it did cross my mind, that maybe the internet is disconnected, that is why, no offer was being shown. So, I cancelled the installation, and then connected to the internet and tried again. Again, no offers. So, really don't know.

I might try again today... being connected to internet before hand. Lets see. I had checked with VirusTotal too, before proceeding with installation. The result was 3/40.. including one suspected.

by MidnightCowboy on 17. May 2011 - 20:02  (72119)

Thanks Anupam. I'm beginning to suspect that the reported toolbar has arrived by other means.

by Anupam on 17. May 2011 - 21:15  (72122)

MC, I had a look at it again. This time, I was connected to the internet, before I started the installation. I tested this under virtual environment using WonderShare Time Freeze Free.

When installation started, there appeared an Installation Manager window in the Taskbar, but it was minimized. I think this must be similar to the installation manager which we recently encountered in WeenySoft products, like audio cutter. But, strangely, the installation manager window did not appear on screen. After a few seconds, it just disappears, and then the installation window for FBDownloader appears. There is no offer of toolbar, or third party software from there on til installation ends.

But, since Installation Manager appears, I suspect that Softpedia might be right, that it does offer third-party software while, or after the installation. Why anything did not appear on my PC though, I have no clue. I would suggest caution.

After installation though, a webpage on FBDownloader site opens, which has three ads in the bottom... big ones. All of them lead to red WOT sites. I think the EULA might be referring to these links, or ads being shown?

Anyways, this is my analysis. It could offer third party software, while, or after installation... and that's why it might be considered adware, and considered a threat by 3 scanners on VirusTotal. So, caution is advised.
But, there is no sign of any toolbar. Maybe, the toolbar got there as a third party offer software?

by MidnightCowboy on 18. May 2011 - 5:55  (72160)

Thanks Anupam :) Quite possibly you are right.

The other challenge we face here of course is software with these tendencies can change this content or the way in which it operates quite frequently, as a result of user feedback or persuasive tactics from third parties. We've already seen this re: the OPenCandy installer. I think the best advice we can offer is to repeat the need to check out any program you might wish to install first by Googling its name and "bundled software" to see if experiences about this are already posted. It's also worth remembering that downloaders and media converters are more likely to contain unwanted material as they are amongst the most targeted categories.

by Anupam on 18. May 2011 - 6:12  (72168)

Quite true MC. But, we are now seeing more and more of software being bundled with such offers, apart from media converters too. So, it is very important to be careful while performing an installation of any kind of software. And really, their frequent changing of third party offers.. does not really make things easy.

by Krisanderson (not verified) on 16. May 2011 - 12:29  (71987)

When i downloaded the file my browser displayed a pop-up saying its not
a " commonly downloaded file and may harm my computer".. whats up?

by Anupam on 17. May 2011 - 5:07  (72050)

Which browser? I downloaded the program from Firefox and nothing of that sort popped up.

by bowhunter1951 (not verified) on 14. May 2011 - 15:26  (71897)

I get the following error when trying to use FBDOWNLOADER (starting at Exception Text **************.) Any ideas?

Windows 7,

VersionCheck results for .net versions
Installed .NET Runtime(s)
Current version: The following runtimes are installed:

ADO Database Runtime Version
ADO 2.60 check failed. Download update from Installed version must be at least
Current version: not installed.
COM server not found: ADODB.Recordset

Exception Text **************
System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'System.Web, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

File name: 'System.Web, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a'
at Facebook.FacebookAPI.EncodeDictionary(Dictionary`2 dict, Boolean questionMark)
at Facebook.FacebookAPI.MakeRequest(Uri url, HttpVerb httpVerb, Dictionary`2 args)
at Facebook.FacebookAPI.Call(String relativePath, HttpVerb httpVerb, Dictionary`2 args)
at DownloadFacebookPhotos.Form1.button2_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e)
at System.Windows.Forms.Control.OnClick(EventArgs e)
at System.Windows.Forms.Button.OnClick(EventArgs e)
at System.Windows.Forms.Button.OnMouseUp(MouseEventArgs mevent)
at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WmMouseUp(Message& m, MouseButtons button, Int32 clicks)
at System.Windows.Forms.Control.WndProc(Message& m)
at System.Windows.Forms.ButtonBase.WndProc(Message& m)
at System.Windows.Forms.Button.WndProc(Message& m)
at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.OnMessage(Message& m)
at System.Windows.Forms.Control.ControlNativeWindow.WndProc(Message& m)
at System.Windows.Forms.NativeWindow.Callback(IntPtr hWnd, Int32 msg, IntPtr wparam, IntPtr lparam)

by heyman (not verified) on 16. May 2011 - 22:15  (72041)

search web for ".NET 4.0" and install latest version. Worked for me on Windows 7 64bit.

by jonbovy (not verified) on 14. May 2011 - 8:43  (71882)

Very sorry to read about your loss Drongo. My sincere condolences.

by Drongo on 14. May 2011 - 6:30  (71880)

Thank you, I'm going to try this.

My wife died recently of a sudden illness and some photos of her are on Facebook but I can't find the originals. With Facebooks' recent changes it does not appear to be possible to right click and save like you could a few months ago.

by Mike B (not verified) on 16. May 2011 - 6:23  (71972)

Might be that Facebook had a glitch... I have been experiencing some problems with missing mails at Gmail.
I suppose it's always a good idea to backup your photos.

by Anonymous User (not verified) on 14. May 2011 - 22:08  (71905)

I think it's still possible... That's how I do it in Mozilla: Right-click on the picture, then select "Reload" from the menu and the picture will show up like it used to once. Then right-click on it, save... and so on. Hope it helps...

by MidnightCowboy on 14. May 2011 - 8:28  (71881)

Hi Drongo

Please accept our heartfelt sympathies.

I appreciate how important these things are at times like this and I hope you are able to find a resolution. You would obtain more exposure by posting about this issue in the forum. I'm sure someone would be able to help you from there.


by BL2 (not verified) on 16. May 2011 - 9:25  (71978)

The way I do it is to open the album in facebook then right-click on the first photo and open it in a new tab / window. This almost always opens it in the old way allowing you to right-click and save it.

Hope this helps.

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