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What is 128-bit?

128-bit is a measure of computer information and an attribute of computer systems.

Each bit can have two values so 128 bits can have 2128 values. This is too big for my brain to cope with but it is probably the future of computing. Just at the the moment there's not a lot happening in the 128-bit space.


Common uses of 128-bits
Category Description

No commercial products exist.

CPU support



ZFS file system is 128-bit. ZFS originally meant Zettabyte File System because ZFS could store a much more than a zettabyte (1021) of data. If you want to try it out it is available in FreeBSD and the relatively easy-to-use FreeNAS.

Communications and networking

IPv6 uses 128-bit addresses.








Cryptography is the main use of bit lengths 128-bit, 256-bit, and higher. An 128-bit private key is generally the minimimum recommended for a secure algorithm like AES or Triple-DES. If you are using public keys then the key length will need to be much longer.


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